October 19, 2012

“Michael Eric Dyson: Romney Was “Overseeing” Obama At Debate”

Good lord:  is the race hustling industry becoming so hard up that they’re now reduced to trying to paint white Republicans with plantation language?

Because — and I know Michael Eric Dyson could find hidden or coded racism in the color of a shadow, then insinuate that the sun is looking for way to keep the pinned down on urban streets or rural acreage, so this really is par for the grievance course — it bears pointing out that it was a white Republican who fought the civil war in part to free the slaves; and that if there are any modern day plantations critical race theorists and Democratic politicians who profit from the perpetuation of racial grievance hold both the land and the whip and live in the big white house on the hill.

Dyson profits by keeping alive the fictions that, in turn, keep low-information black voters in fear of voting for anyone but a Democrat, preferably one who looks like them.

That’s a tragedy — not to mention one the greatest anti-intellectual frauds ever perpetrated against an ethnic minority in this country’s recent history. It is racialism posing as civil rights activism.

I honestly don’t know how Dyson, or Sharpton, or Jesse Jackson, or Eric Holder, or any of the other race pimps in charge of maintaining the progressive stable of black voters, can look at themselves in the mirror in the morning.  Or rather, I wouldn’t know, if I believed they actually cared about those they supposedly champion.

Instead, I think they care about themselves and their own power.  Their own role as part of the narrative-driver for ethnic grievance politics.  Their own positions as “overseers”, if you will.

Which, if that’s what they need to do to make it through the day, fine. Just don’t splash any of that weak shit on me.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:26am

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  1. “Is that a pickanniny in your pocket or are ya just glad to see me?”

  2. Dyson doesn’t just suck — he has the proper amount of suction.

  3. Funny, I honestly thought the previously unpopular challenger was pressing the President of the United States about his record.

    Am I ever messed up in the head.

    Along with about 15% of the electorate who I reckon(ed) were considered the same issues and swung the polls in the space of two weeks.

    Dyson would have been so much more effective if he’d only warned us three weeks ago.

  4. In other words, Obama is a pussy and Romney handled him like he owned him.

  5. This is a nice table setter for Monday’s debate: Former Obama advisor: Our foreign policy is a mess — especially in the Middle East

    She seems to think we need someone who knows how to run things.

  6. Michael Eric Dyson has built an entire career out of talking real fast and lulling gullible white people into thinking that he is therefore insightful.

  7. Speaking of in the pocket, Sen. Amy Klobuchar knows from pocketing some sweet sweet Ponzi cash.

  8. Thing about Rosa Brooks is she’s a leftist scumbucket, so her judgment is hardly to be trustworthy.

  9. sdferr, you’re the last person I thought I would see defending Obama’s policies in the Middle East. What exactly do you find erroneous and/or objectionable in Brooks’ criticisms?

  10. Stuff like this: “Get a backbone. President Obama has sound moral instincts, but he often backs away from them at the first sign of resistance.”

    She is manifestly insane.

  11. Can we officially declare the Race Card maxed out? Just so tired of every single thing being seen through a racial prism.

  12. Squid, if I may, I think sdferr is merely pointing out that Brooks is not to be trusted, not that he agrees with our policies in the ME.

  13. Libby, you dreamer you.

  14. HillBuzz had a post a few weeks back about how prominent blacks in Chicago were irate with Obama because he finally wore out the “racist” charge. The charge has been used so frivolously that it’s lost its power to intimidate whites. I bet people like Dyson and Toure are going all-in with these charges because they see the grievance party is coming to a close (officially on 1/20/2009).

  15. Whenever I hear Michael Eric Dyson speak, I think of this Damon Wayans skit.

  16. That’s the way I hear Marc Lamont Hill. Another fast-talking dipshit who is now a professor at Columbia.

    I guess they’ll let anyone in there.

  17. Cinnamon will set ’em straight: won’t have no Chinawater totin’ commies around here, no sir.

  18. It’s good to know there are well informed citizens like Cinnamon out there.

    I hope she heeds Michelle Obama’s advice to get out there and vote on November 2nd!

  19. The [raaaaacism] charge has been used so frivolously that it’s lost its power to intimidate whites. I bet people like Dyson and Toure are going all-in with these charges because they see the grievance party is coming to a close (officially on 1/20/2009).

    You may or may not be right about the power of raaacism, but, I’m sorry to say, you couldn’t be more wrong about the grievance party —or the industry that supports it.

    Obama’s failure only serves to prove how irredeemably racist this country really is, you see.

  20. Yes, we’ll be told that Obama was not re-elected because we’re racists (for decades, I’m sure), but Romney voters will be content to know that they could not be guilt-tripped into re-electing a failure. The ultimate kiss-off to the grievance industry at the voting booth. Overcoming the soft bigotry of low expectations, as Bush might say.

  21. We just need to remind them that we love our country and all that she stands for. Presidents come and go and that’s the way the Founders meant it to be.

  22. Trying to have a conversation with a race hustler is kind of like trying to convince a telemarketer to hang up on you.

  23. Never tried convincing them, Ernst, I just hang up.

  24. From Wikipedia:

    Dyson received his Bachelor’s from Carson–Newman College (magna cum laude) in 1985,[1] and his Master’s and Doctorate in religion, from Princeton University.

    So. This guy is an expert in faith. All becomes clear.

    Oh, and this is what he’s currently teaching at Georgetown:

    SOCI-122-01 Hip Hop Culture: Orig/Mean/Conseq

    I am not making this up.

    That’s all he’s teaching: SOC 122. He doesn’t even belong to any of their various theology/religion departments.

    Imagine: you go to all of the trouble to get a Ph.D in religion, and what do you wind up doing? You appear as a guest political consultant (despite having no political credentials or expertise whatever) to Special Ed.

    I’d be pissed, too.

    At least he’s getting enough to eat, apparently.

  25. That’s odd, Slart. Marc Lamont Hill also teaches Hip-Hop Culture at Columbia

    Cornell West was riding the wave when he started teaching it at Princeton. He even cut a rap record.

  26. I’d feel more sorry for the guy if he wasn’t selling his soul to Ed frickin’ Schultz.

    But still: imagine his future as a source of moral authority. He doesn’t have one. There’s something to be pitied, there, but maybe also some justice.

  27. That and he’s teaching freshman or at best, sophomores since it’s a 100 level course.

    That’s gotta smart.

  28. There’s evidently good money in trivializing the experiences of actual slaves, though.

  29. Slaves and wimmin.

  30. maintaining the progressive stable of black voters

    Plantation language!