November 17, 2011

"BREAKING: Senate Rules Committee Blocks Tea Party Debt Commission Hearing on Budget Reform " [update]

Of the people, by the people, for the people.

Senate Rules Committee staff on Thursday removed microphones and locked the doors of a hearing room in the Russell Senate Office Building where an informal hearing was scheduled to review the findings of the Tea Party Debt Commission, a months-long crowd-sourced effort to develop a budget proposal that balances the budget, reduces the debt and gets America’s fiscal house back in order

“The Senate hasn’t been able to pass a budget resolution three years running. They have been unable to do their job, and now the Rules Committee is trying to prevent the American people from doing it for them,” said Matt Kibbe, president of FreedomWorks

“The Senate has refused to let the American people know what the highly secretive budget ‘Super Committee’ is doing behind closed doors,” Kibbe added. “We’ve come to Washington with the real solutions developed by the American people, and the Rules Committee won’t let their voices be heard in an open forum. It’s outrageous. They’re kicking us out of our own building because they’re afraid we are going to do something crazy like balance the budget.”

The hearing was scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. in Hearing Room 325 of the Russell Senate Office Building, one of three senate office buildings across Constitution Avenue from the U.S. Capitol. Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) sponsored the hearing so lawmakers and the public would have an opportunity to hear the findings of the Tea Party Debt Commission (TPDC). The commission of 12 volunteer tea party activists developed its report based on the results of a crowd-sourced online poll completed by nearly 50,000 Americans and field hearings held around the country in recent months.

I keep saying it but let me repeat it one more time: it is the ruling class vs the rest of us.

Party affiliation no longer matters. And until we uproot the entrenched political class that keeps us in check — and until we refuse to accept the status quo as some sort of inevitable force of nature — we will never be able to reclaim our government or our country.

Remember this the next time you hear an inside-the-Beltway expert talk about “electability.” You’re being played.

Me, I refuse to be a useful idiot. And let the chips fall where they may.

update: Malkin’s take.

update 2: Steve Eggleston, Hot Air Green Room.

day after update: Malkin

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  1. Senate Rules Committee . Whose face? Chuckie’s face.

  2. Livestream feed link is here , from Malkin’s link.

  3. Is there any official reason/response as to why the group was blocked from using the Russell Senate Office?

  4. I just checked at The Hill Carin and there’s no reporting there at all, not even a mention that the venue had been closed off.

  5. Is there any official reason/response as to why the group was blocked from using the Russell Senate Office?

    The official response is that there was no group, there was no blocking, everything is fine, move along comrades!

  6. Click, click…boom.

  7. I keep coming back to how brazen the fuckers have become. It leaves me with two possibilities:

    1) They believe now is is the best chance they have or will likely ever get, and so they’ve gone all in, damn the torpedoes.


    2)They think they’ve already won, and it just doesn’t matter anymore. The pieces are set, and there ain’t a damn thing the bitter clingers can do about it.

    The spot we are in is, hope it’s the first, and we still have a small but closing window, to remove enough of the establishment, to save our Constitutional Republic. It’s a long shot and will require a long commitment from a lot of people to get back where we should be.

    That’s best case. If it’s the second, blood will have to flow.

    These are grim times.

  8. As I entered the room “, much to my dismay, several members of the Senate rules committee staff pointed out to me that a group called FreedomWorks was here participating and had referred to this as a hearing,” Lee explained to tea party activists after re-grouping at the nearby Hillsdale College Kirby Center.

    The Utah senator said committee staffers told him about a rule that says “outside groups may not use Senate office space for the purpose of conducting simulated legislative hearings.”

    Lee said he was told that because activists were calling the meeting a “hearing,” it violated those rules.

    “Heaven forbid somebody should call it a hearing,” Lee quipped.

  9. “Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?”

  10. Well, they SHOULD be afraid to face Mike Lee, whose father taught Constitutional law at the dinner table.

    Lee would clearly and cleanly identify them as the corrupt kleptocrats they are.

  11. ok, well I still think toilet paper is going to be a goldmine because the banks will have all the paper money. SO unless everyone is going to be breaking down the vault to get their sanitary needs met, I’m still stocking up on Charmin.

    For the Apocalypse/financial meltdown/what have you next year. Also did you see the new taxes being levied on Jack Daniels distillery? Home distillery, here we come.

  12. I think I see the problem. The Tea Partiers did not come properly prepared with tents and sleeping bags.

  13. Tar and feathers for some.

    Neckties and lamp posts for others.

  14. this is what happens when the media down to the last man and woman sucks establishment cock for breakfast

    the obamawhores know they can get away with anything anymore, and so they do

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  16. Ya’ know, the phrase “…necessary to a free state…” keeps coming to mind.