March 30, 2011

The "thank god it's hump day" poem

Thank god it’s hump day!
— And not only that, but
we’ve made it through
yet another Wednesday,

Posted by Jeff G. @ 7:54pm

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  1. And now for something completely different…

    Why did the Pope cross the road?

  2. *buh da duh ching*

    you’ll be here all week and I should try the veal? OK.

  3. Every day should be hump day! Or at least that’s what I keep telling my wife….

  4. I can suggest a few thing I’d like to introduce to the pointy toes of my very nice python boots. These, for example.

  5. TCW, was it to get to the funny hat or personal business in the woods?

  6. serr8d, why would you want to soil perfectly good boots?

  7. Why did the Pope cross the road?

    He had set it up with his jab.

  8. What I want to know is — was Wednesday the day you finally got your cease and desist letter?

  9. It’s been two days without a C&D updated. I’m going into withdrawal!

    I can only imagine how Pat Frey feels.

  10. No letter. I just decided to space out the updates a bit.

  11. Jeff, you could trim back the updates to once a decade and they still wouldn’t be as spaced-out as the Patrick Frey, Esq. we all know and laugh at behind his back.

  12. Ever think that maybe it was a “squeeze and resist” letter? Those are big on the left coast.

  13. Jeff, you made Gerghty’s Morning Jolt :)

  14. Carin: I can’t get that for some reason. I try to sign up and I get an error. Can you send me the excerpt?

    Geraghty is one of the few guys who hasn’t learned to marginalize me. And that’s heartening, because I like him.

  15. I can only imagine how Pat Frey feels.

    When I was in college, we had a leaky faucet in the kitchen, and our landlord showed no inclination toward fixing it. The leak caused a slow drip into the cabinet under the sink, and my roommate, in an effort to minimize the damage, put a big sponge under there to catch the drips and give them a chance to evaporate before they rotted out the bottom of the cabinet. This worked fine for a time, but the leak continued to get worse.

    The end came when we couldn’t stand the smell emanating from under the sink, and threatened to put our rent into escrow until such time as repairs were made. Money talks, and within a couple of days there was a maintenance guy in our apartment to replace the faucet. He refused to do any work until we’d cleaned out and disinfected the cabinet (for which we really couldn’t blame him).

    That sponge, which had spent months under there, soaking up water and serving as the Devil’s own petri dish, was the slimiest, smelliest, nastiest piece of filth I’d ever seen in my life. (It held that trophy until years later, when I went to work for a microbiology lab.) My roommate and I flipped a coin to see who’d have to remove it. I lost. *shudder*

    I’m pretty sure that’s how Pat Frey feels.

  16. Like the sponge?

  17. …’cause you just know the Patrick Frey, Esq. we all know and laugh at behind his back would read that in some other, totally nonsensical way, and insist that’s what you really meant.

  18. Replacing the faucet yourself probably would have been easier than going though all that drama. Takes about 20 minutes and $20, which you could have deducted from the rent payment.

    College kids are funny.

  19. McG — he’d be right. I’m thinking that from now on, the nasty stuff that accumulates in the evaporator pan on a refrigerator shall be called paddifrey. Anyone asks, just tell ’em it’s a Doctor Who reference.

    Lee — I’m fairly handy, but faucet replacement is easier to do when you have a wrench. Besides, it was just a slow drip — no big deal, right? It was only when the kitchen smelled worse than my roommate’s laundry pile that we realized we had a problem.