January 5, 2011

By the way…, redux

The meme, it’s spreading!

Here’s a recommendation for Mr Press: when he next references the explicit “right to privacy” he seems to think is clearly demarcated in the Constitution and that Republicans, being hickish busybodies, ignore, perhaps he can follow-up in his public, daytime-TV seminars on Constitutional law, by pointing out how such a privacy right secures, say, same-sex marriage and abortion rights, but not purchasing choices, like for instance health care, or incandescent bulbs, or high-flow shower heads, or cigarettes, or salted / fatty / sugar-carbonated / foodstuffs, or bake sale goods, or certain toilets, or soon, cars without backup cameras and cellphone jammers.

Because that’d be like a helpful Cliff’s notes review for those of us who, though we may have read the silly document at some time, clearly haven’t understood it as clearly as have Press and Ms Behar — who understand it so freakin’ well that they realize they can confidently dismiss it as a dead, “living” document.

For the children.

And of course, because if they didn’t, they’d recognize that the entirety of their governing worldview is, per the Constitution, illegitimate.

(thanks to The Blaze for the video; h/t Mark Levin)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 5:08pm

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  1. Speaking of the Constitution, Levin is excellent today.

  2. Oh my … is “Constitution-loving” something akin to nigger-lover?

    And Bill Press has long been an Leftoid pustule on the rump of talk radio in California. He is so blithely wrong on the issues, one gawks at his “performance.”

  3. Thanks for watching Behar so I don’t have to. She’s a horrid, horrid woman.

  4. Press and Behar; there’s a real dynamic duo for you…

    May I call them dumb and dumber? Tweedle-dumb and Tweedle-dumber? Or maybe just a couple of statist proggy arse-holes.

    Or maybe, putting aside bad intent for a moment, they think that the “living” Constitution shares their ideological point of view.

    Ok, that’s a moment. These effin’ proggs are brimming with bad intent.

  5. “The meme, it’s spreading!”

    like a std

  6. there’s a good post on this that i can’t write. if i could it would ask the elderly piven of cloward/piven infamy to recount the damage she has done to humanity in her cause. and ask katrina and the wave vander stupidhimer and what price your idiotic musing cost other humans. i know the walter duranty crowd don’t give a shit about any of this. shame doesn’t work but you’re a fuckin’ idiot might.

  7. Speaking of the Constitution, Levin is excellent today.

    Yeah. I was going to put that up as a post tomorrow.

  8. Bob,

    May I call them dumb and dumber? Tweedle-dumb and Tweedle-dumber?

    It’s a carnival sideshow act: The microcephalic web-footed cretin* and her pet idiot on a string.


    *Shamelessly stolen from our generous host…

  9. newrouter, David Horowitz already wrote about the Left’s road to nowhere:

    [T]he true self-vision of the Left [is this]: an army of saints on the march against injustice, lacking, itself, the capacity for evil. The Left sees its revolutions as pillars of fire that light up humanity’s deserts, but burn no civilizations as they pass. It lacks the ability to make the most basic moral accounting, the awareness that the Marxes, Trotskys, and Lenins immeasurably increased the suffering of humanity, and destroyed many of the blooms that existing civilizations had managed to put forth.


    For behind the revolutionary pursuit of the impossible ideal lies a deep hatred for the human norm, an unquenchable desire for its annihilation. It was the inhumanity of our radical ambition that made the evil of the Communist epoch so total. Self-hatred is the dark side of the ambition to exceed all previous human possibility, and the ultimate root of the revolutionary ideal. Totalitarian terror is the necessary means for an agenda whose aim is to erase the past and remake the human soul. The totalitarian state was not an aberration of the progressive spirit, but its consumation. [emphases mine –ES] The radical project is a war against nature.


    Why should we have expected anything different? What else could have resulted from so calculated a rupture with the human past? What positive outcome could be achieved by so radical a rejection of tradition, and the wholesale destruction of existing institutions? What could an experiment like this produce other than a social Frankenstein?

    Pretty much sums it up.

  10. I’ll never ever know what Margaret was gonna say

  11. what to do mr. ernst? hit ’em again harder, harder.

  12. Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) is keeping the promise she made last month. Today, she filed a bill to strike down the Federal Communications Commission’s recent move to enact net neutrality regulations. The Internet Freedom Act states Internet regulation is the sole prerogative of Congress,

  13. http://www.mediaite.com/tv/glenn-beck-pulls-a-jon-stewart-weaves-star-wars-analogy-to-explain-radical-leftists-evil-plot/

    Just in case anyone wants to stare in abject horror. He needs an intervention, seriously.

  14. hot wheels turtle ain’t nuffin gonna break-a my stride!

  15. this happened in israel apparently there was a lawnmower involved

  16. happy, I thought for sure that was a Gumball Rally reference.

  17. C’mon now. Everyone knows there’s a right to privacy. Except for what you feed your kids, how and where you drive your car, what you have in your pockets in the airport, in your bag on the subway, if you want a Union to organize at your workplace, the library books you check out, your BMI, prescription drug use, non-prescription, over-the-counter decongestant use, and of course any Republican political candidate’s email, sexual history, children’s sexual history, spouses sexual history, mistresses sexual history, club membership, workout routines, sperm count (if applicable), hatred of the goddam New York Yankees or every New England/Boston sports franchise, any use of a Oija board at a childhood sleepover, marijuana use, exercise routine, and school transcripts, not to mention any passing reference to the phrase “Happy Holidays”. Other than that, if you want to kill your baby, that’s your business.

  18. Gumball Rally google says that was a movie I’ve never seen it

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  20. Google, as is often the case, is right – it is a movie. One of the opening scenes features Raul Julia running a hotwheels car in the shape of a turtle over a naked woman’s body. If I remember correctly, that is – it’s been a long, long time but it clearly made an impression.

  21. that sounds hot

  22. Paris Hilton? Is that you?

  23. I wonder if the person pontificating about the “President does not declare war” ever pondered at what an Authorization for Use of Military Force passed by Congress was, exactly?