February 23, 2012

“Report: Area 51 Builds Massive Alien Pyramid”

Scully finds the claims dubious and thinks the aerial photos are being taken out of context. Mulder? Wants to believe, but is too busy banging his way through Southern California’s nubile naughties these days to really give it much thought.

For my part, I’m just hoping whatever captured alien technology the USAF might have turns out to be sufficiently green. As in environmentally friendly. Otherwise, the EPA, Interior, and the environmental facists would just strangle it in its crib, anyway, and then we’d just have a bunch of dead little green babies — and not, as many of us are hoping, the technology to turn our street lethal Chevy Cameros into air lethal, totally bitchin’ hovercraft. With free intergalactic satellite radio so that we can pick up .38 Special wherever they’re being played in the universe.


Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:42am

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  1. Is that the land of the big-assed bomb craters right there or what?

  2. B’ra Koba-ma must be preparing to take up his proper station amongst the other Goa’uld System Lords.

  3. I was listening to Ron Paul soundbites on the radio today and realized the ticket we need is


    Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke.

  4. A Paul/Kucinich ticket actually makes sense.

  5. They’re going to put all the discarded razorblades inside it so they will be sharp again.


  6. Silly conspiracy freaks.

    That’s not a pyramid, it’s a domed octagon painted to look like a pyramid.

    Everyone knows B’ra Koba-ma detests acute angles…

  7. Species-ists

  8. A Paul/Kucinich ticket actually makes sense.

    Is it time yet to dust off the Burge/Goldstein ticket, or should that wait for a brokered convention?

  9. if you turn left at the pyramid and go about 5 miles you can see where the “lunar landing” was filmed.

  10. Hullooooo? Three-sided pyramid? Don’t you need four sides to get the cosmic effect?

    As if the gubmint could count that high. Puhleeze!

  11. There’s more perfection in the Euclidean solid than in the mixed. The square throws the whole cosmos into turmoil.

  12. It’s just an early construction picture of Luxor on the Las Vegas strip. Either that or a captive black hole gateway to another dimension.

  13. The mo’fo actually isn’t very big, running about 140 ft. on the side at the base.

  14. Okay, first of all the Air Force Flight Training Center at Groom Lake is nothing but a huge red herring (it even looks like one on the satellite photos if you squint and look at it kinda sideways). Everybody who knows anything knows the alien technology is kept in the back room of the Burbank Bed Bath & Beyond.

  15. Paranoia runs deep, into your life it will creep.

  16. also don’t miss the real bohemian grove on the far side of the lunar landing site

  17. That flat-topped pyramid in China looks more like the one on a US dollar bill than whatever that tripod thing in Nevada is.

    Are there Illuminati in China? ;-)

  18. Everyone knows B’ra Koba-ma detests acute angles…

    It’s that whole Non-Euclidean geometry thing, right?

  19. I’d mentioned this in another thread, and think it is appropriate here as you would have to be an alien to think it would be a good idea to borrow & spend $1.8Trillion in “stimulus”. I thought Romer leaked her memo, looks like it was Orzag.

  20. they used masons to build it.

  21. Looks kinda like a PAVE PAWS radome.

    Made by aliens.

  22. It’s that whole Non-Euclidean geometry thing, right?

    No, they make his ass(es) look fat.

  23. The Google Earth photo at Beale AFB, home to another Paws installation, happens to have a half-dozen U-2s and four RQ-4 Global Hawks sitting on the apron. Kinda neat.

  24. motionview says February 23, 2012 at 5:09 pm

    So according to those pinheads the problem with the stimulus was it was too small?

  25. “…we can pick up .38 Special wherever they’re being played in the universe.”

    Chain Lightning is what brought down the Roswell spacecraft.

  26. Yes. They are covering their asses, if you can believe that , by saying that they wanted the stimulus to be $1.8T instean of $0.8T. And the other thing that gets dropped from the original memo is statements to the effect of “to get $1.2T in effective stimulus we need to legislate $1.8T”. I think that means what I’m afraid that means – the government vig is 33% off the top.

  27. Bookies don’t get that kind of vig. I should have taken that Federal job back in the day.

  28. “sdferr says February 23, 2012 at 11:16 am
    Is that the land of the big-assed bomb craters right there or what?”

    Yes. There’s a rather large number of circular features, there, that are nearly all the results of underground nuclear detonations. The biggest one, Storax, is the result of a 104kt thermonuclear test.

  29. “they used masons to build it.”

    That is pretty @#$& funny, that is.

    I read the commentary at that link, and suddenly I don’t know if I want to watch old X-files reruns, or pull some H.P. Lovecraft off the shelf… the geometry was all wrong

  30. Sabato is such a punk bitch

    A few intellectual leaders of the Republican party’s right-wing have begun to convince themselves that Santorum may be a risk worth taking. He gives activists some fallback reasons to vote should economic recovery continue, and he will stir the base, especially Tea Partiers and evangelical Christians.

  31. Act of Valor comes out today, it makes all the difference in the world if you can get out and see it today or this weekend.

  32. 5 & 1. How about a couple of 5s

    “The President’s Energy Speech, The five biggest whoppers. And those are just the biggest ones.”

    Five bad Clinton and Bush-era policies that caused the Great Recession”

  33. I second motionview above. We are going to see “Act of Valor” tomorrow.

  34. This really belongs in an aliens post.

    And he floated the idea of requiring that universities that receive public funds have “intellectual diversity” on campus

    Santorum couldn’t be more alien to the academy if he had two heads.

  35. Those are grade school quality lies geoffb. This decision to abandon plausibility has to hurt them at some point, right? There is a slight skeptic corral within the MBM, Tapper, Attkisson, IBD, a few other individuals and organizations, but at some point doesn’t the ego and personal career survival instinct kick in for the rest of the press herd? Is there any Lie that Obama can tell that will shatter the manufactured consensus?

  36. I guess I don’t get the punk bitch part.

    Unless being a rather dry, “on the one hand this, on the other hand that, on the third hand…” political scientist offering unchallenging, unchallengable (and thus unremarkable) election analysis is the definition of “punk bitch.”

    The only part I think Sabato get’s wrong is this:

    A sizable section of the party base, arguably a majority, does not connect with or trust the establishment pick for the nomination, Mitt Romney.
    In fact, it is not at all clear that most Republicans have ever bought into Romney at all.

    Which suggests that the problem isn’t with the base, it’s with the establishment.

    But then the establishment and Sabato share the same perspective, so it’s no surprise that he frames the point the way he does.

  37. It is the framing. Sabato is a very effective partisan in my opinion. Life is expectations, and he is an expert at establishing expectations that favor the Left. He writes in the “neutral story line” mode but is always, always tweaking and shading expectations to favor the Left.
    In this case, I thought it was punk to not provide a link to A few intellectual leaders of the Republican party’s right-wing.

  38. I’m following you now.

    Sabato’s an academic (with all that implies about managerial/professional class elitism and leftist worldview).

  39. “Sabato’s an academic . . .”

    And thereright there — is the rub.

    Which, I think, should tell us is that the intended meaning of the academy has been lost within the academy. So much for a de facto separation of powers.

  40. I think the pyramid is a testbed for building concealed structures in a desert environment.

    Look at this, from Qatar:


    If it wasn’t for the roads going into the building, you almost wouldn’t know it was there.

  41. From what I can make out it a being used as a blast deflector. The object in front of it looks like some sort of test stand.
    Either that or they’re messing with the chicoms heads.

  42. Belloq: Do you know what it is Jones? It’s a transmitter. It’s a radio for talking to God!

    Indiana: If it’s God you want to talk to, let’s go see him together. I’ve got nothing better to do.

    Barry: Umm, fellas, can’t I just eat my waffles?