June 6, 2012

what the Walker win tells us about the political mood of the nation going forward

Nothing.  Now shut up and pay your fair share so that public sector union employees don’t have to.  Racists.



update:  line of the night goes to BMoe, who answers the progressive talking point “explaining” their loss:  “Makes me nostalgic for the good old days of 2008 when raising more money than you opponent proved how popular you were.”

I should add that owning the entirety of the press and academia — and having them agitate for your cause free of charge, using the phony cover of dispassion and objectivity — would in a reasonable world be factored into the money equation.  But it won’t be.  Because that’s just how “progressives” roll.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 8:50am

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  1. A big takeaway from this is that the left inspired conservative organizing in WI, and in turn left a well oiled conservative political apparatus up and running just in time for the general election.

  2. Here’s a nice nugget of information to mull over today…

    In 2010, Scott Walker pulled in 1,128,941 votes.
    In yesterday’s recall election, the “unpopular” governor landed 1,331,076 votes.

    That’s a net gain of more than 200,000 votes — a resounding victory for Walker and conservative fiscal responsibility.

  3. It’s hard not to hope, to urge, to encourage, to applaud, to commend to the Leftists and Democrats to stay the course, hew the line, stay on message, believe in their story with all their believing might (whichever story is operative at the moment). It’s working very well.

  4. I like the rationalization that they lost because they were outspent. It kind of assures that they’ll lean nothing of value from this that will aid them in subsequent battles.

  5. Heh, see that right there Abe (calling the left’s true perception of the causes of their loss last night mere “rationalization”) seems to me counterproductive to their (our) aims. On the contrary, at this doubt-stricken moment they need comforting that they’re on the right road, not uncertainty inducing skepticism. Bastard.

  6. I’m not sure it’s really wise to encourage the Left to continue shitting all over everything. Too many of them take it literally.

  7. But you say that like it’s a bad thing Squid!

  8. I shall keep my own counsel as to what I think last night means for November. Five months is a long time, and the spark of cognition might evolve in the proglodyte brain before then — but not soon enough to evolve them into contributing citizens before the election. That’s when they’re most dangerous.

  9. The important thing now is that the people of Wisconsin realize that, when they go to vote this November, they have a civic responsibility to punish the Democrats at the polls for this expensive and wasteful abuse.

  10. Insty isn’t helping any, acting like he’s on the other side citing Mickey Kaus and urging the Left take account of the Bradley effect. What the Democrats need most is more cowbell— uh, I mean: Obama! Blitz the waves! Firm the hate love!

  11. I’m hearing anecdotes today from people with lefty relatives and we can all rest assured that they have learned nothing.

  12. . . . we can all rest assured that they have learned nothing.

    Heh. Sighs of relief, since even Limbaugh was intent on letting the cat out of the bag from the drop. And seems dedicated to devoting his entire show today to reinforcing those ideas. Would he saw fit to keep it to himself, since we know Media Matters is listening in.

  13. Great quote by BMoe. I linked it around a few places. I also put it linked to my victory posts.

    OT but sad news here: http://evilbloggerlady.blogspot.com/2012/06/rip-ray-bradbury.html

  14. – Can’t imagine the chaos swiring through Camp Bummblefuck today. Thr WH phonr bill wukk spike to historic highs this month. Thr scrreaming will be heard across the Potomac bridge.

    – Messages sent load and clear to the faithful:

    1) “I want all of my subjects to know that yesterday was neccessary to protect your fearless leader, and an example of what we can achieve if you stay the course and cover my ass.”

    2) “Fix the thingamajig on your furnace.”

    3) “Shut up bitches, stop snivling, and send money.”

  15. I don’t think they’re coming out of those cocoons voluntarily regardless of anything we say, sdferr. Their own people are too dedicated to offering them soothing fictions.

  16. To the extent I’ve been serious playing this idea out (not so very, but still . . .) I’ve got their reassuring backs bh. More soothing, more fiction, more cocooning say I. It’s good for the socialist soul, and what’s good for the socialist soul, as the socialists like to tell us, is good for us all. I say we take them at the word. Yes indeedy.

  17. I sometimes do worry when we speak openly about the ways they work against their own goals.

    It feels like huddling up too close to the opponent in football.

  18. They assume we’re lying to them, just like the helpful, pragmatic, objective, disinterested observers in the media lie to Republicans about the importance of moderation, bi-partisanship and a spirit of willing compromise.

    To say nothing about about the power of the all-holy independent voters.

  19. – Romneybama scored a 15 mill donation to his campaign yesterday from a single donor. At this rate, and if Bumbblefuck continues to crap where he eats, maybe we can skip the election alrogether, just name him prez. by national acclaim and let him contribute his billion plus election fund toward the debt as his first act in office.

    – Ok. Maybe thats a little too much gloat.

  20. It feels like huddling up too close to the opponent in football.


    I think: how will Scott Walker follow up his electoral victory as he refocuses on governing his State? He’ll patiently, collegially hold his backyard cookout with his fellow lawmakers, explaining to them the rationality of tackling the serious problems which lay before them all, thus doing his part to educate even the Democrats in Wisco how to improve their own electoral prospects. It’s only up to the Democrats to listen and take Walker’s teaching to heart. Impossible? Maybe. But then again, maybe not.

  21. Hear an echo of Simonides in there? Funny thing, huh?

  22. – I don’t know how deep Obama’s display of fickleness will dishearten the faithful nationally, but I can tell you that here last night the few Dems that survived to make the runoffs, none of whom bested their Rep opponents in vote count, are scared shitless, and trying to jump on conservativr cause bandwagons wiley nilly.

  23. Stupid criminals make for stupid cops. Stupid democrats make for stupid republicans. This is how we get a Romney as the standard bearer.

  24. Nothing changes in the hearts of the evil. Darning needle, dragonfly! Bind his lips so he can’t speak! RIP Ray Bradbury!

  25. Megyn Kelly was just talking with two labor “leaders” and both of them were bitch-facing about how they were out-spent and that the jobs numbers in Wisco cited by Ms. Kelly “were just a number. I can give you ten other numbers that say different! What about that jobs that got took? (sic)”

    Good times.

  26. Remember, per Friedman, we need to change the political climate so that even the wrong people do the right thing.

  27. If only I’d spent my youth preaching Marxism and harassing my political enemies with explosive devices. If that were the case, I’d be perfectly positioned today to set up a media consultancy to soak up the sweet, sweet Lefty donations in the service of Getting The Word Out.

    Guess I’ll have to teach the next generation how to bomb people for success and fun. Keep them from wasting their lives on hard work and learning, the way I have.

  28. “Union Members” is a slippery term. It includes those folks (I’ll take a wild stab and say, oh, 38% of them) forced into the union and used as cash cows.

    They be gone now, Mistah Kurtz.

  29. Fer sure, mojo. Back when I was a young’un I worked as a waitress in a number of union establishments. You joined or you didn’t work there. I saw no benefit to it then and none now.

  30. Jun 06 2012
    Chambliss Demands Inquiry Into Attacks Against Conservative Commentators
    Sends letter to Attorney General Eric Holder about recent “SWAT-ting” incidents

    Chambliss Demands Inquiry Into Attacks Against Conservative Commentators

    Sends letter to Attorney General Eric Holder about recent “SWAT-ting” incidents


  31. Thank you, Sen Chambliss! Not that I expect Eric the Red to drop everything and go after Kimby & Co, but at least somebody on the Hill is acknowledging this stuff.

  32. The Wisco Dems scheduled their convention for this weekend, btw. We should hear quite a bit about the current state of their thinking shortly.

    If you feel like a mid-week laugh, check out the .pdf file of their platform. If you want another laugh, they’ll formally endorse Tammy Baldwin (currently one of the most liberal members of the House) as their candidate for the open Senate seat. Heh.

  33. Man, what I wouldn’t give to be the Maalox/Xanax vendor at the convention center this weekend…

  34. Heh. Sighs of relief, since even Limbaugh was intent on letting the cat out of the bag from the drop. And seems dedicated to devoting his entire show today to reinforcing those ideas. Would he saw fit to keep it to himself, since we know Media Matters is listening in.

    Psy-ops. They’ll never admit the possibility that Limbaugh could actually be correct about anything, what with all the extreme racist bigot Xtian wingnuttery and all.

    Have Rush go out there and honestly tell them exactly what they did wrong, and how to fix it, and you guarantee they’ll do anything but that.

  35. bh, those links are a laugh riot. I love all the strike throughs and agitprop language.


  36. Was on the road (well, in the air would be more accurate) today, so late to the party. Good victory, hell, great victory. And …
    It’s one battle among many to win the war. Last night Levin was emphasizing that we really have to win all the elections for a generation in order to get this ship turned around.
    But it was still a great night.

  37. sanfrannan set back

    Spin aside, Tuesday’s election was somewhat sobering for the Democrats, who saw a couple of their favored candidates fail to make it to the November runoff.

    The most serious Democratic setback was in Southern California’s 31st Congressional District, where two Republicans survived the “top-two” primary system and will face each other in November while Democrat Pete Aguilar failed to make the cut.

    In the San Joaquin Valley’s 21st Congressional District, the anointed Democrat, Blong Xiong, also didn’t make it into the runoff, improving Republican David Valadao’s chances.

    The authoritative Rothenberg Political Report, in an extensive, district-by-district rundown on California, concluded Wednesday that Democratic chances of big gains in California have dimmed markedly.

    “With President Obama running at the top of the ticket,” Rothenberg said, “California is a critical state. But Yesterday’s primary results suggest that Democratic prospects in the state are dimming.

    Read more here: http://blogs.sacbee.com/capitolalertlatest/2012/06/democrats-chances-of-big-california-congressional-gains-dim.html#mi_rss=Latest%20News#storylink=cpy

  38. They’ve been saying all morning Prop 29 (cig tax) was defeated, now they just reported it was too close to call with less than 1% advantage, and it would probably come down to provisional ballots.

    They’re going to count those tomorrow or something…

  39. It’s going to be a couple of days, Lee. They are going to count absentee ballots, then no doubt make you vote on it again.

  40. There was terrible turnout in California. They estimated Fresno Co. had 17%. 24% statewide.

    California conservatives are a very dispirited lot since the 2010 election I think. California got the parasite Enviromentialus, and we got it bad. Our Republican governor acted like the nasty little critter was beneficial, and our current Democrat is no better. In fact, moonbeam seems to have a cure for Enviromentialus, but he’s hoarding it for his own personal train.

    At this point, I’m just waiting for the parasite to kill the host, and let the humble inherit a pretty wilderness.

  41. Stupid spellcheck! Enviromentialus is supposed to be Environmentanus.

    My apology’s.

  42. Turn off the spellcheck. Misspellings equal new words!

  43. Did the GOP hold the Wisconsin Senate?

  44. Dear 46,

    Fuck you.



  45. BT – The Dems won the single seat, but its only a one seat majority, and a good number of the blue dog Dems are mostly on Walkers side, so its not the big deal the demolished Proggs want to claim.

    – He should be able to get things done.

  46. Did the GOP hold the Wisconsin Senate?

    also they’re not back in session til 2013

  47. From the WI Democrat platform bh linked:

    Our goal is a government and an electoral process free of the corrupting influences of money and power.

    I gotta tell you I could get behind the goal of a government free of money and power.

    I like that idea a lot.

  48. Tea party outwrassles the Kool-Aid party in Wisconsin! Again!


    Oh YEAH! I did that AND I bought the T-shirt!

  49. Best line on the recall: How Scott Walker Helped Unions and Democrats Tonight … He has liberated them from the soothing illusion that they are popular, and that the public agrees with them.

  50. I don’t know B Moe, that qualifier “corrupting” my be misleading. The left can’t be corrupted you see, ‘cuz of the good intentions.

    Decoded, I think that means government free of compitition.

  51. So: WisDems support the right of workers to bargain collectively. No one has taken that away; what has been taken away is the state’s prior willingness to help the unions strap one on, take down its own pants and underwear, and beg for an ass-raping.

  52. From the comments at Pablo’s link:

    “What the FUCK is wrong with you stupid idiot voters” is not a way to regain their support.
    I’m just saying

    Ixnay in the uddle-hay Mister!


    In the extended version of that video the dude breaks down and repeatedly yells:


  53. – These people are mentaly ill, and its our fault for making them feel bad.

    – Nimrod.

  54. “What the FUCK is wrong with you stupid idiot voters”

    Nuttin’s wrong widdus. We just kicked your loser asses in anelection. We’re fine. Now we’re gonna go have us some beers n’ celebrate. Bye. Don’t cry too much now you gassy failboats. You’re eyes’ll get all red and I know how much you hate seein’ dose red states and red counties all around you not givin a crap about your threats and whinin’.

  55. Holy shit, that video was funny. I used to do parodies like that, but the real thing performed without irony is so much more delicious.

  56. “You’re” as a possessive = EVIL.

  57. I think someone should take that campaign ad of a fake Paul Ryan throwing “grandma off of a cliff” and put it to use as a torment for hyper-partisan leftist youtube flakes.

    They should replace grandma with a jib-jab like exaggerated flash animation of whatever any dumb leftist does this week that looks like total fail.

    Have a smiling Joe Biden babbling about “we have dreams too, these rich people don’t know us!” and fake Paul Ryan dumps him off a cliff.

    Have this crybaby “democracy is dead” guy whining and fake Paul Ryan wheels him off the cliff.

    If Obama loses the election then fake Paul Ryan wheels him off the cliff while he babbles about hope and change. To make it fun ramp up the speed.

    Make the Dems sorry that they ever came up with that video.

    Turn ‘fake Paul Ryan’ into the new “Keyboard Cat” of stupid leftist politics on youtube.

  58. OK, who noticed the little “Koch Brothers” sign on the printer to his right rear, basically opposite the tambourine?

  59. I’ve noticed introspection is not a progg strong-suit.

  60. yo dudes

    We shall go on to the end, we shall mock them fight in France, we shall mock them fight on the seas and oceans, we shall mock them fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be, we shall mock them fight on the beaches, we shall mock them fight on the landing grounds, we shall mock them fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall mock them fight in the hills; we shall never surrender

  61. Good catch Pablo,

    I guess the Miller high life wasn’t quite enough “man of the people” street cred!

    Well since he’s gonna vote Romney I guess it proves bh’s huddle secrets theory
    He’s been listening in and he knows how to hurt us;)

  62. The Miller High life comment was mine. I also added the LEAVE BRITTANY ALONE comment, following Danger’s lead.

  63. – “…Ten dollars an hour and we’ll all be fucked….”

    – Hey you Marxist duechebag, I’m taking a wild guess that the 45+ million unemployed would give thier left nut, or tit, for a 10 dollar an hour job right about now.

    – These indoctrinated lunitics will go to their pauper graves believing the world owes them a living.

  64. Miss wide nostrils with the Lucy Little pig-sprouts need to figure out what when even CNN admits that some leftist goal is over, then IT’S PRETTY DAMNED OVER.

  65. Pippy Longstocking’s gonna make that CNN busdriver pay!

  66. I’m actually surprised at how much I’m still enjoying this a day later. These videos are fantastic.


  68. At this point it might be a good idea to review Han Solo’s advice as it applies to Krauthammer’s Law — “Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil.” If you believed you were in a battle against the forces of evil, would you hesitate to cheat whenever and wherever possible?

    It’s unlikely that the Left will learn to change their ways from this recall, so we’d best remember their ways. They’re self-righteous true believers. Thus, there’s nothing too underhanded, nothing beyond the pale. They’ve got a messiah to reelect and they’ll pull out every dirty trick they know to get ‘er done.

    And now they’ve received a wake-up call. Now they know they can be beaten and I’m betting they’ll spend the next six months pulling out all the stops. Legions of the dead shall rise again, truckloads of absentee ballots shall be requested, they’ll vote early and they’ll vote often. The unions, the Occupiers, the NBPP, and the organizations formerly known as ACORN and JournoList will be on high alert.

    We’ve won a battle, winning the war is not a sure thing.

  69. I like winning. It is like that scene in “The Two Towers” when Theoden takes up his sword, looks at it, and then looks over at Wormtongue.

    ‘Buddy, a reckoning is due, but I doubt you’ll like the final tally.’

  70. “The Miller High life comment was mine.”


    I’m betting careful study of that video will reveal more examples of that winking iconographic code you identified.

    Maybe a Kilroy was here drawing or something.


  72. Pablo

    I really couldn’t stand the first video more than a couple of minutes. I really wanted to slap that guy silly.

    The second one is a hoot … what woman, who wants to be considered a serious adult, is running around in pigtails and polka dots and whining about being sad? Good lord.

  73. Tasty Kossack Rage.

    Props to Moe Lane for wiring the detonator:

    I would like to offer these words of comfort. When you progressive/liberal/Democratic activists look back on your quest to begin the Wisconsin recall movement, I want you to appreciate the amazing amount of work that you spent on it. You called. You networked. You wrote letters and blog posts. You contributed to opposition groups. You reached out, and found people just like you, and you banded together to fight. You marched, and you stormed the state capital, and you were arrested. And you kept going, and calling, and struggling, and you put your time, your money, and every atom of your being on the line. For some of you, this was your finest moment. You fought for this. You fought so hard for this.

    Oddly enough, I didn’t do any of that, but I won anyway. That’s because you suck, and I don’t.

  74. – Its all great, no doubt, but I won’t feel America is back to some sort of sanity until the little “I voted” sticker I get is in English instead of Chinese.

  75. And in a really River in Egypt moment … Charles Johnson is desperately spinning that the Tweets of death threats against Scott Walker cannot be ascertained as coming from Leftists. I mean, he went and looked at their accounts and doesn’t see anything that these guys are into politics.

    Really, they must be secret Republicans and rightwingers that are issuing death threats against a Republican Governor.

    Jesus, just when I think His Lord Lizard Brain couldn’t humiliate himself anymore …

  76. Darleen, I watched every second of it. I wanted to bottle his sadness and sprinkle it from here to November.

  77. “I really couldn’t stand the first video more than a couple of minutes”


    Go back and your patience will payoff, the dude starts talking about Robocop later in the video. I’m thinking this ones a lock for the Pulitzer!.

  78. Exclamations with periods are extra emphatic!.

  79. Hey! Here’s a little tune for their sing-along: “You don’t wanna work, you wanna live like a king, but the big bad world doesn’t owe you a thing! Get over it!”

  80. Comment from the second video, but it works for both: “I think this counts? as the lamentation of the women.” :D

  81. – Darleen, I haven’t been back to Lord lizard breaths site since the Iraqi bloggers scam he tried to run.

  82. BBH

    I heard about this 3rd hand and had to see for myself. The asswipe is such a laughing stock.

  83. Bach – St. Matthew Passion, BWV 244 – Part One


  84. “And in a really River in Egypt moment … Charles Johnson is desperately spinning that the Tweets of death threats against Scott Walker cannot be ascertained as coming from Leftists. ”

    Bring up the ‘No True Scotsmen’ field! Full Power!


    Damn it. That was close!

    Those unpleasant inconvenient realities almost made it past our insulating safety vacuole! They might have invalidated our manufactured universe and forced us to realize that we are nothing but self righteous hypocritical bigoted pricks who fail to meet any of the high standards for conduct that use to try and intimidate and discredit others! It’s a good thing that we are on the right side of history just because we SAY we are. Wisconsin has ALWAYS been a corrupt, backward, racist, god-bothering, Freeper Wingnut shit hole wholly owned by the Koch brothers anyway. We never had a chance there. They don’t care about reason or fairness. Forward!

  85. – The tsunami rolls on – Fummigating the nest where they live….


  86. The second one is a hoot … what woman, who wants to be considered a serious adult, is running around in pigtails and polka dots and whining about being sad? Good lord.

    It is a major step up from a loincloth.

    Another couple years they are going to be hooting and throwing rocks at an eclipse, trying to keep the Kock brothers from stealing the sun.

  87. Hey! Here’s a little tune for their sing-along: “You don’t wanna work, you wanna live like a king, but the big bad world doesn’t owe you a thing! Get over it!”

    I think “I’d like to find your inner child and kick its little ass.” may be the finest lyric ever produced b y the Eagles.

  88. WTF??? Newrouter, is Kimberlin running the Zimmerman trial?

  89. She can threaten all she wants. Dershowitz can say anything about her that he likes. Academic freedom, bitches!

  90. Loved this piece by WRM

    The tribes of the left danced and rallied in the streets of Madison. They knocked on doors. They staffed phone banks. They passed fliers. They organized on social media. They picketed. They sang. They brought in the celebrities and the stars; they marched seven times around the city blowing the trumpets and beating the drums. They hurled invective; they booed; they cheered.

    And they failed.

    For labor, this was a key test of strength and clout. Scott Walker attacked the American labor movement where it lives: the public sector unions are the only bright spot in the dismal world of modern American unions. They have the growth, they have the money, they have — or they had — the hope.

    Seems the Left now owns the definitive entry for ‘dismal failure’. Having temporarily supplanted McCain and the GOP.

  91. Angela Corey once dated Judge Cornelius Vaughey. Spent time in the back of his truck, or so I’ve heard.

  92. Charles Krauthammer gets off a better-than-his-average summary column today on the significance of the Wisconsin political fight.

    The unions’ defeat marks a historical inflection point. They set out to make an example of Walker. He succeeded in making an example of them as a classic case of reactionary liberalism. An institution founded to protect its members grew in size, wealth, power and arrogance, thanks to decades of symbiotic deals with bought politicians, to the point where it grossly overreached. A half-century later these unions were exercising essential control of everything from wages to work rules in the running of government — something that, in a system of republican governance, is properly the sovereign province of the citizenry.

    The implications of creating institutions within government which stand toward the people as no more than another “special interest” group have been profound and devastating to American politics. While I suppose the fight will go on for years yet, the well established rationale is becoming plainer by the day, such that even the most inattentive dolts can grasp the kernel. Hence the prospects of ultimate success are very good indeed.

  93. The Wonce is speechifying about how we need to encourage the European Union to bail our Greece.

    Also our economy is just fine!