November 9, 2012

BREAKING: General Petraeus resigns, cites “extra -marital affair” [Darleen Click] UPDATED

How bad can it be working for the Obama Administration that this happens?

After being married for over 37 years, I showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extramarital affair. Such behavior is unacceptable, both as a husband and as the leader of an organization such as ours. This afternoon, the President graciously accepted my resignation.

Oh, I am willing to accept an affair may have, indeed, happened. However, what this does is take away any attempt to blackmail the General into silence over, say, Benghazi.

Nothing to keep him from testifying before Congress now.

UPDATE It is true, that with Petraeus’ resignation he will no longer be testifying at the closed Congressional hearings on Benghazi next week. However, that doesn’t mean he won’t be called to testify at another time and, at that time, he won’t be caught between testifying truthfully and what the White House would want him to say.

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  1. Maybe he and happyfeet can get together and start building the new, Jesus-free Republican Party!

  2. Makes one wonder about Chief Roberts now.

  3. Mike

    Jesus didn’t help stone the woman who engaged in adultery.

  4. In what sense Darleen? (I take it you mean Chief Justice Roberts?)

  5. Gal’s name was Big Bird I’m told…

  6. success in the military in no way whatsoever indicates that someone is possessed with even a minimum of political good sense

  7. Mike

    Jesus didn’t help stone the woman who engaged in adultery.

    Ah, good point.

  8. sdferr

    Yep, I meant SCOTUS Roberts.

    His ruling was so far afield of anything he had written earlier, so legally convoluted (even more ObamaCare friendly law analysts were questioning) I just wonder what the Chicago thugs threatened him with.

  9. “Oh, I am willing to accept an affair may have, indeed, happened. However, what this does is take away any attempt to blackmail the General into silence over, say, Benghazi.

    Nothing to keep him from testifying before Congress now.”

    That requires a Congress willing to listen, capable of impeaching, and a justice dept who will follow through. So… Obama is safe

  10. jesus was never much of a stoner

  11. Robb

    think Issa isn’t listening to this and penning his invite to Petraeus as we speak?

  12. This can be spun all sorts of ways, I would think.
    Maybe it was suggested to him that should he keep his mouth shut prior to the election, none of this would ever surface, and he’s now promptly being stabbed in the back, ala Specter and the promise not to primary him, which you know, EFFIN’ FUNNY, if true.

    Maybe the admin got word that he was going to spill the beans anyway, and this is them getting out in front of it, beginning to air his dirty laundry. I wouldn’t be surprised if Harry Reid has a really good friend who’s been telling him that Petraeus hasn’t paid his taxes in 20 years.

    The best part of all this? Watching the legacy media get up in high dudgeon about it. Should he testify before any congressional committee and dare to besmirch the good name of the current president, his name is mud. General Petraeus -> General Betray-Us -> General Betray-his-wife

  13. Darleen, maybe, but as someone who has been paying attention to F&F since Day 1 and has seen *nothing* happen besides a few layoffs of lower level functionaries, I just don’t see it amounting to anything.

    As I’ve mentioned before, nothing this administration has done has surprised me. What caught me completely off guard was the sheer volume of crap they pulled.

    It’s hard to get traction on your pet issue because there are hundreds of others just as appalling clamoring for justice. None of which of course have been given air time. Most of the people I work with think Benghazi is the chimpanzee from The Lion King or something.

  14. I’m advance-ordering his book from Amazon as we…speak.

  15. This gives the MSM all the cover they need to ignore and/or question anything Petraeus ever says about anything ever again.

  16. The government’s Spook in Chief has an extramarital affair? Who was it and for how long? How many polygraphs did he beat?

    Those things are simply not missed in the counter intel game.

  17. Oh, fuck us all sideways with a swordfish…

    “Petraeus’ wife, Holly, also works in the Obama administration, for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. ”

  18. think Issa isn’t listening to this and penning his invite to Petraeus as we speak?

    – Petraeus was already at the top of the guest list for both of next weeks closed door Congressional hearings.

    – The timing is too cute to be accidental. He just unloaded any baggage Jug ears had to try to silence him, like Darleen said. And Ditto on Roberts. Worse yet, if theres some slime on Roberts and hes forced to step down Bumblefuck gets another opening on the Judiciary to plug.

  19. interesting, but it seems he was slated to testify next week and now the acting director will take his place.

  20. BBH

    Petraeus can’t testify as director now, but I don’t see what stops Congress from still hearing him separately.

    Indeed, if the Obama admin was trying to strong-arm him to testilying, that ship has now sailed.

    curiouser and curiouser

  21. I guarantee it wasn’t some flighty little pimple like Monica Lewinsky. A Condoleezza-class cruiser I’m guessing.

  22. if Obama really wants to make this look bad he’ll get Putin to claim her.

  23. BBH

    If Roberts had/has done something impeachable, then he’d already be gone. Makes me think there is just something very embarrassing that could be used against him.

    Very dicey, but that’s how the Obama Crime Syndicate rolls.

  24. Central Intelligence Agency Director David Petraeus has resigned, citing “extremely poor judgment” for having an extramarital affair.

    “Extremely poor judgment” was signing on to the Obamanation in the first place. Getting his wick wetted doesn’t even begin to compare.

  25. – Except from a CNN piece:

    “In a Wall Street Journal article a week before the election, several administration officials pointed to Petraeus specifically and accused him of mishandling the controversy, by appearing to be aloof and delivering misinformation to the White House in the early days after that attacks.

    Congress intends to continue to investigate the incident, and Petraeus was expected to testify during a closed-door hearing next week before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

    Speaking on CNN, former CIA operative Bob Baer noted that while resignations from extramarital affairs are not unheard of at the agency, they are almost never the announced reason for giving up the post.

    “I think there’s a big story behind it,” Baer said.

    – So what I’m thinking is he refused to fall on his sword, and when threatened, cut them off at the pass.

    – In years to come its going to take an entire wing of the national archieves to store all the books that will be written on the lying and cheating and lawlessness of this adminstration. WaterGate will be all but forgotten.

  26. Issa isn’t listening to this and [not] penning his invite to Petraeus as we speak?

    Big Dog’s Muzzle (two words)

    E _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ E

  27. – He’s going to fall back on EP once too often.

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  29. – Yeh, like Baer says, an affair, particularly if its old news his wife already knew about and made peace with him over, is just not big enough for this sort of step.

    – First committee question: “Whats the real reason you resigned.”

  30. Who’s going to make him stop BBH?

  31. No, the first question is: why did you wait until after the election?

  32. Adultery being a crime under the UCMJ, I’m guessing the General negotiated a pass on his court martial in exchange for a delayed exit.

  33. He’s worthless on Benghazi, and the MSM will never let this tarnish Obama.

  34. That’s the Dem run Senate.

    They will have the acting director in his place. He can then come in later as a private citizen to testify at the House.

  35. He’ll still be subject to executive privilege.

  36. He won’t talk about Benghazi. He’s a “tainted” figure now, and the fascist administration would paint his testimony as unreliable and that of a man striking out to deflect scrutiny upon himself.

    Only 72 hours and the banana republic is in full swing. ¡Viva El Supremo!

  37. (rubbing my hands) I’m going to laugh like hell when he delivers a big fat zero on Benghazi.

    Get your conspiracy+conspiracy explanation all reved up fella’s.

    Oh wait. You’ll find something to hold onto somewhere in his testimony to say, “See! See! He said POTUS wouldn’t send help.” And then later, he’ll clarify that he in fact said no such thing, and then you’ll say they found a new thing to blackmail him with.

  38. And I thought that, “Who do I have to f*ck to get out of this?” was just a bad movie of the week line.

  39. Get your conspiracy+conspiracy explanation all reved up fella’s.

    I happen to know for a fact you didn’t actually rub your hands before typing that comment.

    For a fact.

  40. Patraeus was silent about Benghazi because he was too busy thinking about getting laid. Nothing like a hot and heavy affair to distract one from business.

  41. And dude, some things just can’t be unseen.

  42. We already know there’s been a cover-up. The question is, why exactly that excites you so much? Are you living out vicarious fascism through Obama’s silence and the rather obvious and strained media indifference?

    Wow. No wonder you spend your time trolling web sites. You’re a masochist and a sadist simultaneously. That’s a little bit fucked in the head, dude.

  43. All In.

  44. We already know there’s been a cover-up.

    Maybe you should report it, since you “know” something.

  45. slippery, you are one screwed up individual. 4 Americans are dead, the White House lied from day 1 about the facts surrounding the attack and you think this is just the topic to make fun of.

  46. He was screwing his biographer, who is the target of a CIA investigation into whether she was trying access classified info via his email.

  47. nixon needed a slipperyslope

  48. I looked up pics of Mrs. Broadwell. I stand by my comment that Patraeus was distracted.

  49. Blake – a topic to make fun of. No, it’s actually serious, which is why it’s bothersome that four deaths are being used purely to attack Obama.

  50. it’s bothersome that four deaths are being used purely to attack Obama.

    Yes, it certainly wasn’t optimal that those corpses, er bumps in the road, pose such a distraction to getting Apostle Barack’s gospel on the GodState out there.

    I mean, what’s a few broken eggs when utopia is just around the corner?

  51. bothersome that four deaths are being used purely to attack Obama.

    yea like why would the president have any responsibility for security at an american consulate?

    he’s too busy with choom stuff dontcha know.

  52. four deaths are being used purely to attack Obama.

    “Purely”? Are you serious? The man told us about a video. He ran ads in Pakistan apologizing for said video. This all occurred after he knew what was going on in real time. Perhaps Obama, and Hillary, and Panetta, and Petraeus, and others are being “attacked” (in our world, that means “asked to answer questions”) because we know from the time line of events that their story wasn’t true.

    You’re a real piece of work. And shit.

  53. Obviously who we should be attacking is the guy that made that ridiculous video that (Obama’s defenders told us) caused the whole thing, including the death of Ambassador Stevens and three others.

    And we should also be attacking Mitt Romney for saying it was terrorism before Obama did, except that Obama said “acts of terror” in a speech the very next day so that proves he understood it was terrorism even though his mouthpieces were saying it wasn’t for two weeks afterward.

    And of course, we need to blame Booooosh.

  54. Maybe you should report it, since you “know” something.

    It’s been reported. Time lines have been produced. The President’s schedule was used to place him. Testimony before Congress noted that the event could be watched in real time. And we got stories from Obama and Hillary about a video. Hell, they stood over the caskets and lied about what motivated the attacks.

    People like you aren’t worth my time or the effort it takes to answer. No wonder you’ve been expelled several times. The question is, why do you keep coming back? What joy is it that you take out of lying, obfuscating, and engaging in various forms of sophistry.

    Or are you just here sharpening your progressive skills?

  55. Slippery accidentally reveals insight into the progressive mind: The 4 deaths are being used to “attack” Obama..that Obama is the “victim” when it comes to questions about the 4 deaths that happened on Obama’s watch.

    Notice the mental gymnastics used by slippery to accuse others while simultaneously denying responsibility.

  56. – They know when the end comes its going to kill the gravy train, so protecting Obama Clause is all they give a shit about. They don’t think anything matters anymore, so its simply about getting as much free shit as you can. The system is done.

    – Like the invisable WMD’s. The 5000 stupid sand rat Kurds are dead, so who cares.

    – Yes, they really are that cynical and ethically bamkrupt. Its all Bushes fault, now gimme my free phone.

  57. I looked up pics of Mrs. Broadwell. I stand by my comment that Patraeus was distracted.

    Blake, Ms. Broadwell was obviously doing some in-depth investigative journalism. Getting to know her subjuect up close and personal-like.

  58. Leigh, it’s not Ms, it is definitely Mrs. At least for now. And, the name definitely fits.

  59. The question is, why do you keep coming back? What joy is it that you take out of lying, obfuscating, and engaging in various forms of sophistry.

    More fun than plagiarizing reviews from Amazon I’ll bet. Might even pay more too.

  60. another mark for axeldude. he likes going after peeps private affairs.

  61. When Did Obama Know About Petraeus’ Affair?

    Did he know about it months ago, which seems likely?

    Did he tell Petraeus to resign after the election?

    If Petraeus had to resign because he was compromised, he was compromised months ago.

    Did Obama leave a compromised head of the CIA in place to avoid some difficult politics?

    Petraeus’ testimony about this — not the affair, but Obama’s knowledge of it and offers to resign — is now required.


  62. the only one who really understands me is my biographer

    we just *connect* you know?

  63. By Petraeus’ own resignation he says “after 37 years of marriage”

    as of today, he’s been married 38 yrs +

    Again, why now, over an affair that appears to have been a one-off thing that happened over a year ago?

  64. Because they were trying to use it to blackmail him, and he decided to admit it to take away that leverage.

  65. Maybe they have embarrassing emails and photos. Who knows? He’s already ‘fessed up to his wife and they’ve gotten over it.

    Mrs. Broadwell isn’t divorced, so I guess she told the husband and they patched things up.

  66. Or are you just here sharpening your progressive skills?


  67. “we just *connect* you know?”

    Sometimes we connect on the couch, sometimes in the shower…

  68. Lockheed Martin’s COO and next in line for CEO resigned today for having a fling with a subordinate, completely coincidentally

  69. It’s the Night of the Long… Something-or-others.

  70. I realize that even in my first comment on this thread I supposed that Petraeus had something to say that would embarrass (or implicate??) the administration, and that he wanted the opportunity to do so. But why those suppositions? Consider:
    1. This guy voluntarily signed on to this administration. He had to have some inkling of who he was getting into bed with.
    2. Unless he’s learned something new this week, he’s been sitting on information that could have had a material effect on the election.

    It may be that the guy welcomes the “get out of testifying free” card.

  71. Petraeus was full of shit in his last go around with Congress. They know it, and he knows they know. But I guarantee their are conversations happening right now, and Petraeus is telling them ‘don’t call me, I’ll only repeat exactly what I said last time and nothing more.’

    Trying to uncompromise yourself is like trying to un bending copper pipe, it just doesn’t happen.

    At this point his testimony is less than worthless, since a repeat only works to Obama’s advatage.

    Meanwhile the MSM switches from supine to fetal.

  72. Heh Heh

    (sorry, couldn’t resist. at least I fixed her red eye! )

  73. bravo, serr8d!

    heh heh indeed