May 11, 2012

Obligatory Time magazine cover post [Darleen Click]

… because, while the Praetorian Media is tongue-bathing Obama over his same-sex marriage “evolution” and WaPo’s “troubling” piece on teen-ager Romney itself is in trouble, Time manages to garner quite the buzz with a quasi-child-pr0n cover —

Now there’s some family values!

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  1. Up is down , black is white , Time is the National Enquirer, and the Enquirer is a leading source of investigative journalism!

  2. Time Magazine. Asking the tough questions via tabloid-stand sensationalism and the exhibitionism of a narcisisstic half-wit and her 3yr old victim. Which sells for a few bucks a pop millions of times a day.

    Yeah, we’re all set to do real well in this little failshit nation.

  3. Yes this is journalistic fail. Either that or it’s very sophisticated anti-white people propaganda.

  4. Related: Kids-as-peers “parenting” — a euphemism for I-don’t-really-give-a-shit-enough-to-actually-raise-them — tends to bend words quite a bit, don’t you agree?

    We could more honestly just call them adults from birth.

  5. Obama’s plan for America pictorialized!

  6. The Japanese are going extinct, feets. Don’t see why the balance of the west doesn’t just follow suit.

    Apparently nature abhors reason too.

  7. JHoward

    that 3 y/o is really 4. As I recall, the pic shoot was only days short of his 4th b-day.

  8. The japanese are tired

    So very very tired

  9. “The main story [in TIME] is about Sears, a pediatrician known as ‘Dr. Bill,’ who has written more than 30 books on parenting…” He promotes “‘attachment parenting,’ a child rearing philosophy in which parents … are encouraged to be more ’emotionally available'” to their kids.

    Sure, because we all didn’t already know raising them in concrete block buildings under statist influence the five or more days they’re not watching teevee in their jammies 24/7 was a bad idea, now we need to, say, get down on hands and knees and be “emotionally-available”. Shrieking and slamming doors strikes me as a good pretext to available emotions.

  10. I get the whole upset the rubes mindset at Time, though, speaking as a rube m’self, I think we’re all too jaded to be shocked by much anymore.

    What I don’t get is suckling a three year old. I mean, you’d think once the kid was old enough to trot on over and help himself to a snack, it’s past time to wean him, wouldn’t you?

    And what I really don’t get is willingly offering yourself up as the poster family for the latest in alternative lifestyles.

    Can’t anybody do their thing in private anymore?

    (Told you I was a rube.)

  11. that 3 y/o is really 4. As I recall, the pic shoot was only days short of his 4th b-day.

    Sure, Darleen, but if little Jacob isn’t nursed to at least the age of six, thereby to have had all suitable emotions made available to him, I’m fairly certain he’ll go off himself with a twelve-pack of Rustoleum and a Walmart bag by nine.

    Actually, it wouldn’t surprise me.

  12. He’s four now eh? So does she home school or does she come to the preschool and feed him his lunch in person?

  13. Even 2 y/o’s navigate drinking from cups ok. So continued breastfeeding beyond that makes no sense, except as a in-your-face fad.

    One can still be an involved, available parent without flopping out a boob to suck on right before the kid goes to soccer practice.

  14. I have no midea why Time is still in business. I have no idea what time is trying to prove anymore.
    Ernst, people will do anything for their ’15 minutes’. Look no further than the Jerry Springer type shows or so called reality shows. “Hey, look at me! I’m making a total ass of myself on TV!
    It’s 24/7, with no shortage of willing and eager jackasses.

  15. That’s ‘no idea’, not ‘midea’.
    Although I have no midea, either.

  16. P-shopped for truthiness.

    10 years from now, this kid will either kill his mother or die of shame. Thanks, Mom!

  17. So continued breastfeeding beyond that makes no sense, except as a in-your-face fad.

    Whose need is being fulfilled here? It ain’t his.

    So, what does a little boy with 2 Daddies do?

  18. I prefer these.

    Or these.

  19. Which sells for a few bucks a pop millions of times a day.

    Um, no. Related. Just go ahead and die, bitches.

  20. Well, on the plus side, the next Mrs. S. plays the “headache” card, I can lay down the “you’re not emotionally available” card.

    Too bad “go sleep on the couch” is trump.

  21. Whose need is being fulfilled here?

    I was wondering that myself.

  22. Snatch!

    Fhwwwuhp, the sound of the dart hitting the Bull’sEye.

  23. Wow. She’d be pretty smokin’ if she didn’t have that weird bra on. It’s like it’s looking at me or something.

  24. Speaking of nursing, here are six live nest-cams for your edification. All of them have bebes now, and it’s not hard to catch them feeding:

    Eagles in MN:

    Loons in MN:

    Eastern Bluebirds in Glenham NY:

    Red-Tailed Hawks in Ithaca:

    Great Blue Herons in Ithaca: and

    The baby herons clack like typewriters and are by far the gawkiest.

  25. Either that or it’s very sophisticated anti-white people propaganda.

    Every LDS missionary who’s been to Latin America has at least one story of a kid coming up to mommy during a discussion, pulling up her blouse, and nursing right there in front of God and everyone.

    This thing might be new for White Folk, but it’s common as dirt among Latinos.

  26. That is the biggest 3 yr old I have ever seen

  27. I would like to volunteer for the next photo shoot.

  28. So, what does a little boy with 2 Daddies do?

    I think Virginia Senator James Webb has already given us some ideas on that:

    “A shirtless man walked toward them along a mud pathway. His muscles were young and hard, but his face was devastated with wrinkles. His eyes were so red that they appeared to be burned by fire. A naked boy ran happily toward him from a little plot of dirt. The man grabbed his young son in his arms, turned him upside down, and put the boy’s penis in his mouth.” — from the novel “Lost Soldiers” by James Webb

    Oops, I hope I haven’t spoiled Newsweek’s surprise ante-upping response.

  29. I don’t want to freak that lady out but I think she might have a growth on her left breast.

  30. Hey, someone clue me in here. When do babies normally get weened?

  31. weaned

  32. All of you all know what’s coming, don’t you?

    Woman exposed to public shame, ridicule, after having been left with no choice other than to breast feed her child until six because she was denied birth control!


  33. That is the biggest 3 yr old I have ever seen

    Well JD, you know what they say about milk.

  34. Wikipedia informs me that there is both foremilk and hindmilk. Also, flat nipples can cause problems as can drinking vodka.

  35. Pointy nipples are best.

  36. They need one with Harry Reid and the Statue of Liberty. And the Statue of Liberty is trying to get away and put a stop to it. And then Nacy Pelosi is off to the side shouting “Wahoo! Ride-Em Cowboy! “

  37. I love this so much I’m tempted to subscribe — hup! that passed — the thing is the look on the kid’s face, who is looking at us, is how Norman Rockwell would have painted it and that cracks me up every time I see it.

  38. Remember when people would buy Time Magazine for the articles instead of the pictures?

    I mean, sure, they say they’re buying it for the articles, but we know better.

  39. We’re at the point in the Decline and Fall of the American Empire that reminds me of a Heinlein novel where a state legislature voted to round pi down to 3.0.
    Can’t remember which book, but I’m sure several pw-ers do.

  40. bh depends on whether mama works. 6 months to a year would probably be the average.

  41. Red

    That would have been in Stranger in a Strange Land

  42. Thanks, BT.

  43. BT

    also depends on the kid … #4 I nursed until she was about 9 months old and she is the one that tired of it and I was able to wean her directly to a cup. Took too long to nurse and she wanted to run around and play.

  44. I hate to be “that guy,” but I must.

    The kid is 3-going-on-4? Yeah… at that point, it’s not for the child any more.

    There. I said it.

  45. Thats blatant child abuse….making him stand on a chair for his dinner snack time….

  46. I totally agree, Bones. Breastfeeding is for babies. Once they have teeth, they get a cup.

    I think that having your other children witness the birth of their younger siblings is abusive, as well. Who wants to see Mom in pain? Plus, birth is pretty gross that’s why Dads belong out in the waiting room so they can see the little cherubs when they’re all cleaned up and Mom has had a chance to wash her face and get in a nice clean bed before receiving visitors—who should all be over the age of 16. I hate all the relaxed hospital rules that have turned childbirth into a spectator sport.