November 16, 2012

“‘Obamacare Surcharge’ Could Go National, Business Federation Warns”

Darleen wrote earlier on the moves being made by a Florida businessman.  Well, it seems that might be catching on nationally.  CNS News:

The five percent “Obamacare surcharge” levied by a Florida restaurant chain boss could catch on nationally, a spokesman for the 350,000 member National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) says.


NFIB spokesman Kevan Chapman tells “The Right Views” that it just might:

“Clearly, you are seeing what real people are doing with costly situations. This is no different than the airline carriers adding a bag fee or noting the TSA extra expense.

“I suspect this Denny’s owner wants his customers to understand why their costs are going up and what they must do to handle the cost increase.

“Frankly, they are just being honest with the customer. It’s possible you may see more of this as employers begin major preparation for the law.”

Ideally, this tactic would — and should — start a movement by private businesses to produce itemized receipts on everything, followed by a push to end tax federal tax withholdings from paychecks so that each quarter those charged with paying federal income tax — which in now roughly half of the population, whose taxes go to subsidize the other half, after the government has taken it’s cut (or, if you prefer, “whet its beak,” to borrow an old mob term) — will have to save up and then write a check to the federal government.

If people could see just how much they are actually paying into this Leviathan, and how completely inefficient it is at using their money, this could be a game changer in the sense that outrage over having to subsidize both a prodigal government and those who can simply vote themselves the fruits of your labor, will create just the kind of transparent and vocal rift that could signal to lawmakers that the productive class has finally caught on.

And that’s when the fun would begin.  Because if the left wants to create this kind of majoritarian police state, they’d have to do it out in the open.  Which may or may not end well for them.

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  1. They would never end withholding, because they know that millions wouldn’t pay them anything, and they don’t want to fill the jails with such people.


  2. Can you imagine coming home from the supermarket with a receipt showing the imputed costs due to crop price supports and FDA/USDA/EPA/State regulatory compliance, on top of the market’s local costs for Obamacare, licensing and inspections, and property taxes?

    Imagine learning that your $2.29 box of Hamburger Helper would be $0.75 without all the tax and regulatory costs. Now imagine all your neighbors learning the same thing.

  3. And if we’re going to do quarterly withholding again, let’s make sure the third-quarter payment deadline is Halloween. Or better yet, Election Day. Just for clarity.

  4. Greetings:

    That scene in the second “Godfather” film where the white-suited Mafioso tell the Godfather-to-be that he just wants to “wet his beak” is one of my all-time favorites as is the godfather-to-be’s resolution of the situation.

    I always understood the dialogue to be “wet” as in a bird dipping its beak in a puddle of (someone else’s) water as opposed to “whet” in the sense of sharpening its beak.

  5. Actually what will happen if withholding ends is, banks will offer a service to those who have their paychecks deposited electronically: set aside part if it into separate relevant accounts, and while the final tax liability may be higher or lower than what you’ve got set aside, if it’s higher you’ll be close enough (if you set things up correctly) that making up the difference won’t break you.

    And the fees? NOMINAL!

  6. After Obamacare passed, I seem to recall Sebelius sending out a memo to insurance carriers the next year admonishing them that they were NOT to make any mention of the relationship between increased premiums and the new legislation. I expect something like that coming down from the Fed in this instance as well. And we’ve seen what happens to those who won’t play ball with this administration.

  7. Better to rule in Hell and all that.

  8. And that, Sears Poncho, is why the administration is reinterpreting the First Amendment to prohibit “offensive” speech. Telling the hoi polloi just how much of their purchasing dollar goes toward paying for the Sacrament of Universal Healthcare is “offensive”.

  9. Telling the hoi polloi just how much of their purchasing dollar goes toward paying for the Sacrament of Universal Healthcare is “offensive”.

    I’m offended by how much of my purchasing dollar goes toward paying for the Sacrament of Universal Healthcare. The telling, not so much.

  10. “Wet”, not “whet”.

    How about itemized receipts with your tax bill? Think that would get noticed?

  11. If the surcharge is adopted then those companies that received AHCA waivers better not be caught trying to implement the surcharge….just saying.

  12. – The jauggernaut of TitaniCare will be even more unconstitutional, uneconomic, pervasive, unworkable, innefficient, uncontrollable, and failure prone than the Post Office.

    – And all you doubting Hobbits said it couldn’t be done!

  13. I remember seeing itemized pricing on gas pumps a while ago. There’d be a sticker by the ticker that said “Price per gallon includes (blank, blank) state and (blank, blank) federal taxes. I don’t see it much any more.

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  15. Doom©, brought to you by the Democrat Party™, Inc.

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  17. LMC, in some states (Oklahoma, for example), it is actually against the law to post a sign that states how much of your gas price per gallon is due to state and federal taxes.

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