October 9, 2012

Behind Obama’s Green Agenda — and Agenda 21

A special report from FOX News that will likely get yanked quickly from Youtube. Watch it now while you still can, or better yet, download a copy.

It’s time to face a few uncomfortable truths: as the world has gotten “smaller” by way of high speed travel and digital connectivity, the motivation to centralize control of once distant and widely disparate sovereign nations has would-be authoritarians everywhere — but particularly those smooth, suited authoritarians who peddle international cooperation and a kind of raw “democracy” wherein the votes of despots count equally with the votes of free peoples — tugging at their little bureaucratic chubbies.

Normally, I wouldn’t care what UN dictates or fantastical plans emerge from their Utopian commissions and conferences — because the US has always hewed to its sovereignty, and that was never negotiable.

But as the institutionalized left has insinuated itself into our institutions — most notably our education system, our media, and (on a linguistic level) the very structure of our operative epistemology — we have, as a nation, been weakened and propagandized to the point where we even allow SCOTUS Justices to cite foreign law in their increasingly sophistic decisions — often as a counter to our own precedent or plain Constitutional language — and yet still keep their jobs on our Highest Court.

Which is to say, the left, when in power — and this IS the left, “progressivism,” not to be confused with the Democratic Party, which it has overtaken — is more than willing to strike up treaties with foreign interests that serve to undermine US interests. And this President in particular has shown a willingness to use executive orders or his administrative state to bypass Congress and the will of voters to enact and entrench structural booby traps meant to destabilize the Constitution, individual liberty and autonomy, and the natural rights outlined in our founding documents — which act as an impediment to the “fundamental transformation” of government into a permanent ruling authority and the masses they shepherd.

At stake is sovereignty, gun rights, private property rights, and your very bodies (through the eventual move to single payer health care and the criminalizing of CO2, which happens to be the product of, among other things, human exhalation).

The left has adopted a strategy to mock as wild conspiracy mongering any such investigations into their long-term plan for a transnational progressivist global oversight committee — a world government that will soften that description through euphemism and foster the illusion that countries will of course maintain their sovereignty. But key treaties will systematically remove the teeth from the very notion of sovereignty, with the long-term plan the creation of a centralized authority through the attrition of key components of national sovereignty.

Linguistically, we’re already seeing these things attempted: free speech, the left reminds us, is not as respected or considered as inviolate in other countries. Therefore, we must be tolerant of their contempt for free speech and learn to modulate our rights to ameliorate their displeasure. After all, there’s a difference between speaking freely and speaking in such a way that criticizes, say, the Muslim religion. The former is to be celebrated! The latter is hate speech and is (perversely) spun as an attack on religious liberty, with religious liberty redefined as the right to exist beyond rhetorical reproach.

Of course, because only certain religions take the position that criticism of their religion is blasphemy that may be politically punished, only certain religions receive the protections of these new hate speech dictates.

Anti-foundationalism, the philosophical underpinning of the left’s ideology (often termed relativism), means one need not be consistent. The ends justify the means, and the ends — being good and moral and right — are beyond reproach.

Thus, resisters to those ends are evil, immoral, and dangerous — and must be either re-educated or dealt with in a way that removes or marginalizes their protests.

This is what’s going on. And anyone who has studied the history of leftwing ideology and “philosophy” recognizes it. What’s new is, we see it happening from within a free constitutional republic — with the help of a Manchurian candidate created by the New Left, the hard left ideologues he’s installed throughout the administrative state and the State and Justice Departments, and now overseas funding for his campaign from foreign donors whose identities are being intentionally obscured, erased, or supplied with spoofed forgeries to make them appear legitimate.

That we can’t believe it is happening here is no excuse to refuse to open our eyes to it.

The very nation is in play, and there are those committed to transforming it into a component of a larger authoritarian scheme — a kind of global liberal fascism.

That’s not the world I want to live in, nor is it one I want my children enslaved to. Live free or die.

(thanks to sdferr and geoffB for finding the link and to Right Scoop for posting it)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:21am

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  1. A nation in the grip of an exclusive, dogmatic, corrupt, and maniacal ideology is a nation out of step in the globe. In our case we’ve clinched it by also being a quarter quadrillion dollars upside down, minimum.

    In other words we’ve chosen to be obsolete.

  2. The Democrats are still searching for the crop to replace that soil depleting cotton, so’s they can get back to plantationing their slaves. Poor bastards have yet to find it.

  3. In other words we’ve chosen to be obsolete.

    I wish it were just obsolete; we’ve chosen to be ground under the wheels of our colossal foolishness.

    The sad part is that those who allowed their hubris to get the better of them (and those who failed to recognize and deflate/ignore that hubris) will never know where they went wrong. One, maybe two generations will “never forget,” but then the dog will return to its vomit and the sow to her mire, and off we go again.

    I hate humanity.

  4. Behind the Green Door we won’t find Ivory Snow girl Marylin Chambers being simultaneously serviced and servicing fifteen bodybuilding fairies: just Fat Albert Obama wankin’ his drift into socialist-cum-covered bliss.

  5. So do I, dicentra. The SMoD cannot come soon enough.

  6. Spot on, Jeff, spot on. I could see the frog in the slowly boiling pot as I read it. Thank you.