May 29, 2012

And you thought justice was blind… [update]

“Aaron Worthing” / Aaron Walker was arrested after a hearing in MD for violating “peace order” against convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin. According to sketchy early accounts, Kimberlin claimed he’d received death threats as a result of Walker’s blogging about his past crimes and present activities.

As some of you will recall, I was able to obtain a legitimate order of protection against serial stalker Deb Frisch, who was posting the most vile material about my family, our lawyer, her lawyer, the judges in our case, etc — and yet it took her finally making threats against city officials in Oregon before she was arrested. The order I had against her was, it turns out, toothless: she simply sent a lawyer as her proxy and never set foot in CO herself, and law enforcement in Eugene had no interest in her violations of an out of state order.

Yet in this instance, an attorney who himself was wrongly accused of assault by Kimberlin, has been arrested for revealing the facts of his own harrowing encounter with an evidently well-connected domestic terrorist / con man and leftwing activist. That is, for telling the truth. Meaning that Kimberlin has once again proven he’s able to game the courts to do his bidding.

So. If the courts aren’t interested in justice, then what is left for us?

Answer: not to put our faith — or fate — in an increasingly politicized justice system. And that, my friends, is what’s coming next in this country.

update: Second-degree assault arrest?

This is absolutely surreal. And frightening.

Aaron is free for now.

And this+ seems a pretty good explanation of what actually happened. A summary of the whole proceeding can be found here.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 1:12pm

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  1. Bit of an update: Walker was arrested for second degree assault, which consisted of snatching Kiberlin’s iPad after Kimberlin illegally took his picture in the courthouse.

    I’d like to know how this peace order was made permanent after it had been overturned on appeal.

  2. Pablo,

    Because the judge is an idiot?

  3. Word to the wise: if you’re going to get brought up on charges anyway, why not just break the guy’s kneecaps?

  4. And so we enter the twilight zone of “rule of law”.

  5. I thought the process was the punishment. Adding actual punishment on top just seems unsportsmanlike.

    Bad form, Kimby. Bad form.

  6. As I’ve said previously, if anything happens to this guy, there is along line of suspects.

  7. That’s my best guess, Spiny.

  8. Also, Kimberlin had filed assault charges and they were nolle prossed (dropped by the DA) on 3/19, as per the transcript linked in my 1:44. Someone is an idiot, perhaps several someones.

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  10. A first hand account here. Court order here.

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  12. And you thought justice was blind….

    Attorney General Eric Holder, the IRS, and the liberal lawyers at the ACLU will brief several hundred pastors in the African American community on how to participate in the presidential election — which the Congressional Black Caucus chair expects will help President Obama’s campaign.


  13. You’re a better man than me Jeff. I’ve been reading up on this a bit and all it did was make me revisit the whole “death threat” and “violent nut” scene. I can’t help but think they arrested the wrong lawyer… and I know that’s wrong…

    Know it, but don’t really care…

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  16. The judge may not know the internet but he has troll-speak down.

    Placed Person Eligible for relief in fear of imminent serious bodily harm: COUNTLESS BLOGS EITHER THREATENING DEATH

    To paraphrase Hitchens, ‘To describe the order as hard to read would be a mistake; the order cannot be ‘read’ at all, in the strict sense of the verb. This is because it wasn’t written in any known language.’

  17. From Munsey’s account:

    Last portion of the trial, once the Judge decided he’d heard enough, came when Walker was asked, repeatedly, when does this all end? Judge cited his own upbringing in Brooklyn, where when guys had disagreements like these two did, somebody’d get picked up in a truck and they’d go have it out near the East River or words to that effect.

    Sounds like the judge and I aren’t really that far apart when it comes to matters of justice. I’d strongly recommend that all of Kimby’s targets take the honorable judge’s advice to heart. Also bear in mind our Glorious Leader’s advice: if the other guy brings a knife, you bring a gun.

  18. Also, by all accounts, Walker’s attorney was incredibly incompetent.

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  20. Squid, I think you nailed it. Oft-said and often true, “A lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client.”
    No way I’d try that, especially on something with criminal sanctions.
    I don’t know the whole story, but . . .

  21. Also, by all accounts, Walker’s attorney was incredibly incompetent.

    Walker’s attorney was Walker. He’s free now.

  22. Pablo, I know who was representing Walker. And as Abe Lincoln and RIRed have said, he had a fool for a client. He walked into that courtroom thinking that evidence, truth, and justice were on his side. He should have known better than that. He’s a lawyer, for Crissakes.

  23. Yeah, bad idea.

  24. As some of you will recall, I was able to obtain a legitimate order of protection against serial stalker — and yet it took her finally making threats against city officials in Oregon before she was arrested.

    So, who’d like to volunteer to SWAT the Montgomery County DA and leave a forensic trail pointing back to Kimby & Co?

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  26. …by all accounts, Walker’s attorney was incredibly incompetent.

    Walker entered that courtroom thinking he held a winning hand, when he a) didn’t know the rules of the game and b) failed to recognize that his opponent would never deal from an honest deck.

    Walker’s bona fide’s carried a strong presumption of honesty, while Kimberlin is a convicted felon (perjury no less.)

    Yet Kimberlin prevailed because Walker allowed himself to be gamed.

    Kimberlin may be a psycho/sociopath, but he’s an experienced one and he clearly chose his target well.

  27. “what did they tell you in Yale Law School about interrupting a judge?”

    Seems AW dug himself a pretty deep hole, then fell in it, then proceeded to cover said hole with his own faulty lawyering.

    Damn. What’s said about a fool and self-representation ?

  28. Never mind the part about not interrupting, did he really skip out on an earlier hearing?

  29. AW forgot that law isn’t about justice, it’s about winning.

  30. The most frustrating thing about this is the number of people treating it as if it’s a lone psycho wailing away at random.

    No, it’s not. Kimberlin got legal advice on how to structure his finances to avoid paying a penny in the damages he owes. He got legal advice in how to structure his “charities”. He’s getting hundreds of thousands of dollars of “donations” and is even getting tax dollars thanks to the State Department. He’s connected. He’s supported. Somebody sees him as useful.

    The Sturmabteilung was made up of thugs like Kimberlin — just more direct.

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  32. He too was once more direct but has “mellowed” with age.

    The political pull goes back at least to 1992 if not before.

  33. maybe kimberlin is baracky’s source for maui wowie

  34. kimberlin the sandra fluke for pot heads

  35. Hasn’t Carl Levin outlived his useful life as a Senator by now?

  36. Test

  37. Hasn’t Carl Levin outlived his useful life as a Senator by now?

    Yes, he has.

  38. Woo Hoo! I finally got off my lazy fingers and re-registered!

  39. Hasn’t Carl Levin outlived his useful life as a Senator by now?

    Selfridge is still open – so, not quite yet.

    (I admit, that is a very low bar.)

  40. did he really skip out on an earlier hearing?

    I believe Aaron says he was never notified of that hearing.

  41. Welcome back, Mikey!

  42. Hi, Mikey! I’ve been wondering where you went.

  43. But it appears that Walker was arrested in a new case (5D00279004) for Failure to Obey a Peace Order. The warrant was issued MAY 27, 2012.

    Looks like Kimberlin gamed the system again. He knows how the system works, particularly as it relates to these peace orders. He apparently filed a new claim that Walker violated the previously issued temporary peace order late last week. Those are processed immediately, and so over the weekend a commissioner seeing only the PC affidavit and the charges found probable cause and issued a warrant as a matter of course.

    No doubt Kimberlin advised the sheriff’s office that the subject of the brand new warrant was going to be in court this morning.

    More gaming by the jailhouse educated “lawyer”.

  44. More gaming by the jailhouse educated “lawyer”.

    Well, he got the Yale man thrown in the clink. Maybe Yale needs to throw their guys in cells for a while to get ‘game’?

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  47. From Popehat

    1. This is about everybody’s rights, not just the rights and interests of “conservatives” or any other political group. We need to transcend partisanship over this — conservatives need to transcend it because making this partisan will marginalize the situation, and liberals and others need to transcend it because this could happen to then.

    2. In that vein: don’t like the figures involved? Get the fuck over it, or don’t pretend to be serious about free expression any more. This could happen to you. It could happen in a context utterly unrelated to politics as you understand them. Brett Kimberlin is a remorseless and amoral psycho whose crazy is currently being expressed (and joined by others) along ideological lines, but he could just as easily be doing the same things under any other flag. Crazy stalking can happen to anyone for any reason. It could happen to you because you write about politics, or law, or movies, or comic books, or a zoning dispute in your neighborhood. So if you write this off because of whose ox is being gored this time, and who seems to care, you’re a fool. People who have read this blog for a while know me well enough to understand that I hold little in common with McCain, or Malkin, or even Patterico, all of whom have written about this. That’s irrelevant.

  48. The Pope’s Hat is full of shit. This is a partisan issue. They’re explicitly picking their targets for political reasons.

    If not — name the conservative equivalent to Kimberlin.

    I won’t wait.

  49. I’m a serious chessplayer; been so since I was 8 or 9 years old. This, what happened today in that courtroom, speaks of a combination of seriously bad moves. Who the hell grabs anything out of the hands of a man who has just won a significant victory by pushing nothing but pawns? And does so practically in sight of the judge and court officers, before the ink is even dry on the order?

    Seriously. Study the game as it went down. There’s a lesson to be learned from this, regardless of whatever emotions come with.

  50. jdw

    ok, I’m missing something … are you referring to the iPad thing? Can someone please explain how that even got INTO the courthouse? anything capable of taking pictures is banned from mine – including cell phones – for obvious reasons.

    That’s why the DA refused to file any assault charges over the iPad thing months ago.

  51. The Pope’s Hat is full of shit.

    Heh. !

  52. Did the iPad thing happen today? I’ll re-read the linked article; I read it to have happened today.

    Why else would AW be led away in ‘cuffs, today, if he didn’t pull some sort of emotional stunt, (again) today?

    And, if AW knew that a possible outcome of today’s court activities might result in ‘cuffs, why did he attempt to represent himself? He lost his cool once; did he really expect to maintain it today?

    He was much too close and emotional to even expect to be sharp enough to win this case.

  53. This is about everybody’s rights, not just the rights and interests of “conservatives” or any other political group.

    where was this guy when: unions trapped a boy in his parents house, death threats to wi repubs, occupy violence, the long list for the last 3 years. the both sides do it clowns are effin’ lying aholes

  54. the ipad thing was not a today thing

  55. Mr. Aaron was a lot hobbled by having a senile idiot coot for a judge Mr. jdw

  56. ok, jdw, I now understand …

    yes, AW’s peformance was *facepalm* worthy. Really, one either has to stay cool regardless of provocation or GET A FREAKING LAWYER and strap yourself down to the chair.

    It certainly didn’t help that the old fart in the judge’s robe thinks the 1st amendment is a combo fish appetizer that he knows will give him gas.

  57. OK, the iPad incident was earlier. From the swirly-hat guy…

    Fourth edit: McCain now reporting that Aaron was charged with “incitement.”

    If the ‘peace’ order was broadly-written, and the judge pre-judge-iced against and irritated with ‘Yale lawyers’, then this might be a valid ‘argument’ for AW’s slight incarceration. Not that I’m in agreement with the outcome, mind you; I’m just studying the tactics.

  58. OK. Someone enlightenment to me…how in the living hell does a Yale lawyer not have enough cash at his disposal to pay for an(other) attorney? Seems like that should’ve been the least of his worries!

  59. jdw

    IIRC the “incitement” has to do with AW’s blog post and how it lead to the Saturday Blogburst against poor cowering Kimberlin.

    You see, Judgey don’t know about no intertubes, so it can’t be freedom of speech under consideration.

  60. cruz – dewhurst runoff yea!

  61. Mr. Aaron has had some challenges with his health I believe Mr. jdw

  62. Well, damn, ‘feets. I hate to hear of that.

  63. No one would take his case pro bono? I’d think someone wanting some press as a freedom fighter would grab it up.

    Of course, he is in Maryland.

  64. Stepping back just a bit; if the Left can produce and weaponize as flawed a tool as Brett Kimberlin, and do such damage to ‘us’ with it as we’ve seen to date, how much chance do we have against a much slicker piece of work as, oh, O! ?

  65. The Pope’s Hat is full of shit. This is a partisan issue. They’re explicitly picking their targets for political reasons.

    I don’t think the Pope’s Hat is full of shit. I think he realizes that he and his buddies have their own asses hanging out in the breeze, and it’s only a matter of time before some OUTLAW! decides to make examples of them via Kimby-style harassment.

    I agree that it’s not the altruism he’d like it to come across as, but it’s still worthy advice, if only as a means of self-preservation.

  66. McGehee & Leigh – been lazy (and busy w/other stuff). Jeff knew I was there and saw Geoff and his missus a bit back.

    So this month was one of those months when I started putting things back in their places again – like me here. I can’t say that things won’t get hectic again, but I will comment – you are well-warned.

  67. Note: As a lawyer I am going to refrain from comment because I don’t actually know all of the facts of the hearing – what led to it, the course of the proceedings, the actual court rules – and so on. The state that this happened in is not my state. I don’t know enough to say anything helpful.

  68. Please read my 6:42. He would have been arrested no matter what went down in the court today.

    What is being set in motion is a twofer for the left. They are going to intimidate anyone who speaks against them and intimidate any lawyer who even thinks of defending them. That last especially as then everyone will be going into each proceeding alone.

  69. please nobody tweet kimberlin’s mom’s home address or pictures of babs streisand house or heinz’s estates.

  70. What is being set in motion is a twofer for the left.

    they want war. they’ll get it.

  71. Well then, that just leaves Col. Colt’s equalizer then, don’it?

  72. That was rueful irony. Law as the continuation of politics by other means never ends well.

    Just ask Cicero, or Sallust, orAppian, or Caesar-Hirtius, or any of their inumerable modern commentators.

  73. Law as the continuation of politics by other means never ends well.

    Holder to brief black pastors on campaign 2012

  74. Holder’s only doing that so they don’t screw up and lose their tax exempt status, nr.

    I heard it on the news.

  75. The Pope’s Hat is full of shit. This is a partisan issue. They’re explicitly picking their targets for political reasons.

    No. This started with a lefty, Seth Allen, who was being sued by Kimberlin for objecting to him. Aaron landed on the enemy list by helping Allen with his case. This is a Brett Kimberlin thing mainly, though the battle lines are forming along political lines. It’s a right vs. wrong thing.

  76. Aaron is also out of a job as is his wife, thanks to Kimberlin. See his Beck interview.

    Regardless, dude really needed to have a lawyer. And if he had had one the first time, the iPad incident would likely not have happened.

    National Bloggers Club is fundraising for him. Paypal option here.

  77. Tatum continued: “They believed them to be subhuman and that’s I think the same thing we think people are thinking here is that you know why would they even care about them because they’re not human.


    Face Eaten Off by Crazed Cannibal in Miami

  78. I like Aaron’s posts… overall.
    But when I heard he had a 28000 word post up about Kimberlin… and Patterico had some huge thing that was dwarfed by Aaron’s… well… no one wants to wade through 28000 words of lawyer bullshit without wanting to hang someone.
    I heard Aaron talked over the judge with a too many points etc. Aaron may be a lawyer, but you have to be used to working in court, with a judge. In short you need a defense lawyer with flexible skills, not some workers comp lawyer or whatever.
    Jeez… filibustering a judge = loser. In court, my lawyer kicks me on the ankle with when to stfu and lets me know when to button it.

    aaron should never have taken the law into his own hands (snatching the iPad) on camera no less.
    Doesn’t matter if he was right, he was in a place where the judge decides after reviewing the tape.. and you know what? The judge would probably say that yeah, taking a picture is wrong… but grabbing the iPad is more wrong, because the physical response is always punished disproportionately to the intellectual one (see white collar crime).

  79. Someone must have been telling lies about Josef K., he knew he had done nothing wrong but, one morning, he was arrested. Every day at eight in the morning he was brought his breakfast by Mrs. Grubach’s cook – Mrs. Grubach was his landlady – but today she didn’t come. That had never happened before. K. waited a little while, looked from his pillow at the old woman who lived opposite and who was watching him with an inquisitiveness quite unusual for her, and finally, both hungry and disconcerted, rang the bell. There was immediately a knock at the door and a man entered. He had never seen the man in this house before. He was slim but firmly built, his clothes were black and close-fitting, with many folds and pockets, buckles and buttons and a belt, all of which gave the impression of being very practical but without making it very clear what they were actually for. “Who are you?” asked K., sitting half upright in his bed. The man, however, ignored the question as if his arrival simply had to be accepted, and merely replied, “You rang?” “Anna should have brought me my breakfast,” said K. He tried to work out who the man actually was, first in silence, just through observation and by thinking about it, but the man didn’t stay still to be looked at for very long. Instead he went over to the door, opened it slightly, and said to someone who was clearly standing immediately behind it, “He wants Anna to bring him his breakfast.” There was a little laughter in the neighbouring room, it was not clear from the sound of it whether there were several people laughing. The strange man could not have learned anything from it that he hadn’t known already, but now he said to K., as if making his report “It is not possible.” “It would be the first time that’s happened,” said K., as he jumped out of bed and quickly pulled on his trousers. “I want to see who that is in the next room, and why it is that Mrs. Grubach has let me be disturbed in this way.” It immediately occurred to him that he needn’t have said this out loud, and that he must to some extent have acknowledged their authority by doing so, but that didn’t seem important to him at the time. That, at least, is how the stranger took it, as he said, “Don’t you think you’d better stay where you are?” “I want neither to stay here nor to be spoken to by you until you’ve introduced yourself.” “I meant it for your own good,” said the stranger and opened the door, this time without being asked. The next room, which K. entered more slowly than he had intended, looked at first glance exactly the same as it had the previous evening. It was Mrs. Grubach’s living room, over-filled with furniture, tablecloths, porcelain and photographs. Perhaps there was a little more space in there than usual today, but if so it was not immediately obvious, especially as the main difference was the presence of a man sitting by the open window with a book from which he now looked up. “You should have stayed in your room! Didn’t Franz tell you?” “And what is it you want, then?” said K., looking back and forth between this new acquaintance and the one named Franz, who had remained in the doorway. Through the open window he noticed the old woman again, who had come close to the window opposite so that she could continue to see everything. She was showing an inquisitiveness that really made it seem like she was going senile. “I want to see Mrs. Grubach …,” said K., making a movement as if tearing himself away from the two men – even though they were standing well away from him – and wanted to go. “No,” said the man at the window, who threw his book down on a coffee table and stood up. “You can’t go away when you’re under arrest.” “That’s how it seems,” said K. “And why am I under arrest?” he then asked. “That’s something we’re not allowed to tell you. Go into your room and wait there. Proceedings are underway and you’ll learn about everything all in good time. It’s not really part of my job to be friendly towards you like this, but I hope no-one, apart from Franz, will hear about it, and he’s been more friendly towards you than he should have been, under the rules, himself. If you carry on having as much good luck as you have been with your arresting officers then you can reckon on things going well with you.” K. wanted to sit down, but then he saw that, apart from the chair by the window, there was nowhere anywhere in the room where he could sit. “You’ll get the chance to see for yourself how true all this is,” said Franz and both men then walked up to K. They were significantly bigger than him, especially the second man, who frequently slapped him on the shoulder. The two of them felt K.’s nightshirt, and said he would now have to wear one that was of much lower quality, but that they would keep the nightshirt along with his other underclothes and return them to him if his case turned out well. “It’s better for you if you give us the things than if you leave them in the storeroom,” they said. “Things have a tendency to go missing in the storeroom, and after a certain amount of time they sell things off, whether the case involved has come to an end or not. And cases like this can last a long time, especially the ones that have been coming up lately. They’d give you the money they got for them, but it wouldn’t be very much as it’s not what they’re offered for them when they sell them that counts, it’s how much they get slipped on the side, and things like that lose their value anyway when they get passed on from hand to hand, year after year.” K. paid hardly any attention to what they were saying, he did not place much value on what he may have still possessed or on who decided what happened to them. It was much more important to him to get a clear understanding of his position, but he could not think clearly while these people were here, the second policeman’s belly – and they could only be policemen – looked friendly enough, sticking out towards him, but when K. looked up and saw his dry, boney face it did not seem to fit with the body. His strong nose twisted to one side as if ignoring K. and sharing an understanding with the other policeman. What sort of people were these? What were they talking about? What office did they belong to? K. was living in a free country, after all, everywhere was at peace, all laws were decent and were upheld, who was it who dared accost him in his own home? He was always inclined to take life as lightly as he could, to cross bridges when he came to them, pay no heed for the future, even when everything seemed under threat. But here that did not seem the right thing to do. He could have taken it all as a joke, a big joke set up by his colleagues at the bank for some unknown reason, or also perhaps because today was his thirtieth birthday, it was all possible of course, maybe all he had to do was laugh in the policemen’s face in some way and they would laugh with him, maybe they were tradesmen from the corner of the street, they looked like they might be – but he was nonetheless determined, ever since he first caught sight of the one called Franz, not to lose any slight advantage he might have had over these people. There was a very slight risk that people would later say he couldn’t understand a joke, but – although he wasn’t normally in the habit of learning from experience – he might also have had a few unimportant occasions in mind when, unlike his more cautious friends, he had acted with no thought at all for what might follow and had been made to suffer for it. He didn’t want that to happen again, not this time at least; if they were play-acting he would act along with them.


  80. I’m a serious chessplayer; been so since I was 8 or 9 years old. This, what happened today in that courtroom, speaks of a combination of seriously bad moves.

    I tried to get good at chess but I could never see the point of devoting all that time and brainpower for mere bragging rights.

    I’ve done enough strategy to be fairly sure I could master chess, but if anybody ever tries to envelop me in a “real-life” chess game, he’s not going to like where I shove his king.

  81. Real-life chess works quite differently from the game. There are many people who would have no way to win if they played it for keeps.

  82. I am learning that conspiracy theorist works as good as racist as far as pinheads are concerned.

  83. I hate chess cause it’s not at all intuitive it’s like the antithesis of intuitiveness

    you have to think for reals

  84. I’ve done enough strategy to be fairly sure I could master chess, but if anybody ever tries to envelop me in a “real-life” chess game, he’s not going to like where I shove his king.

    I set up an analogy. “Real-life” chess doesn’t exist, because where would one bury all the discarded pieces ? )

  85. Lake Michigan, out a few miles.

  86. leopard seal chum line

  87. Any secluded hog farm will do, as long as your local grocery doesn’t buy from there.

  88. No. This started with a lefty, Seth Allen, who was being sued by Kimberlin for objecting to him. Aaron landed on the enemy list by helping Allen with his case. This is a Brett Kimberlin thing mainly, though the battle lines are forming along political lines. It’s a right vs. wrong thing.

    That a couple of lefties went off the reservation and have been targeted by the SA doesn’t change the fact that the left is funding, advising, and directing the SA.

    Unless someone can point to a conservative equivalent to Kimberlin, this is not a “bipartisan” issue. The right — as far as I know — doesn’t funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars to psychopaths who mount harassment and lawfare campaigns against effective lefty voices.

    The constant mealy-mouthing, the constant “everybody does it” bullshit is half the reason the problem can’t be solved. The rank-and-file left won’t clean house because they keep hearing that, hey, it’s not a left-right issue, so those nasty reich-wingers are doing it too!

  89. Add Crawford’s comment to the list of reasons why this blog needs a “like” button.

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  91. It sounds like a combination of judge issues and representation of one’s self. The judge issues, unfortunately, crop up constantly when it comes to older judges and technology. They are not obligated to bone up on the latest trends or to understand things like social media, which are increasingly becoming more important in every day life, which then bleeds over into legal proceedings. I had a hearing a few months ago on a Motion to preclude something my idiot client had said on Facebook from being entered into evidence. The Judge, who’s in his 80’s and is the epitome of the word “curmudgeon” claimed he had never heard of Facebook and despite all my attempts to explain what it was, he refused to educate himself. He let in the evidence, which, had the the case not settled before trial, would have seriously hurt my client’s case. The judge in this case, clearly didn’t understand what was going on and what a blog is -it sounds like he thought the blog was some kind of direct communication with Kimberlin, as opposed to a public blog post.

  92. leopard seal chum line

    When trolling for leopard seals, live bait may be more effective.

  93. Worse yet, he thought getting a Google alert, that you have to have set up yourself, was AW contacting BK directly.

  94. The left behaves the way the left behaves and the right behaves like the right. The actors acting as is their wont does not make this a political issue. Kimberlin is attacking people who write about Kimberlin, regardless of their place on the political spectrum. He’s not waging lawfare against pro-lifers or birthers or Tea Partyers. He’s attacking people who talk about him. This is all about him.

  95. Did the judge pray with Kimberlin before making his decision? I hear that all the most ethical particpants in the justice system pray with the “victims” before making a decision.

  96. Where’d you hear a stupid thing like that, Smoke? I’d certainly never say anything that utterly idiotic.

  97. The issue being contested is non-partisan in that both the right and left should be concerned about limitations on freedom of speech. And yes, BK is attacking those whose writings about his past threaten to curtail the sweet gig he has been living off of for a number of years.

    He is however being used as a weapon by one partisan side in an attempt to silence their enemies. The side that financially and morally lends him support even knowing him well. He is a beta test run for how to shut-up one’s political enemies through fear of something similar happening to them.

    “Nice little blog you got there.” “Be a shame if something you said destroyed you and your family now wouldn’t it boy.”