August 14, 2012

I hope the Secret Service is more focused these days … [Darleen Click]

… because I have a bad feeling that the Left will not be satisfied until Paul Ryan or his family is hurt.

DES MOINES, Iowa — Paul Ryan’s remarks at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines today turned into a confrontational scene when hecklers sought to drown him out and then rush the stage.

Ryan had barely begun speaking when a woman shouted, “Are you going to cut Medicare?”

Two women rushed the stage, and one was apparently arrested by three Iowa State Patrolmen after getting on stage with a banner.

“Woah…hey…alright…she must not be from Iowa,” said a rattled Ryan as the woman got on stage and grabbed by police.

The officers bounded out from behind the stage to pull her down, saying “She just punched a volunteer.”

The Left reaction on Twitter and other places to this event and other heckling was not only cheering it, but ratcheting up the calls for intimidation to eleven. There are attacks on Ryan’s religion

I’m always impressed by people who hate Christians and Catholicism telling said Christians what their religion really says …

… and HarryReid-esque hashtags about Ryan being a closeted gay.

Since there’s no there there, the Left isn’t even trying to debate ideas anymore, just bullying tactics worthy of the most vile brownshirts.

Bravo, Progressives.

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  1. I know it’ll never happen, but it’s fun to imagine Ryan going full-Obama at these events, saying,

    “These noisy leftists wanna get in our faces? We’ll get in their faces! They wanna try and rush the stage, we’ll give ’em the bum’s rush right out of the park! They wanna shout us down? We’ll give ’em a beat down instead!

    Get in their faces! Punch back twice as hard! They wanna have a street fight, but we have all the guns!

    Yeah, it’s extreme, but we might as well embrace the violent extremist label the other side is painting us with. I’ve long said that if they believed half the shit they say about us, they’d be way too scared to pull the nonsense they do. Maybe it’s time we make them scared. Or at least a little worried.

    Oh, and if we want to go for the full Obama effect:

    Now, let’s talk about how we’re bringing Americans together…”

  2. Short video of just the confrontation here.

  3. I’d expect something of that size at the Iowa State Fair to be wearing a blue ribbon.

  4. Jeez, that speech is all pandering and platitudes. I hope that’s not a commentary on Ryan as much as it is on the mindless masses who chant USA!, USA!, USA! as if that means something.

    When will we have that essential conversation about what this nation was founded on?

  5. Squid, the left is always justified in whatever tactic or strategy it wants to use to promote covetousness, theft, and lying about both — consider that “sharing” is Obama’s way of redefining stealing your “fair share” at the harvest, having contributed none of the field labor.

    The left is especially justified following only four years of American communism. The great success that is communism takes time. We shold know; it’s never worked before.

    The legitimate right? Morally doomed everytime they open their mouths to promote world-record prosperity the old fashioned way: We earn it.

  6. Paul Ryan’s remarks at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines today turned into a confrontational scene when hecklers sought to drown him out and then rush the stage.

    Witness the power of this fully operational Paul Ryan’s Remarks.

  7. JH,

    You, sadly, are participating in it, with a fellow named BigBangHunter, Geoff, Alec and myself. It will not go much farther than this site and its narrow readership.

    As you well know, we get what we tolerate, and politicians are only part of it.

    It’s what I call the Marcotte principle. Take an absurdly reduced view of a masssive issue, and talk about how it affects your right to “Fuck!!” at will.

    Politically, this plays out in the form of pablum and bromides.

  8. I thought the chants of “USA! USA! USA!” were mostly to drown out the heifer that got loose and rushed the stage.

  9. It was, Squid. The crowd was chanting USA! over the hecklers in Wisco the other day, too.

  10. Scott Johnson has a word on one of the ‘protestors‘, along with an account of his protesty history.

  11. his protesty history

    A little more here.

  12. I wonder whether Princeton is proud to have turned out so prominent a moron?

  13. Sheesh. She can’t let Gabby be the star of the show for even a minute? What a bint.

  14. You’re lecturing me on health and diet, Mish? Let’s see your roundoff double backflip, and then we’ll talk.”

  15. “Two words, Mrs. Obama. Gold. Medal”