May 26, 2011

Rubio steps up

Whereas Scott Brown? Can go suck a dick.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:03am

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  1. Guestnet doesn’t like the Youtube where I am, is there a transcript anywhere? Or could a kind soul type up a synopsis?

  2. I contributed to that dickbag’s campaign. I’m not from Mass. I don’t do that a lot. Since then he has done nothing but posture for re-election. Screw the country, Scottboy wants a lifetime DC job. Sure, he’s from a deep blue state, but Scottboy, some things are bigger than whether or not you get the occasional handjob from the Globe. You can now officially blow me.

  3. More…

    Rubio is definitely a future national player in the GOP. We need guys like him putting out this message, especially in Florida where he’s pretty popular.

  4. Darth, try this summary.

  5. I’m trying to remember why Scott Brown’s election was so important.

    Nope, still nothing.

  6. cranky-d, Stacy McCain was asking the same question yesterday….

    My comment is one I’ve made before, but apparently people need reminding…

    What people forget is that RINOs not only give Copperheads victories, they provide “bi-partisan” cover when those victories get to the inevitable crash. I’d rather have Copperheads own the disaster, so that more people will be up for hanging them from lampposts when we fight our second Civil War.

  7. I wouldn’t mind a future Rubio for President campaign, provided he was running as Governor Rubio rather than Senator Rubio.

    Voting for Senators for President is against my religion.

  8. Thanks, Squid.

  9. Well, there went a budding political career.

    His mother wouldn’t have any medical care without Medicare?


    SENATOR RUBIO is seated behind his desk in his Senate office. MRS. RUBIO enters wearing a scruffy house dress, high heels with one broken heel, and a moth-eaten fur stole.

    Mrs. Rubio
    Marco, I’m your mama. Por favor, can I borrow a little money for my medicine? The doctor says I really need it and I don’t have the money to pay, mi Marcalito.

    Sen. Rubio
    Ma! This is really getting annoying. Todo el tiempo: money money money. And when you get it you spend it on frivolous things.

    Mrs. Rubio
    I could have saved a little if you had let me stay in that little apartment over the garage after your father died…

    Sen. Rubio
    Ma! Do know what I rent that place for. No way you could afford it. Say! Have you heard about Section 8? The government will pay your rent. I can double what I’m getting now!

    A MAN’S VOICE is heard, a voice just loaded with authority and gravitas

    Marco Rubio – a man who knows who’s responsible for taking car of his aged mother: the American Taxpayer.

    That’s how I’d do it, anyway.

  10. Every time Jeff says the word ‘dick’, I imagine him slapping three guys in the face with his penis because of that Wonkette spoof he did years ago. That post was the funniest thing I’d seen up to that point in my life.

    But it appears to have scarred me :).