October 6, 2012

Finally, the definitive definitive reason for Obama’s poor debate performance is revealed

I noted yesterday that Obama’s excuse for his poor debate showing — raise your hands if you lost your office pool because you had either “Bush” or “The Stafford Act” — was, in fact, a refreshingly candid one:  Mitt Romney.  Mitt Romney made the President suck.

Turns out though, it was less Romney per se than it was the fact that his words, scribbled in some ancient and indecipherable code on a magical Mormon handkerchief of deception, were so filled with lies that it temporarily stunned the President, who had expected that the debate be among honest colleagues simply out to share their records and competing ideas with a public craving a bipartisan exchange of substance, much as Obama has done throughout his historic Presidency of transparent government and honest interpersonal brokering.  And it was that stunned look of betrayal — how could a colleague and temporary rival with a supposed interest not only in his own candidacy but in the country itself, stoop to such a level? How could this man, who by all accounts is a religious man (albeit he follows a false prophet, which kinda puts him in league with Satan), issue lie after lie without a Code Pink harridan dressed as a vulva running through the audience shrieking in protest of such rank dishonesty? And where the fuck was Jim Lehrer to put a stop to the lies in the interest of fairness? — that the American people saw, not an uninformed President bumbling through warmed-over Marxist pablum couched in the language of the free market (“economic patriotism” being a personal favorite) but rather a President saddened by the strategy a serial lying GOP nominee, for whom he’d had so much respect, suddenly and relentlessly unleashed on him, redirecting the debate from one of discovery and the free competition of ideas — something Obama has always cherished as a guiding principle to fuel his enormous intellect — into a barrage of falsehoods and fabrications, even and especially about the candidate himself and where he wishes to take the country (which has objectively and fairly been determined by “most experts” to be backward, not forward!) .

And trust me when I tell you, that can be very offputting.

So, with some sadness, it’s back to the drawing board for the President, who next time will not be caught unawares.  If Mitt Romney doesn’t wish to save the country — that is, if he cares more about taking power than he does about American ideals like the rule of law or individual sovereignty or the Constitutional architecture that keeps the whole edifice sturdy and resistant to the tsunamis of tyranny that seek always to tear down its walls — Obama will be prepared in the next debate to call the Governor out on such selfish, malignant narcissism.

And to combat the viciousness and relentlessness of the lies, Obama will — reluctantly — be forced to combat the Romney lies in his own fact-driven, serious, and sober way.

The American people deserve no less.  The lying lies of lying liars who lie in order to build lies onto which they can map the lying lies of lying, can not be allowed to stand!

And at the next debate, a once calm and statesmanlike pragmatic political figure will break with his own tradition of decorum and blast that lying rich Honky motherfucker, magic Mormon handkerchief of deceit or no magic Mormon handkerchief of deceit.

Governor’s Romney’s lying chickennnnnnns...will be coming home to roost…!




Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:34am

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  1. During the opening prep sessions, the group quickly came to a consensus: At the podium, Romney would be forceful, nearly as assertive as he was in Healey’s living room. His advisers have always admired Romney’s ability to peel apart arguments in private, and they encouraged him to do the same at the debate, with a little polish. The goal was to overwhelm the president with liveliness and information, to force him to confront the messy details of his economic and fiscal record. The strategy, sources say, clicked with Romney for two reasons: He did not want to spend hours tinkering with his mannerisms, and he wanted to focus on internalizing data. He’d take advice on his voice, his posture, and the rest, but he wanted his prep time to be a policy workshop……

  2. The peculiar thing is that rather than being justly retributed, these mendacious scum who foul our polity, habituating the people to their lies, even when driven from office — nevermind the “newsmen” and new-readers who keep their positions to continue spreading their trash — are so richly rewarded with wealth and prestige.

    Things are thoroughly up-side down.

  3. wow #epic linkage! heh!

  4. Heh. That’ll clog the g00gle-bot’s intake.

    …without a Code Pink harridan dressed as a vulva running through the audience shrieking in protest…

    First smile I’ve cracked all morning! Thanks!

  5. How do you even find the time for sleep? OT Camille Paglia has a post whines about the paucity of art in todays society at WSJ.

  6. I have never seen a man’s hanky be so uniform and flat coming from a front pant’s pocket. Back pocket, yes, breast pocket in a jacket, yes.. but not the front pant pocket.

    Interesting hobby.

    Me? I collect timetables.

  7. Gulermo, that’s because today making a sepiatone photo of the Pieta and photoshopping a strap-on dildo onto the Blessed Virgin qualifies as “art”.


    That should be a song. That should be a country song.

  9. She doesn’t correlate her idealogy and politics as at least partially responsible. She referrs to it as a ” a contraction of ideology.” PC at its finest. She won’t tell what ideaolgy contracted, just that there was a contraction.

  10. ….[just] that there was a contraction.

    – Theres been an epidemic of Progressive buttock contraction as of late. Maybe that’s what she was referring too.

  11. I guess that kinda explains his performance with Putin and Iamadinnerjacket types….

  12. Ms. Paglia is an English professor at a small private university. She is also a lesbian and a pop culturist.

    I liked her writing about 20 years ago, but it hasn’t aged well.

  13. That should be a country song.

    BEE cuz a thee

    High POCK rah see

    You may be on to something there.

  14. “a country song”

    Our country pelts on thee
    Rotten tomatoesie
    Putrid boiled eggs

    Fling them our patriot’s arms
    Fling at you all their poo
    For all you’ve ever done
    Lying scum, go, flee!

  15. Loved Bill Maher’s take on Obama’s Debate Performance: ‘Looked Like He Took My Million And Spent It All On Weed.’

  16. I got one question about illegal notes and note taking.

    What is Obama doing at the 35 second mark of this video?


  17. – The adukt teenagers on the Left will all watch carefully to see when it will be “coolies” to start mocking Bumbblefuck. When the fall from faux Golden Erkle godhead comes it will be epic.

  18. Which country?

    I vote Geezer.

  19. What is Obama doing at the 35 second mark of this video?

    – Checking tee-off times for Denver golf courses.

  20. Because this belongs more properly over here…..

    – The Squid Magical Morman Hanky of death™ is available in toupe and camoflage, part of the Visagoth Esentials© designer line of mob riot products, coming to a field and stream supplyer near you soon.

  21. available in toupe

    I think the term now is “flat dark earth.”

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  23. All that orange text crammed into those few paragraphs…can’t put my finger on it, but I know a dogwhistle when I hear one.

  24. What is Obama doing at the 35 second mark of this video?

    Nodding. No really; he’s nodding.

    The house in Hawaii has way more space to choom and lose the Vulcan. I’d be done with all this too, wouldn’t you?

  25. oh noes john effin’ kerry under the bus

    “Well Norah, they’re simply upset and really outraged. They blame the President’s team, first of all, for not preparing him to meet the challenge of an aggressive Mitt Romney. They say that nobody in the room challenged him, including the guy that he was debating with, John Kerry, because, as they say, he wants to be Secretary of State so he’s not going to get in the President’s face. And Presidents are used to deference; they’re not used to people challenging them like that. So they think that the debate prep was terrible, but they also fault the President himself for not understanding that Romney was going to be more aggressive.”


  26. an aggressive Mitt Romney.

    You mean this guy?

  27. It’s Obama’s own fault for not preparing, thus allowing Romney to beat him like a rented mule.

  28. But everybody knows Obama is better at everything than everybody. It’s true, just ask him.

  29. HACKTASTIC: “Washington Post Runs Op-Ed Asking Why Mitt Romney Isn’t Richer, and If He Isn’t Richer, Doesn’t That Disqualify Him From the Presidency?”

    Washington Post conventional wisdom at beginning of Obama Administration: We Are All Socialists Now.*

    Washington Post conventional wisdom at possible twilight of Obama Administration: We Are All Plutocrats Now. Gordon Gekko, call your office!

    * Yes, technically, that was Newsweek, but it was from the era when the Post still owned Newsweek and was busy running it into the ground, before offloading it for a buck. Which tells you everything you need to know about the Post’s collective business acumen.


  30. – Leigh…a lot of people, mostely on the Left of course because they absolutely must believe their own fantasy construct of theidolistic Obama, but some on the right as well, honestly believe he could have done better.

    – Given his ideological under pinnings, his star chamber existance for the past 4 years, and the lack of anything approaching having to account in any way, I’m not so sure he can do any more than he did. He swwmed unable to engage straight on. Its possible he was simply intimidated because he knows better than anyone its all cukt wirship bullshit.

    – If that’s true the next debate will be even worse because he’ll have to get chirlish and over aggressive to ober come his egotistical repulsion of the whole process.

    – In other words it may be true that he can’t get past it all being beneath him, his celeb, his supposed political genius. Narrcisists generally self destruct when they have to go toe to toe in a fair fight. They share that characteristic with bullys. They tend to either become manic from over anxiety, or they simply withdraw. Its probably the withdrawel reaction in Obama’s case that eberyone semsed and caused so much alarm, panic, and over-reaction in his base.

  31. So the Obama campaign people haven’t gotten around to blaming the midichlorians yet? What the fuck is taking them so long?

  32. I keep waiting for someone to blame it on the lack of air-conditioning in the venue, not wearing his lucky tie or one of the roadies not having picked all of the red M&Ms out of the bag in the green room, sdferr.

    BBH, I think it’s like we’ve all been saying, he’s so over-confident/narcissistic/foolish or what have you, that he honestly thought he had it all knocked and took time screwing off delivering pizza to phone bank volunteers and bitching about having to study. Or “they’re making me do my homework” or how ever he put it.

    Anyway, he strutted out on stages and took the first question since he won the toss (which is, in his mind pre-ordained that he would) and then smirked at Romney. Romney smiled at him, wished him a happy anniversary, made a joke and then proceeded to tear him into bite-sized pieces.

    I swear the Wonce looked green when he left the stage at the end.

  33. I swear the Wonce looked green when he left the stage at the end.

    you be giaist

  34. Mother Nature is always trying to kill me, so there’s that nr.

    I’m waiting for Battlin’ Barry to show up next. He’ll still lose and it will be epic.

  35. Actually, I think Romney won the toss and deferred.

    I could be wrong…

  36. I heard Brit Hume (maybe) say that Obama won the toss. Deferring, I didn’t hear about.

    They’re panicking at Team O and it’s showing.

  37. – Ok then. my Buckeyes just took Nebraska apart like Obama at a debate. Maybe they can’t be in a bowl game, or officially win the national champiomship, but they can sure as hell embarrase whoever does.

  38. – As far as the Wonce, he may try to over-compensate in the next round, desperate to play catch up and be returned to his proper kingly perch, which wouldn’t be unusual for a narcissist at all, and which would again make him look like who he really is.

    – If hes true to form for most like himself, each bitch slap will just make it worse in his perplexed agitated response. If hes half the self ;over he seems we could see him completely lose it. He came close a couple of times the other night.

  39. Obama Melts Down in Prime Time!

    The Stormin’ Mormon FTW!

    Good times. I sure hope it happens.

    (My dad is a Nebraska fan, BBH. He’s hating on your Buckeyes tonight.)

  40. – Sorry for that Leigh, I feel his pain, but the Buckeyes are on a mission.

    – Normally Nebraska, a very talented team btw, would have won the game, but OSU is playing possessed. They’re relentless, at least so far.

  41. Just wait til Urban dumps the Buckeyes for Notre Dame. Anyone who has been paying attention knows that is where he is headed. But Notre Dame doesn’t seem to be in the market for a coach just now, so you get to keep him for a few years.

    Gators did a number on LSU yesterday, which I kind of enjoyed. But will the Gator Nation stand for an offense that totals 250-ish yards in a game? Time will tell.

  42. And just imagine how good tOSU would be if it weren’t for all those classes distractions…



  43. – – Yeh, really. Like there’s even one big conference school that doesn’t pamper its athletes. Sure. It just was OSU’s turn in the barrel.

    – Next year it will be some other school. So they’ll take it in the shorts this time, and pay the price, but its all sort of a standing joke for guys who will be making more in a year than most of the grad students will make in a lifetime. The leagues have to go through this self punishment ruse just to make it look good on paper. Not saying I condone it, but its one of those nasty facts of economic life.

  44. Just kicking you while your down, lol.

    A high school buddy of mine was an OL at Ohio State during the late 70s, went to the USFL after he graduated. We were sitting around shooting the shit after his first pro season and we asked him what the biggest change was going to the USFL from the Big 10.

    His answer, dead serious, was the cut in pay.

    He really did graduate and is a public school administrator now. Great dude.

  45. – Actually the upside is they’ll probably play like demons just because, so its not all bad. Probably be a better team for it next year.

  46. Q: How many {Big 10} linebackers does it take to change a light bulb?
    A: Just one, but he gets 3 credits for it.