October 5, 2011

Louie Gohmert reads the Obama Jobs Bill so that Obama doesn't have to

Obama jobs bill, page 135: millionaires & billionaires? Newly defined as married, making $125k year and filing individually. Because under the President’s “jobs” bill, deductions for such people would be limited to 28%. (Alternately, those not married but rather “living together” and operating under the same financial circumstances? Don’t become millionaires or billionaires until they make $200k. So there’s that).

Just so’s you know.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 8:27am

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  1. Sometimes you’ve made enough. Right around $125K a year.

    Thank GOD Obama is here to save the middle class.

  2. Yeah Roseann Barr had something on that. She wanted to execute them, but at $100,000,000 (because she has $80,000,000).

    Interesting how there is a “marriage tax” in this plan. Will all these new gay marriages have to pay it too? I thought marriage was something to promote?

  3. I’m confused how this will create jobs. A little help?

  4. and how does it even make a dent in the Madonna menace?

  5. “I’m confused how this will create jobs. A little help?”

    1. Tax the living crap out of the middle class while pretending to tax “the rich”

    2. ????

    3. Joe Biden’s three letter word, J-O-B-S!

    Um, I’m still looking for #2. I’ll get back to you if I can find it!

  6. At least the Hank menace has passed, he apologized.

    Too bad Hitler didn’t get a chance to apologize, maybe Hank wouldn’t have gotten in so much trouble.

  7. I’m not willing to regard Madonna as a menace. More of a threat.

  8. Lee, the problem is not that Hitler killed Jews, it’s that he had a competing brand of Socialism. Killing Jews is forgivable by Communists; competing with the Comintern, not so much.

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