December 8, 2011

December fundraiser, follow-up

Final day today! Last chance to buy yourself some cheap grace and seasonal good will!

Go for it. You know you want to.

Coda: Once again, thanks to all of you who’ve contributed to what’s been a long, strange trip, covering 10 years, a few wars, the mass dissemination of smartphone technology, and the whole sordid rise and fall of Lindsay Lohan.

And probably some other shit that I can’t be bothered to remember just now, as well.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 3:53pm

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  1. The Lindsay Lohan prison diaries could have been an interesting idea for a series, if she had stayed in longer that 10 minutes at a stretch.

    I think it more likely at this point we’ll be hearing from her from the afterlife.

  2. We could hear from the ghost of her career.

  3. I think saw her naked in Machete.

  4. Follow up in a follow up: I’ve seen no change at thedenverchannel piece; they haven’t updated their embeds that is, and have made no response to e-mail notification of the YouTube takedowns.

  5. Poor Lindsay. She’s going to end her days like Marilyn. Naked and overdosed. I had her in the Dead Pool ahead of Amy Winehouse, but Amy slipped away first.

  6. Thanks to Fred W and to Steve G!

  7. And I’ve been meaning to say that your site, on the iphone, is a thing of beauty. Most awesomest use of smartphone app technology. The click through titles at the bottom are extremely efficient for catching all the latest and greatest. Easier than firefox on the big tower IMO. Just click, click, click and you can bounce from one thread to the next.


  8. I wouldn’t count Lindsey out just yet – if she would just focus on her music career . . .

  9. Oh, and also:

    “I bought a pretty pony, and now my pretty pony isn’t pretty anymore, but they still want me to pay on the loan I took out for to finance my pretty pony. No fair!”

  10. Thanks, Pablo!

  11. Iowahawk is on the West Side this afternoon for cocktails, I wish I could make it.

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