December 9, 2011

"NYU To Offer Class On Occupy Wall Street"

I’m tempted to talk about the irony of kids taking out student loans to enroll in a class that will “study” why irate college grads who can’t get jobs are camped out in tents complaining about the amount they owe on student loans, but then I think, no, let’s let whole thing play itself out as a piece of cultural performance art and see if anybody involved in the enterprise is self-aware enough to remove him or herself as one of the brush strokes.

Meanwhile, I’m going to get stoned and squint at the thing and see if I can’t find, like, a clipper ship or something hiding in all the ostensible visual noise.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 2:12pm

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  1. I see a dolphin.

    And you have no evidence to the contrary.


  2. Peter Bearman, professor of sociology at Columbia University, also expressed enthusiasm about the new course.

    “OWS as a topic of study offers prismatic opportunities to consider the changing shape of inequality in our society and the dynamic processes of repertoire change in social movements globally, from the picket line to the sit-in, to the consideration of life course trajectories, among other themes central to the sociological apprehension of the modern context,” he said.

    Get college credit for figuring out new ways to bitch and moan about the same old shit.

  3. You know perfectly well that the class won’t be about people who overspent on useless degrees not being able to pay off their loans. It will be about the inherent justice of systems based around individual liberty and responsibility, and how we have to pay people to sit around and wank all day — call it “art” — in order to have a just society. And how calling for government to treat people equally regardless of their skin tone or religious faith or sexual orientation is racism, bigotry, and homophobia. And how wanting to spend your income on YOURSELF is all selfish and shit.

    And how anyone who disagrees deserves to have a howling mob on their doorstep, pounding on their doors like extras in a zombie flick.

  4. From the linked article:

    Ironically, you would need to be in OWS’s hated “1 percent” to pay the tuition bill at NYU, which was ranked 2nd on the 2011-2012 list of America’s most expensive colleges from CampusGrotto. The College Board lists per credit hour tuition at $1,159 at NYU.

    Because, as Jeff points out above, the whole situation doesn’t have quite enough irony packed into it already.

  5. How dare you mock these prismatic opportunities!

    Can’t stop laughing.

  6. And how anyone who disagrees deserves to have a howling mob on their doorstep, pounding on their doors like extras in a zombie flick.

    Yeah, but I’m guessing they won’t be nearly as resistant to bullets….

  7. Now I want to be attacked by the Owwie Zombie Army, if only so I can make up a bunch of these and throw them into the front yard.


  8. You would think having this course on your transcript might automatically disqualify you from about 98% of the jobs available.

  9. “themes central to the sociological apprehension of the modern context”

    Woe betide the inapprehensive. And fuck all other contexts, for right good measure. For you, children, are all there is and all there ever will be.

  10. Envy 101, or is this an advanced class?

  11. I took a sweet military history class in 1987 that wrapped up with a trip to the on-campus gun range for some time with M-16s on full-auto. These losers probably use the same syllabus.

  12. MetricButtload says funny things on twitter. All you guys should follow him.

  13. If done as a Freshman orientation class with the emphasis on how poor choices lead to poor outcomes this might be a worthwhile subject. As it is not so much.

  14. Hey! It’s high time we had a new branch of ‘grievance studies’! We needed something to suppliment Ugly Bitter Womens’ Studies and Downtrodden Minority Studies that makes pampered upper middle class kids feel like they have a legitimate gripe when Dad refuses to by them a new ‘vette.

  15. #occupy earth

    A new International Climate Court will have the power to compel Western nations to pay ever-larger sums to third-world countries in the name of making reparation for supposed “climate debt”. The Court will have no power over third-world countries. Here and throughout the draft, the West is the sole target. “The process” is now irredeemably anti-Western.


  16. Related: Occupods take umbrage with Hollywood – shut down Law & Order SVU from using #OWS as part of a show.

    More than 100 Occupy Wall Street demonstrators stormed the set for “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” across from the Manhattan State Supreme Courthouse, shutting down production of an OWS-themed episode.

    “We made it so that they could not exploit us and that’s awesome,” said Tammy Schapiro, 29, of Brooklyn. […]

    “This is not us,” said Drew Hornbein, 24, of Brooklyn Heights. “We are not part of corporate TV America.” […]

    After midnight, a police officer on a bullhorn announced that the film permit had been rescinded by the city, which drew cheers from the crowd. […]

    “This is bastardization going on. This is not the case of imitation is a form of flattery,” said a man identified as Scooby 49. “This is insulting.”

    L&O has been doing anti-conservative shows over the years and not once has any criticism of their bias stopped ’em.

    Yet, the smelly, criminal #Occupods (whom, I will bet, got sympathetic depiction in the script) get the production stopped first time out.

  17. What is most interesting is that the left appears to have forever dropped any pretense that it isn’t all about the money.

    Apparently there can be no justice without money.

    Liberal education being so much easier when you eliminate all of that dense Aristotle type stuff.

  18. Moves made to ban OWS at the Democratic Convention. I see that the OWSies are being supported by that fine old soviet front the National Lawyers Guild, who will take their case to the Supreme Court.

    Fight for the right to PARTY shit/piss/fuck/campout on public ground. It’s in the amendment, you know, the one about free stuff and things.

  19. Prismatic opportunities, he said!

    Prismatic, damn it!

  20. Prismatic? Isn’t that akin to twinkling.

  21. #4 Squid –

    This is the academic equivalent of setting up a bunch of illiterate strawberry pickers in a $750,000 McMansion with a 100% loan-to-value interest-only ARM.

    And it will end more or less precisely the same way.

  22. Here and throughout the draft, the West is the sole target.

    The only debt we owe these people is not sending them our terrible Gaia-destroying technologies so they can skip over their even more terribler, Gaia-destroyinger phases in development.

    But I guess starving while subsistence farming and destroying huge sections of the rainforest to provide coffee for first-world countries is cool, too.

    brb punching a hole in a wall

    (Also super tired of hearing #OWS people crying about their stuff getting destroyed by cops. No one is winning anymore. No one.)

  23. I wonder if this class is pass/fail or can be taken as “audit only,” ’cause I think it could hurt my GPA.

  24. Occupy Boston was dismantled last night, 40 ‘tards jailed, their ‘camp’ cleansed. But, like cockroaches, they’ll be back.

  25. Before: Barack Obama has one economic plan: borrow from our grandchildren and shovel that money out the door to political allies as quickly as possible. It’s time to again became a nation that saves for our grandchildren, not one that mooches off of them.

    After: We empathize with you and we’re going to help: We stand boldly for slightly less more government!

    See, personal attacks are totally unnecessary.

    -The RNC. We Care.

  26. Worried about taking physical possession of your gold investment? (I know, knowing this crowd, the gold is probably being held in bullet form for additional emergency practicality – if you’re a good enough shot you can always get it back…). Anyway, for the rubes, Jon Corzine will be happy to hold your gold safe and secure. Your physical gold in his vaults. What could go wrong?

  27. So Hugo made one smart move for all the wrong reasons.

  28. The missed heist of the millenium.

  29. “God is an iron” sez Spider Robinson.

    When he’s not being a control freak or an outright psycho.

  30. I tried to read this:

    “OWS as a topic of study offers prismatic opportunities to consider the changing shape of inequality in our society and the dynamic processes of repertoire change in social movements globally, from the picket line to the sit-in, to the consideration of life course trajectories, among other themes central to the sociological apprehension of the modern context,” he said.

    …but all I heard was this.

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  32. If you own something but don’t have physical possession of it, then in the limit you don’t own it.

    Gold in the form of paper or in someone’s vault somewhere is gold you do not really own, since it could be quite easily parted from you without you needing to be consulted on the matter.

  33. Of course, as I told my sister when she was asking whether she should buy gold, if you’re not willing to do what it takes to keep it, then don’t bother.

  34. Perry is having a good night if what he’s saying right now is any measure

  35. Romney is trying to explain why he rammed romneycare up the ass of his state

  36. now Romney is trying to compare Perry’s gardasil dealio with how he invented obamacare and shoved it up the ass of his state

  37. Perry says nope you stupid piece of shit you’re the individual mandate whore on this stage tonight

  38. now Romney is saying how wonderful it is that the 10th amendment let him ram an individual mandate up the ass of his state

  39. go rick s

  40. Santorum is babbling about his glory days again back when Drew Barrymore was relaunching her movie career

  41. Bachmann is playing some kind of if I were president drinking game I think

  42. Diane Sawyer is acting like a cunt for some reason –

    bitch, nobody was talking to you

  43. you don’t like wing nuts. how about pesto?

  44. mmmmm … tasty caramel cappuccino!

  45. Diane Sawyer always acts like that.

  46. i like attacking romney/gingrich

  47. apparently this debate has something to do with “Yahoo News” … Yahoo News is a huge obamawhore outlet

  48. ronpaul wants to be on glee

  49. i get her mixed up sometimes with that skeletor hoochie who spreads her legs for alan greenspan

    which, wtf is that about

  50. it’s really painful listening to the abc yahoo twats babble I’d rather have commercials

  51. hi George Snuffleupagus these are my new steel-toe boots you like em? Come look closer!

  52. Santorum is asking for people to please scrutinize his freaky family life. That’s a measure of how desperate he is I think.

  53. Ron Paul is being diplomatic.

  54. Mr. paul says that’s really gay Rick everyone has a family get over yourself, dickhead

  55. and Paul brings it back to “privacy”

  56. Wall Street Romney is explaining why he’s so obsessed with being president – it’s cause of Greece, he says, and cause of he’s the best person to lead the fight for the middle class … omg blow my other dick, Mitt

  57. well rick s. ain’t trying to win an election in la in 3 wks

  58. Andrea Mitchell is who you’re thinking of.


  60. yes – Andrea –

    they both kinda scare me though

  61. that’s cruel making me look at callista

  62. Someone needs to say 9 9 9

  63. good allan diane is a effin idiot

  64. this dude is one prepared little scout

    good job!

  65. the sawyer lady sucks

  66. blah blah blah immigration! – the key issue in the 2012 election!

    this is for the whole enchilada baby!

  67. i think we need to have bounties on illegal immigrants. Imagine the boom to local economies.

  68. does this Sawyer cunt really think we need to rehash this shit?

  69. its a wedge issue happy. best to pick at the scab.

  70. ronpaul is not a real person

  71. snuffle wants to change the subject to talk about the kennel we’ve all come to know as palestine

  72. now snuffle is appointing himself the mouthpiece for the anti-semitic palestine terrormonkeys

  73. oh my newt

  74. Gingrich says dude the Palestinians are haters

    stop being such a fucking shithead, snuffle

    Snuffle begs Romney to “be the adult in the room” – so Romney tries to look like he really really really gives a shit about Israel

  75. go newt go

  76. Romney says it’s a “boiling pot” and we need to choose our words carefully

    sheesh no wonder McCain endorses this coward

  77. now Romney is trying to play himself off as the mostest jewish jew in jewland

  78. mr. newt wants to turn over the apple cart of the havard crowd.

  79. ohhhh bomb thrower

  80. he’s so weird

  81. Newt wins and Romney looks like a palestinian-fellating pussy boy

  82. bachmann says wtf i am not the scorekeeper

    and i lived on a kibbutz

  83. now Michele is about to break out her holy land photo album

  84. dear prudence

  85. Santorum is trying so so hard to be relevant – he says he’s the one that understands that the israeli-palestinian problem is a “real life” situation

    so let’s all be like Mitt Romney and suck Palestinian cock!

    Thanks for playing, Rick.

  86. wow Perry steps up to the plate and knocks it out of the park

    “a minor issue being inflated by the press”

  87. good job rick – ohonoes he’s doing the 1-2-3 thing again

  88. but good job rick – he stood up for Newt where Romney acted like a cowardly McCain-like pussy

  89. yea but he knows 3

  90. Wow, Santorum backed Romney’s mealy-mouthed crap and then Perry backed Gingrich to loud applause.

    That was weird.

  91. I’m getting the impression on Twitter that Newt is sticking with what he said here and not the partial walkback his “spokesman” R.C. Hammond put out later in the piece. Right?

  92. I’m wondering if it is possible that Romney comes in last in Iowa.

  93. Why is it that people who seem to be conservative have such a hard time saying something tough about Romney?

    It makes them seem totally full of shit.

  94. Yeah, he stuck with it, Geoff. Romney and then Santorum said that telling the truth wasn’t quite pragmatic. (That’s probably a paraphrase on my part.)

  95. hah nice question about the last time you had money worries

  96. Romney deserves that after his smarmy I am the champion of the middle class bullshit

  97. Oh good we get to watch rich people out poor each other.

  98. Romney’s the one what shoved an individual mandate up the middle-class’s ass

  99. romney is losing every time he speaks

  100. hey diane do yo know what bitch means?

  101. Romney says hey I understand poverty I toured France extensively

  102. Paul connects effortlessly on this one

  103. Santorum is turning this into a let’s dumb on single moms question

    nasty fuck

  104. *dump* on single moms I mean

  105. How come Huntsman isn’t there? Not that I’m complaining ’bout it (which, yay!), just didn’t hear that.

  106. I have no problem with TARP Michele sweetie… they got every cent back except for what Obama siphoned off for his United Autowhore friends

  107. Romney said “heck”. That’s like a pretty bad swear word, I think.

  108. so far no questions about the climate change fraud I Heart Mandates Romney and Mr. Newt have enthusiastically embraced

  109. mr. johny on the spot didn’t poll well for abc

  110. So they didn’t invite him newrouter? cool

  111. Diane Sawyer is a genuinely silly silly cunt

  112. go ronpaul

  113. God bless Ron Paul

  114. Perry is really having a pretty good night so far

  115. He didn’t have his papers filed on time or summat, sdferr.

  116. go mr. rick p

  117. Easily Perry’s best debate.

  118. Terry Moran really doesn’t look well at all

  119. so far no questions about the climate change fraud

    Probably because the moderaters are right in the middle of that orgy.

  120. “WASHINGTON — Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman is skipping next week’s presidential primary debate in Iowa. ABC is to televise the event nationally.”


  121. Anger. Take the CAP platter borne meme and run with it ABC.

  122. yo diane ask that in madison

  123. This might be strangely informative.

  124. Ah geez. ABC spent the whole night egging on fights now wants a come together moment?

  125. 1. Santorum credits Gingrich.

  126. wow Santorum seemed genuine there for a sec

  127. 2. Perry credits Paul. (Bit surprising.)

  128. wow Perry locks his lips on Steve King with a passion we rarely see in these debates

  129. Romney acts like a morning show host

  130. Romney thanks the Paulbots.

  131. 3. Romney credits everyone.

  132. Newt demonstrates he can Iowa-pander with the best of ’em.

  133. 4. Gingrich credits Perry on 10th Amendment and Santorum on Iran.

  134. this part is boring

  135. 5. Paul credits Perry on recognizing how awesome he is.

  136. Man, she wants those voters, wot?

  137. 9-9-9!

  138. 6. Bachmann credits Cain.

  139. bachmann is being very very charming tonight

  140. Michelle thanks Herman.

  141. Vote for Herman Cain. Simple.

  142. 7. Sawyer credits America’s easy access to prescription drugs.

  143. that was it?

    lame – the only new ground was how much genuine warmth Romney and Santorum have for nasty Palestinian terror vermin

  144. All of them were sure to not credit anyone polling well with the exception of Santorum.

  145. Did Newt mention Joan Peters?

  146. Tapper is talking about how Romney carries $10k on him at all times.

  147. Romney put a huge Streisand Effect in play with his stupid ten thousand dollar bet thing

  148. Iowa caucus participants are best known for their stingy resistance to carrying $10k around, we’re told.

  149. They (ABC talkers) are ragging on Mitt about the 10K bet, damn 1% ers

  150. The power of the press at play.

  151. not a word about climate change fraud – these debates are serving little fucking purpose if they don’t pin candidates down on important issues

  152. Bachmann is helping the Bachmann brand a lot – which is not the same thing as helping her campaign a lot

  153. poor mittens don’t go for the mushy middle in a primary

  154. issues can be fluid, responses should be allowed to be also.

  155. Conventional wisdom: Newt Gingrich is the one to beat.

  156. newt picked up michele, rick s&p tonite. romney is done.

  157. Conventional wisdom: $10k was the gaffe of the night.

  158. newt can make michele speaker. getting rid of teary johny might be good.

  159. I wonder if Michelle is hoping for a Herman endorsement and whether it would help or hurt her.

  160. no michele wants speaker. newt can then give johny boner a slap down for past transgressions.

  161. Mitt should have made it One Million Dollars.

  162. I think she would make a fine speaker. She is driven and focused.

  163. She’s gonna have to keep her own seat to get there. Is that a foregone conclusion? I’d be glad if it were, but then it’s also in Minnesota, which is a political weirdness to me, what with sending Franken to the Senate and putting the dumbest Senator ever into the Governorship.

  164. How did she fare with redistricting?

  165. Dunno, we should maybe ask cranky-d or Squid.

  166. I see the OW’s are having a political convention for their FL chapters.

  167. you don’t have to be elected to the house to be the speaker. look it up and prove me wrong ’cause i’m just going on past discussions of the topic.

  168. Article I, Section 2 of the Constitution states: “The House of Representatives shall chuse their Speaker and other Officers.” The Speaker is elected by roll call vote when each new House first convenes. Customarily, the conference of each major party nominates a candidate whose name is placed in nomination. Although the Constitution does not require the Speaker to be a member of the House, all Speakers have been members. Members normally vote for the candidate of their own party conference, but could vote for any individual, whether nominated or not. To be elected, a candidate must receive an absolute majority of votes cast, which may be less than a majority of full membership of the House, because of absentees of Members voting “present.” If no candidate receives the requisite majority, the roll call is repeated until a Speaker is elected.*

    That said, she probably wouldn’t have a shot at it if she wasn’t a member.

  169. I think she would make a fine speaker. She is driven and focused.

    I kind of agree, actually. It will be interesting to see if she can build a coalition about herself.

  170. Classy is to bet $1 when the money isn’t the focus of the wager.

  171. “That said, she probably wouldn’t have a shot at it if she wasn’t a member.”

    president gingrich might beg to differ. besides if she loses iowa she’ll go back to running for her seat.

    the senate majority leader is up for a vote too. hmmm santorum

  172. I will bet you ten thousand dollars, nr.

  173. mr. bh you’re on for $0.01

  174. my thoughts don’t include state sales tax

  175. Heh. It’s a bet then.

  176. Stacy’s taking heat for predicting a Santorum Surge earlier today.

    Perhaps he meant “serge” like a blue serge suit.

  177. predicting is hard work

  178. i see the notromneys coalescing around newt. in 3 weeks some peeps will speak.

  179. with newt: he knows where the bodies are “left and right”

  180. predicting is hard work

    Can pay well but you have to be right way over 90% of the time.

  181. I predict Newt will have his own Monica scandal in the third year of his presidency. The Clinton’s will be suspected.

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