October 10, 2012

The “1984-now, Elisabeth Shue looks fantastic!” haiku

Elisabeth Shue still
looks fantastic! While me, my balls
now sag. Life’s not fair.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:22pm

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  1. Elizabeth Shue would make a great Rule 5 post.

  2. Is she that hooker in “Leaving Las Vegas?”

  3. Try “Palmetto” sometime. Hot, but treacherous.

  4. An inconvenient truth
    Is an awful thing to wed
    O government love

  5. leigh says October 10, 2012 at 10:32 pm

    Is she that hooker in “Leaving Las Vegas?”

    She was also Ali in the original Karate Kid, which came out in 1984.

  6. Thanks, Garym.

  7. “While me, my balls
    now sag.” At least you GOT balls, so you got that going for you.
    “Life’s not fair.” Word.

  8. Ed Sullivan says,
    “We’ve got a really big Shue”
    Only in reruns.

  9. Sounds like Jeff needs someone to invent the ballsiere.

    Plus, Obamacare can pay for his ball lift, which he badly needs for his self-esteem.

  10. Sagging balls and a shallow toilet bowl make for a sudden but effective wake-me-up on cold mornings.

  11. Yeah.

    Like you had a chance before they sagged.

    I guess even pragmatic outlaws have dreams.

    Of delusion.

  12. McGehee:

    You need to get a bigger bowl.

    You can’t believe the freedom from splash back and rubbing the rim that comes with getting a commercial sized bowl.

    Elliptical. Tall. Wide. Deeeep.

    I’m a big guy and always felt . . . “crowded”.

    Now? It’s a throne fit for the man I am and will be.

  13. Well of course I need a bigger bowl. And in ten years I’ll need an even bigger one.

    My balls will be mistaken for third and fourth knees by the time I’m 65.

  14. I gotta say — EBL’s discussion of this post is way, way better than you guys’.

  15. Shue? Fly. She bother
    me. Shue? Fly. She bother me.
    Shue? Fly. She bother

  16. I gotta say — EBL’s discussion of this post is way, way better than you guys’.

    Don’t be a denier, Squid.

  17. Thomas Peterffy: he’s looking pretty damned good, while the country sags around him.

  18. I’ve been in love with Elisabeth Shue since The Karate Kid. Leaving Las Vegas did some drastic things to my pulse rate.

  19. Mr. Peterffy’s toilet water retreats from his balls, for they are mighty.

  20. Squid says October 11, 2012 at 9:38 am


  21. I’m still trying to scrub the Duck images off my brain. Other than that…yeah.

  22. Duck? You’re thinking of Leah Thompson maybe?

  23. Mmmmm. Lea Thompson crawling about in her skivvies is enough to make one ask, “What duck?”

  24. Also, I forgave Untamed Heart its many flaws, mostly because Marisa Tomei showed off her wonderful…Minneapolis accent.