December 13, 2011

"MPAA Head Chris Dodd on Online Censorship Bill: China's the Model"

Scratch a modern-day left-liberal, find his inner China envy hiding just beneath the “reform-minded” surface:

If you’re wondering why lawyers and Hollywood folks would get behind legislation to censor the Internet, you only need to listen to former Senator Chris Dodd, now the head of the MPAA, who last week explained to Variety that the lobby is only asking for the same kind of power to censor the Internet as the government has in the People’s Republic of China:

"When the Chinese told Google that they had to block sites or they couldn't do [business] in their country, they managed to figure out how to block sites."

— You know what else they do well in China, Chris? Control the supply of girls. And political dissidents, too, for that matter.

Why, it’s like a little godless Heaven!

But I digress.


Even in China they are calling it the “Great Firewall of America.” At least the Chinese are enjoying the irony of the U.S. government moving toward a legal regime that would give it carte blanche to seize and take down websites on the basis of “infringement.” Tech Dirt, the site that reported on the above domain seizure, quotes one Chinese blogger on Sina Weibo subversively commenting on the progress of SOPA and PIPA in Congress:

It looks like that we can finally export our technology and value to the Americans. We’re strong, advanced, and absolutely right!

That’s right: the American left is finally embracing its inner Great Leap Forward.

Time to Mao Mao the flak catchers and get this totalitarianism thang done. Move away from the slow-moving, checks-and-balances gridlock of representative republicanism and embrace progress (the substance of which will determined by those who are smart enough to lead, and yet for some reason are constantly thwarted in their designs by the ill-informed masses and their stupid stupid stupidness).

For the People!

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Posted by Jeff G. @ 6:51am

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  1. That’s right: the American left is finally embracing its inner Great Leap Forward.

    Nobody expects the Cultural Revolution!

  2. The Socialist Democrat Party once bristled — ‘once’ being defined as a few years ago — at being called Socialists. Now they openly court the Communist label.

    The Socialist Communist Democrats. Putting the pee in PROGRESSIVISM!

    PS: Hey, let’s elect a socialist Team R candidate. For the civility!

  3. For the civility!

    Ah, sweet bipartisan compromise! For America!

  4. As a wise man once noted: He who can destroy a thing controls that thing.

  5. Jefferson, similarly: “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have.”

  6. Better quality waitress sandwiches in Hollywood. Home delivery. Charlie Sheen approved service.

  7. Chris is proving to be a chip off the old socialist block. Daddy used the Nazis as a model now his sonny boy looks to the Chinese after years of pining for Castro.

  8. If you ever see Chris Dodd together with Janie Gorelick, run for your life! A passing spaceship might clear it’s sewage tanks on you while spilling diamonds on the Disaster Duo.

  9. BTW: How are thos CD and DVD sales goin’, boys?


  10. The problem with the Cultural Revolution is that you never know who’s next to get revolved.

    The Cultural Revolution wasn’t about Culture; it was about destroying Culture. Except the bits where the Mao got to be de facto emporer-god.

  11. I almost forgot to say: Chris Dodd is an idiot.

  12. “That’s right: the American left is finally embracing its inner Great Leap Forward.”

    What do you mean “finally”, Jeff?