November 26, 2012

“Supreme Court orders new look at Liberty University’s health care challenge”

Likely so John Roberts together with the leftwing activists can find a way to kill off religious liberty on their way to finding the entire Constitution as originally written unconstitutional.

Meanwhile in other SCOTUS news, Justice Ginsburg, having already proclaimed her disdain for the Constitution she’s sworn to uphold (Ms Ginsburg would prefer a Constitution that provides positive rights, meaning that in essence she’d prefer the kind of tyrannical police state that comes with the state demanding control over all labor, which is necessary to insure the kind of egalitarianism the left embraces), wants 9 women on the Supreme Court, the idea of preserving the integrity of Constitutional hermeneutics and its application evidently aided in some way by the old vaginas.

— Or maybe it’s just payback for their having before been 9 men on the Court.  Either way.  So long as it’s all about the principle of the thing.

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Posted by Jeff G. @ 12:50pm

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  1. this isn’t even in the top ten of the freedom-raping shit obamacare does to the pussy sheep of our surpassing doomed and superlative cowardly little country

  2. *surpassingly* doomed

  3. If we are to judge based on the decisions and reasoning of Ruth Buzzi, the Wise Latina, and that dude Kagan, I would have to say that we have three women too many on the court.
    I would include Roberts, but lacking testicles doesn’t automatically imply womanhood

  4. But I like Ruth Buzzi. She favorited one of my tweets.

  5. Calling Justice Ginsburg “Ruth Buzzi” is an unconscionable insult to a fine comedienne. Besides, Ginsburg looks more like Margaret Hamilton, a little less than halfway through the “I’m melting!” scene in The Wizard of Oz.

    Which would be an insult to Margaret Hamilton were it not for makeup and special effects.

  6. I would include Roberts, but lacking testicles doesn’t automatically imply womanhood

    Does to me.

    Roberts is amazon!

  7. Also, what McGehee said. Ruth Buzzi? Low blow dude…

  8. Perhaps we could pay Artie Johnson (who’s not dead yet, oddly) to dress up as a little old man (not much of a stretch, these days) and hit on Justice Ginsburg, such that she’d spend all of her free time hitting him with a purse… thereby leaving the rest of us alone.

  9. I can’t believe how disrespectful Judge Ginsberg was towards the transgender community. When will we have a transgender Justice?

  10. Why does Justice Ginsburg hate lady-boys, trannies, and chicks-with-dicks? Phallophobe!

  11. . . . zoophiles plan to fight the move.

    Well of course they do . . . for the fairness! They have only to look to Denmark to see their loss.

  12. . . . zoophiles plan to fight the move

    Slipperyslope and his chicken hardest hit.