November 6, 2012

Vote Fraud: Who You Gonna Call?

Christian Adams, quoting True the Vote:

Concerned citizens are encouraged to report any incidents outside of polling locations with True the Vote’s official Election Integrity Hotline ( Citizens may submit incidents over the phone by dialing 855-444-6100. Descriptions and photos should be directed to the Vote will verify credible reports and submit those appropriate local authorities.

via Insty, who writes, correctly,

TWO DISTURBING REPORTS: Philly GOP: Poll inspectors being ousted for Dems. (And of course there are black panthers, but we expected that!) And there’s shenanigans in my state.  (I bet there are in every swing state!)

UPDATE:  THIS is what terrifies me.  Guys, if they win this time, with the lack of enthusiasm on their part, based on massive, unchecked fraud, you might as well give up.  The Chicago Machine — the Combine — will make sure that no one ever votes against their candidates again.  This is our last chance, that means both voting and calling the fraud number for stuff like this. Vote Fraud: Who You Gonna Call?  And if we win motor voter must go and our voter rolls must be cleaned.  We’ve almost given the store away already.

Precisely.  But we did so with dignity, right?  By refusing to take the “low road” and proclaim that frauds, phonies, and ideological leftists out to fundamentally change the nation into a burgeoning welfare state run by a permanent leftwing political elite, anything other than “Good Men” who naturally loved their country just as much as you and I do, and who are patriots of the first order.

Yeah. How’s that working out for us?

Fuck it. I’m going shooting.  I just hope after today I’m able to look my kids in the eye.  Because I’ll know that it’s our generation that was the one who ended the American experiment and allowed free men to be turned into willing subjects.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:44am

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  1. Funny how those voting machine errors only happen in swing states. You never see it in California or Texas.

  2. Shooting is a good idea for all sorts of reasons.

    Most immediately, because the discipline relaxes.

    As all discipline does.

    “Be not afraid,” as a great man once said.

  3. If you do take off, throw up a new open thread, will ya?

  4. Couple anecdotal reports before I go out the door again.

    1. Hearing that the conservative areas of Wisconsin (Waukesha, Ozaukee, Washington) are turning out in the necessary numbers and it’s what I’m seeing personally as well.

    2. Hearing the now standard stories of suspicious activity in Milwaukee.


  5. Steven Hayward: The Stakes, as Seen by the Left

    By their projections we have always known them?

  6. OCBill said: You never see it in California or Texas.

    This from the Corpus Christi Caller Times this morning, article titled “GOP-generated calls irk Nueces County elections officials” – cause it’s all the GOP’s fault, dontcha know…

    The phone call, generated by the Republican Party of Texas at the request of Nueces County Republican Party Chairwoman Kimberly Curtis, went to about 3,000 households on Friday in response to a mix-up related to a handful absentee ballots, Nueces County Clerk Diana Barrera said.

    The mix-up occurred when ballot return envelopes bearing the address of the local American Federal Government Employees union were accidentally mixed in with those used in absentee ballot kits, Barrera said Monday.

    The county gave the union the envelopes in August 2011, after the union contracted with the county to help with an internal election, Barrera said.

    She said the union returned the kits, unused.

    “Somehow, that supply got co-mingled with our general election envelopes,” she said.


  7. If anyone else is feeling anxious or fretful, but doesn’t have the option of taking it out on inoffensive unassuming bits of paper (that nonetheless have it coming), some suggested short reading:


    Why I am so Wise

    Human Happiness

    The Evils of Revolutions

    On the Pleasure of Hating

    On Suicide

  8. Well, I shall go and vote now. The internets were quite helpful in getting info on the down-ticket candidates. All the judges running unopposed will have to do without my endorsement, as will the judges in races where both are commies.

  9. I hear ya, cranky. Those judicial elections were just grim.

  10. The good news, as good as it gets in CA anyway, is that Jerry Brown’s Prop 30 seems to be serving as a Republican GOTV effort. I waited in line for about 30 minutes to vote this morning in deep red Orange County. I’ve never had to wait more than five minutes before. But, it’s California, so I’m screwed anyway. But the weather is amazing.

  11. If Texas would promise to secede, I’d move.

  12. The way California is going, Texas and Oklahoma are going be busy keeping you dirty backward Calies the hell out of their beautiful states.

  13. It’s actually pretty funny that so many of my neighbors and myself are children of Okies who beat it out of here during the Dust Bowl to California. We all grew up out there, saw the writing on the wall and beat it back home.

  14. Nothing screwy at all was going on at my voting place, and while they didn’t check IDs, they were confirming full name and address verbally.

    Still, we had a ballot provision to require IDs from now on, and of course I voted yes on that one. I hope it will end the possibility of yet another national embarrassment coming out of MN.

  15. I read about it in John Beckstein’s The Turds of Malcontent leigh.

  16. I hope it will end the possibility of yet another national embarrassment coming out of MN.

    Aw, man! I was hoping to be the next national embarrassment out of MN!

  17. Funny you mention that, Ernst. “The Grapes of Wrath” was on AMC just last night.

    Steinbeck was a beautiful writer even if he was a commie. I believe it was the fashion.

    Sort of like now.

  18. When I was growing up in SOUTHERN Illinois, I always swore I’d never live in CA or TX.

    Now that I’ve been in South TX for 30+ years, little things make me SO glad to be here… like showing up for jury duty and being asked to rise, hand over heart, and recite the Pledge of Allegiance, including Under God!!

    And yes, Bill, it was Perry’s threat of secession that made me want to vote for him for Pres. Probably just as well in hindsight, though…

  19. BornRed, on my pickup I have the sticker: I wasn’t born in TX, but I got here as fast as I could.