November 2, 2012

It’s who they are. It’s what they do.

But it’s the useful idiots on the ground who drive the indoctrination train:

In a speech to a packed room of Obama for America phone bank volunteers at the Democratic National Committee headquarters Thursday night in Washington, D.C., Special Assistant to the President Kareem Dale said that people with disabilities are going to be “absolutely killed” under the proposed policies of Mitt Romney and delivered a strong message to the crowd: “let’s win this motherfu**er.”

Dale, who is himself partially blind, acts currently as the associate director for the White House Office of Public Engagement and as a special assistant to the president for disability policy.

During his address, Dale discussed the difference between the president’s views on healthcare and Romney’s. That’s when he said that the president would “protect the disabled” and  announced, in contrast, that ”people with disabilities are going to be absolutely killed under Mitt Romney’s plan.”

He continued: “We know that other minorities are not going to have the same opportunity in this country if Mitt Romney becomes president.”  He also said that the LGBT community would “lose their rights if Mitt Romney becomes president.”

“We cannot afford to go back,” he added to the crowd of about 60.  He said later, “We’ve seen [Romney], we’ve seen what he has to say, we’ve seen what he is all about” and even though he does this “whole waffling thing” that the “proof is in the pudding.”

Actually, Mr Dale, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.  So let’s ask some pointed questions:  first, how have blacks and other minorities fared under an Obama presidency?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the biggest change in employment over the last month affected black workers. In September, the unemployment rate for blacks was 13.4 percent. In October, that number jumped to 14.3 percent, an almost a full percentage point change, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Unemployment for whites remained steady at 7 percent.

Likewise, the unemployment rate remain unchanged for teenagers (23.7 percent) and adult men (7.3 percent).

For Asians the rate ticked up, from 4.8 percent tp 4.9 percent. Likewise for Hispanics, from 9.9 percent to 10 percent.

Second, how does the removal of $717B from Medicare and the dissolution of Medicare Advantage — all in an effort to provide substandard, top-down, compulsory government dictated health care — affect seniors?

Of the $716 billion in cuts, $415 billion come in the form of “updates to fee-for-service payment rates,” a euphemism for reducing Medicare’s payments to doctors and hospitals. But what happens when you reduce payments to doctors? Doctors stop being willing to see Medicare patients. And if you can’t actually get a doctor’s appointment, what does it really matter what your insurance plan covers on paper?

We already see this happening in the Medicaid program, where sick and injured children can’t get appointments to deal with urgent medical conditions, because Medicaid so severely underpays doctors relative to private insurers. By the end of this decade, under Obamacare, Medicare reimbursement rates are set to fall below those of Medicaid.

And finally, if government is so noble and beneficent, why does it want bureaucrats stepping in between a doctor and a patient to determine a course of treatment or care?  The answer to which is that the government has a bully pulpit and can constantly use emotional appeals to demonize private industry while ennobling itself.  Falsely:  “Medicare Denies More Claims than Private Health Insurers”:

Medicare led the group with the greatest percentage of insurance claims denied (6.85%), more than double the denial rate for private insurers like UHC (2.7%), Coventry (2.9%), Humana (2.9%) and CIGNA (3.4%).

What Mr Dale, and the other useful idiots who carry water for government-run compulsory health care don’t understand — so immersed are they in the hatred of the free market they’ve been taught is their enemy, with only a kind and noble federal government standing between them and debtor’s prisons or a shopping cart lean-to under some overpass as a mailing address —  is that under a government-run health care system, it is the fringe cases, that is, the most in need of the expensive drugs, who are left to die for the greater good.  As a patriotic duty, even.

This is repulsive to me.  It isn’t “realism.”  It’s bean-counting top-down problem solving that is both impersonal and unavailable for appeal.

Mr Dale and other ideologically brainwashed morons want me and my family forced into such a system.  The Supreme Court has told me that the federal government has the right to force me to purchase a health plan that they designed, then forced private insurers to provide.

Fuck them all.

I will continue to fight for the principles that have made this country exceptional — the very things Obama and his army of emotionalist bots want to chant into the dustbin of history.  So no, Mr Dale.  We’re not going to let you “win this motherfucker.”  You may steal it — it’s part of who you are — but if that happens, the revolution that is coming will shock you right down to your very core.

You will not enslave me. Nor my family.  And there are millions of others like me who will not go quietly down the road to serfdom, no matter what pretty colors you paint the bricks.

(h/t JHo)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:19am

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  1. Dale, who is himself partially blind

    Maybe more than “partially”.

  2. O.W. Holmes Jr. had the wrong three generations of imbeciles in mind.

  3. You can smell the desperation. These people are scared to lose power, they don’t give a rip about anyone’s health or employment.

  4. “Win this motherfucker?” Try “burn this motherfucker down.”

  5. Maybe Mr Dale is suffering from a severe political variant of OCD. “If you don’t wash your hands twelve times vote for Obama everyone will die!

  6. In a speech to a packed room of Obama for America phone bank volunteers, Blind Kareem Dale said “let’s win this motherfu**er.”

    The blind leading the stupid.

  7. Barry will get his freak on, pre-election: Count on it.

  8. In the land of the blind the one eyed man could be a senator from New Jersey, or something.

  9. Maybe Mr Dale is suffering from a severe political variant of OCD. “If you don’t wash your hands twelve times vote for Obama everyone will die!

    It’s a jungle out there
    Disorder and confusion everywhere
    No one seems to care
    Well I do
    Hey, who’s in charge here?

  10. I’m thankful that the VA has seen fit to take care of us Veterans. I found out two years ago that I have Hepatitis C. I waited until a new treatment came out before I started.

    The newest medication I took cost over 12 grand a month…or over 400 bucks a day…12 weeks worth. (This was the one with the worst side effects.) The other daily medication is about 100 bucks a day. Then there’s the weekly injection at about 300 bucks a shot, plus I also have to take a Pro-Crit injection once a week because of one of the side effects of the other meds. The Pro-Crit is worth it’s weight in gold.

    There’s no way I could have afforded this medication and not having much work the last few years because of the housing bubble, I couldn’t afford to keep my insurance anymore. So thanks to the VA and also to all us American taxpayers. (Yes, as a self employed builder, I have to pay the AMT. Except this year…meds prevented me from working.)

  11. I’m guessing Mr. Dale managed to survive in spite of the evil Bush administration. One wonders how Mr. Dale was able to live, considering the previous administration is responsible for all that is currently evil and wrong with the country.

    Of course, if the current administration has been unable to effectively combat the wreckage left behind by the Bush administration, one is again left to wonder just how Mr. Dale continues to survive.

    And, if the current administration has been ineffective in rebuilding from the debris of the previous administration, then how does Mr. Dale expect to survive more of the same?


  12. Mike G., as a veteran, you paid cash and in advance for any healthcare you receive.

    People like Julia, and Sandra Fluke, not so much.

    And every Leftard who fails to see the difference can go fuck himself. With a swordfish. Sideways and without lube.