June 5, 2012

Ok, really, I know, gloating is just wrong … [Darleen Click]

… but, what the hell, this made me giggle in a most unseemly manner …

I’ll repent tomorrow.

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  1. Hope & change, brother.

    Head for home. Mom’s got milk and graham crackers for you.

    Just don’t eat them in the basement.

  2. I intend to gloat. A lot.

  3. how much do you owe to the edu/banker/gov’t cartel?

  4. Transit of Venus, me hearties, Transit of Venus.

    Three minutes to its last contact point and counting.

  5. There’s a little black spot on the sun today…

  6. – Watching the Marxorats eat their own tails will be gloat worthy, ESPECIALLY with these bastards.

  7. Just for the funny.

  8. – Chortling and giggling even. Maybe a few snorts and gaffaw’s, with a side slap or two, thrown in.

    – The rending of clothes, tearing of hair, and hysterical shouts of “we’re all fucked”, just adds to the sweet, sweet sound of victory.

  9. Over this side of the pond, the Guardian continues the recent tradition of picking the wrong horse in a vote:

    “There is no masking the fact that their defeat is a bitter blow. Before the recall they could claim that Walker ran on false pretences and people did not know what they were getting. Now he has a record and the people of Wisconsin voted for it anyway.”

    Awwww, they would have got away with it Gary, if it hadn’t been for those pesky ki… err, grown ups.

    Still, it’s nice to see that some of the bloom has come off the Chosen One:

    “Wisconsin radicals could have been waiting for him until the cows in this dairy state came home. He wasn’t coming. The fierce urgency of now had given way to the tepid ambivalence until November. He could have sent Joe Biden as a show of solidarity. Instead they kept their distance.”

  10. – Only in the surreal, moonbeams and Unicorn world of the mentally ill Left, would supporters call for their opponents baseless indictment simply because they lost an election.

    – Maybe Progressives should stay away from politics altogether for the sake of whatever mental health they have left, if any.

  11. “There’s a little black spot on the sun today…”

    Ah, so you enjoyed watching the transit of Venus too! And the massive Wisconsin recall fail.

  12. Doofus: The end of the USA as seen by public sector unions with ties to international socialism ENDS TODAY! Now…somebody…they might FIRE ME if I fuck up or don’t show up for work. It’s the end man. Democracy died today.

    Normal person: Err…this is a republic. It was NEVER A democracy.

    DOofus: RACIST!

  13. Doofus: ” Nobody believed ANY of my hysterical fucking lies and cynical attempts at intimidation. They stood up to my shit. They stared me down. Democracy is DEAD! “

  14. Congrats San Diegans! Sanity returns!

    According to a tally of early ballots, Proposition A, which would bar the city from requiring Project Labor Agreements on municipal construction contracts, was leading with 59.8 percent of the vote.

    Proposition B, which would close the city’s debt-ridden pension system to most new employees, was being backed by 69.2 percent of voters.

    Supporters of Proposition A said they believe PLAs squeeze out nonunion contractors and force up prices on big projects.

    Even my liberal MIL supported these measures.

  15. – Knowing the percentages of the various parties , particularly here in San Diego, but really nationwide as well, this could signal that the Left has lost the lions share of Independent support, which if true, is the death knoll for the Progressive movement.

    – Theres a report that the number 2 Al Qaeda leader was nailed today in a drone attack. Somehow I don’t think Bummblefuck will enjoy the video all that much. He may be witnessing the reformation of America, but not in the way he dreamed of.

    – And yes, congrates to our hometown!

  16. “Democracy died tonight” he cries in anguish.

    Bless His (little, liberal, bleeding, crying) Heart.

    What’s the world coming to?

    Tee Hee.

  17. I wish I could be there to ask that hilariously ‘suddenly sober’ crybaby if he’d like to call me a racist, oil company funded, Kotch brothers stooge and teabagger in a hateful voice to try and cheer himself up.

  18. Nothing wrong with crushing your enemies and hearing the lamentations of their women and children.

    Who knew Conan was so right?

  19. – Ok, I refuse to link anthing at that rats nest of agitprop, Huffpo, but theres a report over there that apparently while Barret was walking the exit line of his supporters after his concession speech, a women in line asked him if she could slap him for conceeding. He responded saying a hug would be better, leaned over to her, and she nailed him across the face.

    – Progressive nimrods, the gift that keeps on giving.

  20. Makes me nostalgic for the good old days of 2008 raising more money than you opponent proved how popular you were.

  21. *hugs*

  22. I have watched that video at least five times, prolly another 20 or so more today.


  23. Democracy died? This is what democracy looks like.

  24. Democracy em-fucking-phatically affirmed.

    I typed that in a church, but not _during_ church. As if I could sneak one by, amiright?

  25. People speak of a sarcasm font (it’s Comic Sans, BTW). I want a gloating font.

  26. This will do as a gloating font. The ability to form actual words isn’t necessary.

  27. Buzzkill: It looks like Wanggaard lost WI21, so the Senate flips to Democrat control.

    bUT: They’re out of session. Until January. Which comes after November. When 16 seats will be up for grabs. And we’ll see how the new R redistricting works out.

    Probably, the Senate will never be in session with a D majority.

    Did I say buzzkill? I meant AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!

  28. The crying little twerp could at least try not to lie on air. Outspent 34 million to 4 million? I guess the money the labor unions poured into the race doesn’t count.

    Gad, nothing worse than a guy sniveling and crying like a hysterical little school girl.

    And I suspect the little douche is representative of mainstream “male” liberals.

  29. Just not recommended to be applied to anything you might eat.

  30. Mmmm.. Your tears are so yummy and sweet.. Looks like Scott Tenorman got his weiner bitten off after all…

  31. Sounds like the poor guy had a for whom the bell tolls moment. Shame he didn’t spend it in silence.

  32. I have to admit, that video warms the cockles of my heart…

  33. The election was bought? So was it bought when Obama outspent McCain 2 to 1? What a whining little girl.

  34. …But I feel fine.

  35. Looks like Ray Bradbury just needed to see Walker win again.

    Ray Bradbury dead at 91

  36. RIP, Ray, ya old lefty. He was kind of a cool weirdo. He actually lived his luddite bad self and refused to ride in cars. Took his bike everywhere, he did.

  37. Who knew Conan was so right?

    Genghis Khan

  38. The lamentation of their women indeed! :D