June 2, 2012

Obama trots out ‘Two Americas’ meme and declares one of them enemies of ObamAmerica [Darleen Click]

Unfreakinbelievable …

And if the tagline isn’t enough, here is one of images redolent of Obama’s contempt for the half of the citizenry who won’t roll over and expose their bellies …

Hail Obama, True American Leader!

Posted by Darleen @ 10:37am

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  1. Eh, it’s just amusing. Does anyone over the age of ten–and a particularly credulous ten, at that–not see through that nonsense?

  2. Talking about moral-less sociopaths: Obama’s America, we needed the money…

    He is really going John Edwards right after his justice department lost the case? Unfreakin believable!

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  4. Lil Barry is still the clear favorite on Intrade. Get you some Romney while you can.

  5. That second photo will confuse his base. They identify the image on the left as a noble deed and the image on the right as a sin against gaia.

  6. ObamAmerica is a stupid shrill America that can’t see what is right in front of it, and can see what isn’t there. ObamAmerica is energy poor. It is in debt up to its cowlick. It calls anything it doesn’t like racism. It steals from those who lend money to car companies in extralegal “surgery bankruptcy” proceedings. ObamAmerica is a suicide pact for uneducated idiots and the sick bastards who want to keep the idiots in pens like goats for their whole lives and use them as a battering ram to knock down any part of society that actually works.

    FUCK ObamAmerica. 3 and a half years of ObamAmerica has been WAY too long. End it this November. Before it ends you.

  7. he doesn’t look presidential he looks like a fucking scientologist

  8. Um, is it just me, or does that flag look like it’s being properly disposed of? Looks kind of like this to me.

  9. Cross the bridge to clarity eh? All we need is an image of volcano to stimulate our trauma engrams and we are good to go! Transynamics y’all!

  10. Excuse me, I’m not clicking any links. Are these people accusing us of being unpatriotic flag-burners now?

    This summer is indeed going to get real ugly.

  11. I agree, the overall effect strikes me as profoundly juvenile and far too many items were transparently mendacious. I’d expect better work from an average high school social studies class scripting mock ads.

    You have to wonder if they even focus tested this mess before throwing it online.

    It plays more like a cry for help than a serious attempt at shoring up the base.

  12. OBamAmerica has an unemployment problem. I say we go back to the previous America. Somebody burn that fuckin’ bridge down el quicko. It’s a socialist bridge to poverty, terror, and stupidity just like all the socialist bridges before it.

  13. Did they intentionally pick a photo of Obama where he looks confused?

  14. The bridge is incomplete and inefficient. Not sure he wants to use that as a symbol of his achievements.

  15. just say no to the baracky and his peeps

    Florida Will Defy Eric Holder On Foreign Voters

  16. Oh, the irony. He’s building bridges by drawing a sharp distinction between “Their America” and his America? Brilliantly self-refuting…..

  17. It’s a bridge made up of boarded up solar panel factories.

  18. It’s kind of like the bridge over the river Kwai; designed to splode while the train rolls over it.

  19. Does the bridge those Occupy retards – the ones our esteemed President supports – wanted to blow up look like the one in the pic?

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  21. I just want to observe that anyone who says that a weed is just a flower that hasn’t found it’s place yet has never grown a damn thing in their lives.

    Thank you.

  22. I would also like to condemn myself for typing it’s instead of its.

  23. There are two Americas, those Americans who think there are two Americas, and those who don’t.

    (Apologies to Donald Westlake.)

  24. I’m keeping an eye on you, dicentra.

  25. obamamerica is a failshit sort of country

  26. I’m keeping an eye on you, dicentra.

    Fine, but you can buy your own eye bleach.

  27. I agree with the assessment that this will confuse his base.

    A flag-burning is bad? Hell,, I thought that it was the highest form of patriotism. Being a definite sign of dissent to his followers.

    This one does not pass QA. REJECT!!

  28. There are three Americas, those Americans who think there are two Americas, and those who don’t.

    (Apologies to Al Gore.)

  29. I suppose since Obamamerica is hocked big time to China Obama can claim credit for building bridges.

  30. So their saying the road to recovery looks like empty?

  31. http://evilbloggerlady.blogspot.com/2012/06/new-jersey-democratic-politics-getting.html Democrats reveal themselves in New Jersey primary: Or New Jersey and Jews: Perfect together?

  32. EBL: Everyone involved is a Democrat, but I sure this nastiness is all the fault of those racist Republicans.


  33. I clicked to see “What This Man Has Done FOR America”, and NOTHING happened. Truth in advertising. Who woulda’ thought it of Obama?