November 6, 2012

Rest of Election Day Open Thread

I’m off to go shooting, then it’s pick up Satch from school and from there, wrestling practice.

Plus, I just need the time away from all this.

— Though yes, being heavily armed at the same time I’m freaking out is probably not the best recipe for a peaceful day.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 12:47pm

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  1. Something else that’s been bugging me: Rassmussen’s final poll has projected Republican turnout at +5, and he can’t make a call for the first time in his career?

    Didn’t somebody do a post or a comment about peer assumptions undermining your own data? As in, Rassmussen doesn’t trust his own numbers because they’re out of whack from those of his peers, so he fudges them into line with the rest of the herd.

    All the internals are shit. And all the shit points in the same direction. So, which way do you head if you don’t want to end up covered in shit?

  2. Someone down in comments at JoM (where I first encounterd that Rassmussen Party Affiliation Poll) pointed out that Rassmussen doesn’t use his own monthly P. A. poll results directly in his national and state polling. I think the commenter said Rasmussen is currently using D+2 in his nationals, and who knows what in his state work? But he may figure *better to err on the “safe” side* than stick his neck out any further than he already does.

  3. Confirmation bias in a whack kind of way?

    I’m with Brit Hume: All the polls are wrong.

  4. Confirmation bias is probably what I’m thinking of.

  5. Breitbart has poll reports from the ground. Virtually 100% good news for, well, Romney.

  6. TO McCain says Ohio looking good too.

  7. Metals are up, possibly reflecting sentiment Obama holds. Markets up too, indicating the opposite, or perhaps that markets are so jacked up on funny money that this is actually a pro-Obama sentiment.

  8. Great kid –don’t get cocky

    lest our own confirmation lead to premature dick sucking.

  9. confirmation bias

  10. Early CO voting favorable.

  11. It’s kind of a pleasure to contemplate the notion that Paul Ryan may be elected as Vice-President today. To repeat a question I’ve asked before:

    By the way, just out of curiosity, does anyone happen to know whether there is a bar in law to prevent a President from seeking to appoint his Vice-President to a seat on his Cabinet, as for instance Romney choosing Paul Ryan as his Treasury Secretary even while Ryan serves contemporaneously as Vice-P. (or warm bucket of spit, pick’em)? Seems like a hideous waste of political talent should Ryan simply be sitting on the sidelines, don’t it?

    Anybody know?

  12. TEA Party election coverage has begun.

  13. Intrade odds favor Obarry.

  14. Will WA elect a Republican gov?

  15. This is big: CO early voting up 4.8% Republican over 2008. If this is a bellwether, More swing states should go Romney.

  16. I think the classic cautionary tale about the dangers of confirmation bias is Robert Millikan and Harvey Fletcher’s oil drop experiment to find the charge of a single electron.

  17. I’m hoping to make a modest pile of cash from InTrade. If the Dems steal this thing, I’m going to be doubly angry.

  18. The assholes at CNN.

  19. lest our own confirmation lead to premature dick sucking

    Bah, you say that like such a thing is even possible. It’s always the right time…

  20. Biedn visits Oiho. Gutsy Call™

  21. On those “funny” polls.

  22. Though yes, being heavily armed at the same time I’m freaking out is probably not the best recipe for a peaceful day.

    You know as well as anybody that once you’re at the range, the freaking out will necessarily get tamped down. At least it better, lest you want to show us some really embarrassing groupings tomorrow.

  23. “Editors Rejigger Polls” — oh my, who knew Jpod was such a terrible racist? Lucky for him he’s no longer at NRO (I think), or Lowry’d be firing his ass!

  24. “Yes Arianna, its true, sometimes you can get too much of a good thing”:

    “Online access trackers, services that provide “hits per minute” tabulations for web sites, are reporting that within 10 minutes after Huffingtonpost, a popular progressive Leftist based news site experienced a 93% drop in traffic rates after posting a vote for Obama banner which effectively blocked access to the home page. The reduced rate remained in that state until the early morning hours when the banner was finally removed. Site administraters were not available for comment.

    – Et tu brute’.

  25. Romney: That’s when you know you’re gonna win.

  26. Anybody know?

    I don’t know of anything that prohibits it, and that which is not prohibited is mandatory…?

  27. Romney: That’s when you know you’re gonna win.

    Same place, better pic.

    I believe I hear a wave coming.

  28. – breitbart has also set up a voter turnout hot line by state. Example from latest tips, this ones for Jeff.


    “Friends in rural El Paso county never received absentee ballot. When they called they were told their ballot had been returned with “Deceased” written on the envelope. Due to the Romney sign in their front yard, a neighbor got in their mailbox and returned ballot.

    Don’t fear! They stood in line for early voting for 3 hours.

    – Which just shows how far the bastards on the Left will go to win.

  29. TsuRomney, Pablo.

  30. – Romneytsunami, I want my mommy.

  31. Had to hear the couple behind me discuss the idiocy of anyone not voting for the One. It was like listening to a conversation between Scientologists with Aspergers.

  32. TsuRomney

    Brilliant. Also stolen.

  33. My pleasure.

  34. Heh. BBH, I was just listening to a nervous looking Larry Sabato trying to cling to his prediction of a Bronco win by saying, “Well, yeah! It’s gonna be a squeaker, Neal (Cavuto). It’s gonna be a late night. Yada yada yada. . . ”

    He had the look of a man with serious butt pucker.

  35. They truly have no idea, Ken. Like there can never be the obverse of an idea.

    Sure we can try to reduce waste buy forcing everyone into recycling programs, or what if we further refined our dumps, thus possibly saving gas, money, and time while creating more efficient jobs. Not to mention making it easier to set out the trash for the entire population.

    Could that work? Yes, no? Let’s talk about it some more… shut up! Racist! Global Warming! Obey meeeee!

  36. Confirmation Bias is a cruel dominatrix who never grants release and won’t respect safe words.

    I almost feel sorry for Sabato.

  37. If that couple who had their absentee ballots stolen out of their mailbox know who did it, I hope they get the Postmaster involved.

  38. Meh. I don’t feel sorry for Sabato.

    Just when he’d earned back my respect after the slobbering love affair he had with WJC, by sticking up for Dubya, he pulls this crap. Yesterday, he was practically bouncing in his chair like a little kid about how it was four more years, ba-by!

  39. He’s an academic. It is what it is.

    And so’s he.

  40. Kinda funny that in a lot of respects this is a slow news day.

  41. I want Axelrod’s mustache in a frame by tomorrow. And the backing should be a bad portrait of him looking wistful, as a sort of 2D non destructive taxidermy.

  42. Didn’t he attach some kind of ridiculous parameters to the mustache shaving? He’ll end up welshing on the deal.

  43. Story of a near death experience: ” I felt faint and everything suddenly went dark. My life flashed before my eyes and I heard my late grandmother’s voice telling me to be at peace. I saw a light and so I followed it. Then a bus pulled up, and I boarded it and suddenly I was in Chicago voting Democrat in a local election there. Then I woke up in an ambulance headed for the hospital and the paramedic told me that I had been clinically dead for two minutes. I suspect it was the lack of oxygen that caused me to vote Democrat. “

  44. Hehe, that’s horrible Palaeo.

    You know, thinking about it, I’ve got just no desire to gloat if Romney wins. The Left has gone so hardcore stupid and corrupt, that living sanely is the best revenge.

  45. “Romney: That’s when you know you’re gonna win”

    Thats the marker I was looking for all day.

    Done and dusted.

    I may have two glasses of Bowmore tonight.

    Felicitations and Congratulations fellow PW’ers.

  46. – For whomever asked about the Cal props, its a bunch of stuff, but it all breaks down to a half dozen attempts to raise money through the old “school rooms are on fire” ploy, none of which will be spent on schools, yet another tax increase appeal, yet another try at ending the death sentence, one worthwhile prop that stops Unions from using payrole money to fund campaigns, and another to label GMO’d in foods.

    – Guess which ones I think will pass.

  47. Good turn out down here may help us see the back of Bill Nelson, may it please the lord, even if we have to endure a chucklehead for the next six years.

  48. Didn’t he attach some kind of ridiculous parameters to the mustache shaving? He’ll end up welshing on the deal.

    Nope. If O loses MI, MN or PA, he loses the mustache. Or he welshes, which he will.

  49. Missouri has a proposition for the majority to vote themselves goodies at the expense of the reviled minority of smokers. One hopes general anti-tax sentiment is strong enough to prevent it passing, especially since it’s jumping taxes by a factor of 7 1/2. With the two largest cities in the state sitting on state lines, there is considerable business brought in from adjoining states with silly tax rates on tobacco, so it’ll definitely be bad for business.

  50. I want Axelrod’s mustache in a frame by tomorrow.

    The promised shaving is Monday. Patience…

  51. If he welshes, does he have to dig coal?

  52. He has to burn mud, sdferr.

  53. That saying really isn’t quite fair to the Welsh, is it?

    Especially when one is speaking of Axelrod.

  54. Shall we disparage the Gypsies instead?

  55. no hunkys

  56. Isn’t the only Gypsy promise never to tip?

  57. – Which is why you never see them messin’ with cows.

  58. Beck notes that re: ground game, the MSM is not watching the TEA Party and churches.

  59. Sheesh. Beckel is being even more pissy than usual on The Five.


  60. more notes from the ground!

    My next door neighbor told me she’s not voting today. She leans Obama… muhahahahha

    I just nodded and said yeah, that’s a good choice.

  61. anything with the harmonica?

  62. You guys wonder how many Obama voters are like Missfixit’s? They hear the line is long and they’re like, “Whatever, he wasn’t that good anyway.”

  63. Haven’t noticed anyone here posting about this, which only means of course that I haven’t seen a link.

    Project Orca.

  64. How about an American? Most of the really good harmonica players were commies. But then on the other hand, there’s a nice thing with harmonium, proving the man had a sense of humor.

  65. – Headlines to avoid when holding a drink over your keyboard.

    – And in other news….

    – Enthusiasm gap is real.

  66. Well, I’ve got some remedial education to do.

    My 3rd grader voted for Obama in the school election. Somebody told her Romney was going to close the schools and take away Big Bird.

    Fortunately, my kindergartener voted for Romney. Because he’s been paying attention to what I say.

  67. My 3 kids are in elementary school too. My 4th grader asked me who I voted for and I explained that it was between Gary Johnson and Mitt Romney, and I voted for Mitt.

    I kinda gagged a little while explaining my choices, and then I warned her not to tell all the neighbors how I voted because people get really bent out of shape over politics.

    The formal education will begin once I can get past all the disgust.

  68. Off to vote with the Frau und die Kinder in a few.

    Hopefully I’ll be back with a great big steaming bowl of pixels for Roddy to chow down on.

    It won’t be the pixels that are steaming.

  69. – Both because I think Slick Willey knew exactly what he was doing to Jug ears “presidential image” when he agreed to stump for him, and because the audience in this case was so apropos, here is my choice doe Bumblefucks swan song.

  70. Just got back from Las Vegas. Nevada is in play. Obama was running a lot of ads in the LV market. Back to back ads.

    I’m about to gag, listening to Obama talking about the “wonderful and hard fought campaign Romney ran.” Meanwhile, Obama has engaged in every lie and smear in the books.

    Once in a while I want to cut Obama some slack because Obama is in thrall to Jarrett and company. Then Obama does what he does best, smarm.

  71. But remember, both sides have been super hateful this whole time!

    Obama calling him a women hating, magic underwear wearing idiot. Romeny politely saying his policies haven’t worked.

    So equal!

  72. Drudge reporting exit polls indicate EV tie. Also has VA, CO, IA and OH as toss ups. Puts NH, MI, NV & NH for O.

  73. All the Connie Mack commercials I heard all day were about how him and romney lurv fetuses and how Obama and Nelson hate hate hate fetuses.

    I guess the economy isn’t an issue here

  74. Sorry – PA, MI, NV & NH for O

    fargin exit polls

  75. is john kerry winning the exit polls?

  76. also there’s someone running named twinkle I think I’d have a hard time not voting for someone named twinkle

  77. has Christie called to congratulate Obama yet? They’ve probably been sexting all day so it’ll really just be for pretendsies when we hear about it

  78. – That would be the same exit polls that had Lurch sKerry winning in a landslide until 3:30an in the morning when all the talking heads at MSNBC had to be sedated

  79. Not looking at any election news until 9:30 MDST.

    Pray for the Republic.

  80. Hopefully, later tonight we’ll have something along the lines of a reinactment of this vid from 1980, wherein Uncle Walter & Co. try to explain how the oh-it’s-gonna-be-a-squeaker polls completely failed to show a Reagan landslide.

  81. I’m a watch the foxnews starting in a few minutes they’re not very informative but they babble soothingly

  82. watched that video from 1980 – it’s funny how much they all look like they want to cry.

  83. I already have Fox news on. I decided to fully embrace the carnage.

    I have some Bushmills Black to sooth me later.

  84. For whomever asked about the Cal props, its a bunch of stuff, but it all breaks down to a half dozen attempts to raise money through the old “school rooms are on fire” ploy, none of which will be spent on schools, yet another tax increase appeal, yet another try at ending the death sentence, one worthwhile prop that stops Unions from using payrole money to fund campaigns, and another to label GMO’d in foods.

    Yeah. I voted no on all the “OH SHIT OUR SCHOOLS” and “OH SHIT OUR WATER” ones, no on end the death penalty, yes to stop the unions, and didn’t vote on the one about sex trafficking because I was very puzzled. I mean, yes, we should have stronger sex trafficking laws, but the fact the anti- position was written entirely by prostitutes ended up befuddling me due to (a possible canard in) the rhetoric about the War on Drugs.

    Sex trafficking is not a victimless crime, but prostitution is, so I was like ?????.

  85. this right now is the prime time christie wasn’t ready for

    so now we know

  86. From : The Blaze Early calls:

    Indiana – Romney
    Kentucky – Romney
    Vermont – Obama

  87. I hope we know more soon the 5th element is on amc tonight

  88. That can’t be true, Palaeo. The Democrats are winning everything ever.

  89. Apparently those were exit polls, and also I should buy some gold and freeze dried emergency dinners. And maybe some $130 blue jeans.

  90. S.E. Cupp’s voice makes me want to hand her a lozenge and some hot tea. She sounds like she gargled with tiny chips of hot tungsten and imported Hawaiian lava-beach sand.

  91. romney is for sure gonna win and things will get better, if only for a little while

  92. Vermont sends commie Sanders back to the senate. And goes for Bronco.

    So he has the lesbian, communist vote sewn up.

  93. A Romney win ensures I have enough time to fully prepare my farming/bug out plans. I hope

  94. – MSNBC has set the tone right out of the gate. Its going to be “cautious” this time around, shunning almost entirely ‘exit’ polls.. Maybe Lefties can be taught after all, but I doubt it.

    – Sits next to Leigh and tries to look innocent. Win or lose, its already been a trip.

  95. It would be weird if they both lost and we just went four years with no president or vice president. I’m just sayin’.

  96. The Blaze: Early calls:

    West Virginia – Romney

  97. In Indiana Mourdock is currently losing by 3. Lugar’s revenge.

  98. “Ladies and Gentlemen. The 45th President of these United States is… you. You were the President all along.”

    Cue Credits.

    Next up on the Hallmark channel: Diagnosis Murder.

  99. Mourdock should run again and this time try it without babbling inanities about rape

    I’m no karl rove or anything it’s just a hunch

  100. Federal Automated Managerial Executive System is now online.

    Rendering Executive Order 1 : 1001101 1001011 0100101 1001101 1001101 0100101 0100101 0100101 0100101 0100101 0100101 0100101 0100101 10111111

  101. babbling inanities about rape

    rape or rape-rape

  102. I’ll have to check the binder

  103. Oh well. People who vote stupidly will pay for it a lot more than any candidates who speak stupidly.

  104. I gues thats no matter what happens tonight I’m now more or less part of a movement to starve, dismantle, and bury upper 5th of the GOP and their stooges.

  105. Politically and financially of course. Not physically.

  106. palaeomerus says November 6, 2012 at 5:45 pm



  107. Something I Facebooked my pals:

    To my more politically leftward friends, cheer up.

    Assuming the cascade preference that’s turned three major swing states red, and that’s lost Obama between 15% and 22% more independents, and that’s handed him the biggest poll loss in an October in forty years continues, a President Romney will still govern from decidedly left of center.

    Social Security, a socialist program currently pilfered by the federal State enough to literally double the 235 year-old national debt, will be left intact. Medicare and the prescription drug plan, upside down six and a half times more than the national debt are also staying on.

    (Did you know that your benevolent, services-providing government was under water by a hundred fifty trillion dollars and that all of that was because of social programs? Did you know that’s a decade of the country’s entire annual GDP? We can talk about public state-level pensions later; they’re underwater by tens of trillions of dollars too.)

    The DHHS, with its trillion dollar a year budget, will continue to provide dependency mostly to urban America, calling it health and human services. The welfare program will continue to empower folks to swipe plastic for lobster and candy, while ordering take-out and Netflix from their iPhones. Assuming the Senate doesn’t remain insane, under President Romney the Welfare State might just not do it for nearly half the country any more. Assuming we get a budget passed, something that senate hadn’t done, illegally, for a thousand days.

    The national system of failing education – adept at replacing parents and parenting with progressivism and a grimy, dim social disarray – will continue to exist as the sacred cow it’s always been. And of course, because of it you and I (well, perhaps you) will have to have your spouse work so your two incomes just cover rent and utilities. (My one income doesn’t, really).

    Of course under Romney the Fed will continue to funnel vast sums out of your pockets and onto Wall Street and into the global banks and nobody except our more realistic friends will say a word about it – you know, the “Paulbots” you’ve been thinking about unfriending because of their tone. Freddie and Fannie will still corrupt the housing market with Clinton and Dodd and Frank and Obama policy and you’ll still blame Bush. Or maybe President Rmoney, as you’ll call him. Mostly because he’s Mormon and wealthy, I’m guessing.

    And for fun and games, overseas drone kills will continue by the score – we’ll still infiltrate whatever we want and we’ll leave global petrodollar “interests” largely as they are to cheer and foment chaos and mayhem. Over here everything you say or do will still be monitored, and you’ll still be subject to incarceration for any reason, at any time, and for whatever length of time they say. Like being groped next month just to fly to see mom or the kids for turkey, we’ll call this “national security”. And under President Romney you’ll do nothing to reclaim your former unalienable rights.

    The only losses to American Socialism under President Romney will be a few of Obama’s fifty unconstitutional czars, the most corrupt justice department and shadiest State department ever, some vanishingly small degree of federal agency abuse of your rights and liberties, a mountain of blatant, failed, alternative-energy cronyism, FLOTUS’s tacky private globetrotting and her transparent pandering to her race in that pigeon-toed church voice, and lately, Barry’s whining for you to renew his Oval Office lease in another $3 dinner lottery.

    Oh, and their laughing at your trust from their next shrimp-cocktailed White House lawn party or from Air Force One rocketing its way to some all expenses paid “summit” in Switzerland or somewhere. Now they’ll just do it from the enormous enclave in Hawaii that four short years of bullshit and a couple ghost-written autobiographies bought them.

    Millions of us, on the other hand, will hold on for as long as our adult children tolerate us and/or our jobs last – or our small 60-hour-a-week businesses hold on to endure their double digit tax brackets – and then we’ll “retire” on five hundred a month in savings, wonder where our Social Security “investment” went, and worry about when we’re too expensive for nationalized medicine to keep alive. Our mortgages will seem like small potatoes and since we haven’t vacationed in decades, we won’t miss those. After 38 years of full time work I know I won’t.

    So you see, President Romney doesn’t really change anything, except perhaps for convincing what capital does remain “on the sidelines” to get back into the game so we’ll experience a little economic uptick. But you know this’ll be offset by the Press going back into attack mode so when the cumulative effects of a hundred years of “progressive” American statism and a wholly manipulated monetary system (same thing, I know) drive the Romney system into the mud, that Press can carp about it like the churchy moralists they are, members of the theology of the dysfunctional progressive humanism (just think of it as the opposite of liberty and function) they and the academe had established in their post-Enlightenment, postmodern, long march through the institutions. Like good little neo-collectivists.

    And *classical* liberalism – that thing that gave us all of this liberty and choice and equal rights and opportunity? You’re kidding. Having seen the 250 million souls lost to their collective governments in the last century we thought we’d give it a try here at home. To call it democratic we’d keep the vote but for spice we’d launch a virulent gender, race, and class bigotry never been seen before. Because of the free speech or something.

    So cheer up. Sure, Obama’s four year Marxist experiment in class envy and grievance politics and chicken-in-every-pot pandering will be tempered, but its “intellectual” establishment will feel newly outraged and the mills of intolerance and anti-American, anti-independence bigotry will reach a new, post-election fever pitch.

    A President Romney will ensure that a whole new industry of criticism will arise and should the system finally suffer a well-deserved collapse, it’ll be President Romney who not only gets blamed, but will actually go on live media and accept it. Such are the ethics of our time.

    Relax. No really. Nothing’s going to change much. We’ll all be in this same overloaded boat until we can’t bail it out anymore. Maybe kindly spare your fellow passengers your angst. It’s unseemly.

    But mostly it’s just not necessary.

    Snide? Yeah, it is.

  108. Went and voted with my mother, daughter and grandaughter. wow, 4 generations!! Anyway, Ysa ( almost 4yrs ) wanted so bad to vote that the lady let her look at a ballot and point. She got an “I Voted ” sticker too!!

    I know it was a wasted presidential vote, but Scott Brown we cannot lose. Yes, he’s a friggin RINO, but what do you want from mass?

  109. Florida’s polls have closed. LET THE EVIL BEGIN!

  110. I feel sick. It could be the 11 cookies i just ate or the fact that we’re staring down the barrel of a Greek state.

  111. Fox has Obarry at 79 votes. An R/R landslide is not going to happen.

  112. So. There’s a drinking game. A shame I can’t play, because I must work tomorrow.

    Oh, what the hell. Here’s to Ohio for Romney~!

  113. Blaze early calls :

    Illinois for Obama. Unless that was a joke.

    I’m not too crazy about this style of coverage.

  114. yea calling a state with 1% reporting seems stupid this year

  115. More Blaze early calls:

    Connecticut – Obama
    Delaware – Obama
    Washington DC – Obama

  116. GB has a bunch of old fat people sitting on couches hunched over lobby tables in a huge warehouse surrounded by weird sets. Yech.

    More Blaze early calls:

    Massachusetts -Obama
    Maryland – Obama
    Maine -Obama
    Rhode Island – Obama

  117. Bill Nelson is beating Connie Mack in the Florida Senate race.

  118. Ha! Instagram cut down Katelin Ann’s photo. Luckily I screenshotted it before I refreshed…

  119. EPISTEMIC CLOSURE UPDATE: 155 to 2. “The Daily Princetonian reports that 157 members of Princeton University’s faculty or staff have donated to the two presidential candidates. One hundred fifty-five donated to Obama; two donated to Romney. The two who donated to Romney were a visiting lecturer in engineering and a janitor.”


  120. Good post JH

  121. I guess I should have played Halo 4 instead of watching this. Glenn beck is having a weird self defense “5 seconds survival” martial arts commercial. S.E Cupp is getting even more horse than she was. Does Glenn punch her in the laynx every time they are off screen? Is she a heavy smoker (three packs at a time)? Strep Throat?

  122. How bad would a President need to fuck up before a significant percent of our population noticed?

    Jesus Christ this is depressing.

    Self governance was a nice idea, but we are seeing its death tonight.

  123. We weren’t the first republic and we won’t be the last. With strange decades even (political) death may die. Especially when the financial system stalls or comes down.

  124. harding/coolidge

    was called at kdka 92 years ago

  125. Arkansas – Romney

  126. Blaze Early Calls:

    ‘Physician Assisted Suicide’ prop in Massachusetts is passing.
    It looks like Scott Brown is toast and Fauxcahontas is ahead.

  127. Blaze Early Calls:


  128. eff the lugar gop

    Mourdock running eleven percentage points behind Mitt, has lost the lead, and the Dem cities haven’t started to come in. I guess his loss is God’s will

  129. Blaze Early calls

    Linda McMahon (R) was defeated in her senate bid in Connecticut.

  130. Blaze Early calls:

    Ted Cruze looks to have won in Texas according to the Texas tribune *whatever that is). Joke? I dunno. Again, I’m not loving this presentation.

  131. Oh God….Glenn Beck has a nasty thin stubbly grey little soul patch thing going on. He looks like an older Maynard Krebbs.

  132. They are venting on Chris Christie now. It’s all his fault. He hugged Obama to victory.

  133. are we really doom and gloom already? seems like Romney is currently up in VA?

    not sure – too scared to check too many websites, and I don’t have cable.

  134. More Blaze not quite Early Calls:

    Virginia is 32% in and up 55 to 43 so far.
    Florida 60% in and the race is within 100,000 votes. EVIL!!!
    Ohio < 20% in so far.
    Pennsylvania- Romney has gained a slight lead.

  135. They babble too damned much.

  136. Watching FOX. feeling gutpunched.

  137. Jesus wept, people. Romney’s still ahead and half the country is still voting.

    Ya big babies.

  138. Mourdock is still down but the race is tightening.

  139. Oh well. Twitter thugs were gonna kill us all if Romney won anyway.

  140. I’m’a gonna go ahead and call Tennessee for Romney. 11 EV for the good guy (hey, not many, but better’n WV’s 5 EVs).

  141. I’m going to buy some iced tea. No skittles though. And I’m not wearing a hoody. Or smacking anyone’s head into the ground. So I should be okay.

  142. No Leigh, the other parts are Cali, NJ,NY,OR,WA….and Mittens is badly down in oiho ( SP intended)

  143. Stupid California with 50 EV. Let’s give it to the Chinese for debt payments?

  144. And still to go VA, NC, FL, WI, MI and MN, too.

  145. Paleo? I live with rhose asswipes every day, they’re easy to back down. And I make my own iced tes, with orange zest! You should try it.

  146. It’ll take CA until the New Year to certify its votes.

  147. Stupid California with 50 EV. Let’s give it to the Chinese for debt payments?

    yes excellent plan

  148. True enough Leigh, I’m just looking at Ohio right now. If not a win there? we’re fooked

  149. Early calls at the Blaze:

    Alabama – Romney

    And the tea is Red Diamond. I got two bottles. I’m postin’ with my PHONE y’all. I’m all 21st century and shit.

  150. – Better to give it to Mexico. Half the state won’t need to even relocate, and that way they’re sure to fail even quicker.

  151. No word yet on how OIHO (State #54) has voted.

  152. Phooey. We’re going to secede if that happens. Right palaeo?

  153. Ohio’s rural areas not reported yet.

  154. Cali? give it back to Mexico, then have Texas fight for it back. Texas will then own Mexico, Cali, and probably most of the South American continent….Hey, cheap coffee!!

  155. I’m going into cryogenic sleep. Like Buck Rogers. Except not in a cave. And hopefully without the creepy ‘yellow-menace’ angle when I wake up.

  156. Ice cream time. This is bizarre.

  157. Have Ohio’s southwestern counties reported yet? southwestern OH was always reliably red..i grew up in Warren Co.

    the problem of course, is that the economy collapsed there and everybody in OH is moving south.

  158. – Something nice for someone special.

  159. the blaze sounds good with the mute on

  160. south east oiho is where the stuff will happen – coal country

  161. I’m going to form my own Lutheran synod after this. We will have no pastors or assets. Just come over and chat. I’ll make crappy machine waffles.

    Kansas has been early called for Kansas.

    Romney -82 EV, Obama 65 EV

  162. Fox is making me ill everytime they go to that one camera that’s aimed at the map screen — stop with the constant oscillation!

  163. This is not looking good.

  164. Ohio, Bammy 55% to Romney’s 43%, with 6.4% of precincts reporting.

  165. yes southeastern OH is coal country… but i have no idea if precincts reporting are from the north or south… i am too scared to look.

  166. If you bring a proper waffle iron over then I’ll make somewhat better waffles. But if your standards are low enough then I can use my Le’Waffle Machine (TM)

  167. Obama currently winning FL by 17,000 votes

  168. Kansas has been early called for Kansas. -> Kansas has been called early for Romney. It hasn’t seceded or anything.

  169. Va. looking oddly good, NC hopeful, if not promising

    Fla. and OH. are like evil damoclean swords.

    I had Fla. in the win column; 59% of the real votes are in.

  170. northern OH sucks, Cleveland/rust belt/teamsters/total misery

    southern OH has Cincy but the rest..

  171. More early Blaze calls:

    Michigan – Obama

  172. oiho votes are effed by early baracky voting

  173. Romney now ahead in FL by 8,000 votes

  174. well the panhandle is being counted

  175. PA goes to Obumblefuck. We’re fooked

  176. More calls on the blaze:

    Nebraska -Romney
    Texas – Romney
    North Dakota -Romney

  177. – MESSBC just showed R up by 100 votes in FL.

  178. Glenn beck just had a ‘Cheaper than Dirt’ gun store commercial.

  179. @9% pa


    134,152 33.6%
    Runningmate: RYAN, PAUL

    260,844 65.3%
    Runningmate: BIDEN, JOE

  180. Effing commies want to bleed people who actually work dry. They make me sick.

  181. Anyone in Texas need a damned good mechanic?

  182. Is North Texas as full of illegal immigrants as I imagine South Texas is?

  183. More early Blaze Calls (projections) :

    South Dakota – Romney

    Romney – 148 Obama – 81

  184. Lord have mercy. I am running out to buy 10 gallon buckets to store rice and beans tomorrow.

  185. Rural Minnesota is full of like-minded people. Maybe it’s time I joined them.

  186. WTF? Bh, you said Wisconsin was in the bag.

  187. Wisconsin goes to King Putt….that’s IT…Death of the American dream. CIVIL WAR anyone?

  188. Are they completely high? They just ‘called’ WI for O with <1% of the vote in, and Romney up 50something to 41.

  189. seriously. Philips North America announced major layoffs, Caterpillar is laying off, Lockheed is laying off..

    my employer seems to be waiting for the election before it drops the hammer

  190. I would say “I told you so” to sdferr, but I would take absolutely no joy from it.

  191. New Calls from the Blaze:

    Pennsylvania – Obama
    New York – OBama

    Romney -148 EV Obama -138 EV

  192. Other Networks projecting Wisconsin for Obama

  193. oh 14% in the blaze says baracky in pa i say bull feces

  194. The electorate sucks ass almost as much as the GOP sucks ass.

    And yes, though I haven’t even started drinking, expect a lot of rambling comments.

  195. @18% pa


    276,215 36.2%
    Runningmate: RYAN, PAUL

    478,221 62.6%
    Runningmate: BIDEN, JOE

    baracky has heard from the tee yet

  196. Tammy Bruce on the Brown/Fauxcahontas race

  197. – The whore networks are going with the early call ploy after all. They just can’t help themselves.

  198. I’m betting Mr. John Galt will be getting very active in the near future.

  199. – They’re projecting at least a two hour extention for voting in FL.

  200. Why the extension?

  201. Well, I guess one good thing for me is that inflation will turn my massive debt into an insignificant amount.

    Too bad for all the suckers (like my father) that saved their money.

  202. – Lomg lines in places like Dade county still waiting to vote.

  203. @30%


    491,545 39.1%
    Runningmate: RYAN, PAUL

    751,579 59.7%
    Runningmate: BIDEN, JOE

  204. One would think with all the early voting, absentee voting and the like, there would be no lines at all.

    There wasn’t much of a wait when i voted in Nassau County.

  205. Props to ‘feets for calling Failshit Brokedick Little Nation.

    My 2013 looks like closing the business, moving to wide open spaces, and going just as far off the fucking grid as I can for as long as the pocket change lasts.

    Fuck you proggs. You were warned and you went right ahead and stuck a shotgun in all our mouths. You make me vomit.

  206. Drudge:

    O 3,629,948 49.44%
    R 3,629,948 49.44%

  207. Too many people believe the government can provide free stuff. We were warned about that possible result for this republic. Here we are, and here we shall stay.

  208. I really need to focus on working and not watching the electoral map.

    One of these things is not depressing.

  209. Looks like the robbing of selected Peter to pay for collective Paul will go on.

  210. In the last couple years one of my ‘liberal’ friends called me anti-feminist, us at PW racist, and in just the last week called me a hater of the poor. Another bleated on for weeks about how morally wrecked she found Mitt Romney and Paul Romney just for being Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan – not a syllable about how or why.

    Both of these losers have mindsets that haven’t moved in 30 years. Children. Arrogant little minds.

    Fuck proggs.

  211. @38% pa


    715,822 39.7%
    Runningmate: RYAN, PAUL

    1,062,894 59.0%
    Runningmate: BIDEN, JOE

  212. This is what happens when politicians are allowed to buy votes with ‘free’ monies promised to people from the Treasury. Tytler or de Tocqueville or whomever knew how evil politician-class people work; and how stupid, greedy people will vote, and what the end results will be.

  213. Parasites vs Hosts again.

  214. Fox’s system is jacked. They show WI blue on the front page and with 7% in, Romney up at 57% on the state page. Get it together, Fox.

  215. Might could see a come from behind in Fla. That panhandle county Santa Rosa, massive GOP, per Fox, is yet to be counted. About 1mm votes still uncounted and Romney down 18k with 84% in. A plausible chance to win.

    NC and VA still holding.

    Ohio looking no better, which is to say, looking bad.

    So: Bad.

  216. Fuck proggs.

    I heartily endorse this position. With a swordfish. Sideways.

  217. Scott Brown falls to Warren. Dick lugar’s senate seat goes to Dem Donnelly. Sherrod Brown survives in Ohio. Obama winning Penn, Wisconsin, and Michigan and leading in Ohio. It’s time for you guys to get really nervous.

  218. in pa i think you’re seeing allegheny and philly reporting 1st

  219. OH: O at 52% and R at 47% with 43% in. Judas.

  220. Boner just lied about not letting the people down.

    Fuck the GOP establishment as well.

  221. Aren’t the calls (more rightly projections) in WI and PA being made on exit polling? Not final tally?

    Hold on a sec …

  222. It’s time and past time for any trolls around here to fuck off.

  223. I feel the pain of all, especially JHoward.

  224. Fox’s system is jacked. They show WI blue on the front page and with 7% in, Romney up at 57% on the state page. Get it together, Fox.

    HuffPo’s map is showing the same error.

  225. New Hampshire to Obamarama.

  226. The question is what we do if Obama wins.

    This is the first time that I am truly scared and thinking like a Prepper. No other election before this one caused me to think in terms of food storage and fuel and ammo. I cannot be crazy. I can’t help but notice that the people around me who aren’t scared are the ones who are clueless and don’t ever watch the news, have no idea there is a world economic collapse looming…

    they are the ones who went to bed early tonight, dreaming of the next episode of reality TV or latest version of Apple shit to buy…

  227. JHo, I read today that metals are going to flatten and the market is going to fall. That’s like stocks and bonds both surging. What say you?

    I say look out below when the bottom falls out of the market if He must not be named wins re-election.

    I’ve been paying attention, so either our citizens are even stupider than I suspected or there is cheating afoot.

  228. @43% pa


    794,222 40.0%
    Runningmate: RYAN, PAUL

    1,164,916 58.7%
    Runningmate: BIDEN, JOE

  229. Scott Brown falls to Warren.

    Screw the pragprogg Pubbies and their spawn. They did this.

  230. So, we’ll see ObamaCare cememted in place; 2 new *guaranteed* far-Left SCOTUS worms, Unions forced to ascendancy in every State, and a run on guns and ammo like’s never happened before. Electricity and fuel prices to levels where you dasn’t have your thermostat set any lower than 86 in the summer and higher than 65 in the winter.

    But the third-worlders in various shitheap nations around the world will still hate us for what we were, even as Baracky brings us down to their level. For the fairness!

  231. Scott Brown did this to himself. He skated off to the left.

  232. @47% pa
    now the tee comes into play


    903,599 41.4%
    Runningmate: RYAN, PAUL

    1,253,575 57.4%
    Runningmate: BIDEN, JOE

  233. I did my ammo and gun buying four years ago, so there’s that.

  234. This is quality: clicking on a state in HuffPo brings up a little state district map, with fun side panels! Like “Voter Suppression” information for that state!


  235. I do need a few uppers, though.

    So much for that new (used) car.

  236. I’m going to go for the “all bile, all the time” attitude I think.

  237. Morbid conspiracy lunatic thought for the night: They’ll have to kill us. They can’t afford to build prisons to hold all of us. And they won’t trust intimidation and reeducation to keep us in suppression for long.

  238. Dean Chambers told us the polls were skewed. They weren’t skewed at all. Screw you, fat man.

  239. JHo, I read today that metals are going to flatten and the market is going to fall. That’s like stocks and bonds both surging. What say you?

    I’m not an expert but from the gut everything should say that metals are the approximate inverse of paper and paper will continue to fly out of Bernanke’s ass in torrents under OBarry. The end game probably has so much money existing as to once again start burning it in stoves while none’s available to actually work with. It’ll be like available water in the middle of the ocean. It’ll kill you dead.

    That said, all major systems that I can see are in artificial mode: they’re all responding like the heroin addict’s body to heroin. The second O admin may very well placate the masses enough to produce the last chapter of American fiat currency just like nothing’s wrong. Heaven knows that’s Bernanke’s entire reason for being and I doubt he’s giving up anytime soon. None of these sociopaths are.

    Folks, the Fed has added some 25% to its holdings in five years, meaning the sob owns a huge swath of basically everything. I tried to warn us. In the end it — or rather whatever it is beholden to — will own everything.

    And there is no finer way to perpetuate that game than within a heavily socialized game.

    Gold spiked recently and aside from today’s huge uptick, was trending down by about a hundred dollars from its recent high. It’s a deeply manipulated market but I do not seeing it doing much of anything under this regime. All systems are unnatural. Everything is progressive. They’ll keep it under strict control.

    We are become gods and there is nothing we cannot do, starting with basically inverting everything. The Gods of the Copybook Headings indeed.

  240. Morbid conspiracy lunatic thought for the night: They’ll have to kill us. They can’t afford to build prisons to hold all of us. And they won’t trust intimidation and reeducation to keep us in suppression for long.

    When they come for the muskets not one of us will resist.

  241. @50% in pa

    the next 50 will be fun


    1,032,453 41.8%
    Runningmate: RYAN, PAUL

    1,406,960 57.0%
    Runningmate: BIDEN, JOE

  242. With Elizabeth Warren (OWS, MA) in place, Wall Street is suckerpunched.

  243. S.E. Cupp is going to wheeze out some more info.

  244. Thanks, JHo. That’s what I was thinking, too.

  245. Romney leading in vote totals for Wisconsin.

  246. When they come for the muskets not one of us will resist.

    HA! “Don’t fire until you can see the whites of their eyes!”

  247. O pulling away in FL. If this holds — and who knows if it will — the entire prag/progg Pubbie Army and all its predictions of 350 EC votes for Landslide Mitt were wrong. All of them.

    I hope they’re reading. Fuck you.

    Especially the jackasses who exhorted one and all to throw in behind old Landslide because, you know, seeing the handwriting and just standing straight and saying don’t tread on me while they inevitably roll over you just doesn’t cut it to pragprogg GOPpers.

    So fuck them.

    I didn’t vote. I expected Romney to squeak this one out by ten or fifteen but since Failshit Brokedick Little Nation appears to have validated its abysmally low character, if O wins at least I can hold my head up.

    No offense to a single soul at PW, but tomorrow may very well start a whole new personal paradigm. I’m out.

  248. If nr can hold out hope in PA I guess it’s worth noting North Carolina and Virginia still look good.

    No reporting from Santa Rosa County (my County) yet. It’s heavily military so maybe Florida can still break our way.

  249. RR leading in WI, Ace projection desk just called NC for RR. We see how the latter half of PA does – RR has to run the tables there. RR still holding a 4 pt lead in VA with 70% reporting.

    Boils down to OH

  250. Boils down to OH and FL, OTT.

  251. Twitchy says the Proggs are already planning 2016…


  252. @56% pa

    it narrows with each update who knows smith is lagging 2% behind mittens


    1,180,351 42.6%
    Runningmate: RYAN, PAUL

    1,556,715 56.2%
    Runningmate: BIDEN, JOE

  253. Nelson wins big in FL. Morons are just scrabbling for the crumbs. Leftists have zero pride meaning they have zero shame.

    As the place crumbles whose to blame us for taking whatever’s left. Surely not us.

  254. Never voting for the GOP establishment again. Never.

  255. Gaah – what’s happened to Sarah Palin (fnc) – she’s been broiled and dessicated.

  256. It’s time for you guys to get really nervous.

    – The fact you think so is why you’ll learn the hard way that Pleasure Island is just an illusion. But you will not listen, you don’t know how. So reality and life will be glad to teach you.

  257. all the repubs are losing early in a state that elected repubs 2 years ago. funny stuff.

  258. No offense taken, JHo. I think a lot of us are going to have to re-examine what we’re doing. I know I am.

  259. As for PA, that’s with 86% of the (accursed) Philly vote in (O leads 85-15 in that county). So the O vote machine should dry up at some time. Just not clear whether R can make up the diff.

    It should be quite close, either way. And the ‘call’ was ridiculously early.

  260. Night JHo,

    I’d recommend adusting fires a little though. Regardless of what some pollsters reported the left’s voters are the one’s responsible for this (projected) outcome.

    If 50.1% of the U.S. wants a petulant socialist skinny little black messiah in the White House it probably didn’t matter who team R threw at them.

    Judgement will be served and it won’t be pretty. Just sucks to be so close to the collateral damage ring.

  261. Gaah – what’s happened to Sarah Palin (fnc) – she’s been broiled and dessicated.

    She’s still looking good, for her age and with all those kids. Didn’t she buy a house in Scottsdale? would explain the dessication…

  262. @65% pa


    1,384,880 43.2%
    Runningmate: RYAN, PAUL

    1,781,148 55.6%
    Runningmate: BIDEN, JOE

  263. What the hell is wrong with Iowa?

  264. If 50.1% of the U.S. wants a petulant socialist skinny little black messiah in the White House it probably didn’t matter who team R threw at them.

    Word. We all know how hard it is to defeat an incumbent, even one who is a stuttering clusterfuck of a miserable failure.

    We can look forward to 2014, and the midterms, where we should again see a shellacking.

    /Stoic staying ON

  265. I’m afraid I didn’t mean I was out tonight, Danger. I’m out period. It’s survival mode at my place now.

  266. Is your business already on the edge, JHo?

  267. It’s time for you guys to get really nervous.

    What’s that supposed to mean? Nervous about what? Are we going to go gently into the gulag?

    I’m guessing you’re not from around here, are you boy?

  268. – I’m not even close to conceeding yet. Obama’s lead in Ohio has fallen from 210,000 to less than 51,000 with several rural area’s yet to report. He can lose PA, as long as he holds Ohio, NC and Viginia, then it comes down to FL.

  269. PA: Mitt needs to pick up the remaining 35% of the vote at a 60-40 rate to close the gap. Unlikely, I think. Probably end up 52-48ish in the end.

    Fucking Philadelphia. (Which will have spotted O a 480K vote advantage.)

  270. /Stoic staying ON

    stolen, serr8d.

  271. Chris Christie just won the first Nobel prize for being a petulant backstabbing bastard.

  272. Copy JHo,

    Prolly a sensible outlook. Plan for the worst and hope for the best. Just be sure to stay connected here for the reattack planning.

  273. All businesses are on the edge, cranky, mine’s no different. Adding ten percent to the tax burden come 2013 basically tells me I’m done. I’ll move, downsize, and do some day trading to try and make the monthly nut.

    Fun while it lasted if you can call a decade of difficulty fun. The next ten I figure I have ten percent chance of surviving — medical, financial, whatever.

    I never ever thought things would get this bad this fast in this pathetic hive of deceit and sloth. It all comes down to an avalanche effect in personal morals. We can’t even spell honor anymore.

  274. Huh. By the USA Today map, WI has shifted to striped pink.

  275. – I’m not even close to conceeding yet. Obama’s lead in Ohio has fallen from 210,000 to less than 51,000 with several rural area’s yet to report. He can lose PA, as long as he holds Ohio, NC and Viginia, then it comes down to FL.

    Valid point. He needs FL and OH to stay in this and FL is not over yet either. Appears that a panhandle county is uncounted but whatever it is there are still 13% unreported.


  276. Chris Christie is now on my ‘I now hate your fat guts and I’m glad we sold our beach house in Stone Harbor’ list.

  277. Chris Christie was Obama’s October Surprise.

  278. Yes he was and he was a cheap little whore.

  279. i was already in the survival mode camp, but i was hoping for more time. This is a bit of a kick in the gut because I don’t even have my little nigerian milk goats yet. Or a place to put them.

    Don’t you wish just for a moment, you could be one of those clueless people that has no idea what’s coming?

  280. I’m not throwing in the towel, but I am buying another case of ammo.

  281. serr8d, what do the stripes mean? The page is overloaded.

  282. The word ‘little’ doesn’t even belong on the same page as Chris Christie.

  283. Ace — of the inestimable Ace of Polls — adds:

    My 348 Electoral vote prediction? Yeah, I was wayyyy off.

    Yeah, kinda. Ace.

  284. Stripes mean leaning, by vote count. Hover over a state to get the USA Today totals and percentages.

  285. New election thread to celebrate the failure.

  286. Seems like Colorado is gonna go the wrong way too.

  287. Huh. By the USA Today map, WI has shifted to striped pink.

    A quick glance at the page suggests that they color code based on who is currently leading in reporting numbers and doesn’t include any exit data or any other projection method.

  288. Not to be a contrarian, but Christie did what he was elected to do and that is look after New Jersey’s interests.
    And it isn’t like NJ was ever considered a swing state.

    Contrast that with Obama, who flies in, does a helicopter tour with Christie and then wings it to the next campaign stop.

  289. “Don’t you wish just for a moment, you could be one of those clueless people? that has no idea what’s coming?”

    Sometimes,but then you have to think of the kids. Maybe you can fast-forward your moving plans? What’s dad say

  290. @78% in the fun begins


    1,671,936 44.1%
    Runningmate: RYAN, PAUL

    2,071,114 54.6%
    Runningmate: BIDEN, JOE

  291. Oh, and Internet freedom in 2013+?


  292. reset expectations and not expect too much over the current muddle. Really sucks for the ambitious whose greatest talent is hardwork and perserverance. really sucks for them.

    No matter who is in the WH, if the system crashes, it all goes pear shaped very quickly. The columns are sagging from the weight already put on it – that is not something that RR can change in the next year or two.

  293. My parents already stockpiled rice and beans and guns.

    My mom told me this morning that maybe I need to speed up my plans and get the little farming thing underway, instead of waiting until my other project wraps up.. I had hoped to have 2013 as breathing room… not feeling so optimistic now.. I was going to talk to my dad about it tomorrow when I’ve had some more time to think.

  294. “This is my last election … After my election I have more flexibility,”

    “I will transmit this information to Vladimir,”

  295. Good. That’s what I’d do. Rent out your house or put it on a contract with a buyer if you don’t get a buyer right away and get out of dodge.

    You can barter for the goats or for a hired man until you get the kids trained to care for them. Same with chickens.

  296. “My parents already stockpiled rice and beans and guns.” -> Admission that you are a hoarder.

  297. I think the present it a good time to move on your plans, missfixit. The longer you wait the more competition you’ll have.

  298. Florida is going to come down to the wire

    VA getting closer too

  299. Rent out your house or put it on a contract with a buyer if you don’t get a buyer right away and get out of dodge.

    This is exactly what I’ve been thinking. I’m not sure why I was hesitating to jump now. Probably because I’ve got some money tied up in another property I’m working on now, but it’s not a farm…it’s a very small beach property. I figured hey – at least we could do ocean fishing. lol

    After tonight I’m rethinking the priority list. Scared to leap when I don’t know that I can depend on my job many variables

  300. Meh. I’m staying put, defend the homeland against the swarming, starving ObamaBots after the crash. It’s the large ‘burgs that are doomed; you see how badly New York City and it’s environs’ denizens reacted to just a few days without electricity and gasoline and ice and fresh water; imagine those luxuries gone for good.

  301. If the taxes aren’t terrible, keep the beach property. You can will it to the kids. ; )

    Hopefully, you’ll get a better idea about where your job is going and either wait to get laid off (severance pay!) or quit if there isn’t a parachute and they are waffling about letting people go.

  302. FWIW Drudge showing Romney leading Florida. No source linked.

    Nice typo, Matt.

  303. I should feel good that I’m somewhat prepared. Instead, I feel nauseous .

  304. I’m with you Red. This is not my country.

  305. Blaze calls:

    Minnisota – Obama

  306. AP projects Romney winning Idaho so there’s that :/

  307. Obama won some minestrone.

  308. Maine – Obama (official result now I think)

  309. I think our founders were smart because they’d survived the worst. We are now fat and complacent. Half the country is, at this very moment, facebooking about their weekend plans.

  310. R0mney behind in Colorado with 30% reporting.

  311. Fuckin’ republicans! You won’t keep myyvagina in your binder you racists!

  312. California called for Obama

  313. It’s already over, people. Obama in a drubbing. Kudos to Roddy B.

    But now what?

  314. California was called for Obama last July.

  315. RCP 250 (O) 203 (R) – called CA, HI and WA with 0% reporting. Called IA also

  316. So who wants to guess when Israel drops a bomb on Iran?

  317. So, is Bronco going to spend the next four years blaming himself for the mess he made

    Fuck me.

  318. Hawaii to Obama
    Glenn beck says that Fox just called Ohio for Obama

  319. I WANT A FREE PHONE. OR SOMETHING. don’t need that free birth control shit though. Something useful please.

    a tractor?

  320. Over.

  321. But now what?

    Personally keep our shit together. Collectively seek out like-minded sorts who can press for massive change in the GOP. Unfortunately, until the back of this existent corrupted political system is broken, just completely snapped, we’ll have to stay in the framework presented to us: two Parties, one ascendent, one wounded.

    So, we prepare, bide our time, and wait for the opportunity when it’s presented. Enough people might coalesce, as did the TEA Party, to crack the GOP and do different things.

    Or is the GOP simply too big to fail ?

  322. look at the bright side — he owns this fucking mess now.

  323. Exactly, missfixit. It’s all his now.

  324. Oh well.

    Missfixit: Not so fast on the BC. A rubber might fit nicely over a rifle, keeps the water out. In a pinch you could repurpose them :)

    Deepthoughts, summaries are left to the vastly more talented and eloquent JG, JHoward, Ernst and others.

    Best to all.

  325. Oh. And people who live in those blue states? Get the fuck out. Vote with your feet. They aren’t worth living in, really.

  326. Serr8d:

    Wise words.

    All are adults here, and will make decisions according to their perception of what’s best and right, but freaking out and irrational Alec Baldwin statements are the purview of Alec Baldwin and 15 yr olds with PMS.

    My suggestion is sex, and if you indulge, alcohol.

  327. – Not so fast. Ohio the diff is less than 40,000 with 27% yet to report. Similar in FL.

  328. Beat me to it.

  329. – 29,000 gap in Ohio.

  330. It’s Pottery Barn politics: you broke it, you bought it.

  331. Ohio might be under automatic recount. Or something. I’m drowsy and the Blaze is getting blurry.

  332. Halfway through my 2nd bottle of tea.
    Come 2 AM I will wake up and pee.

  333. Could someone please explain this:

    if the economy sucks, and unemployment is high, and this is the biggest concern for most voters……..

    HOW DID OBAMA WIN? mind.blown.

  334. Dumbshits are easily led (for a while) and crooks are willing to lead them.

  335. if the economy sucks, and unemployment is high, and this is the biggest concern for most voters……..

    HOW DID OBAMA WIN? mind.blown.

    Those unemployed want to keep getting their free shit. Who else is their Daddy figure? Churches are decimated; they aren’t nearly as helpful as in the past. So, the Government has the biggest teat, and people who voted blue like big Obama teat.

  336. – Wait until the job numbers start ticking upwards again and we go into a double dip recession. Then all those assholes that can’t rub two brain cells together will suddenly see they’ve just fucked themselves, so good on them. they can all suffer for all I care.

    – Too bad we probably won’t see anything come of F&F, Sandy, or Benghazi.

  337. There’s just no fuckin’ justice, BBH.

  338. Hey at least Rush will keep his ratings, Ingraham and Levin can sell some best sellers for 4 more years.

  339. Books or butter, OTT? It’ll come to that when the market crumbles.

  340. Well, looks like I’m the one eating the pixels, not Roddy. I really thought this country wasn’t suicidal enough to choose four more years of fail and I was wrong. So much for the idea that representative government is self-correcting.

    On the bright side, the reckoning comes sooner rather than later, terrible as that will be.

    On the brighter side, we can stop worring about the Republican Party. Because it’s dead.

    John Boehner will sign the death certificate in a joint ceremony with the President this December.

  341. Yup, the GOP is as dead as a doornail.

  342. – Heres what will most likely happen. The gridlock in congress will continue with just enough concessions to keep the government barely above water over the next six months. More debt ceiling increases, more deficit spending. But its the worst sort of bandaid.

    – The multi-trillions of offshore banked money will stay where its at. The re-election of an anti-free market Socialist will do even more harm becasue now the business people will be convinced we’ve lost our minds. Double-dip by spring if not sooner.

    – The Dems will double-down on the failed ideology and god knows where we’ll be by next summer. At some point there will be rebellion. The producers are not going to keep feeding the slackers. There is a limit.

  343. – Maybe when enough of the coddled idiots of the last three generations can’t even afford internet, cell phones, and cable anymore it will finally hit them like a sledge hammer.

  344. When the banks call all their loans in, cancel all lines of credit, and quit putting cash in the ATMs.

    When the EBT cards are empty, the rent subsidy and cash assistance goes away

    When the PELL grants and FAFSA loans are no more

    Maybe, just maybe we’ll wake up.

    But I doubt it.

  345. small businesses are going under, major employers are laying off like they are going out of business, my parents health insurance just jumped to $900/mo (they got a letter this week about the increase) we are discussing letting go of health insurance and just taking our chances. but now it will be legally required that we buy it…

    it’s not going to last long. The question is how much time!?

  346. It was always meant as a step to single payer, missfixit.

  347. When the banks call all their loans in, cancel all lines of credit, and quit putting cash in the ATMs.
    When the EBT cards are empty, the rent subsidy and cash assistance goes away
    When the PELL grants and FAFSA loans are no more
    Maybe, just maybe we’ll wake up.
    But I doubt it.

    We won’t wake up until the shooting starts.

  348. Can they get catastrophic health insurance cheaper? I know it would be a stopgap measure before they get the government-approved health care, but going without is scary.

  349. – I didn’t mention Obamacare because I’m absolutely convinced its another social program that in this economy is simply unsustainable, so it will fall apart of its own accord as the economy goes South. They barely begun trying to bsgin and already they’re running into insurmountable problems. Some things they’ll try to ram through by shortcuts and ham-haded edicts, but overall its going nowhere. There’s no money.

  350. Bachmann and West are still hanging in there, barely.

  351. – Ohio: gap 10,000 – 18% to report

    – Florida: gap 50,000 – 12% lwft to report

  352. – I didn’t mention Obamacare because I’m absolutely convinced its another social program that in this economy is simply unsustainable, so it will fall apart of its own accord as the economy goes South. They barely begun trying to bsgin and already they’re running into insurmountable problems. Some things they’ll try to ram through by shortcuts and ham-haded edicts, but overall its going nowhere. There’s no money.

    Well, we know what the solution to those trifling obstacles are, do we not?

  353. It is scary to go without health insurance but now they are on a fixed income, and 900/mo is too much to pay. Although my dad did have a small stroke last year.

    It is nerve wracking

    and the Obamanuts think that everything is just fine. I still can’t wrap my head around it

  354. Well, we know what the solution to those trifling obstacles are, do we not?

    I’m guessing the solution is even more government.

    What do I win?

  355. free condoms?

  356. Your turn at the QE (infinity symbol thingy) hand crank.

    Those dollars won’t print themselves you know!

  357. Hey at least Rush will keep his ratings, Ingraham and Levin can sell some best sellers for 4 more years.

    What makes you think their radio properties won’t be seized and given to some else “for the fairness”?

    What’s going to stop them, our impotent blograge?

  358. and the Obamanuts think that everything is just fine.

    Either they’re wealthy enough to pay for their own healthcare or they are already on the dole.

    THEY’RE fine. The rest of us can go soak our heads.