March 12, 2012

I get mail, cont

Today, from Nancy Keenan of NARAL, who wants me to help with the war against women. Writes Ms Keenan:

Dear J,

The War on Women is in full swing, and it's going to take everything we've got to end it.

That's why I'm so glad you did your part recently by taking action to stop attacks on birth-control coverage. We need your help to stand up for women -- to fight back against anti-choice extremists who are trying to take away women's access to basic and critical reproductive-health care.

J, there are so many battles we must fight together. Will you become a member of NARAL Pro-Choice America right away and give us the resources we need to fight them?

Right now members of Congress have introduced three separate measures to block women from getting coverage for birth control. Not just one -- three! That shows you where their priorities lie. And don't even get me started on the names these extremists will call women who speak out against such measures.

Anti-choice politicians also have introduced bills attempting to redefine rape, block private insurance plans from covering abortion care in the new health-care system, and allow hospitals to refuse to provide abortion care even when a woman's life is in danger. And, with an anti-choice U.S. House of Representatives and only 40 solidly pro-choice senators, our margin for error couldn't be smaller.

In the states, the picture is equally scary. In 2011, states enacted 69 anti-choice measures -- double the number enacted from 2010. They're on track to do even more damage in 2012.

J, women's freedom and privacy are under attack from every direction. NARAL Pro-Choice America works every single day to defend those rights against politicians and groups who are working to take them from us -- but we can't do it without your help. Will you join us?

The battle will be long, and it will be tough. But I'm so thankful we have you on our side, and I know that, with your help, we can end this War on Women.


Nancy Keenan
President, NARAL Pro-Choice America

My response was shortish but pointed, I think.

Dear Ms Keenan,

The only “War” being waged domestically right now is the War against the Individual, which is taking place through a number of hamfisted assaults on our Constitution by leftist special pleaders invested in identity politics. This current manufactured “woman’s health” crisis — like a slew of manufactured crises before it — is nothing more but an attempt to demand the the government get involved in individual choice, the precise opposite of what feminists who at one time agitated for a “right to privacy” ostensibly stand for.

If you are so intent on being a whore for progressive causes — selling yourself to the Democrats for the promise of government mandated freebies — you should expect to be called out for being the political whore that you are.

You may wish to frame that apt description as a nasty attack on women in general. It isn’t.

What it is is an accurate accounting of who you are and what you’re doing to force your own agenda on every individual in this country — regardless of conscience, regardless of sex, and in an attempt to force individuals into contracts they don’t wish to enter into for services they don’t wish to purchase.

That is the very definition of “anti-choice extremism.” And that you’re willing to sell out women on behalf of the progressive movement — all in exchange for what amounts to a few dollars left on the nightstand for cab fare — well, you may not like what that makes you, but it’s not me you should be angry with for calling you what you are: A needy, dependent anti-choice political whore fully owned and subsidized by the Democrat Party.

You don’t represent women. You represent a subset of women who desperately want the government in their uteri, and demand that all the rest of us — women and men alike — pay for that intrusion.

Congrats. You’ve come a long way, baby!


Jeff Goldstein

Thanks to JHo.

Meanwhile, the “War” continues apace. BY YOUR FLACCID DICKS WE SHALL KNOW YE!

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:50am

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  1. Yo, Nancy! You win.

    Move on.

  2. When the proggs talk about speaking TRVTH to powah, I don’t think this is what they have in mind.

    You rock, dude.

  3. So, the Anthony Weiner episode was a prelude to Photo ID?

  4. Right now members of Congress have introduced three separate measures to block women from getting coverage for birth control. Not just one — three! That shows you where their priorities lie.

    No, actually you did, Nancy, you prevaricating, partisan, sexist rhetorician, impregnating yourself with as much special interest money as you can possibly absorb.

  5. “Reproductive health” a nice term for unreproductive death just as “choice” equals no choice and “privacy” means complete records will be kept of everyone’s life, including their sex life.

  6. You can almost hear her nose growing as she types that email – the lies are incredible. The few rabid feminists I have tried to stay friends with keep asking me why I have such a problem with woman having access to birth control. Its amazing the way the whores in the media have enabled the whores in the “choice” movement to steer the narrative using blatent falsehoods. Its also somewhat amazing to me you don’t have more prominent conservative woman pushing back. I’ve seen some but not alot. Good response Jeff.

    also “69 anti-choice measures” ? That number cannot be a coincidence. Republican men are such sexual deviants.

  7. Hmm. Dame Keenan is on more than a first-name basis with Jeff? Addressing him as “J?” Perhaps Nancy believes she knows Jeff “biblically?”

    The Whore of Babylon in an e-mail.

  8. Yowza, Jeff!
    But she still won’t get it.

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  10. How awesome would it be if Anthony Weiner were caught cheating on Huma with Sandra Fluke?

  11. Making war on a particular sex traitorous woman, on the other hand, is, for the ObamaI’mPresidentCampaign, just good political sense.

  12. HuffPo notes, last Friday, Our Little Romneybot:

    “I got to go to the Olympic Games in China. It’s pretty impressive over there how quickly they can build things, how productive they are as a society. You should see their airport compared to our airports, their highways, their train systems. They’re moving quickly in part because the regulators see their job as encouraging private people. It’s amazing. The head of Coca-Cola said the business environment is friendlier in China than in America. And that’s because of the regulators. That’s because of government.”

    They’re also moving quickly, of course, because China’s communist government can seize property by fiat and marshal state-owned industries to build large projects. While much of China’s economy is capitalist, Romney’s praise of infrastructure projects like roads and airports seemed to be an odd defense of centrally directed economics.

    Remember, anyone who claims Romneybot is actually just another progressive bureaucrat devoted to refining the Leviathan instead of decimating it, and anyone who claims he is fundamentally disinterested in antiquated notions like liberty, is unhelpful and not to be trusted.

  13. Food being absolutely necessary for my continued health it would seem that the government should force my employer to make its provision a co-pay free mandated part of my health insurance.

    Why should “The Happy Whale” organic vegan restaurant deny me my right to a McDouble and fries by forcing me to pay for them out of my meager minimum wages?

    Denying my constitutional rights to free animal protein is Unamerican.

    Free Beef and Cheese for all!!! It’s only fair.

  14. Perkins vouchers for all!

    “Mr. President: LET US EAT OUR WAFFLES!”

  15. And why should I be unable to enjoy a Carl’s Jr. western bacon cheeseburger, an Idaho Spud candy bar, or new episodes of “Firefly” simply because they’re not available where I live (or, in the case of that last, at all)?


  16. And mayonnaise. McG forgot mayo. That burger just isn’t the same without it.

  17. What does a failure to perceive hostile intent bespeak of womanly wisdom, if indeed there is such a thing as womanly wisdom per se?

    Unless, that is, there happens to be no hostile intent to perceive in the first place. In which case: War!

  18. I imagine her letter being read by Trey Parker as though he were providing the voice-over for the newsreel in South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut on the March to War!

    Eat Snacky-Smores!

  19. JD says March 12, 2012 at 1:45 pm

    Applied with a HOSE! Mayonnaise is a BEVERAGE! Don’t give me meat, cheese, lettuce or tomato with my mayonnaise!!!!

  20. Michelle Antoinette says you can’t have any mayonnaise, McGehee. It’s for your own good, you know.

  21. Well the thing is our dicks SHOULD be flaccid.

    Fight boners are mostly a myth. Most people are scared or angry when they fight and that is not good for popping boner’s unless you are neurologically mis-wired sicko.

    Also fighting is athletic and stressful. Your body needs the blood to keep your limbs going and keep you alert and to help you avoid fatigue collapse. The blood does not need to be wasted on digesting a big meal or pushing your pants into a tent or other inappropriate decadent time and energy wasters that win no ground on the battlefield.

    When you fight your dick and balls ride up because they aren’t really much good in a fight. They simply were not made to kill tigers or start fires or help us keep our balance during sudden movements. The problem we have is not sexual impotence but too many lonely slutty “Republicans” are out looking for dick rubs in the wrong places and selling out their political kindred for a maybe. Ask ol’ Arlen Specter or Bart “the FART” Stupak how that kind of crap works out. They need to stop trying to get laid in the wrong bars, GIRD THEIR LOINS, and FIGHT. Or they need to get off the battlefield and out of the way.

  22. Also if there is a war on women going on then it is a just war to get them out of land they tried to grab and hold by force. It’s not a war to conquer or dominate them but to disarm then and kick them out from territory they have tried to seize and run them back behind their own borders. If you start a war and then complain about the people daring to resist your advance well…that’s just stupid. NARAL obviously WANTED the war on NARAL women because they started it. The war is a backlash against their overreach. Now they are trying to get all women involved in it.

  23. Michelle Antoinette says you can’t have any mayonnaise, McGehee. It’s for your own good, you know.

    Actually, banning mayonnaise would be for the good of everybody who insists on applying mayo with a hose to every sandwich I order, since their risk of grievous bodily harm caused by me would virtually disappear.

    JD was trying to pull my chain, which he does every so often. Today I chose to notice.

  24. It’s Aïoli or bust, eh McG?


  25. Mustard with horseradish.

  26. I’m already married, so what do I care?

  27. Iced water is the key to the hot mustards I’ve found out in recent hot mustards making. It’s almost possible to make it hot enough to forgo the addition of horseradish, if the sinus clearing hot is the aim.

  28. Mr palaeomerus , we aren’t dinosaurs anymore, and you will sit down to pee!

    Here, have some Ritalin…

  29. I just like horseradish.

  30. ditto

  31. do you grow your own horseradish?

  32. Nope. This neighborhood isn’t zoned for horses.

  33. I like non-horse radishes too, but they’re better in a salad.

  34. Used to newrouter, but haven’t recently on account of the nematode and other pest depredations. Gotta isolate the stuff in big pots with uninfected “purified” soils, I think, and just haven’t bothered.

  35. I don’t even sit down to shit.

  36. Horseradish is good stuff. Straight, on a fat ‘ol Prime Rib? Food of the Gods. Only Mayonnaise hosers would put a creamed horseradish on one.

  37. Horseradish is good for roast beef and cheese sandwiches. Au jus is better but horseradish is good. Not double plus good or anything, but still good.

    I like a savory prime rib recipe myself, possibly with sauteed mushroom or ripe olive based relish on top.

    Sadly, Hope and Change, and grain ethanol as fuel supplemental policy mean that I get to eat prime rib a lot less than I used to.

  38. “I like a savory prime rib recipe myself, possibly with sauteed mushroom or ripe olive based relish on top.”

    Eh, you may as well cook a rump roast. Are you one of those people that pour Heinz 57 on a perfectly cooked 1″ ribeye steak?

  39. Quit talkin’ ’bout good fatty old beef. My gall bladder is coming out in a couple of weeks and my richest meal is yogurt and blueberries.

  40. BTW, I paid for 100 frickin’ percent of my health insurance. Fuck off, Obamacare.

  41. ” Are you one of those people that pour Heinz 57 on a perfectly cooked 1? ribeye steak?”

    No. Next stupid question?

  42. No, but a dab on the side is good for taste comparison. Which can be mopped up with your baked potato and a generous splash of Cabernet.

  43. Yeah, a concoction of 57 flavors only detracts from a med/rare rib eye. May as well put a scoop of rainbow sherbert on it.