November 6, 2012

“Chicago Source Tells Author Brad Thor: Obama Campaign Planning to Proclaim Early Victory to ‘Demoralize Romney Supporters’”

Thuggish Strategery.

Demoralizing predictions.

Don’t let it work.  Vote.  Then shut off your tv and your radio until 9 o’clock pm.


Posted by Jeff G. @ 12:57am

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  1. Done and done.

  2. Wait, hasn’t the media already done that?

  3. This isn’t exactly news, just what passes for it these days.

  4. Kinda like Gore and the MSM declaring FL as “blue” on election night? Not as many people trust the MSM anymore, though.

  5. I don’t get why I keep reading that this election is gonna be the final nail in the obamawhore media coffin

    it won’t be like that unless it’s to say naked propaganda sluts like maddow and npr will be in ascendance and the candy crowley type propaganda sluts what pretend to neutrality will need to dispense with that sort of silly pretense

  6. I never watch or listen to the election night coverage, anyway. Watching the LSM talking heads pontificate as results from one district after another trickles in is less enjoyable than getting my teeth cleaned with an angle grinder.

  7. Remain calm and finish him, I said.

  8. “BREAKING: Democrats win everything everywhere.”

    Effectiveness of governments rumored secret “stupid ray” confirmed!

  9. this is gonna be delicious

  10. I tried to vote this morning but the line was too long. gonna try again later this afternoon after a meeting.

    All of my neighbors here that are originally from OH (me included) are probably voting for R. Which means all the smart people have bailed on that miserable Teamster freezing-ass-cold state. I’m kinda wondering if Wisconsin is going to pull right…

    But Yaaaaaay! Go Team R!! woo hoo! I’m so excited to vote again this year!! This isn’t at all like being pumped and dumped!


  11. And so it is done. Short line, too. That’s probably a good thing here.

    Meanwhile, here’s your early call.

  12. I’ve got a busy day planned so I don’t fuss about it all day long. Asked to work a day shift. Already voted. Will go for a run after work.

    I probably will turn the tv on before 9, though. I’m hoping to make it to 7 or so.

  13. America may still be asleep, but it’s at least a fitful sleep. Of course, Romney winning will relieve the establishment, because then they can keep playing their frustrating games. So I’m not exactly feeling like we’re about to destroy the Death Star today.

    But I do hear that two missiles are headed for the ventilation shaft. We’ll see.

  14. They’ll look all the more foolish when they lose.

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  16. Based on my exit poll of myself this morning Gary Johnson is going to win in a landslide.

  17. Today, I’ll be amusing myself with lots of LOLcats and other non-newsy things.

    No Twitter, no political blogs, nothing.

    Unless pw is determined to stay away from election results today until the fat lady sings.

  18. When I start getting really depressed I’ll apply the cornify

  19. Have you ever lived there? Trust me, it helps focus the whole “God, I hate Philly” thing.

  20. I lived there. It’s hard to know where to start. Was it the opening homestand day crowd booing Mike Schmidt prior to his first at bat in the last season of his distinguished career? Or that first night a few years later in our new dwelling up in the Art Museum district at Parrish and Stillman sts., after moving from Queen Village, being awakened at one in the morning by the drunk careening as he stumbled down the narrow street bellowing at the top of his lungs “NIGGER! Goddamn NIGGER dshmshd hbvmdshmch flgggsh NIGGER!”, turning to my wife and wondering with her what the hell sort of neighborhood is this we’ve got ourselves into? It’s a brotherly-love kinda place, I tells ya.

  21. Turn off the radio and TV? On the contrary, this is when you make screenshots and recordings of everything.

  22. …what the hell sort of neighborhood is this we’ve got ourselves into?

    Just be thankful you didn’t move in at 62nd and Osage…

  23. heh. I watched that one (from afar in DC) through my partner’s girlfriend’s eyes, as she was living up there at the time and kept us informed what was going on in goofy-ville those days.

  24. Bah. I hate Philly. I didn’t live there, I lived in Reading. However, I had occasion to go there quite often. One morning I was driving through Kensington (yeah, I know) and almost got caught in the middle of a gangland gun battle.

    Never again. I’d rather live in DC or Baltimore. On the other hand, I’d probably rather not.