July 6, 2012

California’s lying, thieving Democrats … [Darleen Click]

The Browndoggle about so-called “high speed rail” was authorized by the socialist Democrat dominated assembly

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — The California Assembly on Thursday approved legislation that would authorize the state to begin selling about $4.5 billion in state bonds for the nation’s first high-speed rail system, taking an initial step toward the ambitious $68 billion project that Gov. Jerry Brown hopes will be a part of his legacy.

Lawmakers approved SB1029 on a 51-27 vote Thursday afternoon, with Republicans opposing it, sending the legislation to the state Senate, where it is expected to face a more contentious vote Friday.

So, you don’t live in California and maybe experience a little Schadenfreude at how the Leftist experiment is bankrupting a state that by all other measures should be an economic powerhouse?

Well, guess what, CA Democrats are picking your pocket, too.

The bill paves the way for California to begin selling $2.6 billion in voter-approved bonds and allocates another $1.9 billion for regional rail improvements in Northern and Southern California, and allows the state to tap $3.2 billion in federal grants to start construction of the first segment in the Central Valley.

The Feds are going to pour billions into building a segment in a part of the state they have already devastated when they turned off the water to farmers to save a bait fish. Makes perfect sense.

And while too many CA voters were scammed into supporting so-called “high-speed” rail, now that the money is going to roll in, the lying-thieving Democrats are going to use it for other things …

Democratic leaders have spent the last few weeks crafting the bill to entice support from as many lawmakers as possible, and in recent days, they included additional financing to help electrify Caltrain, a San Jose-San Francisco commuter line, and upgrade Metrolink’s commuter lines in Southern California.

Dan Richard, chairman of the California High-Speed Rail Authority, which is managing the project, tried to emphasize those projects rather than the massive high-speed rail infrastructure Thursday, as a Field Poll showed that support for Brown’s November proposal to temporarily raise state sales and income taxes could slip considerably if lawmakers approve funding for high-speed rail.

“What our new business plan is all about is an integrated rail modernization program for the state,” Richard, a Brown appointee, told reporters before the Assembly convened. “It’s not just high-speed rail, it’s $12 billion of programs that include upgrading Caltrain in the Bay area, replacing BART cars, updating the central subway system in San Francisco, building the regional interconnector in Los Angeles. These are top-priority projects, and this vote is about funding all of those.”

Graft and bribery — Dan Richard is publicly admitting the diversion of funds to projects that were never part of Proposition 1A.

California’s powerful labor unions support this as a way to create jobs. But what good is building something that no one will use?

California is using taxpayer money to build a ghost city ghost train.

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  1. “But what good is building something that no one will use?”

    It’s the same good as digging trenches and filling them in! It’s the same good as breaking windows so glaziers have work! What? Are you simple? Don’t you see the genius of the thing?

  2. Well, guess what, CA Democrats are picking your pocket, too.

    That hardly blunts the schadenfreude at all.

  3. – Which, of course, explains why Moonbeam passed on recent funding for the required environmental impact studies they would need in place to, you know, actually fucking build any of the rail stuff, because 95% of the money, other than a showy faux PR campaign of smoke and mirrors, will be spent on all the things there is no money for because they spent it all on state employee pensions and illegals.

    – Just another day for you and me in paradise.

  4. And not even a native bait fish at that. Escaped minnows.

  5. Yeah, forgive me for not seeing the humor in getting stepped on and then laughed at by people who fled the field so they could laugh at the fools who stayed to fight.

    Surrender that territory now, the next territory you surrender may be under your feet.

  6. Alinksy #?, use the opponent’s rules against them. In this case that means at least an environmental lawsuit, as Brown gave up on giving himself a waiver for the environmental impact assessment he and his ilk have foisted on the rest of us, and another on the clear violation of the spirit and letter of the voter proposition that started this disaster. I think that the current federal funding availability expires if they can’t get started before December.

    We can’t afford to work out Jerry Brown’s father issues by building him a longer rail system than his daddy’s aqueduct.

  7. …start construction of the first segment in the Central Valley.

    The first section is in the area where it’s least needed.

    Great. They’re building the Train to Nowhere. That’s gonna be one hell of a “legacy” Governor Moonbeam…

  8. Yeah, the central valley has been fighting against HSP ‘cuz of the agriculture people hate trains going through their fields. The environmentalists are strangely silent.

    The politicos, which I just heard officially passed the stupid money pit, don’t care what the people say. We’re but children that know not what is best for them.

  9. When I was in the third grade, a hundred years ago, I remember riding the passenger train from Tulare to Fresno. That line has been nothing but freight now for 40 years or so.

    I’m with you Lee. I don’t see people from Pixley clamoring for HSR to visit their relatives in Pumpkin Center, either.

  10. A more long lasting specific link.

  11. Troika? A troika of Republicans? He really said that. Wotta dick.

  12. From what I understand, Corcoran figures heavily in the first phase.

    The main population in Corcoran involves a state prison, including Charles Manson….

  13. One of my cousins works there. She teaches English as a second language to Spanish speaking murderers and thugs. There is another pretty large prison in Dinuba, I think, or Delano. I guess if you want to go visit your incarcerated loved ones, you’ll be able to do it in short order on HSR.

    I see the line terminates in San Fancisco. Anywhere near San Quentin? It’s too far from Folsom, I think. You could make a regular tour of the State and Federal prison system on the thing.

  14. It’s getting nearer the time when the rest of the country will assume Californians are becoming serious about their State when they observe Californians are starting to metaphorically shoot the pols who’ve killed the Golden goose.

  15. the metal thieves in the central valley will be able to get to the scrap yards faster. win-win

  16. Delano. There’s also a big one in Avenal, and a federal prison in Mendota.

    I guess they feel safe with them surrounded by sections of cotton or whatever.

  17. The wommins get stuck out in the desert at Sybil Brand and in the mountains of Tehachapi. Tehachapi was infamous in the 40s for its all-starch diet.

    The prison industry is a big one for the state. I’m all for putting their asses to work breaking rocks, stamping license plates or sewing towels all for 12 hours a day or so. No teevee, no weight rooms, no shooting hoops. Everyone would wear those shapeless gray pants and shirts and a cap. No beards or long hair, either.

    Honor farm could clear brush and pick up trash on the chain gang. They all like being in a gang, right? Anyone caught with tattooing kits gets their prison ID number tatted on their arm. If prison wasn’t fun and where you got to meet up with your old pals (and/or relatives) maybe we’d have fewer takers and the rest of us could sleep easier.

  18. For a minute there I thought that maybe Illinois was going to win this particular race but Cali is coming back strong.

  19. Speaking of Illinois, bh. Whassup with JJ, Jr.? I say he’s in rehab, hiding from the summons servers.

  20. I think someone tipped him that he’s under serious investigation for trying to buy Obama’s old seat when he thought he was in the clear already.

    Maybe Blago decided he’d like to shave off a few years now that he knows he can’t beat the rap entirely?

  21. I wondered if any Investigators have offered Blago a deal if he sings. He has to know where all the bodies are buried. He could spill about JJ and his brothers beer distributorships. That whole thing is hinky as hell. Also, he knows all the players around the Wonce. He could get rich, get sprung, take Patti and the girls and vanish off to a nice house in the south of France.

    Honestly, I was quite surprised that he’s actually gone to jail. I expected him to die in a hail of bullets on the courthouse steps or to walk.

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