November 11, 2012

Oh, dear, you don’t say #3: Left Illiberals feel boycotting businesses will create more jobs [Darleen Click]

Businesses don’t run on feelings, there’s stuff like math involved.

So in the face of the huge costs of ObamaCare and a dumptruck full of new ObamaBureaucratic regulations about to descend, businesses are laying off, freezing hiring or moving people to part-time status.

Lefty reaction? Hysteria.

From calling for boycotts of Appleby’s and Papa Johns to Democrat reaction to Murray Energy, it is clear why New York City still has not restored power to everyone …

“Contingency plans” are not in The Left’s vocabulary.

Posted by Darleen @ 11:26am

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  1. You must understand the left does not want more private sector jobs. The only good job, fair job, is a government union job. They will accept private sector union jobs as they can be leveraged to bankrupt the private company and then turn the business into a government controlled one.

    Look to the Obama record, what he has done, not what he might say he has done. His actions speak his truths.

  2. It’s always nice when the idiots do my homework for me. Looks like I’ll be patronizing whoever is on one of their boycott lists.

  3. The government cannot even run a brothel and make a profit. How could they do so with most businesses which have much smaller profit margins?

    Answer: they cannot.


  4. Yeah, the ticket for more hiring is always declining revenues.

    These people are so economically illiterate it’s astounding.

  5. Feelings trump economics every day of the week, Blake. That is for the ones who actually do have a rudimentary understanding of economics. It’s a fruitless adventure to try and change these people’s attitudes.

  6. Lefties huff that coal is an outdated power source and Murray should be run out of business for this stunt. But you just know that they’ll lose their shit when, after the EPA destroys the coal industry/coal power plants, the brownouts and/or excessive electricity costs makes it difficult to use their iPads and charge their Priuses. Coal is not as passe as they think it is.

  7. Lefties huff that coal is an outdated power source and Murray should be run out of business for this stunt.

    “How dare he lay some people off? Let’s shut his whole business down!”

  8. “How dare he lay some people off? Let’s shut his whole business down!”

    One of the common comment themes on the Wash Post story about Murray was “Remove him from the company and turn it over to the employees!.” Unironically. A little too close to Atlas Shrugs for my comfort.

  9. I “boycott” Papa Johns because Pizza Hut has a $10 large up to five toppings deal usually and I like their thin and crispy crust, Mr. Gattis (local/regional chain) seems to do a $9.99 specialty or three topping pizza deal a couple weeks a month, and when I want to go cheap, Little Caesar’s has a $5 large hot n’ ready one topping. Pizza Patron is $7 for a large one topping. I do like Papa John’s chicken strips but I can buy big sack of microwavable chicken strips for cheaper. I also “boycott” Dominos since I’ve disliked their pizza since 2002 or so. I liked it when I was in high school and I’m pretty sure the sauce was different then.

  10. “Remove him from the company and turn it over to the employees!.”

    Who would promptly go on strike against themselves…

  11. I am boycotting Arby’s because they took a shot at Rush. Which is a shame because their chopped pressed steamed and sliced composite lunch-meat-style roast beef is a very gentle and effective laxative.

    I might possibly also be boycotting Applebee’s because I’m never been there and they look like just one more TGI Friday’s/ Bennigans/ Chili’s type of place.

  12. A (D) boycott may well be the best thing that’s ever happened to those business establishments.

    Look what it did for Chick-Fil-A.

  13. Look what it did for Chick-Fil-A.

    Speaking of…is it just me or does it seem that maybe more people turned out to support Chik-Fil-A than Romney?

  14. Someone needs to explain to lefties that “Atlas Shrugged” is a cautionary tale, not an instruction manual.

  15. Chick-Fil-A has great chicken that is quite frankly WORTH tolerating hate speech for. If Chick-Fil-A comes out hating fat people or white people then I will still eat there. If they hate Israel I will quit eating there due to the whole existential threat thing but otherwise I will eat there. Okay, maybe if they came out in favor of the Khmer Rouge I would stop eating there. But in general I will endure a lot of shit from Chick-Fil-A. Well, maybe if they had a movie tie in with Michael Bay for Transformers 4 I’d quit eating there…(Bullshit! And you know it!)

    Romney does not have great chicken.

  16. OT, but wha happened to Little Miss Attila?

  17. Layoffs, hiring freezes, part-time from full-time: all these are election consequences. I believe we should refer to them as #ObamaPain.

  18. I have been boycotting Arby’s since I found out their “roast beef” is delivered to the store in bags of powder, which they mix with water and bake in a bread pan before slicing it up.

  19. She had a piece here on Oct. 29th.

  20. Romney does not have great chicken.

    Good point.

  21. There’s this from her in May. Has she been blogging?

  22. I’m very close to the jesus chicken mothership but I decided not to go and maybe do that later when I do a special trip just for Atlanta

  23. I hardly ever go to chains anyway except for starbucks sometimes and if I’m doing the no carb thing there’s this salad at mcdonalds what’s very consistently passable no matter which restaurant you go to… It’s called like the bacon ranch mccheesey salad or something

  24. they give you way too much dressing

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  26. “they look like just one more TGI Friday’s/ Bennigans/ Chili’s type of place.”

    Think Chotchkie’s from Office Space with less “flair”.

  27. “maybe more people turned out to support Chik-Fil-A than Romney?”

    That’s because Chik-Fil-A didn’t modify it’s menu (or policies) to attract “undecided” customers.

  28. I understand that it’s the dressing that has all the fat. What’s the point of eating a no fat food if you have to soak it in a fat sauce to be able to choke it down?

    Enjoy what you like and try to exercise it off. We’re all doomed anyway.

  29. jesus chicken has a fruit salad what is a healthy alternative to their not-worth-the-calories sammiches but weirdly they don’t offer an appropriate dressing for it… i guess you could do the vinaigrette but fruit and vinaigrette isn’t something I ever really have a hankering for

  30. Mr 46 if you’re doing the carb thing fat grams don’t matter so much… And half a packet of the McDonalds Paul Newman ranch dressing is under a hundred cals so the whole deal is still under 500 calories i think

  31. Felix balloon jumping guy would make an excellent delivery guy.
    Too bad no ones hiring

  32. The last post was the link to the piece at Victory Girls. Here is the Google cache from 11/4/12. It comes up as text only probably because all the other stuff can’t be accessed now.

  33. jesus chicken has a fruit salad what is a healthy alternative to their not-worth-the-calories sammiches b..blah blah blah”

    Yeah. Fuck their fruit salad and fuck the brain damaged idiots that are stupid enough to go there, order that, and then eat it.

  34. have a blessed day Mr. palaeieio

  35. If you go the Chick-Fil-A and order the fruit salad then high thee to the nearest snake pit and ask for extra meds.

  36. Ahhh, she’s writing a book. I’d missed that post from May (where Little Miss Attila put herself in a binder, perhaps full of other women?) and left the place to the guys. Which is why all the nice pics are gone and the place seems…quiet. That’s what happens when womenfolk are missing.

    Oh, LMA from that Victory Girls link…

    Until the networks and major production companies regain their equilibrium, the only way to “police” our entertainment is to find out which shows we still share with liberals, and write letters when the material contained therein is too offensive. Keep the writers in the center, as much as we can, or at least make sure they zigzag to the right as much as to the left. Perhaps there’s no point in doing this with the “write-off” shows we can no longer stand to watch anyway . . . but certainly it can be done when it comes to the ones we’re all-left and right-supposed to enjoy.

    Morality belongs in the public square, but it should be a morality that we all agree with.

    And there are moral principles we all agree with, like protecting the innocent and punishing the guilty.

    Riiight, the guilty. A shame that determining who is ‘guilty’ is subjective to left and right protectionism. Try to convict Obama for dereliction of duty and malfeasance in regards to his Benghazi foulness, for instance.

    Now I’m off to watch a TV show that doesn’t feature same-sex in-your-face promotionalism…

  37. is happyfeet a chrischristie fatty?

  38. I’m back. Duck Dynasty isn’t on. )

  39. if you go to jesus chicken sometimes to pick up stuff for the fam while you’re atkinsing it’s more convenient if you can get something there for yourself so you don’t have to stop by mcdonalds for a bacon ranch mccheesey salad

    this example is based on a true story

  40. Now, nr, that’s not very nice.

    But I do enjoy the McDonald’s salad from the $1 menu; the side salad, with the Paul Newman’s Southwest Salad Dressing. That, and a $1 Chicken Sandwich and a $1 Unsweetened Ice Tea is a meal for me.

    I’m all easy that way.

  41. for a moment i thought i read happyfeet was akinsing

  42. large ice tea from dollar menu
    in nc with sales tax= $1.07.
    liquid freshness: i suggest getting half-sweet……excellent

  43. cia holding prisoners?

    “Military expert Paula Broadwell”
    “They were requesting the – it’s called the C-in-C’s In Extremis Force – a group of Delta Force operators, our very, most talented guys we have in the military. They could have come and reinforced the consulate and the CIA annex. Now, I don’t know if a lot of you have heard this but the CIA annex had actually taken a couple of Libyan militia members prisoner, and they think that the attack on the consulate was an attempt to get these prisoners back. It’s still being vetted.


  44. The Left doesn’t care about running any business at a profit.

    All it seeks is Power And Control.

  45. and free birth control pills

  46. This is all kind of like the NY Times article the Professor linked earlier today where some 22 year-old kid said post-Sandy was kind of democratizing because nobody had power. Aside from noting that the young man doesn’t know what the word democratizing means, it is indicative of the mindset. I had a discussion with my father-in-law today where we noted that it is more important that we all be equal today, even if it is a reduced or substandard level, that that some of us get ahead.

    I graduated from college in 1981. That was not a particularly ggod economic time, and yet no one thought things wouldn’t get better. The difference between then and now is very few of us see things improving now.

  47. You know what’s really “democratizing?” All of us having our own subsistence farms.

    G-d are people stupid.

  48. Good point, nr.

  49. Oh! Let’s all go to Cinnabon and order the frozen yoghurt! Because healthydoodle!

  50. cinnabon is of the devil

  51. Atkins is not good for you. Ketoacidosis will wreck your kidneys.

    And it gives you cat breath.

  52. i only atkins at most 3 days a week… usually just 2

    there’s no sense in getting carried away

  53. The difference between then and now is very few of us see things improving now.

    Depends on your metric for improvement. Like you said, to a maliciously envious progtard everyone being poor is an improvement.

  54. Charting the course

  55. go to akins and gorge on rape babies fattyfeet

  56. Charting the course…

    to utopia

  57. That’s good, happy.

    I’m all for balance and carbs make us fat, so it’s best to eat smaller portions of starchy foods. In fact, smaller portions of everything all the time and you can still eat dessert. People seem to not understand portion control and that’s the problem with eating in restaurants a lot.. The portions are too big and they load stuff up with butter to make it taste better.

  58. you just have to get used to wasting food

    that was hard for me at first

  59. you just have to get used to wasting food

    me i eat half the serving and take the remainder home in a box. but i don’t go to rest. to often because of the portion size. but we live in free sh@t / failsh@tnation

  60. I take it home and feed it to my dogs. Everybody wins!

    Who is watching your turtles, happy?

  61. restaurants are the leastest prog-dominated expresssions of culture we have anymore

    maybe sports to some extent but sports they just use that to force people to subsidize the rest of tv

  62. new girl’s husband is taking care of turtles… baby A helps too

  63. That’s good. When do you go home?

  64. i need to be home by end of december

  65. godspeed in your travels

  66. Well, it sounds like you’re having a good time. I hope you find all the keepsakes you were looking for.

  67. totally OT but hubby & I say Skyfall today

    really a great Bond movie!!

  68. Hey, check it out: Denmark to abolish tax on high-fat foods.

    Take a hint, nanny-staters.

  69. Darleen

    I’m not listening!

    La la la, not listening! la!la!la!la!la!la!la!.

  70. You going to be coming by Athens any time ‘feets? Or Atlanta?

  71. Atkins is good for rapid weight loss before surgery or to treat diabetes. It’s not a good maintenance diet.

  72. I am on way to Athens towards gsm national park! I blew off savannah cause my bank card expirationed so I’m holed up for a few days in…


    waiting for a fedex.. Let’s meet later this week you can email me at happyfeet47 at the domain of the

    leigh I’m not really shopping this trip except sister in law wants those ornaments and I already finished xmas mostly before I left

    South Georgia is so beautiful it makes you cry the cotton is bursting and superstorm sandy didn’t get down this far so the trees are still very autumnal

    Thank you nr

  73. Wreckers! Hoarders! Enemies of the People! EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE

    Wake me when the Comet explodes in the tunnel. The fireworks might be nice.

  74. Ernst

    No worries, I won’t put any spoilers.

    The only thing I’ll say is there is some fun tips-o-the-hat to the Bond films of the early 60’s.

    Very worthy film celebrating 50 years of Bond.