September 9, 2012

Caption this … [Darleen Click] UPDATED

“I may be the Vice President, but I’m just a working-class guy and I’ve got a wrench in my pocket to prove it.”

h/t The Right Scoop with some other interesting pics from Ohio.

update I cannot bring myself to post this one directly. Just, ewww.

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  1. Aaaahhh! She has no eyes! Ghost trucker! I’m calling it!

  2. They don’t call him “Plugs” for just his hair.

    But if it weren’t for the Secret Service protection, I suspect he would be getting an asswhoppin from the guy on the right.

  3. Joe Biden:

    Wanna see how I use chains?

  4. Dude on the left: “You got the wallet, bro? Sweet.”

  5. They’re trying to figure out if he’ll fit in the small dumpster out back.

  6. Remember when Slow Joe said his highest priority was a three-letter word – jobs, J-O-B-S, jobs? Now we know just what kind of “jobs” he was referring to.


  7. “Born to be Mild”? I mean! What would you call bikers who hang out in a joint with a Kingston Trio gold record on the wall and drink coke & iced tea?

    BTW, I’m emailing this photo to all my biker friends just to piss them off.

  8. “Is that a chain in your pocket or does that lumpy limp thing mean you’ve seen my piercing.”

  9. Also. I’ve seen bikers have those kind of looks in their eyes before.

    Just after some wannabe with a full dresser just off the show room floor wearing a cutoff jean jacket (laundered), strolls into the biker bar and thinks he now can be in the club.

    They then proceed to jump him in.

  10. jcw46 says September 9, 2012 at 4:56 pm
    Also. I’ve seen bikers have those kind of looks in their eyes before.

    Yeah, but that ain’t no biker bar — If the iced tea and coke aren’t enough of an indication you can tell by the napkin dispenser on the table. Too hoity toity. And those guys aren’t real bikers. They’re the wannabees You’re talking about who would get their asses kicked if they ever ventured into a real biker bar.

  11. Oh, I don’t think you can judge the biker by the premises they’re in.

    Maybe the club was closed for the day cause the club secretary was in jail.

    I mean, I understand what you’re saying but I’ve seen bikers in church and in fancier places than that picture so where they are don’t mean much as to who they are. And I mean stone ass bikers with the felony time and warrants to prove it.

    Course seeing as how these guys were vetted by the SS, it’s possible they’re what passes for undercover officers in the area. Meth being one of the bigger problems in the Midwest and bikers being the source of most of that.

  12. The guy on the right is wearing a patch that says “Ordained Minister”.

    Born to Be Mild, indeed.

  13. MC’s aren’t what they used to be. These guys aren’t outlaws.

  14. – Well, we knew they would do it, and the Lefturd poll machine never dissapoints.

    – They’re really blowing smoke for all they’re worth, showing the Weird wonce up +49 over R’s +45, and this right after Fridays jobs report fart.

    – Meanwhile back in the sane world Deudge is pricking their liyye propaganda balloon showing:

    * Carter +7 over Reagan and Dukakis +17 over Bush at the same point in those years.

    – They can layer all the lipstick on the pig that will stay, they have an incombent that can’t get any margin on an opponent that would normally be trailing a asshole like McCain.

    – All the happy faces in the Democratic party can’t hide the panic they must be feeling, because NO ONE on either side thinks Bummblefuck can gain a thing in the debates. The best he can hope for is a tie.

    – If just one of the Demographics he won in ’08 drops a few percent, with the knowns running this close, and the undecided pretty well decided, Obama should make sure that property in Hawaii is ready for #OccupyOhahu.

  15. BBH, polling taken over the weekend never amounts to squat.

    The Wonce is a crispy critter and they know it.

  16. Joe Biden: “My bus has a waterbed and shag carpeting…”

  17. Joe Biden: “You want to see a hog? Check out my deficit!”

  18. Damn, Joe must be desperate….

  19. Looks like Joe’s been dragging $100 bills through trailer parks to see what he’d get.

    It’s not a motorcycle baby, it’s a chopper.

    Zed? Who’s Zed?

    Uncle of Anarchy.

    What do you mean, do I have a helmet?

    Troll and Steve exchange a quick glance and decide not to tell Joe that she’s a guy.

    Della wear.

    You want to know what else is a pretty big f****** deal?

    I usually have to pay extra for this.

    Joe’s about to be the middle man in a three man something or other.

    You want to eat at Joe’s?

  20. “Wow, I’ve heard of the 1% but you guys really aren’t anything like what I expected. Can I put you each down for a million to the campaign?”

  21. Damn, Joe must be desperate….


  22. WTF! eeeww

    Here I was thinking that poor Joe was just disabled.

  23. Dude on left: “Hey man, you may be an ordained minister, but I’d still beat the sh*t out of that guy if he did that to my girl.”

  24. Strong finish by the Donks. Is Peyton still a force? Is Cris Collinsworth an idiot?

  25. “Yep.”

    Dang! Couldn’t they find him a bunny suit and nice high tech aerospace tunnel for him to crawl though instead?

  26. The caption of the first picture at the “Rightscoop” link implies that slavery is ok in Ohio?

    President Obama is lifted in the air by Scott Van Duzer, owner of the Big Apple Pizza owner.


    I’ve got four so far and you would think this would be easy but it isn’t. Too many elements so it’s hard to nail one theme other than Joe being his usual goofy self.

    The one percenter line wrote itself. I see Mcgehee got there before me.

  28. Those two MC swans remind me of…hey, recall the Orphans? The street gang in The Warriors that was so lame it didn’t get an invite to Cyrus’ town hall in the Bronx? Looks like Joe’s trying to make up for lost time!

  29. “You know, I still have a subscription to Easy Rider.”

  30. The two biker guys are giving each other a “WTF” and “Oh Shit” look and obviously are not happy with the situation.

    I’m kinda torn as to whether or not the guys are actually bikers. On one hand, the guys are clean, on the other hand, the gal definitely has the biker, umm, chick look going on.

  31. The Democrats’ Convention did feature Ted Kennedy as a saint and Bill Clinton as their highest profile speaker, so images like this follow in perfect consonance.

  32. The missing tooth thing really adds to her biker chick image.

  33. “So where’s this eagle y’all keep talkin’ about? Out back?”