February 5, 2012

“Mitt Romney Wins Nevada Caucuses; Gingrich Blames Mormons for His Loss”

Chalk up another victory for Mr Inevitable — marking the latest in a string of primaries or caucuses where the GOP primary voter has come out for the Republican candidate who supported the Obama stimulus and whose team worked with the Obama Administration on government-run health care and cap and trade; the Republican candidate who supported TARP and federal bailouts rather than allowing for the market system to work; the Republican candidate who believes in a government-run command-and-control economy — at least with respect to low-wage workers — through support of mandatory increases in federal minimum wage laws, and so stands at odds, from the perspective of basic economic theory, with free market capitalism; the Republican candidate who told one of his competitors that a government takeover of 1/6 of the economy against the will of the electorate was “nothing to get angry about”; the Republican candidate who has supported gun control and lied about an NRA endorsement; the Republican candidate who rejected Reagan and embraced the help and support of his friend and collaborator Teddy Kennedy; the Republican candidate who, while in Massachusetts, decided that the procedural niceties of a top-down state run health bureaucracy supersede First Amendment protections for religious freedom; the Republican candidate who believes capitalism exists to create jobs for the working man — and who therefore has decided to concentrate his campaign, as Obama has, on the “middle class,” in essence, accepting the Marxist framework for dividing up the citizenry into economic interest groups.

This is who we small government constitutionalists are being told we need to rally behind? — the argument being that, because Obama is such a fundamental threat to the nation, we “purists” really must accept a placeholder, status quo progressive Republican moderate who has been carefully groomed to manage the federal Leviathan in a way that returns DC to normal, to a place that, as Nancy Pelosi put it, elections don’t matter, and the ruling elite can go about their business of enriching themselves in exchange for panders to their various constituency groups?


I think I’d rather turn in my flag lapel pin, thanks. And maybe grow my hair out again.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:38am

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  1. Best case scenario: if elected, Romney will be to the Leviathan what Chamberlain was to the Third Reich — and we’ll get the Churchill we need only when the Blitz has become unavoidable.

  2. I’m not happyfeet right now.

  3. …but we got a transparent statist whose intellectual maturity and sheer structuralist individualism are measured in inch-pounds while his Beltway cooperation quotent is in tetra Joules. This really beats the hell out of a classical liberal who once bore children and got cable television on her. A breeder with face, as it were.

  4. The people who gave us McCain in 2008 — which is what gave us Obama in 2008 — now want to tell me that my failure to repeat 2008 is what will give us Obama again in 2012. Heads they win, tails you lose.

    Nice work if you can get it.

  5. Of course, the Blitz is already unavoidable — but obviously there are those in the non-existent GOP establishment who think it’ll only be leaflets instead of bombs, if their guy is in charge.

  6. “We are not going to win this election if either of these two guys is nominated,” Santorum declared. “Let me assure you. We will not win.”

    Also, ‘we’ (Conservatives, classic liberals) will not win satisfaction in this election if either Romney or Gingrich are elected POTUS. But that’s even a longer shot than a meteor strike on Indy this afternoon, as it seems now. One can’t very well defeat an incumbent president who promises ‘free ones’ to a morally bankrupt collection of losers who are encouraged to find a way to vote once or twice.

  7. Classic post. I know you have been hammering at the big government GoP for a while, but this just hurts. when I got to the part that reads friend and collaborator Teddy Kennedy , a little pee came out.

  8. Purists like that Santorum are so unhelpful. We need to be pragmatic if we’re going to win against the Good Man.

  9. Actually he should get out of the way. Newt’s it. He’s what’s left. I’ll farking take it.

  10. What’s strangest about the ObamaRomney victory? Our nation had to work long and hard to train people to think this way. Like it was a goal, even. Bizarre.

  11. Actually he should get out of the way. Newt’s it. He’s what’s left. I’ll farking take it.

    Newt should get out of the way. At least allow Republican voters to reject conservatism.

  12. Baracky’s knockout line?

    Imagine the presidential debate stage. Mr. Obama says to Mitt Romney: “Governor, why is it that you’re so determined to repeal Obamacare? Are you opposed to the individual mandate? The fines imposed? The insurance company regulations? The Medicaid expansion? The increased taxes? What is it exactly? Because we adopted all of those things from you.”

    What comes next could end the debate and perhaps the election just as quickly as Ronald Reagan’s “Well, there you go again” to Jimmy Carter. Mr. Obama will turn to Mr. Romney, pause for a moment and then say with a disarming smile: “Mitt, it’s not worth getting angry about.”

  13. Why should any of them “get out of the way”? It’s the 5th of February, fer cryin’ out loud.

  14. Jeff, I’m guessing that’s what’s going to happen. And only to lose, AGAIN. Suckers.

  15. Leigh, because Romney needs stopping. That’s the biggest reason. I can’t make anybody do anything. It’s like being Miss Cassandra 2008 all over again. A terrible feeling.

  16. I’m with you, Sarah. I’ve warmed up to Newt. I’ll sit over there with you on the Cassandra Bench.

  17. Neither of you can touch me when it comes to Cassandraism. Not only that, but I refused to pretend Obama was a good man — and I hoped he failed.

    I don’t fear attacks on Santorum as intolerant of the gays. But Obama had better fear Santorum’s appeals to the manufacturing and energy sectors — not to mention to the Catholics who might begin to realize that leftism really isn’t in their best interests, once the government figures it’s time to start killing off the competition for religious fidelity.

  18. Why should any of them “get out of the way”? It’s the 5th of February, fer cryin’ out loud.

    They needn’t. I was just reacting to the call for Santorum to drop out. If we’re going to make the case somebody needs to go, I’d prefer it to be Gingrich (and of course, Paul, who is allied with Romney).

  19. Catholics are hip to Obama’s blashphemy and dereliction of duty, Jeff. At least they are here is in my diocese. Plus Newt is also Catholic, so he’s got that going for him.

  20. Newt is a Catholic who’s on wife the third.

  21. That’s fine. I’m on husband number three. We’re a forgiving bunch, Jeff.

  22. I always liked the get out of jail free card the Catholics have with the Sacrament of Penance.

  23. That’s fine. I’m on husband number three. We’re a forgiving bunch, Jeff.

    Oh. Because I was suggesting you are all really intolerant, not suggesting that Catholics have the capacity to make distinctions within their own faith.

    My apologies.

  24. I didn’t read that into what you said at all, Jeff. I’m sorry if that’s what it sounded like or if I sounded flippant because that was not my intention.

  25. Obama very bad man

  26. but I agree with Sarah it’s hard to see Romney pulling this off

    but it’s also hard to see Newt pulling this off

    I can’t even see Mitch Daniels pulling this off after his dud of a speech

  27. I think we’re at the point where we have to hope that stridently expressed dissatisfaction about the nominee from conservatives will give Romney or Newt a halo among independent types what are sick to death of this dreary rapist shit

    it didn’t work last time but there was no incumbent in the race

  28. Santorum in First Place in Minnesota, Second in Colorado

  29. cap’t ed whose air is hot

    My choice: Rick Santorum

  30. OH good. Ricky starts showing momentum and who knows what slurs Mitt’s henchmen will launch against him to keep the numbers down.

  31. Need you ask.

  32. Mitt isn’t all that. I’m not going to vote for him and they can’t make me.

  33. Newt sounds like he has a cold, which he probably picked up in Florida, as sdferr predicted one of them would.

  34. I just don’t get it leigh – coward whore mccain was twice the feckless mavericky freedom-hating statist Romney threatens to be

    and what did everyone do they sucked it up and voted for him

    Romney has actually mentioned ANWR as a promising source of oil, and supported Bush’s attempts to open it up in 2005 is what the internet says

  35. Happy, Romney has been running for president for so long, he’s probably on record endorsing and/or denouncing just about anything that someone has tossed out there as a policy or a mandate.

    McCain was an idiot and a douchebag who called his wife a cunt in front of journalists, yet he made it all the way to the Big Show and whiffed.

    No more.

  36. I respect that

  37. Thanks.

  38. Ricky starts showing momentum and who knows what slurs Mitt’s henchmen will launch against him to keep the numbers down.

    Good. The worser the betterer.

    For teh clariteh

  39. but I agree with Sarah it’s hard to see Romney pulling this off

    but it’s also hard to see Newt pulling this off

    I can’t even see Mitch Daniels pulling this off after his dud of a speech

    Well then with no electable candidate

    1. Reform comes only from ruin, so

    2. Support the classical liberal out of principle

    Like this hadn’t been proposed months and years ago. Or that you hadn’t gone all establishmentarian anyway.

    Darned if it doesn’t just seem that Team R supporters and detractors alike are proving Team R’s destiny.

  40. Newt is a Catholic who’s on wife the third.

    Awesome Catholic loophole: If you didn’t get married Catholic, it doesn’t count.

  41. Since it’s been proven over and over again that nasty, gutter campaigns are what wins elections, I say bring it on about ALL the candidates and that includes the incumbent.

    All these gabrones need to pivot and start attacking the Once or he won’t be a one-termer.

  42. That’s insight.

  43. 1.) i don’t believe that reform comes only from ruin

    2.) I don’t like santorum even a little because he’s a flagrant social con douche (which is not a fundamental principle of classical liberalism), but who would nevertheless be better than Obama.

    Sometime candidates may be more religiousy than I’d like but I still have to vote for them if they’re running against socialist rapists. So you go get your boy nominated and I’m happy to vote for him.

    Obama has to go because he’s evil.

    I am second to none in disdain for what the sclerotic condescending statist bigoted means-testing Republican party has become, but Obama has to go because he’s evil.

  44. At least I’m not giving up and getting ready to flee the country.

  45. In Soviet US country fleece you.

    -Yakov Obama

  46. Good for Capt Ed goin all unpragmatic like that.

    Though; from reading through some of the comments, he’s got some convincing to do with the hotheads.

  47. “So you go get your boy nominated and I’m happy to vote for him.”

    somewhere a snow hoochie is …

  48. making bank?

  49. @47 well ricky s is a “big gov’t” guy dontcha know. he voted for earmarks!!11!!

  50. making bank?

    In any recent election — if by recent you mean in the last hundred fifty years — we just can’t be having that in our candidates.

  51. Was that OUR Happyfeet gettin his rage on?

    Next your gonna tell me there’s been a a run on Squid-Co. riot gear and Cranky-d Cudgels at Southern California supermarkets while the cupcake aisles have been deserted;)

  52. I’m told us classical libs have simply fled the country, Danger. Probably keeps anyone from having to endure all the predictable one-liners we keep tossing off.

  53. I’m not raging Mr. Danger I’m resigned to support the Team R nominee

    it’s not for me it’s for the children

  54. Speaking of Nevada, has anyone shot Harry Reid on account of his contempt for the country yet? What?

  55. So sayeth Cap’n Ed,

    Why Santorum? In my estimation, Santorum is the last consistent conservative standing, and the only one both promoting the conservative agenda and campaigning as a conservative in the race. That doesn’t make Santorum perfect; he lacks the executive experience I’d like to see, and some of his positions in the past and present give me pause. However, compared to the heterodoxies of his competitors in the GOP race, Santorum has a superior record on promoting conservative policies and values.

    Even more than that, though, Santorum has demonstrated a level of personal integrity in this race that outshines the rest of the field. Santorum has campaigned with blue-collar Reagan Democrats in mind, pushing for an economic plan that would revitalize manufacturing and small business. He could easily have tipped over into class-warfare populism while Gingrich and Romney bashed each other over their work at Bain and Freddie Mac in order to ingratiate himself with that sector by playing on latent envy. Instead, he defended capitalism and both of his competitors on the campaign trail more effectively than either could defend themselves. In contrast, Romney keeps demonstrating a lack of fluency in conservative politics and philosophy, while Gingrich has conducted a personal, angry campaign that threatens to reinforce every negative stereotype about conservatives, both at times putting themselves and their ambitions above the party they seek to lead.


    Hmmmmmmmm…Where have I heard this before???

    Maybe there’s some hope for the “Hot Gas” crew after all :)

    I hope everyone enjoys the Superbowl. Go Ravens Jeyentzz!11!1!

  56. nope not yet but it’s sort of an unofficial holiday today

  57. Feets,

    Whatever you call it, at least it’s heading down-range so KEEP FIRING!

    sdferr & JHo,

    I think ol Harry has been in hiding the last couple of years, prolly afraid that there’s at least one of us classic-liberal’s that hasn’t got the word that the war is over. Little tough to guage the windage with a gas-bag as big as Harry Reid but his time is coming.

  58. Astronewt diapers

  59. Well, if you don’t grow your hair out you’d better get a hand-operated clipper. Power is likely to be iffy after the zombie apocalypse/global financial collapse.

  60. nate silver

    With Mr. Santorum, however, you can at least draw up a coherent path to victory, one that runs through the Midwest. There is a Midwestern state left to vote at virtually every turn of the nomination calendar. After Michigan on Feb. 28 and Ohio on Super Tuesday comes Missouri (again) on March 17, when it holds its caucuses, then Illinois on March 20, Wisconsin on April 3 and Pennsylvania on April 24. (A big disadvantage for Mr. Santorum: He did not qualify for the ballot in Indiana, which votes on May 8.)

    Mr. Santorum would eventually need to expand his coalition beyond the region — such as to the socially conservative states of the South. But victories for him in Minnesota or Missouri — especially if he wins both — would at once raise new concerns about Mr. Romney’s appeal to working-class voters and make Mr. Gingrich’s victory in South Carolina appear to be a one-off event that is quickly receding in the rear-view mirror.


  61. Superbowl time!
    Later fellas

  62. TP folks are holding their nose as they vote. ABO!