November 9, 2012

“Well done America … the following companies have all announced layoffs …” [Darleen Click]

– Westinghouse
– Research in Motion Ltd.
– Lightyear Network Solutions
– Providence Journal
– Hawker Beechcraft
– Boeing
– CVPH Medical Center
– US Cellular
– Commerzbank
– Iberia
– Momentive Performance Materials
– Brake Parts
– Gameforge Berlin
– Vestas Wind Systems
– Husqvarna
– Ericsson
– SRA International
– PerkinElmer
– Majestic Star Casino and Hotel
– Center for Hospice NY
– Bristol-Myers
– Lower Bucks Hospital
– Oce North America
– Corning
– United Blood Services Gulf
– Atlantic Lottery Corporation
– Welch Allyn
– Dana Holding
– Stryker
– Boston Scientific
– Medtronic
– Smith & Nephew
– Abbott Labs
– Covidien
– Kinetic Concepts
– St. Jude
– Hill Rom
– Darden Restaurants
– Kroger
– Caterpillar
– Alcatel-Lucent
– Umatilla Chemical
– Rocketdyne

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TmjUtah says

I work for a large construction outfit.

Until probably the spring.

Between Obamacare, EPA regs, energy costs, and taxes, Changes Will Be Made.

I’m a California Republican (I know, masochistic, right?) and the local talk radio is full of small business owners calling in and discussing their plans. One man, owner of a trucking firm in Ventura — 75 employees, $6 mill payroll, discussed how even as times have been tough over the last few years, he’s made it a point to make his payroll, even dipping into his own savings. He was walking by the breakroom and heard some of his employees snickering about the election and they had wanted Obama to stay President to make sure the rich pay. He then thought “what am I putting myself at risk? He then went and canceled his order for 6 new trucks (approximately $600,000 worth of an order) and is planning to layoff 20 or more people. So sad, too bad.

And this is far from isolated.

Oh, be sure there will be many Big Businesses that will “cooperate” with Obama. That’s just how fascism operates.

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  1. profit > people.

  2. DaleK, are you being sarcastic here? Cuz just how do you believe a company that does NOT make being successful as its priority survives?

    Better to eat the seed corn now and let everyone starve later?

  3. Profit => Hiring => Higher standard of living.

    Anybody who thinks that means profits are bad (m’kay?) must hate people.

  4. profit > people.

    Maybe Obama should nationalize all businesses and then pass a law requiring that they act as charities.

    John Roberts can just call it a tax and voila! People win!

    — Well, except for those who provide the jobs. They’re demons and must be screwed screwed screwed.

  5. No profit = no pay = no jobs.

  6. Here DaleK, educate yourself to reality ..

  7. I wanna know how putting people before profit works?

    Many small business folks actually pay their employees first before they pay them self (and go a loong time w/o a paycheck to keep a company going.)

    So that one day they can take home that evil, evil profit.

    All the while, insuring the employees are paid.

    Seems like a good trade-off to me.

    If they’re too stupid to vote for their economic interest, then fuck ’em.

  8. Maybe Obama should nationalize all businesses and then pass a law requiring that they act as charities.

    That seems a bit drastic. He’ll probably just implement Directive 10-289 via Executive Order. That’ll fix things.

  9. Remember how well everyone worked in the Soviet Union when you were working for the brotherhood of man instead of a paycheck?

    Boy those were the days!

  10. In that short video above, starting at about 3 min mark, Williams talks about how beef & potatoes gets from mid-West to New York City.

    And it is NOT because farmers and ranchers “LOVE” New Yorkers.

    Makes me wonder darkly about getting those farmers/ranchers to pull a strike to drive the point home to Bloomies minions who think it’s magic that puts food on the market shelves.

  11. Dalek’s our new Leftie, Darleen. So yes, he believes you should go out of business and personally wear haircloth before profit > people.

  12. Strikes are a peculiar thought in that context. Maybe a touch over-determined. (For one thing, opportunistic non-strikers will step in to capture markets they hadn’t held before — bellows of “SCABS” to be heard! So message fail.). And didn’t French farmers seek to create a strike back in the early ’90s? Ah, Paree! It’s even conceivable the Frenchies are unionized. Then there was a farmer protest– though not a strike as such — in DC back in the day: tractors were all over the Mall, Constitution and Independence Avenues, driving up to Congress. Gotta have that favorable farm bill.

  13. profit > people

    Now I get it-there’s just not enough caring! I have just had my Damascus Road epiphany. Forward!

  14. When the layoffs come, I was joking with the frau yesterday, I hope they ask the Obama voters to volunteer, so somebody who didn’t vote to lose his job doesn’t.

  15. Looks like I’m not the only one who had an epiphany, though.

  16. I know! I know!

    Congress should just vote us all a guaranteed wage. Problem solved.

  17. Congress should vote us 100% employment.

  18. Congree should vote to let us keep 100% of our hard earned coin of the realm.

    If we’re going to dream, Carin, let’s dream BIG!

  19. The question really is, where were these companies BEFORE the election ?

    I mean, I realize they were all hoping Romney would win and all, but honestly, why were businesses not telling their people, vote like your job depends on it. Since, in fact, IT DID.

  20. How do you know that they weren’t, Rody?

  21. deadrody

    The guy I refer to that owns the trucking company? He did let his employees know that if O was re-elected it would mean some serious rethinking

    but by what he heard in the breakroom, they don’t care. It’s not like they are going to starve when they are laid off … just a funemployment vacation, ya know.

  22. rody

    this is “eating the seed corn” now. Not only is there no shame in being on the Government dole, its your RIGHT that your neighbor who is still working be forced to pay you when you’re not.

    You should hear the “CalFresh” commercials they run here in CA on local radios. That’s the name for our food stamp program … happy dad with daughter making dinner together that will be oh so yummy and why don’t you too see if you qualify for free food?

    I gag each time I hear it.

  23. Darleen, I’ve been having this argument with lefties for 25 years or more. I say it’s the responsibility of the employee to know what is going on with their business sector. I keep being told that I am hopelessly naive. Okay then.

    For instance, when Flint MI laid off thousands of auto workers and they were on the news belly-aching about how they were going ot make ends meet, I was unsympathetic. Most of those guys owned their homes. Owned a second vacation home. Owned new cars and trucks. Owned boats and jetskis.

    And had zero savings.

    They’re failure to plan is not my problem and I resent the crap out of being told that it is my problem.

    Sink or swim, spendthrifts.

  24. “Dalekhunter says November 9, 2012 at 10:20 am
    profit > people.”

    What would the People’s Democratic Republic of China do?

  25. Oh, Darleen. That hurts too much.

    Least makes me feel a little better about why the public demanded a rock bottom. How do you compete with lies that intense?

  26. leigh

    the problem is deeper … having “savings” has been viewed as a sucker’s game for some time.

    Any pile of assets is subject to the wandering eye of a distributive Fed. Remember the rumblings not long ago (and be assured they’ll come back) that us little people with 401Ks, etc, are just too incompetent to be in charge of our retirement savings and that the Fed should take them over for our own good?

  27. I’ve said it before, so apologies, but there are few things that piss me off quite as much as the folks who drive their late-model SUVs to the little Asian grocery store I patronize, buy a bunch of crap (chips, small bottled soda, gay-ass flavored cigars (seriously, grape?)), yammer on their iPhones, and then pay with an EBT card.

    Meanwhile, I’m driving around in an ’88 Mazda, living on less than $30k/yr and paying for all my food with cash.

    Perhaps I too could qualify for an EBT card, but as I can afford to buy my own food (and theirs too, apparently!) I have no desire for one.
    Of course, they can afford to buy their own food as well. They just choose not to, and are so devoid of honor or virtue that they see no reason not to steal my money to buy their food. Oh, I’m sure if I confronted them about it, created a scene, “here’s my wallet, please take whatever you need — no, I insist!” some of them would deny the reality of what they’re doing.

    But they won’t change their behavior. There’s no shaming the shameless. Anyone who’d be seen smoking a grape-flavored cigar, well, what can you even say…

  28. John

    I heard someone say what they like to do is when they pay for their groceries, the EBT card option shows up on the pay-pad. They then loudly ask the clerk “EBT? What’s that?” and after the clerk tells them they say “Oh, that WELFARE right? People who can’t pay for their food with their own money? Hey, I’m not rich but I’m paying for my food AND THEIRS too, right?”

    I’m seriously considering pulling this schtick myself.

  29. I live in the semi-hood. I won’t be pulling that EBT card thing.

  30. Darleen, Husband and I were talking about the whole savings thing last night and figured maybe our grandfathers were on to something when they didn’t trust banks and hid their money in the house. (My grandfather hid money behind the wallpaper.)

    We’re pretty thrifty. We drive old cars and trucks (kept in good repair). We very seldom eat in restaurants. We get Netflix instead of going to the theatre. Our biggest expense is the youngest and he’s trying to get a job so he’ll have pocket money and can buy gas and pay for his car insurance.

    Our neighbors, on the other hand, go to the casinos every night. Not for me, but they like it and if that’s how they want to spend their retirement, go right ahead.

  31. Darleen, as a fellow Californian, what do you think of my idea to agitate to get the California GOP to close shop? Started out as a thought experiment, but the more I think about it…

    The Wall Street Journal has a good article up today discussing the suicidal vote, but they seem oblivious to the end game. Within the next four years (more) responsible states are going to be guilt-ed into paying for the malfeasance. I have no doubt that it will be just fine with some of the major states in New England (because they are gonna be next in line if given the green light) – but are the people of Texas really going to allow it to happen. Forget Texas (and the Deep South), the more interesting situation is how blue states with a cultural antipathy to California respond. Will Wisconsin, having gone through a political s***storm to draw a line for their unions, so willingly pony up. Even if good king Barack asks them nicely? In a way it is the nationalized equivalent of the moral hazard so many people who bother to pay for their own shit are confronting.

    If I were the conservative movement and the GOP, I would want to be stepping away right about now. There is literally nothing it can do anyway, other than step up to provide the progs a cover (can’t be partisan about this, no politics-as-usual, it was a two party mess, after all, Arnie had an “R” after his name). I don’t have much hope that people will make the connection to leftist government outside of a drastic and public F-U to the people of California.

    Anyway, I think that is the battle we should be gearing up for…

  32. jrd

    I think every CA Republican legislator should just not show up in Sacramento. They should not pretend that the Democrats have any interest in what they offer.

    For crissakes I dipped my toe into the LASlimes paper yesterday and they had some shit up about how Moonbeam is now a “moderate” Dem who will keep the far Left in line and that Republicans should be lining up with Jerry.

    It’s Bizzaro world.

  33. Yup, what is more telling (the WSJ had this type of spin too) is that, considering how prestigious the office of Guv’ner of CA is (the most important state ever) and what a gimmie it is for a Democrat – how did a senile retread like Jerry manage to get the nomination pretty much uncontested.

    You would think its like the office is not where the real power lies, or something.

  34. To be fair, some, if not many, of these layoffs were coming regardless. Why they waited until now to announce the changes is suspicious, but perhaps they didn’t want the internal problems that come with layoffs and firings until after the election was over.

  35. charles: I think that a bunch of companies were “cautiously optimistic” that maybe layoffs wouldn’t be necessary if Romney won and immediately did something useful. The re-election of the chosen one makes it obvious that “no, this is the way it’s going to be… only possibly worse”, which provided a great “okay then!” moment of clarity.

    jrd: Your “dissolve the CA GOP” sounds fine to me, but I don’t closely follow CA politics — even though they have this irritating habit of becoming National Politics soon enough. But as for the “will TX and WI happily pay to bail out CA” question — I don’t think they’ll even be asked. Nor will Congress. I believe Obama could just call up his good friend Bernanke and get him to will another $1T or so into existence to deal with this “unforeseen one-time emergency”.

    So TX and WI (and everyone else) would be paying to bail out CA in the form of slightly-more-worthless currency.

  36. Ummmm Dale?

    If the owner did not have past profits on hand, how would he have been able to pay workers to do jobs that weren’t even covering the cost of labor?
    I’ve used past profit to carry my employees through lean times… now the state and feds want to take that profit away and now the employees will have to hit the unemployment line instead.
    Compounding the problem is the prescription the state and feds have… taking from the rich… the rich of course are my best customers, but the less discretionary money they are allowed to keep, the less they have to spend on construction which will put lots of people out of work and onto the dole.
    Small businesses do better when the rich are encouraged to spend.

    One of the sad things about the left is that they refuse to understand how private sector middle class jobs are made, but they are extremely adept at creating millions of public sector upper middle class jobs… jobs we cannot afford to pay for.

    So go the fuck away.
    My company is down from 50 employees to 12.
    I’m out of reserves (past profits) and our leanest time (winter) is ahead. My guys have families and your guy Obama and all his Harvard geniuses have destroyed the economy.

  37. Add Iron Mountain to the list, and other companies which are “re-organizing” and thereby laying off second and third tier exempt workers.
    Cause of the contraceptives.

  38. Steve G we have a commenter named Dale who is not in this thread and probably would not be easy to confuse with dalek.

    I’m pretty sure that Dalek is going for a Dr. Who riff so it’s probably best to call him dalek. I doubt his given name is Dale K. Hunter.

    It’s like a poster who has a handle like I. K. Lastima. Yeah there might be a guy named Ignacio Kiosco Lastima out there somewhere, but probably not. It’s probably a doing a pun for “Hay Que lastima!” which means “What a shame” or “How Awful!”

  39. Darleen, I agree with your position in general, but to pick a nit Barry isn’t practicing Fascism, but modern Progressivism. The former is a different beast.

    I would also suggest another reply for Dalekhunter: profit is an unambiguous signal. No profit equals poor practices. In the real world, if a company goes deep into red ink, they become bankrupt and/or go out of business. In Proggie world, when a government program is far over budget, they don’t go out of business, they just get a bigger budget.

    And if you point the absurdity of this, you are a RAAAAACIST!!!

  40. Actually I just wanted to try out that whole I.K. Lastima idea.

  41. @ Casey, just a reminder: water it down all you wish, but a rose by any other name is still a rose. Whenever government robs the people of their liberty, it is pure, evil, fascism—even if popularly imposed. It is the same bullet the Germans used to shoot themselves in the foot in 1934.

    I’m having a hard time feeling sorry for those people who are now out of work, especially if they voted for Barack Obama. But let’s look at the upside. No more getting up in the morning, and getting money from the gov’mint at everyone else’s expense. Does it get any better than this, in Greece?

  42. Lockheed-Martin announced layoffs the day after the election. One of my colleagues left yesterday, with two days notice, Other colleagues received a bit over a week’s notice. I got two weeks.

    I work on a couple of systems used by the CDC to track select agents (e.g., ricin, plague) and manage emergency operations. I wonder who’ll be doing that now? And just how safe is the country?

    Ah well, I’m sure it’ll all come out ok in the end.

    (Yeah. Right.)

  43. Sorry to hear that, batboy.

  44. Thanks. Mind you, I am not worried. Should worst come to worst, I have an extended family in the USA, Ireland, England, and France, so I have options. I mean, quite apart from the fact that I have awesome programming skillz!

    So, I’ll be ok. But think of the middle managers. In my group we had a 60 y.o. white woman, a mid-twenties Chinese guy, a mid-twenties black guy, and a mid-fifties white guy (me). All of us Java-savvy. We’ll be fine. Above and around us were older white and black men and women who understood the shuffling of paper. They’ll have a hard time getting back to work.

    When I consider The Won, I am saddened by the amount of damage he’ll do to a black middle class that depends on government and healthcare work. They’re done for.

    So, on to the race-based food riots, I suppose.

  45. Sorry to learn that, batboy.

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