June 23, 2012

When law-abiding citizens have guns … [Darleen Click]

… lives are saved.

A 14-year-old Phoenix boy shot an intruder who broke into his home while brandishing a gun as the teenager watched his three younger siblings, police said.

The teen and his brothers and sisters were at home alone at their residence at 55th Avenue and Baseline when a woman rang the doorbell Friday. The teen didn’t open the door because he didn’t recognize her, Police Officer James Holmes said Saturday.

Soon after, the teen heard a bang on the door, rushed his siblings upstairs and got a handgun from his parent’s bedroom. When he got to the top of the stairs, he saw a man breaking through the front door and point a gun at him.

The boy shot the 37-year-old man, who is in critical condition but expected to survive and be booked into jail.

Holmes said the suspect did not get a shot off. He declined to release his name until he is booked into jail.

The woman who rang the home’s doorbell got away.

Bravo to this teen and his parents.

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  2. Too bad the kid didn’t panic and empty the gun because he was in fear of his life, if you know what I mean.

    Still, excellent presence of mind to get his siblings out of the way like that. I’m not sure if Arizona is a castle doctrine state, but I hope so for the kid’s sake.

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  4. ~mmmm~home all alome….jess’ me and the radio….

    ~an’ mah Smith and Wesson……

  5. The NRA magazine has eight or ten stories like this a month. My favorites are when some 86 year old granny gets a few rounds into the home invaders.

    I feel bad for the kid, he’ll probably be traumatized a bit even though I’m sure he’s getting lots of slaps on the back. Probably should get some counseling like the cops do when one of’em shoots someone.

  6. Newrouter’s link scares the beejeezus out of me. That is NOT America I see represented, even though it is.

  7. Wow. There’s an add for Calibex assault pressure suits displaying. Is this a security/mercenary blog site now?

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  9. – Related – From a very “burried” HuffPo piece:

    “Last month, President Obama signed a bill to name Terry’s Border Patrol station in Bisbee after him. The gesture is unlikely to end the controversy or the pain of his killing.”

    – They’re going to call it “What’s his name” station?

  10. Thanks for moving that link to this thread, nr.

    I thought punishing slaves was bad… silly me. Next they’ll be trading us to Kenya for mo’ betta specimens.

  11. I don’t think confiscating property is right or legal, but looking at the actual court documents it does look like the gun dealers might not be as innocent as portrayed.


    Just sayin’.

  12. Apparently there’s been testimony backing up the Reeses’ version of events. And I know you realize indictment filings are designed to make the targets look guilty as hell.