May 23, 2012

Fifth columnists?

Question: is it possible to be as bad at what you do as Fred Davis is unintentionally? — and yet still get paid handsomely for it?

Okay, of course it is. Otherwise most journalists wouldn’t have jobs. But just humor me. Because it seems that Fred Davis is so very bad at what he does that some on the right are beginning to suspect he may not be on the side of conservatism, or even the GOP, even when they pay him to be. And what I really want to point to in this post, by using Davis as a jumping off point, is a Neal Rauhauser Democrat strategy document [click to enbiggen], since removed, that shines a light on the way the left is manipulating the media and working to infiltrate and hamstring political opposition — in an effort to squelch conservative speech altogether. By any means possible.

It’s easier to win, they’ve found, if you can run unopposed. That is, the “fairness” they pedal seems to sell best when it doesn’t have to compete against liberty — meaning that, in the name of fairness, they’re willing to do anything they can to remove competing ideas and voices from the public sphere.

The ends justify the means when you’re de facto moral, you see. And by dint of being a leftist you’re de facto moral because you wish to see your Utopian fantasies instituted in order to create a society that mirrors your own moral righteousness. Which righteousness is morally justified because you are, of course, moral. Duh.


[many thanks to geoffB, who brought this document to my attention; and sorry I’ve been off the radar. The new boy is a very vocal lad, and I’m an old man who needs his sleep]

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  1. Commintern’s gone high-tech.

  2. How bad is Fred Davis, though? He seems to have Maverick nailed and airing out Jeremiah Wright still seems like a fine idea. And as far as I know, he’s not supportive of any terrorists like Bill Ayers or Brett Kimberlin. Like, you know, some other people.

  3. The problem for Neal Rauhauser is that it all ends Willi Münzenberg-like.

    (The New Criterion piece is behind a paywall, alas).

  4. Oh, by the way, who the hell is Fred Davis?

  5. Tell me this wasn’t genius!

  6. But is he as bad as the douche* who ran McCain’s campaign and then tried to hang his failure on Palin.

    *The name’s a complete blank to me right now —Steve something?

  7. Fred Davis, the GOP media guru who pitched the attack ad campaign against President Obama focused on Rev. Wright … describes McCain in the document as a “crusty old politician who often seemed confused, burdened with a campaign just as confused…”

    yes this is true Mr. Davis and very different than what we’re seeing from Team Romney so far

    but I don’t think the Wright thing is gonna move the dial at this point

    every time it comes up the National Soros Radio media just uses it as an excuse to masturbate about how wonderful our cocksucker in chief’s “historic philadelphia speech” was

  8. What bugs me is that the Kimberlin fiasco is just one more example of the legal system being twisted into a weapon against the citizens it is supposed to defend. When prosecutors respond to bogus charges and state-sponsored harassment of innocent citizens with nothing more than a Gallic shrug, they become accessories to the crime. How many times does this have to happen before every Joe Lunchbox decides that it’s not worth it to get the authorities involved, and regular people start taking things into their own hands?

    The Powers That Be seem to be working overtime to convince everybody in the world that the only way to command respect is by showing the willingness to do violence against your attackers. Seems to me that we established a system of government and justice some years back to discourage such behaviors and responses, but I suppose it’s not surprising that this system has been perverted the same as every other part of government.

    Is it any wonder that firearms sales are at record highs? Do the provocateurs and their state-sponsored enablers not realize what will happen when ordinary Americans decide that abiding by traditional Marquess of Queensberry rules is no longer worth the trouble? Or do they know full well what they’re doing, and are just deluded enough to think they’ll come out on top?

  9. *The name’s a complete blank to me right now —Steve something?

    Steve Schmidt. Nicole Wallace would work too. Neither of them should ever be hired by a campaign again.

  10. Neil Rauhauser and a few others might explain the persistent idiot trolls we get, here.

  11. Oh. Reading the stuff over at McCain’s: our trolls are much more intelligent than his people.

    Which is something that I’d have not imagined myself saying a few days ago.

  12. His name is Fred Davis, a nephew to conservative Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe. His firm, Strategic Perception Inc., is based in Hollywood right under the Hollywood sign. The party elite kowtow to this Hollywood ad guru, thinking he waves a magic wand like Glinda the Good Witch in “The Wizard of Oz,” to improve their image.

    They should consider his track record. This is the same Fred Davis responsible for the recent “Debbie Spend-it-Now” ad in the 2012 Michigan Senate race, which caused nothing but headaches for the campaign of Republican former Rep. Pete Hoekstra. Davis also made the “Demon Sheep” Web ad in the 2010 California Senate primary — possibly the worst political ad ever.

    Or it was the worst, until his next one. That same year, Davis created the infamous “I am not a witch” ad for Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell. O’Donnell writes in her book, “Troublemaker,” that she did not even want to make this ad, and only humored Davis by reading the lines. Once it had been made, she did not want it to be released.

    But somehow, the Witch ad did make it to the email inbox of the New York Times. Maybe one of Davis’ winged monkeys accidentally hit the send button. The ad went viral, garnering plenty of press for Davis. It was not so great for O’Donnell, who became the national laughingstock of the 2010 campaign.

    Recently, an ad campaign that Davis proposed for TD Ameritrade founder Joe Ricketts and his Ending Spending Action Fund was also mysteriously leaked to the New York Times. It contemplated highlighting the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s influence on President Obama.


  13. Sounds like Davis should join Schmidt and Wallace in political consultant Limbo then.

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