February 24, 2012

Per Capita, US brokest nation on earth

And likely, in world history, to boot!

Break out the flag lapel pins, boys and girls! We’re number 1! And the best part is, the Democrats have promised to increase our per capita debt by 70% come 2022.

— At which point we’ll be freakin’ uncatchable.


Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:09am

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  1. Woo! We’re awesome!

    Take that, Europe!

  2. I hate to imagine the stories that’ll be told about America when we’re as dead and gone as Atlantis.

    It ain’t gonna be Plato, let me tell you. More like Hesiod

    Or Aesop.

  3. Whaddaya mean, broke? Have the printing presses have stopped running? When did that happen?

  4. We’re broker than the Weimar Republik? Go us!

  5. This makes my head hurt.

    Well, this and my terrible cold.

  6. Evidently there are plenty of folks willing to part with their dollars for $200+ Nikes. I see rioting on the teevee, again.

    I’m waiting for the folks who want these sneakers to just start sticking people up and stealing the shoes off their feet.

  7. The nice thing about global thermonuclear war economic collapse is that it provides an environment where the most productive and innovative can thrive. Of course, there is a bit of minor inconvenience in the interim…

  8. Captain Obama likes to toot the foghorn for his buddies.

  9. it provides an environment where the most productive and innovative can thrive

    The most productive and innovative warlords?

  10. Minor inconvenience, dicentra.

  11. I like the chart. Well, I hate the reality the chart represents. When did we become a nation that borrowed from our grand-children instead of saving for them? Oh right, when the baby-boomers discovered the joys of fiat money, after inventing sex, drugs, and black people’s music.

  12. When chldren became first became disposable, which in turn has led them to be increasingly treated like a luxury item.

    Think about it. Statistically, it’s not your great grandchildren that are going to suffer.

  13. ot

    grass roots conservative

    Romney speech falls flat in Detroit
    By Cameron Joseph – 02/24/12 01:07 PM ET

    Mitt Romney spoke to several empty seats Friday in Detroit, in a speech that offered Democrats more fodder for their attacks and failed to deliver the major economic address his campaign promised.

    Television cameras showed rows of empty chairs as Romney rehashed many of the policies and quips he’d used in previous speeches, made a few jokes that appeared to fall flat with the audience and said that his wife, Ann, drives “a couple of Cadillacs,” which will likely give Democrats more ammunition for their depiction of him as rich and out of touch.


  14. Rush played a clip from that speech —the part about trees being the right size and the four American made (in Canada or Mexico probably) vehicles between Romney and his wife— and followed if with a terse no comment

  15. OK, these diagrams showing our Immense Debt are of course shocking to the Tea Party, but does Joe Lunchbox know WHY it’s bad to have this kind of debt?

    What is likely to happen to US? Because if our per-capita debt is worse than Greece, but we’re not Greece, what’s the big dill?

  16. As long as we’re looking at ugly charts, here’s another.

  17. dicentra, I honestly think that people are instinctively realizing that those debts are too large to ever be paid back, and so they won’t be. So why worry?

  18. Newt Gingrich has been hitting Obama’s energy speech since the president delivered it Thursday, calling the speech funny enough to be on SNL and “something worthy of Leno or Letterman.”

    Gingrich’s biggest talking point about Obama’s speech attacks the president for his embrace of investments in biofuels such as those made from algae.

    He is referring to a point in Obama’s speech when the president said, “We’re making new investments in the development of gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel that’s actually made from a plant-like substance known as algae.”

    “Believe it or not, we could replace up to 17% of the oil we import for transportation with this fuel that we can grow right here in America,” Obama said.

    On Thursday night, Gingrich mocked the president’s speech in front of an Idaho crowd, by suggesting that he should take a bottle of algae with him and “go around and we can have the Obama solution.”

    “And maybe what we ought to do at Newt.org is we ought to get t-shirts that say ‘You choose.’ Gingrich went on to suggest the slogans, ‘You have Newt: Drill here, Drill Now, Pay Less. You have Obama: Have Algae, Pay More, Be Weird.”


  19. A generation ago, National Review, Human Events and other publications would have ripped the guts out of RINO candidates before they got as far as Romney has today, but these two publications have gone out of their way to portray Romney in the most flattering light. To get the scoop on Romney, one has to search out blogs such as RedState.com, MassResistance.org, AmyContrada.com and RomneyExposed.com. To be honest, none of the traditional conservative media outlets have covered Romney’s real record in any meaningful way during either presidential cycle.

    Thanks to stupidity, naiveté and conflicts of interest on the right, we have created the Romney monster and given him the credibility he does not deserve. The chances are Romney will win the GOP nomination, but this could be disastrous since there’s a large block of Christian right and Tea Party voters who will not vote for Romney, thus increasing the chance of an Obama victory. They believe, with good reason, that a worldview-free President Romney will just swing with the wind and not make the bold decisions necessary to save America. Many also believe that a Romney Presidency will do so much damage to the Republican brand — by governing as a “lets-make-big-government-work-more-efficiently” technocrat – that it may be better if Obama won reelection with both houses hopefully controlled by Republicans willing to shut his agenda down.


  20. “Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man. Advances which permit this norm to be exceeded- here and there, now and then- are the work of an extremely small minority, frequently despised, often condemned, and almost always opposed by all right-thinking people. Whenever this tiny minority is kept from creating, or (as sometimes happens) is driven out of a society, the people then slip back into abject poverty. This is known as bad luck.” – Robert A.Heinlein

    St. Louis Fed President Says ‘Bad Luck’ Responsible for Economy

  21. those debts are too large to ever be paid back, and so they won’t be. So why worry?

    Exactly. Unless the Chinese decide to take federal land in exchange for the debt, we’re cool, right?

  22. I wonder if those same people realize that our unfunded liabilities are also too large to ever pay, and so they won’t be.

  23. Behold the future:

    General unsecured creditors would collect 5 percent to 20 percent of their claims under the plan of adjustment filed late yesterday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Sacramento, the state capital.

    No city or county has used federal bankruptcy laws to force creditors to take less than they are owed, according to Bruce Bennett, the lead lawyer for Orange County, California, when it filed the biggest municipal bankruptcy in the U.S. in 1994.

    Vallejo’s plan assumes the city can’t provide essential services, like police and fire protection, while also paying its debts, he said. Should the city succeed, the case “may become an important precedent,” Bennett said in an interview.

    The creditors, who include retirees and former employees, would be paid $6 million over two years. The plan must first be voted on by creditors before U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Michael S. McManus decides whether to approve the proposal.

    That right there is why the US doesn’t have $83 trillion (or whatever the number is today) in unfunded liabilities. You pay your liabilities. These never will be.

  24. Image of Romney speech.

  25. Heh. I love those sorts of pictures.

  26. Pardon the late night drunk commenting, but have you ever seen a more fabricatedlooking story than this?

  27. Abe, looks like @futureexbanker sat on that iPhone 4s-aquired image for 6 days…before running it through Adobe Photoshop on his CS5 Mac. Nice toys, for a dirty socialist.