June 15, 2012

The cynical political pander of the Sierra Madre [Darleen Click]

Posted by Darleen @ 8:16pm

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  1. This isn’t about amnesty, folks. If the President can “dictate” whatever he wants…then, my friends, we are living in a dictatorship.

    Methinks it’s time to light a fire under the Congress to reign in the power of all of these “regulatory agencies” that Obama is using to dictate his wants. Appeal to the Congesscritters’ addiction to power and have them re-take the power that was given to them in the Constitution.

  2. The-Disrespecter-in-Chief demands our respect. Where would he ever have got the idea he didn’t have it?

  3. “i will not comply”

  4. Mr. Emperor is nekkid and he’s got a baby dick.

  5. He flashed his Emperor eyes for a nano-second there at that soulless reporter though. Wonder whether any of his lovers caught a glimpse?

  6. – Hey McGehee…..Think if Nik stumbles tonight they’ll rename it Wallenda falls?

  7. Somebody ought to photoshop Obama into a Judge Dredd costume.

  8. He’s just in over his head.

  9. Appeal to the Congesscritters’ addiction to power and have them re-take the power that was given to them in the Constitution.

    Steve King says he’s suing. No need for the addiction to power stuff. Just principles.

  10. – Why do I have a feeling his next executive order will be to add work permits as an acceptable ID for voting?

  11. BBH

    listening to coverage, I heard the talking heads saying stuff like now these poor kiddies will be able to get work permits and driver’s licenses

  12. lift the shadow of deportation

    lower a shadow of dictatorship

  13. – Darleen, if Nik falls do you think he’ll be missed?

  14. Ok. That whole circus was perhaps the finest example of media hyped product exposure Ad time in the history of TV.

  15. Given all the executive over reach I doubt congress will actual do anthing though I will send a strong message to my reps.

  16. – Expect a skit on SNL tonight, where Wallenda gets to the Canadian side and gets checked for a work permit, and having none, gets denied entry and has to walk back on the wire to the US.

  17. TRHein, exactly what the fuck can Congress really do about it?

    They can’t impeach the SCOAMF, or his minions; there are and will be for the foreseeable future, 34 Copperheads / RINOs who will be willing to violate their own oaths of office and refuse to confirm impeachment (or override his vetoes).

    Even if, by some miracle, the House actually votes out appropriations bills directing how the money will be spent or not spent, the Senate wouldn’t pass them, and more importantly, the check-writers and printing presses would keep going and Obama would do what he wants. How could you stop them? and why should anyone getting them think they wouldn’t spend?

    Take him to court? He’s just the bozo to actually pull a Jackson and dare the Justices to enforce it. See my remarks on impeachment above.

    The only hope we have short of a general conflagration is that one or more members of the military / armed agencies actually remember their oaths and remove the SOB. Our government ultimately depends on having reasonably honest people involved; it is inadequate otherwise.

  18. This is deciding “what” part of a law to enforce and on who. It’s just a waiver like they did with Obamacare. No big deal for a progressive.

    The whole of their governmental system is that all decisions will be made by a skilled bureaucrat. Our Bureaucrat-in-Chief just made one like the many, many he has done before.

  19. If he can do this, it just depends on what your meaning of “faithfully” is.