November 1, 2012

my first brief conversation with Senator Bob Menendez’s old man dick

me: “So…”*

Senator Menendez’s old man dick: “Yeah, whatever. Like you wouldn’t have done the same thing.”

me: “Maybe. But dude, you seriously shortchanged them?”

Senator Menendez’s old man dick:I didn’t do any such thing. I’m just an old dick who when given the opportunity went ahead and got me some. Anything else, take it up with the old man heart. Though I have to be honest, it’s a rather nasty piece of work, screwing over a couple of young whores like that while pretending to champion working people.”



me: “You know, if you weren’t a Dominican whore-stained old man dick — and I hadn’t any pride or wasn’t so latently homophobic — I’d high five the shit out of you right now.”

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:49am

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  1. Given the choice between high-fiving some old man’s dick (other than my own, but don’t tell anybody I said that) and telling everybody on the Group W bench I’d been arrested for littering…

  2. – Mr Bob obviously forgot the first rule of thumb when dealing with a working girl, and what happens when you stiff them.

    – Either that, or he never saw the Maltese Falcon.

  3. High-fiving old man dick = reverse cockpunch.

  4. I always thought that kind of “working girl” wanted to get stiffed. And then paid, of course.

  5. Don’t talk to it or make one eye contact. You’ll only encourage it.


  7. Finally! A Senate Dem in favor of offshore drilling.

  8. The threads Chuckle worthy award goes to Pablo, along with a nice parting gift of a paid vacation for two in Atwater Ohio.

  9. Menendez has no worry Billy Boy Clinton is going to campaign for him
    check my blog for a Clinton statement

  10. – Just another day in Utopia.

  11. Do you have any proof he paid his male prostitutes more, LTC John?

  12. Heh, Jim.

  13. BBH, just a couple of years ago a tornado ripped through Joplin, MO (about 40 miles from me) and exploded the entire town into toothpicks, including one of the two hospitals.

    People came from near and far to help clean up, unbury the trapped, find pets, feed and clothe the homeless and to bury the dead. The Amish came in Amish taxis (vans driven by non-Amish) to frame and rebuild as many homes as they could before they had to head back to their own families. Naturally, Jugears strutted around, got in the way and was generally not very welcome.

    After two plus years of rebuilding, things are still not all back together and the new hospital is still barely framed, but I never hear bitching and moaning like the NYers are after TWO DAYS. You’d think they hadn’t had a heads up about the stupid storm coming.

    My tolerance for the dumbasses among us is growing ever shorter.

  14. If history (and Charlie Sheen) have taught us anything, it’s that anybody can be gotten to when they try to cheat their hookers.

  15. leigh, they also had enough warning. This storm was tracked for a while and if your too stupid to heed the warning well, tough shit. You don’t generally have much warning where a tornado is going to hit. After Katrina some of the first supplies to come in were from Walmart and not FEMA. Remember Walmart bad, FEMA good.

  16. It was worse than that, post-Katrine FEMA/National Guard turned away Wal-Mart trucks bringing supplies. Only gumbine help qualifies. Anything else is seen as undercutting the federal effort.

  17. Sorry that’s supposed to be gubmint, not gumbine.

  18. Yup, charles. I figure if I knew all about it here in the middle of bitter-clingerland, the people in the path of the damned storm should have been watching the weather channel once in a while.

    It’s too bad they don’t have Walmart in NY (unions) or they could have blankets and clean clothes and pop-tarts.

  19. They should just outsource FEMA to Walmart.

  20. A “high five”?… you likely give him too much…. credit…..

  21. Daily Caller isn’t a publication to leave of chasing a lead when it’s got one:

    New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez had loud sex with different women nightly in his Washington, D.C., apartment, his former neighbor told the liberal gossip website Gawker.

    “We lived below him,” the former neighbor said, according to the website. “It was outrageous. When it started, we thought it was a one-time thing. But it went on for months — hours and hours of headbanging sex.”

    Shit, it’s hard to believe the Menendez crowd hasn’t trotted out the lusty Latin lover trope yet. Give ’em time, I guess, they’ll get around to it eventually.