January 26, 2010

“My Dinner with Andre (The Giant), 3”: from the protein wisdom conceptual series

Me: “– I suppose what I’m saying is, formal theoretical generalizations about the nature and consequences of any expression of ‘racism’ should be required to account both for its multidimensionality and it historical specificity. That is, these generalizations must account for changing contexts and changing conventions, otherwise they are rendered useless as theoretical ‘models’ to begin with. And that’s because the articulation of racism always offers any number of economic, representational, and socio-political consequences, some of which can be contradictory. Moreover, those consequences are historically fluid — changing in accordance to the class interests and strategies of the prevailing paradigm under which the indictment is offered –”

Andre the Giant: “– once, after a show in New York, Andre offered Gloria Hendry fifty bucks for a quick titty bang in the back of a rented limo. Andre got his face slapped. Fortunately for Andre, he was quite liquored up at the time. And besides, turns out the Fabulous Moolah was willing to jerk Andre off for a pack of Camels and the last few bites of his Philly cheese steak — which, thanks to the leopard print leotard she was wearing, was almost as exotic as banging a coked-up black chick. And a whole helluva lot cheaper, to boot.”

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  1. I love it that this kind of thing has become foreign to readers here. It’s like I get to relive my youth!

  2. Itza shame Andre never got to meet Shannon Elizabeth’s nipples or AnnNikol…

  3. “…consequences are historically fluid…”

    The jizz Moolah squeezed out on the limo carpet.

  4. I woulda had something to say, but then I put Andre the giant with titty bang and I thought someones gonna get hurt. Which is where I’m at.

  5. I just want the racism-as-cultural-inscription-on-your-SECRET-MIND guys to account for their having been a first racist, because there was one.

    Followed by a Singularity, I guess, after which no one’s racism is the same thing his was.

    It’s been annoying me for years since the culture of Singularity-mocking Andre The Giant put it in my brain.

  6. there

    But Freud approves.

  7. Some ladies only want Moore.

  8. Why do I feel like Andre?

  9. GeoffB, Wiki tells me that love scene was cut in South Africa because it was prohibited by the Apartheid government.

    It’s like learning a foreign language!

  10. Harold Ross’ only response: “What? Homunculus? No comment.”

  11. Thank goodness we have the First Amendment which protects and encourages all forms of sexual expression. Our betters here are only concerned with the expression of forbidden politics. Children must be protected so they don’t absorb the wrong culture.

  12. Children must be protected so they don’t absorb the wrong culture


  13. the articulation of racism always offers any number of economic, representational, and socio-political consequences, some of which can be contradictory

    Like this?

    Mr. Fineman, a frequent MSNBC political analyst, said Mr. Brown’s truck could have been part of a racist code to Massachusetts voters.

  14. *whisper* I see racist people.

  15. Andre the Giant: “Sometimes, despite strength, Andre feel like he just some powerless musing of crazy conceptual artist.”

    Inigo Montoya: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

  17. I named my dog Andre. After Andre the Giant. Most people figure out who the dog is named after ’cause he is on the large side.

    However, he’s surgically altered, so, no titty banging.

    As soon as I read this post to him, I’m sure he’ll want me to get a lawyer after Jeff.

    After all, mocking a dog that is no longer capable of enjoying the simple pleasure of a titty bang is bad and I’m sure Andre’s feelings will be hurt.

    Or he’ll do his imitation of the RCA dog at me, wondering why I’m talking when I should be scratching behind his ears.

  18. Wow! From cranky d’s link:

    First, consider the number 7,000. It’s an important number, and a rather scary one considering its context, which is this—it has been estimated that Andre the Giant drank 7,000 calories worth of booze every day. The figure doesn’t include food. Just booze.

    7,000 calories.

    Every day.

    I don’t know about you, but it makes my brain turn somersaults. Hell, it makes my brain perform an entire floor routine, complete with colored ribbons.


  19. 12 Glaciers That Didn’t Get the Memo About Global Warming

    Turns out the Amazon isn’t about to collapse into an eco-disaster, either.

    Yes, we’re all surprised.

  20. Oh, and Christopher Buckley writes Obama’s STFU SOTU speech. And he’s NOT admiring the crease in his pants.

  21. Thing is dicentra, C Buckley view is about as relevant as this idiot Jill Dobson or for that matter Ellie L.

  22. I should write an article titled, “Why I Regret All You Idiots Who Voted for Obama Despite My Telling You You’d Regret It”

  23. Two liters of vodka, just to feel pleasantly warm?

    I’m torn between wishing I could have been there to see Andre in action, and being very glad that I was far, far away.

  24. I am glad to hear that Andre the Giant got a happy ending–at least that night. Because he had a very hard life.

    And if it was a good Philly Cheesesteak, the trade was probably a fair one. But finding a good Philly Cheesesteak in New York? I am sure Philly folks would say that is not possible.

  25. You cannot even ship a good Philly Cheesesteak from Philidelphia fast enough to New York. They have a very short half life.

  26. “They have a very short half life.”

    It’s the ‘Whiz Joe, ain’t it?

  27. Is there a difference between a Philly Cheesesteak and a Minute Steak? My Grandma used to always talk about minute steaks, and I never knew what she was referring to. I so love food.

  28. Kerry Von Erick and his brothers could have kicked Andrea the Giant’s ass. Leaping Lanny Poffo too. Randy Macho Man Savage could kick Chuck Norris’ ass too. That is all.

  29. Man, I love this shit, Jeff.

  30. “Is there a difference between a Philly Cheesesteak and a Minute Steak?”

    Huge, yawning Grand Canyon of difference, JD. It’s the ‘Whiz.

  31. That was for JD, BTW.

  32. Go to Jim’s or Tony Luke’s or John’s, sdferr, and you will indeed see that the difference is way more than “whiz.”

    Pat’s and Gino’s? Not so much.

  33. All your pranks are belong to us.

  34. Jim’s was the first place I ever ate one, BJT, but musing on the “better living through chemistry” aspects of the deal is way more fun, IYKWIMATTYD.

  35. The minute steak is a mass marketed approximation of the real thing. I had a South Philly friend who was very serious about his cheese steaks. The quality of the meat had to be decent and he sliced it himself to maintain the right thinkness. The thought of getting frozen minute steaks to make a cheese steak would be an abomination, like having frozen filet mingon prepared at a steak house. It is wrong.

    He was very particular about his bread. It had to have just the right chewiness. You can come close, but you can never perfect it outside of Philadelphia. Traditionally a cheese steak is placed on a Amaroso or Vilotti-Pisanelli roll, which is unavailable outside of Philadelphia.

    Cheez Whiz thing is not mandatory to make it a true cheesesteak–but it is commonly used. Others swear (inlcuding me) it has to be provolone, extra sharp preferred. It is acceptable although pedestrian to go white American (does that show an intent toward racism? I leave that to others to ask that question).

    It is never acceptable to ask for swiss cheese on a cheesesteak. John Kerry did that and was immediately declared to be promoting an “alternative lifestyle choice” to voters.

  36. Pat’s and Gino’s is out grown, as in not going there at four o’clock in the morning with raging munchies from some U of Penn frat party. Going back as a post graduate adult showed me the “chemistry” was wanting.

    Jim’s was a little slice of heaven but John’s Pulled Pork in the Northeast made the best I’ve ever had.

    Suddenly my salad and chicken breast lunch seems … underwhelming.

  37. Maybe Ann Althouse can do one of her many posts on “My Dinner With Andre” but with the Fabluous Moolah delivering the money shot (so to speak).

  38. Joe has it right. Both John’s and jim’s gave you the option of extra sharp provolone. Once you’ve had that, Cheese Whiz will not do.

    John Kerry of an extreme dork.

  39. Talk about dork–there is a hamburger place I went to once that had a mix of duck and pork that they called dork. It was really really good.

  40. Yes there is a picture. The Dork.

  41. Heh, this has something of the new-and-improved-revisionist-world-historical-sandwich track to it. Double heh.

  42. Heh! Over at emberscaninepuddle (no linky for that crew) they are nominating Democra House Reps who are under fire and should be helped by the canine community.

    Number one nomination voted so far? Alan Grayson: D=Fl

    Good luck with that, netters! BWAAAA HAHAHAHA!!!

  43. Moolah lived with Mae Young and a female midget (little person? whatever) wrestler for a long time after her second divorce. Now that’s a limo ride conversation I’d like to see transcribed.

  44. Count me among the provolone contingent. I don’t miss much about Philly, but I could murder a guy for a proper cheesesteak and pretzel right about now.

    Little known fact: the Twin Cities chapter of the PSU Alumni Assn has Amoroso rolls, Tastykakes, and Herr’s potato chips flown out for their annual dinner. No Yuengling, though, because it would be illegal to ship it into the state. Nope, no Yuengling at all. Especially not the black-and-tan under my basement stairs.

  45. *Leaping Lanny Poffo*

    Lol I could have taken Poffo. Randy Savage, not so much =)

  46. Porter for me, if you’re shipping Squid. (Actually I joke, we’ve a Y brewery in Tampa, so’s it’s available local, and as it happens, less expensive than most any other beer on the market. Happy days!)

  47. I like Philly steaks, and prefer the sharp provolone. If you order swiss you are teh ghey. She must have been talking about something else, as Grandma did not do frozen, except for margaritas.

  48. Minute steaks are so named because that’s about how long they take to cook. See also Cube Steak. I haven’t eaten one in 30 years, I’m guessing.

  49. Is there really ever anything wrong with a piece of dead cow?

  50. “Is there really ever anything wrong with a piece of dead cow?”

    Most folks balk at green and fuzzy JD, though god knows somewhere it’s probably considered a delicacy. Ethiopia maybe?

  51. I don’t want Alan Grayson to die quickly. I just want him out of office, quickly.

    What a friggin’ embarrassment.

  52. Good point, sdferr. Prolly racist.

    And bacon. I had an order of bacon on wheat toast for breakfast today. Bacon sammiches are the awesome.

  53. Even Crissy Tingle was ripping Grayson this week.

  54. “Comment by JD on 1/26 @ 1:44 pm #

    Is there a difference between a Philly Cheesesteak and a Minute Steak?”

    About like the differnce betweeen Sauron and Gollum.

  55. Apropos of nothing in particular, I just wanted to put in a good word for Chicken Pot Pie.

    Ummmm, PIE.

  56. And no, no……cheeeez whiz {shudder]

    White American cheese is the only way to go.

  57. what cut of beef do you make a cheese steak?

  58. I likes me a Philly cheese steak but the amount of civic pride people have invested in the things is exhibit A on why the shithole should be nuked.

  59. Thanks, Abe, I’m about 5 miles from ground zero.

  60. “The meat used is thinly sliced rib-eye or top round”

  61. All your pranks are belong to us.

    I’m not sure what to make of that, sdferr. What’s O’Keefe doing trying to mess with a Senator’s phones? Isn’t that crossing the line or summat?

    Most folks balk at green and fuzzy JD, though god knows somewhere it’s probably considered a delicacy. Ethiopia maybe?

    And the difference between “delicacy” and “man, we were STARVING and had to eat SOMETHING” is…?

  62. I do not know what a Sauron or a Gollum is, but based only on the spelling, is it safe to assume they are radically different ;-)

    Authentic banh mi at Compound JD tonite. Sorry to say I will not be sharing.

  63. “And the difference between “delicacy” and “man, we were STARVING and had to eat SOMETHING” is…?”

    The explanation the now well fed native is making to the inquisitive Anthropologist Chef with TV crew in tow.

  64. Andre really should have let you finish your thought before interjecting. But hey, you feel free to explain that to him.

  65. Most folks balk at green and fuzzy JD, though god knows somewhere it’s probably considered a delicacy. Ethiopia maybe?

    Don’t research hamburger then. I’ve heard many a horror story from a butcher I served with in the Navy.

    I still eat it, but then I’ll eat anything that tastes good. I’m not too concerned with the source material as long as I don’t get sick afterward. I draw the line at long pork though. Just not my thing.

  66. Over at Ace’s, they hash out the O’Keefe thing:

    9 According to the affidavit, O’Keefe was videoing two of the co-defendants as they pretended to fix the office phone. That doesn’t seem to correspond to a bugging attempt or to doing anything they thought was illegal. Why should he create such evidence against himself? O’Keefe has certainly impersonated others for the purpose of gaining access to get incriminating information before. Let’s wait for the full story on this.

    Posted by: WalrusRex

    26 I wonder if it will take the media as long to report this ‘James O’keefe’ story as it did James O’Keefe’s Acorn story.

    Scheeyeah, right.

    Posted by: Tami

    27 I can’t read the affidavit, but this sounds like bullshit.

    All four were charged with entering federal property under false pretenses with the intent of committing a felony.

    I’m sorry but ‘false pretenses’ sounds like a load of crap. And ‘intent’ sounds like they didn’t actually do anything illegal but someone deduced they they were about to.

    Posted by: This is lolpresident

    47 “Entered a federal building with the intent of committing a felony.” After all the DA trying to charge O’Keefe and Hotness for the ACORN videos on wiretapping charges, my GUESS is that they weren’t trying to bug the phones but to catch on camera the Landrieu camp in some nefarious goings on. Note the ‘charge’ doesn’t say they were bugging phones, only that they were dressed as phone repairmen. My gut tells me they were pinched for filming something rather than an actual felony. The government does not like them. Holder does not like them. Waiting for more info, but until then I’ll play my favorite game “Jump to Conclusions!”

    Posted by: ChicagoJedi

    And from bigjournalism.com, this statement:

    Statement from Andrew Breitbart:

    “We have no knowledge about or connection to any alleged acts and events involving James O’Keefe at Senator Mary Landrieu’s office. We only just learned about the alleged incident this afternoon. We have no information other than what has been reported publicly by the press. Accordingly, we simply are not in a position to make any further comment.”

    So. Given that there are powerful people who would LOVE to get O’Keefe, there’s a good chance that the guys were just trying to sneak into the building dressed as phone technicians, but that there was no bugging going on. Please. In broad daylight? Who’s that stupid?

  67. Thanks, Abe, I’m about 5 miles from ground zero.

    I’ll give you a heads up when it’s coming.

  68. The explanation the now well fed native is making to the inquisitive Anthropologist Chef with TV crew in tow.

    Or that the well-fed native says to punk the white guy, the native never having tried it himself.

    They did it to Margaret Mead, after all.

  69. I’m not sure what to make of that, sdferr. What’s O’Keefe doing trying to mess with a Senator’s phones? Isn’t that crossing the line or summat?

    Yeah, I’d say that was crossing a line.

    Having said that, remember when we first heard about the ACORN sting he did, and then there was another, and another? I wonder if there are other senators that have had their phones tapped, and if so, man would I like to hear what he heard…

  70. Off topic, but wow.

  71. I thought I read that they tried to gain access to the phone “closet”. Were they caught with any bugging-type equipment? Seems like a bit of hubris on James’ part, and if they broke the law, I hope the book gets thrown at them. Doesn’t change the fact that ACORN was damn good work, and that Hannah Giles is teh hawt.

  72. “…dressed as telephone company employees, wearing jeans, fluorescent green vests, tool belts, and hard hats.”

    Ya think the hard hats were the give-away? Heh.

  73. It’s the ‘Whiz.

    A man who knew the proper purpose of ‘Whiz.

  74. Only people who think McGuyver was a how-to manual think that a phone company shirt will get you into a secure building.

    I hope there was more to it, or else O’Keefe was not the Woodward we were waiting for.

  75. I hope there’s a good explanation but it kind of looks like a kid who got hooked on his 15 minutes in the spotlight and tried to follow it up with an ill-conceived Act 2.

  76. Ellie Light is a female impersonator. Who may or may not be his own wife.

    S/he did misrepresent his/her location, but explains that it’s OK to say that you’re from different places in the country when talking about important political issues. Because it ups the credibility.

    Which, even though this is a stupid issue, it’s funny to hear the Smerconish interview and the obviously female-impersonating voice of the Kossack.

  77. This is what the affadavit says (h/t Hot Air):

    According to the FBI affidavit, Flanagan and Basel entered the federal building at 500 Poydras Street about 11 a.m. Monday, dressed as telephone company employees, wearing jeans, fluorescent green vests, tool belts, and hard hats. When they arrived at Landrieu’s 10th floor office, O’Keefe was already in the office and had told a staffer he was waiting for someone to arrive.

    When Flanagan and Basel entered the office, they told the staffer they were there to fix phone problems. At that time, the staffer, referred to only as Witness 1 in the affadavit, observed O’Keefe positioning his cell phone in his hand to videotape the operation. O’Keefe later admitted to agents that he recorded the event.

    After being asked, the staffer gave Basel access to the main phone at the reception desk. The staffer told investigators that Basel manipulated the handset. He also tried to call the main office phone using his cell phone, and said the main line wasn’t working. Flanagan did the same.

    They then told the staffer they needed to perform repair work on the main phone system and asked where the telephone closet was located. The staffer showed the men to the main General Services Administration office on the 10th floor, and both went in. There, a GSA employee asked for the men’s credentials, after which they stated they left them in their vehicle.

    If that’s an accurate recounting of events, it certainly looks like they were messing with the phones, but it could also be that they were just pretending to mess with the phones to keep their cover while doing something else. Which they didn’t have time to do. Or O’Keefe was getting footage for something else.

  78. Wow. Things are definitely getting freaky and just before the State of the Union Address.

    Good timing.

    I might just have to have a dork or cheesesteak to celebrate.

  79. Don’t get me going on Vietnamese pho because that soup is made of awesome.

    And cow stomach.

    But even my kids will eat the tripe and think it is some cool type of pasta. That broth they use is the best.

    And those Vietnames sandwiches and crisp french rolls with the shaved pork dust. Yum. A completely different taste and culinary experience from a Philly cheesesteak, yet equally sublime when done right. They sell them in Saigon for like 15 cents.

  80. Somehow this conversation will swing back to the Giant.

  81. Riddle me this: if you’re trying to bug a phone, do you march into a Senator’s office at 11 am on a Monday morning, or do you bust open a telephone exchange box under cover of darkness?

  82. They sell it to the Vietnames people for 15 cents. 6’3″ whitey gets charged significantly more. We have pho for breakfast often.

  83. Don’t know dicentra, knowing nothing of bugging phones. However, I’d bet they weren’t planning on bugging a phone or phone system, but had something else in mind. At a guess it’ll be at least a few days or perhaps a week or so before we get a decent inkling what was up.

  84. I bet the MSM covers this more than the ACORN videos. There is no mention of buggy-type equipment in the above excerpt.

  85. I ate a sour cream and onion cricket a couple weeks ago. True story.

  86. This whole O’Keefe thing is very friggin strange. I mean, why? It does not make sense? Bugging a Senator’s office phone? Is O’Keefe being set up?

    This could be worse than when Andre the Giant lost to the Sheik.

    Maybe even worse than when Andre the Giant got his hair shorn off.

  87. of interest

    osted: Jan 21, 2010 9:21 AM

    President Barack Obama has nominated a federal prosecutor in Lafayette to be U.S. Attorney for Louisiana’s western district that is headquartered in Shreveport.

    Stephanie Finley’s nomination on Wednesday must be confirmed by the Senate before she can take the post.

    Finley would replace Donald Washington, who was appointed by President George W. Bush and resigned on Monday. The U.S. Attorney’s office is currently run by Bill Flanagan of Shreveport, the first assistant U.S. Attorney.


  88. Ask Treacher:


    I’m thinking about bugging Sen. Kaye Baily Hutchison’s Austin office. Should I chill about it a little while?

    Jim Treacher:

    I bug offices all the time. Every office I’ve ever worked in has become annoyed with me eventually. But I’m not here to tell you how to live your life. I’m here to chew bubblegum and kick ass. And I’m all out of ass.

  89. flanagan was put in by clinton

    # U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Louisiana (usdoj.gov) Joseph S. Cage, Jr. (1981-93), replaced by William J. Flanagan (1993)


  90. The “good freaky” is this whole Ellie Light/Kossack thing.

    The “bad freaky” is this whole O’Keefe Mary Landrieu thing. I guess it is not a big leap to jump from ACORN assisting underage prostitution to Landrieu being a federal health care whore–this does not sound good. Of course the more they go after O’Keefe with the MSM, the more the ACORN videos get discussed too. Those ACORN videos are like a dog turd–the more you touch them the more shit gets on you. If the MSM focuses on O’Keefe the ACORN videos become part of the story.

  91. Comment by JD on 1/26 @ 5:02 pm #

    They sell it to the Vietnames people for 15 cents. 6?3? whitey gets charged significantly more. We have pho for breakfast often.

    They are so worth it though.

  92. I got several bottles of snake whiskey with the cobras picked in them. My overhead was full so I put them in another overhead ahead of me. During the flight one of them started to leak on the guy sitting there. He complained but the flight attendent said it was condensation from the air conditioner.

    I waited till he was off the flight before I retrieved the bottles.

  93. Vietnamese style coffee rocks.

  94. Me and Banh Mi are good good good friends. I am about to go into food coma / hibernation.

  95. Thomas – My father-in-law is making that kind of coffee where it is brewed right on top of the cup, soy milk, and all that.

  96. And charges of racism are culturally specific, and geographically specific, and temporally specific. The racism that is indigenous to the USA – in all three modes listed above – is not the racism that is indigenous to – for example – Indonesia. And trying to make the racism of the USA the one sole touchstone of racism is culturally imperialistic, geographically imperialistic, and temporally imperialistic.

    Don’t ry to push your guilt onto Indonesia, you Na’Vi humping, Coca-Cola peddling, Beyonce booty-shaking, Obama-statue erecting, American BASTARDS!

    Now DIE! (After fixing the Coca-Cola bottling plant, because we really like that stuff – and when will Beyonce sashay by here any way?)

  97. baracky’s stock has fallen alot lately. its bad when indos don’t want your statue

  98. even the newyorker has noticed


  99. JD – yeah that’s the stuff (although I’ve always seen it done with sweetened condensed cow’s milk.) I have the apparatus (even got it in Saigon) but try as I might it’s not quite as good as it was over there. I suspect the actual Vietnamese coffee beans have much to do with it. The really pleasant girls running the coffee shop also shouldn’t be discounted.

  100. Umm – the last was after three bottles of Michigan Brewing Co.’s India Pale Ale. For which I denounce myself, because India Pale Ale is a symbol of the oppression of the Anglo-World upon India along with Kipling. And ships. And scurvy. And tea – which really does not go along with ale, not in mass quantities all at once.

    There should also be a rant about maiden aunts and great-great aunts, and their porcelain collections, and maybe how one had a picture of Queen Victoria on her staircase – but the picture one is what dad told me in a story – and I think another bottle of that white-privilege Pale Ale (get it? Pale. Ale. Racist right there.) is calling me.

  101. JD:

    They sell it to the Vietnamese people for 15 cents. 6?3? whitey gets charged significantly more.

    That’s one of the galling things about going to the Asian groceries–the knowledge of all the ethnic discounts your cracker a$$ ain’t gettin’.

  102. And white wine? White Wine? Don’t even try to explain that away.

    Damn liberal hoity-toity art gallery types and their codes White wine. White plates in high-class restaurants. Mega-weddings with white bridal gowns.

    Yeah – I see it all.

  103. I like IPA, but I the best beer I have made (by far) is ESB. Not quite as hoppy as IPA, but hoppy and with a lot more malt body to balance the hops.

    I also like drinking Saigons and 333 during the day (on the rocks) getting drunk and then eating a half dozen of those 28 day duck eggs. It helps to be drunk. And not look.

  104. Now where is that bottle opener? Oh, here it is. A German made bottle opener.

    That’s evidence. I denounce myself to infinity.

  105. This comment thread has me convinced to find a place for some Vietnamese food.

    I was already convinced about beer.

  106. Thomas D – Try that cheap french roast coffee called Cafe du Monde. It comes close.

    TSI – just argue with them one time in whatever language and you will get the “insert not-at-all politically correct phrase here that my inlaws use” discount.

    Bh – some awesome ones on the near northside in Chi. And I mean awesome. Buy a skinned chicken in front of the store, live blue crabs inside, pho and banh mi in the back, and if you ask right, they will sell diamonds and gold out of the store as well. Not that I would ever do that. And not pay sales tax. Nope.

  107. Now, the chick on the PJTV thing in the black Darth Vader power-corset? Even if she is hyper-extending her elbow and is a pale gal – that is just hot.

    I denounce myself to infinty and beyond infintiy.

  108. Thanks for the tip, JD.

  109. No problem, bh. I am here to help. Mother-in-law made har-boiled eggs, and then soaked them in soy and nuc maam overnight. Words cannot describe.

  110. Newt “The Couch” Gingrich (between plugging his various websites) took Bill “Chin Language” O’Reilly to task this evening. Seems Bill has such an ice-scraper boner for Obama to come on his show again that he’s willing to take him at his word that he’s moving to the center. To which Gingrich replied “You can’t take anything this man says seriously.” And then he said “Obama is a pretty good public speaker and is somewhat smart.” Wow! What a racist!

    My point: When Newt “Self Promotion Master of the Universe” Gingrich will risk being called a racist by almost telling the plain truth about Obama, maybe people are waking up to this retard. (and I don’t mean retard in a good way)

  111. Comment by Jeff G. on 1/26 @ 10:14 am #
    I love it that this kind of thing has become foreign to readers here. It’s like I get to relive my youth!

    If you really want to relive your yout I’d recommend more cowbell, a little ‘dillo, and a stack of $1s..

  112. …..and I still say Gingrich is half-grilled marshmallow with silvery hair.

  113. ……..and I always felt Andre made the wrong choice with that uni-shoulder singlet. Not flattering.

  114. Gingrich is not a front-man. Gingrich isn’t a leader but in extremis – when the plan calls for things to be done and no one else will say ‘go’. He is the type for staff-work.

  115. i’ll have the gingrich with mccain on the side. the poodle will love it.

  116. It’s great to see you being yourself.

  117. Gingrich replied “You can’t take anything this man says seriously.” And then he said “Obama is a pretty good public speaker and is somewhat smart.”

    Newt’s projecting again.

  118. Newt “Scuzzy-wuzz-she” Gingrich lost all credibility as a conservative when he backed Scozzafava in NY-23 and then the fat shrew turned on him when she got da boot.

  119. I wish Burn Notice was rated R. That is all.

  120. An excerpt from Marc Thiessen’s Courting Disaster. Follow it up with Stephen Hayes’ account of the Abdulmutallab 50 min. interrogation.

    Not taking any responsibility for what you do next.

  121. Heh, both real and sarcastic.

  122. Let me clarify. Newt is still a conservative, but as a leader of the conservative movement he lost credibility.

    But there are always second chapters in America, Newt can show us that he learned his lesson. But like any 12 step program he better admit that he fucked up in NY-23 in trying to come along/get along.

  123. Maybe second chapters but no second acts.

  124. And white wine? White Wine? Don’t even try to explain that away.

    I’m partial to Rheinwein, when I drink wine, which is pretty rare. But if I see a Spätlese, I buy it. I don’t much care for red wine. I’d rather drink bourbon.

  125. Scozzafava threw Newt to the floor and cut off his hair. And he did not have a lot to begin with.

  126. I’d rather drink bourbon.

    That’d be better than that fishing bumper sticker. Probably get pulled over more though.

  127. /Sock off

  128. Yes! No second acts for F.S. Fitz!

    But that damn Gore Vidal never does us the favor of dying. I suspect hell doesn’t want him.

  129. Heh. Gore Vidal is now writing an incredibly boring historical novel about that comment.

  130. It’s crazy but it true. The Germans got me when I was young and visiting.

    I’m not sure how or when the Kentuckians got me, but they did, God bless ’em.

  131. My dad introduced me to the rieslings when I was sixteen Pablo. Used to go in town, pick up an auslese and head to the river with the girlfriend. Cheap date back in those days. Tasty too.

  132. I loved the way they’d just shut a village down and set up a party in celebration of the wine. Germans know how to party. And they make the only wines I’m ever really psyched to encounter.

  133. Cheapest date anecdotes would be a fun (and offensive) open thread.

  134. mr newt likes his face time like johnnie mac

  135. Cheap wine date? Lambrusco.

  136. You know that sign people make when they put their two index fingers together in a cross and hold it out to ward off evil spirits?

    I’m making that sign at you right now Pablo.

  137. Geh (Google + heh), Pablo.

    I was a $5 dollar Chianti man myself.

  138. Thank you Jeff for thinking of me. I miss you all and I especially miss the food. I ate a lot of food.

  139. Cheapest date? Worst idea for a date? Those would surely be hysterical threads.

  140. I’m making that sign at you right now Pablo.

    That might have something to do with why I don’t care for red wine. Add to the equation: Quarters.

    Those were some long nights back there.

  141. Back when I drank like an Irishman (which I half am) on St. Patty’s Day, religiously, I once took a pilgrimage to Bourbon County, KY. Bourbon tastings are much more lively than wine tastings. It was not pretty.

  142. Red wine quarters. On a date.

    That’s like a perfect poem of funny.

  143. Those were the days, my friend.

  144. Anyone have any connections in the hotel industry, preferably, someone that owns a hotel in Miami, or even better, South Beach?

  145. Just a quick white-black observation…I dunno if Gloria Hendry could’ve earned a fifty-buck fee for any service requiring titties.

  146. Nope. I would add that I don’t know any hotel owners outside of Miami either.

  147. I do know a concierge who always mentions he can get “like anything, man” though.

  148. Stay in Key Biscayne, JD. Off the mainland, and gated to boot.

  149. We thought they’d never end.

  150. So far, I cannot find anything within an hour of the stadium. If I wasn’t taking clients, it would be much easier, as I got me a room in South Beach right away. It is the other 3 rooms that are a problem. I am trying to avoid the sleeping on a sofa or pull-out bed thingie.

  151. Yeah, no help, JD. I know people you could stay with but your clients probably aren’t looking at sharing a pool house.

  152. So far, my best option is to try to talk the hotel I got into upselling me to a suite or the like, and offering to take the sofa, which I happen to be quite used to.

  153. James want to make a change for once in his life it gon’ feel real good gon’ make a difference gonna make it right

    Me I stand with james let’s misbehave

  154. All you well heeled “cheap” dates. As I mentioned a while back, Cadillac Club, Nature Boy wine with that extra added trace of egg material. 69 cents a quart, mixed 50/50 with Squirt. 10 cent burgers and 5 cent fries from the local “Ritzee” drive-in. Park down by the river to watch the submarine races, while Jr. Walker and the All Stars played “Shotgun” on the AM radio, WLS out of Chi-town.

  155. Probably your best bet is to book them farther away, pretend it’s better somehow and send them to the game by driver service Lincolns.

  156. Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner. Geoff, you have just won a bottle of Thunderbird!

    (Actually, that sounds like fun.)

  157. Actually, thinking about it, JD, you guys use an in-house travel agency/booker? Tell them you’ll buy ’em a steak dinner and they might know how to make it work.

  158. I would love to go to the Super Bowl and eat chicken wings and drink armagnac. And enjoy some South Florida weather. But I cannot. I can just watch.

  159. Obama is saying he is picking the Saints.

    That means smart money is on the Colts.

  160. Bh – I am my own travel service.

  161. Thunderbird? Damn breaking out the good stuff.

    Got to remember I’m talking 1964-65. The inflation of the 70s really screws with money figures. Gas was 19.9, and a decent factory job paid maybe $2.75 per hour.

  162. Barcky picked the Saints?!?!

  163. Road warrior JD.

  164. Barcky picked the Saints?!?!

    So he can work “Katrina” into any thing he says for a while.

  165. All this time, I could not figure out why I did not like Barcky, and now I know. He is a fucking idiot, who knows not of what he speaks, but does not hesitate to yammer on about that which he has demonstrated his profound ignorance. Kind of like that poofter first pitch at the All-star game. Or calling it Conminskey Field. Or picking the Taints. Barcky is ignorant. That is all.

    /end rant

  166. These threads are fun. Geoff’s comment is like the opening of a movie. Pablo is working on the opening to his comedy act. Andre the Giant, zombie, is commenting in this thread. And Jeff started it in his classic one two form.

    It’s my great hope that the Saints do an Obama. Look good at first and then tank, like, historically, just tank.

  167. Did you know that Barcky has a chance to turn around public opinion with another historic speech reading from TOTUS tomorrow night?

  168. Baracky wants to make a change for once in his life

  169. Memories are physical traces in our gooey brains, glugadugdug… there went a few more down the… oh, Barcky, he’s gonna turn everyone against himself now JD?

  170. Off topic (sorry, we’re seldom on topic, it’s phatic speech, right Jeff?) but I’ve been talking with Geoff about some of the Zero Hedge posts lately. (Also, it’s the grumblings all over the place.)

    Things might get rocky for Geithner pretty quick.

  171. Sdferr – if that is his intention, I encourage him to do so.

    This BS idea of freezing federal spending of less than 1/8th of the budget is laughable. It will make little to no dent in the deficit, given the gifuckingnormous increases last year. It also sets up Congress, controlled by his own party, for being the bad guy. Since they seem to think not spending will plunge us into a depression, they aren’t going to be on board. It just seems tone deaf, as spending is the one thing he is capable of doing well. Trying to act fiscally responsible at this point is yet another example of the disdain he has for us. He thinks we are dumb enough to buy it.

  172. The Saints probably had a decent shot until Obama backed them.

  173. Bob Higgs, via Cafe Hayek, with some chilling thoughts on the employment data.

    his situation bears an eerie resemblance to the employment situation during the Great Depression, when private nonfarm hours worked fell steeply from 1929 to 1932 and did not return to 1929 levels until 1941, while millions were added to government payrolls during the New Deal. In both cases, the possibility that government employment crowds out private employment, rather than stimulating it, should not be dismissed.

  174. In both cases, the possibility that government employment crowds out private employment, rather than stimulating it, should not be dismissed.

    And in all other cases since about FDR.

  175. Barcky was against the spending freeze before he was for it.

  176. Stimulus isn’t real. Just isn’t. Not even kinda. Bastiat used to shoot rock throwers on his estate.

    For it to make sense a multiplier must get above, well, 1.

    Hasn’t yet. Not sure how it can, even theoretically. TANSTAAFL.

  177. Pablo, I put in a harvest season in the vineyard and crushing house with this man, Ham Mowbray, two years after the Eiswein mentioned in the article was pressed. He was quite a character. Hard damned work though it was, it was made the easier by the constant imbibition of his main product, a Sevye-Villard 5376 from dawn til dusk. Good stuff.

  178. sorry, that’s 5276, not 3

  179. Barcky was for a spending freeze affer he jacked the baseline up 10%.

    hIM IS NOT good for your little country.

    burma shave

  180. ‘feets, do me a favor, say dirty Keynesian. Please. But vulgar like and such.

  181. Here’s a pic of the old bird, a little more than 1/2 way down the page.

  182. Goodnight, racists.

  183. dirty dirty keynesians hey let’s go find our fen james and not distance ourselves from him just cause he be all illegal an shit

    that would be a game changer I think

  184. “When the British are the cowboys, then I fear for the future of the globe.”

  185. Sweet, it was the double dirty that put the filth on it, ‘feets.

    Did you guys know that wine stuff from sdferr’s link? I didn’t.

    ‘Night, racist.

  186. not following well i blame the martinis nite racist person you

  187. Not you as a racist, ‘feets, off of JD’s sign off.

  188. sdferr,

    Memories are physical traces in our gooey brains,

    Reminds me that my copy of “Cerebral Symphony” came today. Used library book from Largo Fl. ’round your parts. Still waiting on “e: The Story of a Number”. Like to thank you guys for all the good recommends.

  189. i know that was jes mah unconscious

  190. Heinlein should be required reading in grade school.

  191. The unemployment trends may be 1929-41 but this guy is no FDR, thankfully.

  192. Heh, a couple times.

  193. Philip M Wagner bh, very interesting guy, followed Mencken as editor of the Balt. Sun’s editorial page, then later became the leading pioneer of vinifera growing on the East Coast, wrote a couple of influential books that were instrumental in the revival of viticulture there, established Boordy vineyard, still a going concern I think, and was a friend to Ham Mowbray. The French-American hybrids were the key though, I think. They were some lonely dudes in the grape business back in those days.

  194. A brief timeline of the biz in Maryland.

  195. no mo’ gin, no mo’ rum, oh da misery done coooooooome.

  196. hate mornings

  197. “Did you know that Barcky has a chance to turn around public opinion with another historic speech reading from TOTUS tomorrow night?”

    JD, he already sinched up the 6th grader vote.

  198. “My dad introduced me to the rieslings when I was sixteen”


    Have you tried the Washington State variety? I’d recommend Columbia Winery.

  199. Re: The FDR/0! analogy, to be perfectly accurate, they have dusted off the early 30’s playbook and are running it step by step…

    and we all know how that worked out.

  200. the rise of hitler and tract housing

  201. I would offer Mary Landrieu $50 for a titty fuck, but I am dead and I hear her rates have gone up.

  202. Happy … we’ve got a problem.

  203. Joe – This dirty little socialist really does not like, or understand, our country.

  204. okay sdferr, bird challenge… there’s one going to town outside, but I can’t see it. It’s sound is two minor thirds. me do me do. what is it?

  205. Why bother with high capacity lift rockets that could keep us ahead of the Russians and ChiComs. Unfortuantely the only lift for Obama is his own ego:

    “I’ve been doing that with this White House, and they just don’t seem to give it any credibility at all,” Berry said. “They just kept telling us how good it was going to be. The president himself, when that was brought up in one group, said, ‘Well, the big difference here and in ’94 was you’ve got me.’ We’re going to see how much difference that makes now.” [snip]

  206. It is a fucking crow, maggie. Shoot it.

  207. The difference is, you’ve got me.

    At which point the Dem congresscritter, who was previously on the fence about retirement, immediately retired. Beautiful.

  208. I was already rooting for the Colts, but now I’m a racist for doing so. Thank you, Mr. President!

  209. Barcky is an idiot, McG. That is all. H/t alppuccino.

  210. What is it?”

    It’s a Whispy Warbling-Annoyer… ? A Sleep-Robbing NuisanceBird… ?

    Or in the non-jokey vein, I sounded a variety of minor thirds maggie k and came to find… no answer leapt to mind, save perhaps that pitch, among other things, might matter a heap. Beyond that I’m reduced to — passerine, early morning, Dallas-ish, assumed local environment [suburb, I’m guessing, so mostly open ground with trees standing free as opposed to dense, bushes ’round about, lawns, etc.], probable winter residents, insistent singing (in winter? practicing for Spring no doubt), two-note repeated (the frequency deal, how much repeated counts though), song (as I assumed) or possible call(?) — and now I’m curious. Chase it down tomorrow or the next time you hear it?

  211. I had a red velvet whoopie from Ralph’s… did not like…

  212. it was kinda bitter like maybe it baked too long

  213. will do (maybe), sdferr. ;D I’m kinda spaced out on cough syrup. so I apologize for any odd comments.

  214. Late to see it but thanks for the link at #197, sdferr.