January 31, 2012

“5 scariest debt and unemployment charts from the new CBO report”

But don’t worry: we in the GOP are going to ride to the rescue on our middling steed with a pro-government health care, pro-cap-and-trade, pro-TARP former blue state technocrat governor in the saddle, a man with fine hair and chiseled features who will promise to manage this mess in a way that many of us will barely even know it’s there, it’s expanding so very slowly! And it is this that will win over the erstwhile unengaged middle!

Prepare yourselves!

A preview:

Obama: “But Governor, you supported TARP. And stimulus. Just as I did. If it was the right thing to do then, why are you saying now that it was the wrong thing to do?”

Romney: “Well, isn’t it obvious? You got to direct the stimulus money. Rather than us. And that’s just bad for America. And us. In the GOP.”


Obama: “But Governor, my health care plan is built in large part on the model you passed in your state –”

Romney: “Let me be clear: it’s bad policy, bad medicine, and if elected, I will repeal it.”

Obama: “Wait, are we talking about your government-run health care system or mine in this ‘repeal’ scenario.”

Romney: “Yours, of course. The people of Massachusetts like mine at a rate of 3 to 1.”

Obama: “Well, then what makes you think Americans as a whole won’t come to like my program, which draws on your very successful state program, at just such an overwhelming rate of approval?”

Romney: “It doesn’t matter whether the American people would prefer it or not — which, by the way, the people of Massachusetts did my program at a rate of 3 to 1, if I haven’t already mentioned that. Nevertheless, if elected, I have promised I will not allow them to have a plan that the people in my state, when I was governor, wanted — and it turns out prefer at a rate of 3 to 1, because it’s bad policy, bad medicine, and I will repeal it –”

Obama: “– But wait, why would you take away that opportunity, Governor? Surely you don’t want to provide such a well-received, well-liked plan to the people of Massachusetts alone –”

Romney: “– Let me finish. Because it’s bad policy, bad medicine, and I will repeal it.”

Obama: “Yours or mine? Sorry, I keep getting confused.”

Romney: “Yours. Mine the people of Massachusetts say they like at a rate of 3 to 1. Yours is yours.”

Obama: “Oh.”

Romney: “Plus, states rights.”

Obama: “I see.”

Romney: “Which has nothing to do with racism, before you head down that road. Which, naturally, I don’t expect you’d do, because I respect you. In fact, let me take this opportunity to denounce racism in all it’s forms. It’s bad policy, bad medicine, and if I elected, I will repeal it.”

Obama: “You’ll repeal racism –”

Romney: ” — And Sarah Palin. By the way, did I mention some of my very best friends are African Americans? Plus, Ann Coulter?”

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:09am

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  1. The flip side of that scenario, is Newt Gingrich arguing with the moderator(s) and audience at the single townhall style debate while Obama floats above it all. After the press pretends to marvel at his Presidential demeanor.

  2. OT:

    Thomas Sowell finds his inner Sinéad O’Connor, urges conservatives to “fight the real enemy!”

  3. That interview was simply excellent. I look forward to seeing it picked up by the newsers and getting wide play this week. Wednesday on Good Morning America, Wednesday night on the 24-hour networks, Thursday morning on the front page of the Grey Lady.

    Anything less, and I might begin to suspect that the news media weren’t really interested in what the vast majority of average Americans are thinking and feeling about this Very Important Election…

  4. Ya’ll is “crackers“, hear.

  5. #1 – TOTUS has far too many buttons easily pushed and is waay too thin skinned to not rise to some form of baiting – especially from someone like Gingrich. Not that there would be fireworks, just that the viewers wouldn’t swallow the ‘above it all’ spin from the MSM.

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