September 25, 2012

“Pakistani minister offers $100,000 to kill filmmaker”

Thankfully, we here — from the State Department to the Press Secretary to the LA Times, among others — have fingered for potential Islamic bounty hunters this hateful hater who misused his free expression to blaspheme Islam, which deserves respect and will kill anyone who doesn’t accept its premise that no other religions or people are entitled to that same tolerance.

And really, that’s what the First Amendment is all about, once you parse it closely enough.

So, then. Question: Once the hateful Christian blasphemer of hate whose months-old trailer coincidentally caused rioting all over the Middle East by Islamists and Al-quaida on the anniversary of 911 had his head dutifully and righteously (Allah be praised!) lopped off, his children killed, and his wife raped and murdered, will that mean we’ve gotten past one of those niggling little “bumps in the road” on the way to Utopia that Mr Jugears McForward is now giving to blathering on about?

After all, a level playing field of global social justice has to be smoothed somehow. Why not with tank treads and lovely mass grave installation art?

If Romney said during the debates that he’d not give another fucking dime to countries whose officials put hits out on American citizens — and challenged Obama to do the same — the stumbling pablum dribbler would shit his multiculti boxer briefs.

But why bother? We can’t even get Republicans in the Senate to vote to cut off funding to regimes whose stated goal is to destroy us from within.

Up is down. Black is white. Too many cooks make the broth super-dooper delish, a testament to the virtue of collectivism and the glories of its glorious dialectical materialist soup stocks.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:27am

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  1. If someone were to kill this “minister”, though, that would be hatey and stuff.

  2. Theo van Gogh could not be reached for comment.

    I await Hollywood’s vigorous defense of free speech and artistic freedom. What? They’re too busy defending a director who is a child rapist ? Nevermind…

  3. I don’t pretend to understand all the arcane machinations of Congress, but isn’t the funding to the Arab states baked in the cake of the CR? Iirc, it can’t be decoupled from the CR itself, but must be brought to the table for a vote during the next session, no?

    Or a special session must be called and that ain’t gonna happen.

  4. If we had a POTUS interested in defending what we once fondly called “Western Civilization”, that’s exactly what would happen, though.

    Anyone who puts a bounty on an American’s head should be terminated with extreme prejudice.

  5. Our POTUS is a Muslim and is down with the MB. If that’s not true, I need to see some evidence of it.

  6. Whether he is a Muslim or not is irrelevant. If he were secretly replaced with a look-alike who actually is a Muslim, how would you be able to tell the difference?

  7. You make my point, Mr. Monster.

  8. So I guess what this Pakistani is saying is that the future DOES belong to those who “take care” of those who insult the prophet of Islam.

  9. Clearly Rand Paul is an Outlaw, bless him.

  10. You miss mine, leigh. We don’t have to accuse him of actually BEING a Muslim, which we can’t prove. We just have to point out that he’s Islamophilic and Occidentophobic. (is that even a word?)

  11. Occidentophobic. (is that even a word?)

    Why not? Islamophobe is a made up word just like homophobe.

    As you say, whether or not he is a muslim is irrelavant. He acts like a muslim and I believe he has referred to himself as a muslim in the past, although that interview has probably been scrubbed long ago. I don’t care. I just want him to go away.

  12. The only God Obama believes in is Obama. His alliance with Islamists is based in their mutual disdain for Western Civilization.

  13. I think his only allegiance is to Obama, as well. Who was it who referred to himself as a “Citizen of the World”? Clinton?

    I think Obama fancies himself the King of the World.

    OT: Harry Reid is smack-talking that Romney has “sullied” his religion. What a fuckhead.

  14. Beck’s producer Stu had a great line on the subject:

    Obama doesn’t believe in ANYTHING enough to pray five times a day.

  15. What if the filmmaker offers $101,000 to kill the Pakistani minister first? As long as he doesn’t hire Angel Eyes, it might just work.

  16. Obama doesn’t believe in ANYTHING enough to pray five times a day.

    Obama has an ongoing conversation with god. In his head. Which is him. From my link:

    FALSANI: Do you believe in sin?
    OBAMA: Yes.
    FALSANI: What is sin?
    OBAMA: Being out of alignment with my values.


    Its’ not formal, me getting on my knees. I think I have an ongoing conversation with God. I think throughout the day, I’m constantly asking myself questions about what I’m doing, why am I doing it.

    Being your own god is damned convenient, I must say.

  17. He thinks he has an ongoing conversation? Wouldn’t he know or are there other voices in his head?

  18. * isn’t the funding to the Arab states baked in the cake of the CR*

    What does this mean? The CR? Its possible I know this and I’m just really slow. But it seems you mean that Congress would lack the will to take steps to withdraw funding? I don’t necessarily disagree about the utter spinelessness of Congress but why is that ? In what world are the American people going to be clamoring to continue to pay billions in “aid” to crazy assholes who hate us to the extent that politicians have to worry about their jobs if they vote to withdraw funding? I keep asking this question (as are a number of people I know- this seems to be the most prominent question for my politically minded friends on FB ) and nobody seems to have an answer.