March 5, 2012

“Wasserman Schultz: ‘It’s Time Romney And The Rest of The Republican Party End The War on Women They Started’”

Here’s the proper — and really only — response to such cynical and divisive rhetoric, and it should come as an official release from Reince Priebus, RNC Chair: “The DNC Chairwoman has called on Republicans to ‘End the War on Women.’ And yet it is Republicans who, far from being ‘at war with women’, recognize that the women are more than just a singular homogeneous voting bloc whose interests are owned by the Democratic party — that rather they are individuals granted certain unalienable rights safeguarded by the Constitution. Among those rights is a First Amendment right protecting their religious liberties and freedom of conscience.

“Which is why the RNC, on behalf of all individuals , would like to call on President Obama and the the rest of Progressive Democrats to end their war on the Constitution of the United States, and to reaffirm the idea of individual liberty that has made the United States a beacon for those the world over longing to one day live free.”

Posted by Jeff G. @ 8:21am

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  1. DWS is too stupid to insult.

  2. cynical…rhetoric

    I’m afraid my fat chance! got hung up on teh cynical and there it remains.

    What can you say about a people who not only fall for this mendacity, but a significant number make their livings crafting it?

  3. Pay for your own shit or do with out it. Like an adult. If women are going to war for free expensive birth control then they need to lose that war because they are in the wrong and they are thieves.

    And if the Republicans are willing to kowtow to this kind of stupid looter pap then WHY would they expect me to support them? If you are too “lesser” of a lesser evil then you just come off as an additional evil. And obviously the whole Democratic scam is to ask for an inch and if you get it demand a mile.

    The GOP needs to man the hell up or get out of the way. This squishy strategic polite surrender crap is worthless and sad. It doesn’t make the other side like us. It doesn’t make independents like us. It doesn’t make US like us. It is stupid and pitiful.

    Don’t complain to me about Limbaugh calling Fluke a slut. He should have called the GOP leadership a bunch of sluts and idiots.

  4. Forget for a minute the religious question and look at who wins big here: Big Pharma. This mandate is not really about condoms or generic versions of “the pill,” which are available free or cheap in lots of places. This is about brand-name birth control drugs and other devices that some consumers swear off because they are too expensive. The Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate requires health-insurance companies provide contraceptive coverage for all “FDA approved contraceptive methods.” It does not insist on generics. And it does not offer any cost containment.

    What’s more, the mandate prevents health-insurance companies from having copays or deductibles for the benefit. This is the perfect set up for Big Pharma. Since the drugs will be paid for by a third party (insurance companies, who will pass the cost on to employers and the rest of us), the consumer won’t worry about the price. Expensive brand names will no doubt see demand rise. Ask more health-care analysts why the cost of medical services continues to rise so rapidly and near the top of the list is the fact that a third-party payment system won’t contain costs.


  5. severely conservative

    Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) strongly condemned Rush Limabugh for his assault on Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke. “His remarks are totally unacceptable. Totally and completely unacceptable. And there’s no place for it,” McCain said on CNN. “Those statements were unacceptable in every way and should be condemned by everyone,” he added on CBS.


  6. I don’t much give a shit what McCain accepts or doesn’t accept these days these days. He already blew his wad and hit nothing. He’s out of shot. Maverick is a has been, and after 2008, his credibility in the civility debate was shot to hell and back.

    I guess he is not content with being ineffective and useless but prefers being opportunistic and treacherous to momentarily appear classy to the people on the left who still hate him and always did.

    Rush is not the issue. Reinforcing the democrat’s less than honest counter attack on him, after he apologized, accomplishes nothing positive, and if McCain can’t see that then he’s no good to us in the Senate.

  7. Dear Jew,

    Stop trying to change the subject from our attempt to change the subject.

    Why do you hate wymyn Goldstein!




    The Left

  8. Geez, didn’t anyone tell Debbie her dog collar was showing?

  9. I see my reply to Wasserman Schultz was met with a big fat yawn out in conservative land: posted it to the BlogCon listserv and Twitter and was met with silence. A constant companion of mine these days, it seems.

  10. Dude, when is someone going to call this talking-points-reciting-robot out for all of the BS she spouts.

    End the war on women they started? Which war would that be?

    As you correctly note, the only war going on here is Obama vs the US Constitution…

  11. If Rush comes on today and it’s Mark Steyn filling in for him then I will be pissed. Rush needs to hit back and breathe fire and kick over the paper towers and smile while doing it.

    Otherwise it’s probably over. If it’s over then he needs to pass his sceptre to Levin and just go on Dancing with the Stars and have a pod-cast that is 45% golf oriented and 10% cigars, fads, and gadgets.

    Or is that over dramatic?

    But he needs to do something.

  12. “Miss/Mr.s Schultz, our war is only with a few stupid women who want to use the gun barrel of government force to coerce us into buying them expensive nonessential widely available things even if it makes us feel like we are betraying our God and interferes with the practice of our religion. The rest of women have jobs and pay for their own stuff and live their lives as responsible adults and we respect them. We have no quarrel with them. We are not calling THEM sluts and moochers and thugs. “

  13. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) strongly condemned Rush Limbaugh

    He’d condemn me even more strongly if he knew what I was thinking.

    It’s a variation on the “three empty seats on a bus full of lawyers” joke, but this empty seat was on Ted Stevens’ plane.

  14. “Debbie wants you to believe that not paying for free stuff for women is the same thing as prohibiting them from buying the stuff themselves. Debbie would also like you to think that every dollar you’re allowed to take home is a ‘tax expenditure’ that should be considered a gift from the government. Debbie would also like you to think that the First Amendment means forcing people to keep silent if they might otherwise say something she disagrees with. Finally, Debbie would like you to think that overloading businesses with heavy taxes and regulatory headaches is the best way the government has for creating jobs.

    We tend to think Debbie is wrong about all of these things, and many more besides. Which is why we think she’s the perfect spokesperson for the the Democrats. Remember, if you want arguments that aren’t true and solutions that never work — vote Democrat!”

  15. Barry has taken (for himself) a commitment to give the graduation address at Barnard.

    Looks pretty plain to me who is scared of who.

    ps: Kick his ass, ladies.