March 12, 2011


Someone please email this to Brian Kiteley.

I’ve never been beaten with tweed and smugness before, but I suspect it doesn’t leave much of a mark. So.


(thanks to geoffB)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:30am

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  1. “…the question of when acts of political violence are morally justified.”

    The first step to considering this question is, what distinguishes “political” violence from any other?

    ‘Cause I’m really not sure there is such a distinction as “political” violence, at least insofar as such a distinction can be used to say it’s justified where other forms of violence are not. And if “political” violence is justified and/or unjustified under exactly the same circumstances as other types of violence, what’s the point of arguing about it?

  2. Just be glad you don’t have to live the life of Brian. It sounds like he considers asking teachers to pay for at least some of their pensions and health care that they’ll be getting for decades after they retire is about the same as a strategic thermonuclear exchange.

  3. Does he have an email?

  4. Nolanimrod, is Professor Kietley = Professor Peabody?

  5. This guy takes tweed and smugness on Libya to task…. sorry to jump threads, but it illustrates the positions of our betters… dithering and emasculating ourselves over our international power all the while organizing internally to turn us into a state fed by chinese-like drones.


    Many rebels were angry at international inaction.

    “Where is the West? How are they helping? What are they doing,” shouted one angry fighter.

    Poor chap. He lacks the nuance to appreciate the “tightening noose” and growing consensus in West conference rooms that Khaddafi is a bad guy. But what can you expect from such scruffy men holding rifles? That fighter probably went to a state college, or something! My God, his pronoun doesn’t even match the noun he references!

  6. tweed and smugness

    Careful, it’s their pipes that brain you.

  7. I never understood why the prices of every kind of business were studied and lamented in Congressional hearings for the slightest of reasons, yet the expense of college remained a taboo subject, other than the need for the congress to “invest” more. I know teacher’s unions are an arm of the Democrat party, but how do colleges get away with this?

  8. but how do colleges get away with this?

    The Universities were the first of the institutions to be conquered in the Left’s “long march through the institutions”. They are the foundation upon which the entire “long march” strategy is supported. This operates through two processes, indoctrination and selection.

    The indoctrination is not just to change minds but to make it more likely that those who do not agree with what is being pushed will self-select themselves out of the University at a point in their education lower than they would without the ongoing indoctrination.

    At the graduate degree level the selection process by the faculty takes over to do more weeding out of those who do not agree with the line being pushed in the indoctrination. This results, especially in the most “elite” institutions in a preponderance of leftists with higher degrees.

    These then go on to be hired as the leaders of all the other institutions and they then set the standard which those working there are expected to follow if they wish to rise in the organization. Market forces do limit this in the private sector but there is no such limit in the world of the government jobs or those jobs in entities such as foundations or the world of the NGOs.

  9. I once accidentally arrested the space-time continuum in the local community college’s art department HQ with the phrase, “God bless Donald Rumsfeld.”

  10. Spring ahead an hour and about two seconds, is what I’m saying.

  11. No, wait…

    blast, the tyranny of math.

  12. Only the promise of violence and the keeping of that promise will eventually cure smugness or “lettered arrogance”. You put Obama in a lifeboat and I guarantee he’s the first one eaten. Same goes for that fatass Moore.

  13. #13
    I don’t think Michael Moore ever met a canned ham he didn’t like.
    As for the other, I’m ready.

  14. “in a lifeboat”

    Or even a stuck elevator. Hell it’s surprising they survived High School study hall.

  15. I’d like to see a Monty Python like sketch where the various government agencies were seen to be in a sinking lifeboat. They would end up completely eating the weaker agencies with little problem, but eventually there would be a showdown.
    Obama seems to be a little stringy and Pelosi is half artificial. Where’s Tip O’Neil when you need him?

  16. Oh, frak me:

    1. Collective bargaining is, per the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a human right.

    2. There are circumstances in which violations of human rights call for unawlful actions, including violence.

    Even if I conceded that collective bargaining is a human right, no one has lost that right. They’ve just lost the cooperation of the other party in participating.

    It really is just that simple. Teachers in Wisconsin are just as free to engage in collective bargaining as they were a month ago; they just aren’t going to get the state to bargain back.

    Also: if collective bargaining really is a human right, how come so few people have that “right”?

    But the Universal Declaration of Human Rights doesn’t state a right to collectively bargain; it states a right of assembly. Wisconsin public employees are just as free to assemble today as they were last year.