June 3, 2011

The Summer of Recovery "unexpectedly" continues not to be a recovery, unless it really is a "recovery", because your motives are to install a socialist government

Housing equity lost; tens of thousands under water on mortgages; no economic growth; a shrinking private sector; thousands of Americans disappearing from the workforce — even as unemployment continues to climb.

And yet the administration continues to push for higher taxes and more regulations while weakening the dollar by printing more paper.

Why? Because the plan is to destroy the private sector, to make more people dependent on government, to increase the client state base of Democrat voters, and to “transform” society into a socialistic “new normal,” wherein unions and community organizers rabble-rouse for wealth distribution, government is run largely by a massive bureaucratic apparatus and its enforcement arms, unemployment stays constant at European levels, and the real classes are finally teased out — limousine liberals (and Rockefeller Republicans) as the ruling class, buoyed and supported by corporate cronies; and the rest of us, who are to be managed as drones, and so not upsetting the balance of socialist nature, whereby the upstart bourgeois and the nouveau riche start making vulgar appearances in the “good” clubs and restaurants.

Some of us told you this was coming. Some of us refused to hoodwinked by a man who’d struck up friendships with Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Rashid Khalidi; who was groomed by the Chicago machine and taught by Marxists. We refused to pretend that America had done anything but get duped in 2008 — and that the “historic” President we were all supposed to celebrate in a great national moment of healing was anything more than a left-wing radical who, because he enjoyed a super majority, would work to break down the system of government our founders and framers left us. And for our efforts we were marginalized, demonized, blacklisted; called Visigoths and pseudo-intellectual “extremists”; accused of crimes we didn’t commit, psychoses we don’t have, or violence we never displayed; mocked for advocating a break from the establishment GOP, whether as OUTLAWS or TEA Partiers; became targets of a backchannel campaign to pick and choose who gained purchase and respectability delivering the “right-wing” message and who must be kept out.

And yet we persevered, because we had no choice: everything is at stake.

We have surrendered our liberties to these people, on both sides of the political divide. But that’s all they are — people. And we should rise up and demand our liberties back, no matter what the cost.

I am not fit to be “ruled.” And if there’s anything left of America, there are millions more out there just like me.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:29am

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  1. I threw a loafer at a TV watching the MFM morning news today.

  2. “What do you want?”

    “I’d like to live just long enough to be there when they cut off your head and stick it on a pike as a warning to the next ten generations that some favors come with too high a price. I would look up into your lifeless eyes and wave like this. Can you and your associates arrange that for me, Mr. Morden Soros?

  3. Rush was just discussing this too and mentioned the Democrat planned strategy of blaming the recession on the Republicans via the debt ceiling vote. The reality is that this is the Obama recession, and if we re-elect Obama and a Democrat Senate in 2012 it will become the Obama depression. The left points out that the recession started before he took office, so it has to be Bush’s fault. That is a clear demonstration of how academic, how isolated, how ignorant they really are about economics.
    Markets work on people’s perception of the future; the core driver of economic activity is confidence (which Krugman, dean of the progressive economists, refers to as the “confidence fairy”). The markets stopped lending money when it became conventional wisdom (summer/fall 2007) that the Democrats would win the House, Senate, and White House in 2008. The markets panicked in Sep 2008 when it became certain that we were going to elect a socialist as a President, with a huge majority in the House and maybe 60 seats in the Senate. We had a slight uptick in confidence, and then in economic activity, when it became clear the TEA Party would take the House from the progressives in 2010. That’s due solely to the belief that a national consensus was developing that we were going to govern ourselves in a fiscally responsible fashion. That belief is slipping away, and the “recovery” is faltering.
    The root cause of this recession is progressive governance.
    If the Republicans win the debt ceiling issue, cutting trillions, not raising taxes, the economy will rebound.
    If the Democrats win this issue, the recession deepens.
    If we re-elect Obama and a Democrat Senate in 2012 this recession will become a depression.

  4. Should we each cultivate a skill so that we can barter? I’m not bad at making paper airplanes if one of you would care to put new wood flooring in my living room.

  5. Is it bad that I recognized Squid’s quote right away?

    I’ve decided that it isn’t.

  6. The Mitt interview this morning was vomit inducing. I could not tell if the MFM JournoLister or Mitt was worse. She won by sheer volume of lies and stupidity, but Mitt again reminded me why he should not run. Not that I needed reminding.

  7. Abe, if the statists remain in charge for much longer I think barter economies are going to become more and more prevalent. At least in flyover country, but who cares what those hicktarded gun-clingers do?

  8. Because the plan is to destroy the private sector, to make more people dependent on government, to increase the client state base of Democrat voters, and to “transform” society into a socialistic “new normal,”

    Somewhere, likely very hot, Saul Alinsky is smiling.

  9. I wonder if Frances Fox Piven is still complaining.

  10. I agree, Darth. But it kind of horrifies me considering I have no useful skills whatsoever.

  11. Squid, that is my favorite Babylon 5 quote of all time.

    My second favorite is Sheridan’s “apology” speech.

  12. baracky couldn’t run a lemonade stand but then i never had much respect for the won

    The president has demonstrated that he lacks leadership in a whole lot of ways [and] could not run a company,” Cain told Newsmax. “And I don’t mean to be disrespectful: He could not run one Godfather’s pizza restaurant.

    “Instead of being decisive, he dithers,” Cain said. “Instead of having a management structure where he can entrust to some key people responsibility, he has an organization that is unmanageable. When he added 36 czars to go with the ones he already inherited, that is an unmanageable structure. So nobody knows who’s in charge.”


  13. Abe, if SHTF, I think you’ll surprise yourself with what can be bartered. You could mind people’s kids while they go places, you could do Man Friday stuff for folks; hell, think of the stereotypical “jobs Americans won’t do” and go from there.

  14. I can write some pretty good code. I’m sure that can be swapped for something.


    I can fix cars and do plumbing work. I’m not great at it, but I can do it. It might be time to learn to weld. That could be very useful.

  15. The left is pushing, hopefully prematurely, because they think this is there moment. From Gallup:

    Americans break into two roughly evenly matched camps on the question of whether the government should enact heavy taxes on the rich to redistribute wealth in the U.S. Forty-seven percent believe the government should redistribute wealth in this way, while 49% disagree, similar to views Gallup found four years ago.

    Republicans and Democrats have sharply different reactions to the government’s taking such an active role in equalizing economic outcomes. Seven in 10 Democrats believe the government should levy taxes on the rich to redistribute wealth, while an equal proportion of Republicans believe it should not. The slight majority of independents oppose this policy.

    Consistent with their more Democratic political orientation, women, nonwhites, and lower-income adults are all more supportive than their counterparts of government redistribution of wealth via taxes.


    Now that “slight” majority of independants is on the order of 10%, for now. Isn’t it interesting though, that the percentage of those polled who favor redistribution alighn pretty much with the percentage of Americans that pay no income taxes? Curiouser and curiouser, but, perhaps not so much…

    As you say, everything is at stake in 2012.

  16. If you’ve dealt with labor folks lately, you’d be thinking the motives are more Marxist. Part time secretary quit, no notice. End of a thursday – said it was her last day and that she’d gotten a full time job. My husband wasn’t heartbroken, but she was a bit of a problem employee. ALWAYS late. Called in sick a lot. Anyway, problem solved right?

    No. Got a letter about her unemployment pay yesterday. Apparently new job didn’t work out. It said RIGHT on the application that she quit.

    Should be an automatic disqualification, right? NO. We’ve got to present a case. If we don’t respond, we’re automatically on the hook for the unemployment and she gets it. It’s still not a slam dunk than we’re going to get out of it – she gets her “hearing.”

    Because, you know, THE MAN is always keeping the worker down.

  17. As you say, everything is at stake in 2012.

    Yes and no. Everything involving the government in its current state is at stake. The people, not so much. If the Fed will not get out of our lives, we will get out of theirs.

    It will not be easy, nor will it be fun.

    So, I’d rather we just stopped this carp now, and dismantle some of what they’ve done and fix the rest of it. Otherwise, our country will not look the same for a heck of a lot longer. It cannot.

  18. I’m sure you’ll be an excellent reference for her next potential employers, Carin.

  19. I’m sure you’ll be an excellent reference for her next potential employers, Carin.

    Yea, well, if you’re not picky about when someone shows up for work or a total buzzkill about a 15 minute toke break in the car occasionally, she’s the employee for YOU!

    email me for her resume.

  20. Michigan has been so freakin liberal, they view unemployment as something people really need, so screw the employers.

    If this doesn’t go away AND SOON i’ll be writing a letter to Rick Synder.

  21. I am not fit to be “ruled.” And if there’s anything left of America, there are millions more out there just like me.

    But first, we’re going to have to hit the wall. I wish we’d just get it over with. Maybe QE3 will do it.

  22. DarthLevin posted on 6/3


    There’s a lot of everyday micro-skills that, in a barter economy, are quite sale-able. Sewing, cooking, gardening, cleaning, tutoring.

  23. 23.

    Sewing, cooking, gardening, cleaning, tutoring.

    My ninja chicken-rearing skillz.

  24. THE MAN is always keeping the worker down.

    Well shit Carin, who does your husband think he is, demanding that the poor lil’ thing show up on time and actually be there to do the things she was getting paid to do?

    In Barak Obama’s America, small businesses exist to give people like her a job paycheck. Or didn’t he get the memo?

  25. I can’t help but wonder if the MBM wouldn’t have made the switch from reporting unemployment using the current measuring approach, which reports 9.1%, versus a more realistic metric, which puts real unemployment closer to 16% (old link but the differential is unchanged, or worse).
    Well, not really wonder.

  26. In Barak Obama’s America, small businesses exist to give people like her a job paycheck. living wage.


    Some fraudulent waste of oxygen in my area posted a stupid anonymous comment on the local paper’s website claiming that if a job is worth paying for, it’s worth paying a minimum wage for.

    So, if I need to have my neighbor’s kid mow my lawn, I have to pay him enough to cover his rent, utilities and schoolyard extortion costs.

    Fucking commie rag refused to print my reply. Sure, it might have been because of my language, but I fail to see how the F word is more offensive than what that asshole was saying.

  27. Some people are undercompensated at 7 figures/year. Many more are overpaid at minimum wage.

  28. cranky, I see 2012 as our last chance to avoid another Civil War.

  29. harsanyi

    Republicans might have the wrong answers. They usually do. But what exactly has this administration done right? What creative ideas have they offered? How many alternative realities (you know, ‘things could have been worse’?) do we have to accept? Fact is, while these condescending technocrats accuse their opponents of being nihilists, ideologues and radicals, they are the ones that refuse to deviate from dogma no matter how much evidence of failure confronts them.


  30. Let’s get down to it.

    Obama is a fucking traitor, hell-bent on throwing this country into chaos, so that when it self-destructs, he (and George Soros) can take control through fear. I don’t care if you think Beck is insane, HE HAS BEEN CONSISTENTLY RIGHT about events that have happened..

    Illegal immigration, half the country on welfare, what’s to lose for this little jerk-off? .

    That’s what he wants, and that’s what he and his Marxist friends are working over time to grease the skids for.

    Let’s stop pretending that he is a naif. HE IS NOT, AND HE KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT HE IS DOING.

    At the risk of sounding like a racist, let’s call a spade an spade.

    The communists are out in the open, led by the SIEU and Obama’s advisors.

    Time to stand tall. Jeff, even you know this. We WANT this not to be, but it IS the reality of this whining “cool cat, Mr. O”. What is Obamashithead creating? I have had enough. The benefit of the doubt only goes so far. This piece of work is a traitor to our constitutuion, and it’s time we admitted it. And guess what? If you are illegal, you get this welfare shit automatically. Try getting it as a citizen of America.

    Ain’t gonna happen, you fucking honkey.

    I hate to sound like a KosKid, but I think it’s time we do. There are more people that WANT to work than there are welfare queens and legally illegal minorities. What the fuck is a state governor doing vetoing a bill that asks for ID? HE’S STEALING VOTES AND SAYING: “OH NO!!!! WE CAN’Y DISCRIMINATE AGAINST ILLEGAL ALIENS! THEY CAN VOTE TOO, BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS VOTE FOR FREE SHIT, AND US WHORES GIVE IT TO THEM WITHOUT QUESTION!! BECAUSE ILLEGASL VOTES ARE THE ONLY WAY WE KEEP OURSELVES IN POWER, SO HOW DARE YOUN WANT TO ENFORCE THE LAW!!

    Enough. We are WATF!

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