November 14, 2012


Elizabeth Warren’s first act as Senator will be to introduce legislation requiring “that actual Native Americans get off my fucking back.”


Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:04am

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  1. I heard it was a bill granting her the retroactive right to practice law in MA without a license.

  2. Well, these are just rumors, Scott. Lots of misinformation out there in the fog of war. Or as the people of her heritage call it, “the fog of war.”

  3. I believe people of her heritage call it “complete and utter bullshit”. Oh wait, that was her campaign.

  4. Scott Hinckley says November 14, 2012 at 12:03 pm
    I believe people of her heritage call it “complete and utter bullshit”. Oh wait, that was her campaign.

    I believe people of her heritage call it “complete and utter bullshit”. Oh wait, those people aren’t people of her heritage.

  5. They should introduce a resolution honoring her as the first Native American Senator.

  6. Is there an old bill to that effect that she could just cut and paste? She’s good at that.

  7. Ben Nighthorse Nelson may have something to say about that, JD.

  8. Campbell not Nelson. Sheesh.

  9. Native Americans need to leave her alone. They act like a bunch of savages! Oh.
    Crap. I denounce myself.

  10. To fight back Warren should dress up in a giant vagina costume and declare her office a tribal operated casino and duty free shop that is exempt from OSHA and EPA regulations.

  11. Native, hell. They walked here from Asia.

    Sure, it was 10-20 thousand years ago, but still. Not “native” as in the horse, or the camel.

    All humans are native to Africa.

  12. That’s up for debate at the moment, mojo. It’s a regular cat-fight in Anthropological circles.

  13. Shades of Eco, if humans originated in Africa but only barely survived in a cataclysm with the few remaining survivors living in Asia, can it truly be said we are from Africa? Or Asia? Or Pangea?

  14. Umberto, Charles? I’m at a loss.

  15. Yeah, after a little googling, it does sound like U. Eco.

  16. I’ve only read “in the Name of the Rose”. I started “Foucault’s Pendulum” but it was tedious.

  17. Foucault’s Pendulum is fantastic. Like Gravity’s Rainbow, you have to get through the first 50 or so pages that teaches you how to read it. Then it’s on, baby!

  18. I’m a bit of a low level Eco fan on the academic side, leigh. I still think about the Role of the Reader when I watch TV shows but I’ve never gotten particularly deep.

    Jeff’s a super high level one. Think he attracts a similar type.

  19. Hah!

    Speak of the devil and Jeff appears.

  20. Now that I have my new Kindle Paperwhite, I’ll have to give it another whirl, Jeff.

    Going to grad school, taking care of a newborn, plus trying to relax by reading Eco was too much for me at the time.