June 9, 2009

Titties [Dan Collins]

I’m for ’em.

Hey, you know what I’d love to do? Assrape Letterman with a baseball bat. Hahahahahahahaha.


Posted by Dan Collins @ 5:50pm

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  1. Isn’t it about time we had a Constitutional amendment?

  2. If we can put a man on the moon…

  3. To lift up and separate from, Pablo. Noble, noble DC.

  4. Reminds me of an old interview with Frank Zappa — he told the (female) interviewer that his new album had “everything in it that America loves, and that’s beer and tits.”


    “Well, if you don’t like ’em, why don’t you go have ’em chopped off?”

  5. I preemptively denounce myself for that last post, even though I was only animating what Mr. Zappa said.

  6. I categorically, with no reservation, fully support and endorse Dan’s position on this vital issue…

    Real, or memorex, silky or silicone, they all deserve equal protection…

    I volunteer as an inspector; It’s a tough job, but, well, you know…

    I’m just a public service kind of guy!

  7. newrouter, that’s not at all what Fiat was saying this morning. Must’ve talked to Rahm.

  8. I’m just a public service kind of guy!

    You can start here, Bob. (NSFW) And thank you for your selflessness.

  9. Was that the whole court, or just Ruth, I wonder.

  10. Real, or memorex, silky or silicone, they all deserve equal protection…

    I don’t know about that. This is one case where the old hippie in me wants them labeled if they are natural, free range, organically grown.

  11. NSFW hell that shit ain’t safe anywhere.

  12. So how about a visual there Dan.

  13. On my personal Top Ten List.

  14. With titties as with all things, there is a place and a purpose. The place is on an intelligent, attractive woman, and the purpose is — well…

  15. Pablo, please. I’m eating dinner here.

  16. Pablo raped my eyes….

  17. Lt. York, I recommend my link to sooth the trauma.

  18. Also to soothe it.

  19. you’ve got my vote, dan. and yo pablo, thanks for the reverse thinspo. *shudder* (and yeah, i know i always say that. but that’s because it’s always true.)

  20. Louchette, maybe we can run together on the Titties & Beer ticket. You bring the titties.

  21. sounds good to me. =D and btw, they’re real and they’re still pretty spectacular, even despite the gravity and all. ;-)

  22. Looking forward to the campaign poster.

  23. why are proggs so angry?

  24. newrouter: Your answer can be found in this book.

  25. if we could get guns in there too somewhere this party would totally rock.

  26. Because of the ugly, router.

  27. Pablo,

    You’re really intent on putting me to a test even the great Cincinnatus could not pass…

    I’ll relinquish the Berkley authority to an old hippie who might be into that, ahem, retro look…

  28. We need single payer plastic surgery, is what we need. Nance!

  29. Pingback: Moe Lane » David Letterman jokes about Alex Rodriguez raping Willow Palin.

  30. You work the guns into your security detail guys…

  31. and the purpose is — well…

    …to suckle infants, the way all good mammals do.

    But given that powdered formula is perfectly adequate, I don’t know why you guys are so gung ho about protec…

    …never mind.

  32. ok, if that then how about… instead of security guys we have security fembots, like qaddaffi (or however he spells it this week.) but cooler, like more sarah connerish.

  33. Treacher too, had a few things to say about Letterman.

  34. Femtroopers.

  35. I can’t believe ain’t nobody linked this yet.

    Titties and Beer

  36. Fembots are ol louchette,

    But they need to be, err, well endowed…

    You know, for the ammo storge…

  37. Oh, and I didn’t mean security guys, I just missed a comma…

  38. I mean, of they had the body geometry of Simona Halep, then it’d be no problem to conceal 20 mike-mike vulcan gatling guns…


  39. Pablo – Thanks for making my eyes bleed.

    Is there still a National SteakandaBlowJob Day ?

  40. yeah, or they could just use garter holsters, like noir gangster’s molls, cranked to 11.

    the more i think about this idea the better i like it. TY dan.

    also, people still watch letterman? o.O

  41. “I don’t know about that. This is one case where the old hippie in me wants them labeled if they are natural, free range, organically grown.”

    The “label” is obvious ya old hippie. Just look for Newton’s Curse or the Dr.’s mark.

    Au Natural or not, as Larry McMurtry would write, “she got dugs, or fresh teats?”

    louchette is, of course, excluded from this comment in every concern able way.

  42. Jesus Dan, you do a post called Titties. Which we respond to accordingly. Then you add in later David Letterman suggesting Alex Rodriquez got Sarah Palin’s 14 year old daughter pregnant.

    No I did not call for a visual of that.

    Seriously, if you are going to do a post on outrage over Letterman being a creepy old fuck (which he is), do a seperate post on it.

  43. I think we should nuke all the progs and then waterboard their dead bodies. After their kidnies have failed of course. HAHAHAHAHA.

    Geez, I’M JUST JOKING, OK?

  44. louchette is soooooo cool. Sugartits and all.

  45. Sorry, Joe. You’re right.

  46. JD,
    It’s not a national holiday, since Billy Jeff left office, but it depends on what state you live in…Namely the state of your marriage!

  47. is david letterman a homo sex challenged person with tits?

  48. i just like to bring a little joy. since what the cocksucking socialists are doing to my country makes me want to cry. daily. and if it’s laugh or cry, i’ll take laugh every time.

  49. Thanks Dan. I do not want to be a prude. Everyone loves titties, provided they are on an 18+ year old woman.

    So there is no hypocrisy.

    But what is out of bound is bringing in minor children into the political gladitorial arena. First it was Andrew Sullivan, now it is David Letterman. Letterman is a nasty piece of work for throwing that one in. Really really low rent and scummy. But that is Dave Letterman for you.

  50. How can I become a titties and beer party apparatchick…

    You know, and hang with all the movers and shakers

    Were drinkin’ good beer, right? No swill, for reals, OK guys..?

    How do you join; does it involve throwin’ a titties and beer party..?

    I’ll bring the beer, someone else has to be responsible for the titties…

  51. it is nice to see all these douche bags take off their masks for “the one”&trade:

  52. damn semi colons

    “the one”™

  53. “Letterman is a nasty piece of work for throwing that one in. Really really low rent and scummy.”

    Little palate cleanser for ya Joe

  54. And it was 14 year old Willow that was at the game. But even if it was 18 year old Bristol, that comment is way out of line by Letterman.

  55. Louchette rules, though she and Carin and Lisa always talk about how fabulous their breastesses are, they never provide and linky proof :-(

  56. In the parlance of Naval Aviators an exceptional aircraft is referred to as a “tits machine”…

    ‘Cuz, you know, it feels so good to handle…

    The really old school guys contended that the F-8 was the last real tits machine, but us aluminum cloud guys felt differently; but we were biased…

    I know you all are shocked, Shocked, to hear that flyboys admire tits…

  57. Or as they like to call them, “cones.”

  58. JD,

    They just don’t empathize with, “Seeing id believeing”, guys like us I guess…

  59. “damn semi colons

    “the one”™

    Ah hell, super Newsweek jesus don’t need no trade mark!

    Stutterin’ McSpendypants just rockin’ out with all our check-books out.

    Gettin’ his Marxist swerve on.

    Is Alinsky in the house?

    You know that!

    Woot Woot!

  60. “I know you all are shocked, Shocked, to hear that [Navy] flyboys admire tits”…

    Well, sorta. After “Tailhook” I figured you fellas for split tail ass men.

    Absolutely love the line about planes, tits & “handling” though. That will definitely get used in an inappropriate sentence sometime this week.

  61. Bob – The F4 (?) Phantom was a tits ride. First time I ever ralphed in a plane.

    Cones, love bags, fun bags, bra fillers, tatas, breastesses, chest torpedoes, proof that God/Allah loves me, headlights, gravity defying mounds of beauty …

  62. Nice recital JD, you’ve really got the terminology down, bro…

    I guess that reflects a lot of in-depth study…

    VF-84 flew Tomcats in my day, but I’ve only heard good things about the Phantom…

  63. if this were /b/ i might post tits (or GTFO.) but it isn’t. =P


    also, damn you dan for making a fun thread. i had things to write tonight, but instead i am hanging out here.

  64. Dan, I’d also like to thank you for posting on a subject that is, ahem, so near and dear to me; close to my heart-as often as possible…

    Unless, of course, I end up sleeping on the couch!

  65. And now, a moment of silence for these.


  66. Screwed by Alex Rodriguez. Nice; it all adds up. Fuckhead trolling for traffic. How low can you go, Dan?

  67. Low enough to trawl you up, apparently. How old are you kids again, cynn?

  68. 2 odd thoughts. If womens breastesses are for suckling their young, we should have laws requiring all Mommy’s seeking abortions to have theirs cut off first.
    Second thought. Would it be appropriate for a Conservative/Republican comedian or entertainer to suggest that Ruth Bader Ginsburg looks like a dried up Jewish whore, or would it be fine and dandy to say that, Opies daugher Malia have sex with and get knocked up by Barry Bonds??

    It’s gone far beyond absurd. The lefts bigotry is not hidden any longer.
    But the Media being liberal covers it up.

  69. Pablo: Me kids are none of your perverse business.

  70. Well, that’s all that needs to be said.

  71. If there’s anything better than revolutionary nudity, it’s revolutionary transgendered nudity. Most of the participants were readily identifiable as either male or female, but this bearded, breasted, tattooed protester dared to challenge our outmoded gender labels.
    Not exactly my reaction when I saw that picture.

    I blame Lt. York; his “raped my eyes” comment made me look at that link.

  72. Pablo, there are countless orders of magnitude between your first and most recent link in this thread…

  73. You think that’s what it is, cynn? There are some things that simply should not be tolerated. This is one of them.

    Let Whelan and Publius be asinine to each other. I determined that PW’s readership could get along fine without knowing my feelings about it. I figured that they could get along fine without knowing what I thought about Obama in Paris. BFD.

    But this is beyond obnoxious. This is assaultive. And even sicker than what Letterman says, perhaps, is the way his audience reacts, and if you don’t think that it is miserable and disgusting and ought to be punished, I think you are as loathesome as those motherfuckers.

    Piss off.

  74. Pablo: Me kids are none of your perverse business.

    Oh, come on, cynn! Maybe they could meet Alex Rodriguez!

    That Dan sure is a sonofabitch, isn’t he?

  75. Dan: I have neither followed nor been interested in this latest dustup between two fuckheads I don’t care about. Stopping by to see you wanting to fuck David Letterman with a baseball bat gave me pause. Your rage is unwarranted, and you are no better than the slobbering sluices that pass for informed discourse. Get a grip, as they say.

  76. Let Whelan and Publius be asinine to each other.

    That was two grown men trying to out pussify the other. Embarassing, but what can you do.

    But somethings are wrong.

    Leave. Kids. Out. Of. It.

    McCain was wrong to joke about Chelsey Clinton.

    Andrew Sullivan was wrong for going after Trig Palin as a means of tearing down Sarah.

    And Letterman is a douchebag for thinking he has something to prove with Sarah Palin that he thinks making fun of her kids is okay I mean, jesus, Sarah Palin could kick his ass.

  77. Sin – step away from the box of wine and read the damn post.

    Pablo – I appreciate the effort, but my eyes are still bleeding.

  78. Letterman has an obvious bias against attractive women… and evidently the sentiment is returned.

  79. Here is a song that I think you all will enjoy.

  80. Rob Scuderi.

  81. “Comment by cynn on 6/9 @ 8:19 pm #

    Pablo: Me kids are none of your perverse business.”

    But Sarah Palin’s?

    Fire away.

  82. “Your rage is unwarranted…”

    Piss off, cynn.

  83. Done, fuckhead.

  84. sin – did you read the post?

  85. JD: What post am I supposed to read that will magically transform me into one of the righty enlighties?

  86. I have not read one comment of this but I have read clicked on a couple drudge links of people in the media slandering Palin. Palin, a failed VP candidate whose entire family was already slandered last election cycle. I am starting to get the feeling if “we” (I using that that word metaphorically) do not draw the line here, then “we” will get “our” (using the word our loosely) next candidate who even has a hope of drawing mass appeal slandered. This shit has to stop. WTF did Palin do to these people to make them hate her? I do not even know if someone can answer that for me without a stock answer I would love to know. (Stock answer that she could win)

    Maybe the stock answer is right who the hell knows. F that the only thing she did to deserve this ire was run as a woman and a Republican WTF?

  87. I see one post. It is David Letterman making a crass joke. What else, pussies?

  88. She had the ability to possibly win Mr. Pink, and she was mostly a conservative, so they felt compelled to destroy her.

    If her family got in the way, it was collateral damage.

  89. Comment by cynn on 6/9 @ 8:22 pm #

    Well, that’s all that needs to be said.

    You forgot the, “Good Day, sir.”

    “Pablo, there are countless orders of magnitude between your first and most recent link in this thread”…

    Well..the orders of magnitude aren’t exactly countless.

    I count two. Two orders of magnitude.

    With nipples.

    That said;

    Granted the post is titled “Titties,” but…

    Look, if she’s a Republican running for Congress or replacing that stupid old blonde ditz on Fox & Friends and that’s her, uh, head/publicity shot, then fine. I’m voting for her.


  90. Oh, I give up; nevermind. What lightweights.

  91. …and by that I mean figurative dicks.

  92. 91
    That was the stock answer I was talking about Joe. I really hope that ain’t right personally, but I realy am starting to think it is.

    This may or not be related to this but they have effectivly I think made disagreeing or not liking Obama “not cool”, and hating Palin “cool”. but WTF did she do to deserve this shit on a personal level?

  93. Stopping by to see you wanting to fuck David Letterman with a baseball bat gave me pause. Your rage is unwarranted…

    Come on, cynn, it’s not rage, it’s mockery…and quite well warranted. Why are you so angry?

  94. mr. pink — the problem is envy. palin’s problem is, literally (and i mean that literally,) that she is too pretty.

    people talk all the time about greed being a sin and a great evil, religious both/and secular people do. but they often forget, or maybe never even knew, that according to most of the great human philosophical and religious traditions envy is just as great a sin, if not a greater one. and the things people do to salve their envy are the cruelest, basest, most unconscionable things things human beings are capable of. love unrequited, hate, you name it… nothing comes close to envy for its destructive power.

    and it’s too bad. but it’s also totally human. which is why all the great religions and philosophies counsel against it.

  95. Obama, “Obama seeks fiscal responsibility mantle”
    Obama, “Obama: It’s OK to borrow to pay for health care
    Obama-proposed budget rules allow deficits to swell to pay for health care plan “

    Letterman, Obama, they can both just fuck off along with all their, oh so wonderful “progressive” buds. Shitheads all.

  96. “I see one post…what else pussies?”

    #1) “I see one post.” That’s kinda been our point to you all along.

    #2) There’s not enough bandwidth on the intertubes to explain all that you don’t see.

    #3) “What else pussies?” Wow, I’m finding you incredibly hot right now. Are you a dude or a gal? (fess up now, I don’t wanna be all weirded out later).

  97. No, it’s much more insidious than that. The right thinking population lives in justifiable fear.

  98. naw cynn. not lightweights, just a line.
    all adults have it.
    Letterman crossed it, after working hard to get it just so, all to fucking put the wood to a 14 year old girl who is just real happy to have algebra behind her.

    so we’re clear, you can be damn sure that Id be disgusted that a national TV figure made fun of some liberal Pol’s kid. But heres the thing you pathetic relativist bagman, they never would. I worked in MSM for a decade, been on TV, all the nets and they never–fucking ever, never–do this to a Dem.

    yeah Cynn, its a reprehensibly dick move and anyone who defends it deserves to see their kid suffer sometime, someway because someone got their rocks off in taking a cheap shot.

  99. Hey, interlopers! That was for the trashman!

  100. I gotta get me some of that “right thinking”. Sounds like the coming major market experience.

  101. Can’t believe no one has posted this yet…


  102. I see one post. It is David Letterman making a crass joke. What else, pussies?

    The joke was about a 14 year old girl, cynn. Adults in the public eye are there by choice. Children of those people are along for the ride, but have no choice in the matter. Children are off limits. Period. What is so hard to understand about that?

  103. hilarious Cynn. all you have is the left-right trope, stock bloggy comic book charactures and such. Maybe thats warranted when we’re batting around whether Charles Johnson was correct in turning his blog into All Evolution All The Time or the like, but your weakness now shows. You have nothing to offer.

    A question: Is there anything that IS NOT political? Anything that isn’t the GOPs fault?

  104. yeah Cynn, its a reprehensibly dick move and anyone who defends it deserves to see their kid suffer sometime, someway because someone got their rocks off in taking a cheap shot.

    Further than I was going to go on my first post of the evening, but I agree with this, McGruder.

  105. “Obama seeks fiscal responsibility mantle”

    Obama places new fiscal responsibility mantle over fireplace at Camp David.

    Obama has George Soros, Capitol Hill party at Camp David.

    Obama and party goers burn tax payer money in fireplace.

    Obama burns up mantle…

    …and Camp David.

    NYT Headline: “George Bush Leaves Fire Bomb in Camp David Fireplace.”

  106. Let’s review here: GWB’s daughters… drunken college bimbos: McCain’s kids…layabouts living off maternal moneybags: Palen’s children…a free for all on sluts and morons. Is there a pattern here? We may have lost the election, Cynn. Your kind has lost all sense of honor or decency.

  107. Would it be OK to take cheap shots at Sasha, cynn?

    Perhaps there should be a line that we all don’t cross? Personally, I think that would be a good idea. It used to be called decorum. Apparently it has gone out of style.

    Where is the line for you, cynn?

  108. I reviewed the clip. David Letterman didn’t specify the age or identity of the daughter. You guys are attempting to make shit up. Good luck as usual, morans.

  109. i remember Mike Myers in 95 or so had done a skit one week where they snarked on Chelsea.
    Hilary Clinton called up and fucking ripped, and I do mean ripped, Lorne Michaels a colo-rectal channel. She said She and Bill were fair game, Chelsea was not.
    the next week, they cold opened with a five minute skit on what a washed up dick Myers was. Best part: Lorne made him write and deliver the dialogue.
    he also wrote a letter to Chelsea, apologizing to her.
    this occurred when Myers was the SNL franchise, a frigging goldmine for them.

    some of this got out into the press, but since I sat next to a TV critic who was buds with Lorne, he filled me in on the real backstory. It is a frigging legend around SNL…”The day Lorne shit his pants.”

    things change, right Cynn? Wasnt that something you said about RW….fear?

  110. Hey idiot, she only took the 14 year old to the game. ESAD

  111. its clear who he is talking about you stupid Labia.

  112. Bullshit cynn. Letterman is way out of line and you bloody well know it. Stop being purposely obtuse. His “joke” is indefensible. Either kids are off limits or they are not. Which is it with you?

  113. Comment by cynn:

    “No, it’s much more insidious than that.”**

    [Sigh] Ok. How much more?

    **(I think cynn is either George Lucas or ghost wrote the dialogue for the “sequels”)

    The “right thinking” population cynn?


    George Orwell, call your office.

  114. Damit.

    I meant “prequels.”

    Skynet is supposed to catch that stuff.

  115. You have got to be fucking kidding me, sin. Step away from the Ernest & Julio Gallo.

  116. Yah, if only Ernest and Julio could be here at once…

  117. Way OT – I eagled the par 5 first hole at Portland Northshore CC today. First time I have ever been two under par ever. Doesn’t have a thing to do with the tread, but since my wife doesn’t know I was playing golf on my “business” trip, I have to tell someone.

  118. It’s endlessly fascinating to visit blogs and sites with posts and stories about the illustrious Governor of Alaska and observe the countless comments as leftards lose control of their bowels and soil themselves.A psychologist or even an anthropologist could have a lifetime career just studying the phenomenon.

  119. I think mgruder needs to take a melatonin and go nighty. That’s what Imma gonna do.

  120. “I reviewed the clip. David Letterman didn’t specify the age or identity of the daughter.”

    Cynn, your daughter is a dirty leg, cock sucking whore.

    In that sentence I did not specify your said daughter’s “age or identity.”

    So…you’re cool with all that, right?



    Ah…Liberal righteous indignation = A chimp trying to put out a fire with a bucket of gasoline.

    BTW, that will be on the language section of the SAT kids.

  121. Mr. Pink: Sarah Palin is a pretty cool person. She is hardly a conservative like Rush or Levin, or a classical liberal-libertarian like Jeff, but she is conservative. What scared the shit out of the left is she almost seemed ready to pump John McCain into the White House when they thought Obama had him whupped.

    So they took her out. And they made it personal when they went after her kids. Fuck them.

  122. Big D – Congrats. I cannot recall the last putt I had for eagle. I have chipped in a few times, but that is not nearly as cool as holing a putt for eagle. Well done.

  123. Willow is 14, cynn. IIRC Obamas oldest is around that age. OK if we start making crude jokes about her? Where’s your line cynn?

  124. And Letterman is a skivey dingleberry eating dirtbag. I do not care if he makes fun of Sarah Palin, but going after her kids is low. And it is creepy to go after kids sexually–even if he thought he was refering to Bristol Palin.

    But the point was it was 14 year old Willow at the game, and Letterman is a fucking jerk.

  125. Thanks, JD. I had to tell someone!

  126. Congrats on the eagle Big D.

  127. What… will magically transform me into one of the righty enlighties?

    Be the floor, cynn.

  128. Big D – That is huge. Congrats. I have made a handful of eagles, but never with the flat blade. And now that my instructor is trying to rebuild my swing, it might never happen for me.

    Are you anywhere near Bandon Dunes?

  129. #130 – Classic, Guinspen. BTW what a game tonight. Very interesting last two minutes. Now, if they can take that to Detroit.

  130. Where is Bandon Dunes? Portland Northshore is right north of Corpus Christi, TX Front nine is nothing to write home about but the back nine has four holes right on the ocean.

  131. Game Seven.


  132. Needed to be a period in there. Sorry about that.

  133. Big D – Never mind. When you said Portland, I thought you were in the Northwest. Bandon Dunes is in Oregon.

  134. Is this your course Big D?

  135. That’s it Joe, but the picture is wrong. No mountains anywhere near Corpus.

    JD, spent a lot of time in the PacNW in my last year with Pepsi, but no golf. Have I mentioned lately that Pepsi sucks? Cause they do. In case you were wondering.

  136. Mad props on the Eagle Big D.

    Snookered an Eagle on a par 4 once and even made the weekly local rag. Friggin’ miracle. Thought I’d flown the green. Looked for ten minutes for the ball before my Uncle found it in the cup while tending flag.

    Now? Manage to 3-put my par 5 (potential) Eagles/ Birdies into Bogeys like I had a friggin’ Ivy League degree in it.

  137. That’s good Guins, even better!

  138. Trust me Lamont, I had my share of three putts today. Start with an eagle, it goes downhill from there. Still, a good day on the golf course…

  139. what the? you see what happens when you go OT?

    knock, knock…

  140. Is there such a thing as a bad day on a golf course?!

  141. guinsPen, congrats!!!!

    I got my wish too, 7 games. Now we see who can pull it out with everything on the line. 5 card stud, one hand, all in time.

  142. Is there such a thing as a bad day on a golf course?!

    um. yes.

  143. bad day golfing? maybe not.

  144. Sorry, Maggie.

  145. “Is there such a thing as a bad day on a golf course?!”

    That’s mostly rhetorical, I’ve never played, but I just translate it to “Is there such a thing as a bad day fishing?!” The answer is kinda obvious.

  146. OT again, but I just saw the ShamWow commercial in spanish. I still don’t want to buy one.

  147. Hey Dan, all your threads, even the titties one, turn into golf threads. Karma? The good kind I mean.

  148. Comment by cynn on 6/9 @ 9:14 pm #

    I see one post. It is David Letterman making a crass joke. What else, pussies?

    Eduard Limonov once described the difference between a vagina, a pussy and a cunt. It was in His Butler’s Story, I think. Edichka-baby’s pussy descriptor was not flattering, if I recall.

    And matriarchal cynn just called all of you pussies, nah-nah-nah-na nah nah. Banner day, banner day.

  149. Geoffb,

    Either we talk golf or talk to cynn. After her comments earlier, I think I’d rather talk golf. Come to think about it, I’d rather remove my own scalp with a cheese grater than talk to cynn on this topic.

  150. It’s their rink. It’s their ice. And it’s their fuckin’ town.

    Thanks, gb.

  151. Sham-Wow in Spanish would make me want to buy dos …

  152. I thought I had done a post about it, but can’t find it at the moment. but um, my dad had someone attacked by an otter at his course once.

  153. i just like to bring a little joy. since what the cocksucking socialists are doing to my country makes me want to cry.

    Please don’t call them cocksuckers, I happen to like cocksuckers.

  154. And thank you for the movie links.

  155. I don’t know, Maggie. Otters can be vicious.

    I apologize in advance.

  156. Golf is good, on TV it’s relaxing. Close to bed time anyways so it works for me.

  157. Golf, otters, and Harriers Oh My!

  158. America is a Socialist county and you nutlogs are either too ignorant to know that or too dishonest to admit it.

    By the way, Napoleon and the French were the only army to own Europe from Moscow to Madrid, which is just but another righteous reason to dig French Lit..

  159. Otters can be vicious.

    I think it depends on whether you cook them with the fur on or off.

  160. By the way, Napoleon and the French were the only army to own Europe from Moscow to Madrid, which is just but another righteous reason to dig French Lit..

    200 years ago, thor. Wouldn’t hang my hat on that.

  161. And Henry defeated the french at Agincourt. What’s your point?

  162. Congrats guinsPen.

    And Big D, check out the website for Bandon Dunes. Definitely worth another trip to Oregon.

  163. 1) Screw y’all for making a giant titty thread without me. I thought you cared.

    2) The The is right about the “socialist country” stuff, terminology-quibbles aside. However —

    3) Even — especially — French people think French “lit” is stupid crap. (I’d make an exception for Guyotat, and maybe Roussel, and occasionally Genet, but I’m gay like that.) There’s an essay by a legendary French person, “On the Superiority of Anglo-American Literature” — whatever the French words for those same words is — that it should read. It’s right. (The other “it.”)

    4) Beer > titties, almost always. Hence 3).

  164. I think it depends on whether you bar-b-q them with the wings on or off.

  165. The viscous nature of Rush’s slobber ought to make his tongue a delicacy in a authentic Chinese kitchen, but even those roach eaters couldn’t stomach Rush Limbaugh’s fatal effluvia.

  166. Christ, dude, how fucking miserable is your life that you can’t do anything but babble marginally coherent bullshit on a thread about titties and beer? You need help. Seriously.

  167. Dan says titties and your response is Napoleon and Rush Limbaugh?

  168. They are boobs to some people, I guess.

  169. I have never met Napoleon, but I plan to find the time.

  170. By the way, Napoleon and the French were the only army to own Europe from Moscow to Madrid

    Went in with almost 700,000 troops, and came back to La Belle France with about 20,000.

    Although I’m not a military guy, I’m pretty sure that this usage of “own” is somewhat at variance with the standard definition.


  171. It’s just that Charles “The Hammer” Martel, who the adoring peasants addressed as “The Hammer of God,” is the one who beat and raped the Islamo-monkeys’ ass all the way to Spain, and Joan of Arc kicked the God milk out of the British invaders.

    French kick ass. That’s all.

  172. an essay by a legendary French person

    Denis Lemieux?

  173. It’s just that Charles “The Hammer” Martel,

    Charles Martel was a Frank, not French.

    Hint: there’s a difference.


  174. I didn’t say he wasn’t, you French Lieutenant’s whore.

  175. French kiss…

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  177. You know, Michael Savage is getting set up in the UK. I am no big Savage fan, but he is hardly dangerous and this ban is bizzare. If it is Savage now, who is next?

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  179. Letterman is from Indiana JD. And he’s a total cock.

    Has he asked Todd Palin to be on his show yet? I mean, he wants ratings, doesn’t he. Hell I’d stay up for that.

    But that, of course, was rhetorical. He won’t face Todd Palin. He doesn’t care about ratings. He just wakes up, scratches his empty, raisin-like scrotum, and phones it in. Hence the bitterness.

    I was at the White House last week and while I was waiting, I sat in this beautiful overstuffed setee. It had firm armrests, soft squishy pads and it had cupholders! When I got up to leave I turned around and looked more closely. Turns out the small couch was really Michelle passed out on the floor after a night of chicken wings and forties. And my 32 oz. Big Glug was still stuck in one of her nostrils. Ba da boom

  180. Check that. You know what? I just saw Gran Torino last night. Letterman is just doing his version of GT only it would be called Prius. So PC is officially out the window. I’m going the other way from now on.

    Here’s a taste:

    Q: Hey cynn. You know what they call that useless flap of skin that’s just above your vagina?

    A: cynn.

    See? Now we’re all friends again.

  181. BTW you can contact me at Ted Kennedy’s Brain Tumor’s Official Fan Club @ GoTumorGo.org.

  182. French kicked ass.


  183. French kissed ass


  184. Schellenberg. Blenheim, Ramillies and Oudenarde. Grijó, Porto, Talavera, Lines of Torres Vedras. Fuentes de Onoro, Albuera, Salamanca, Vitoria, Sorauren. Nivelle, Nive. Orthez, Toulouse.

    Good times.

  185. Silver, one can almost still hear the Prussian chuckling over Sedan…

  186. “#Comment by SBP on 6/9 @ 11:58 pm #

    By the way, Napoleon and the French were the only army to own Europe from Moscow to Madrid

    Went in with almost 700,000 troops, and came back to La Belle France with about 20,000.”

    Lost 90,000 men in the Peninsular war.

    “I’m pretty sure that this usage of “own” is somewhat at variance with the standard definition.”

    True, that.

    The French lost every battle they fought against the Duke of Wellington, also.

  187. “Comment by thor on 6/9 @ 11:13 pm #

    Eduard Limonov once described the difference between a vagina, a pussy and a cunt.”

    Talking about you, whore, there is no difference.

  188. “#

    Comment by guinsPen on 6/9 @ 10:32 pm #

    Game Seven.


    I hate you.

    But it was one of the most exciting hockey games I’ve seen in years.

    Go Pens!


  189. I would like to point out game seven will be in Detroit, which seems to matter a great deal this year. Helluva series, whatever the result.

    Go Red Wing.

  190. And don’t forget Waterloo – it’s not just a song, you know.

  191. Is there such a thing as a bad day on a golf course?!

    I once lost six balls in eight holes (I quit at that point). And that’s not counting the other half dozen or more I found looking for the six I started with.

    That was a bad day.

  192. “Go Red Wing.”


    I was cleaning out my dresser not long ago and found one of my ticket stubs from the ’75 Philly-Buffalo finals.

    Ah, the Broad Street Bullies.

  193. I once lost six balls in eight holes

    I thought you were starting a Clinton-joke.

  194. SW,

    Have you read Longford’s biography of the Duke?

    “The Years of the Sword” is a great book.

  195. Col,

    Sedan was truly a débacle – another good French word. What an epic display of a lack of intestinal fortitude. And you are correct, N. O’Brain, Wellington never lost a battle against the French. It has to be said though that Badajoz and San Sebastián were quite costly victories.

  196. I have finally found someone who got my “swing” decent enough that I can hit the ball straight now, so I am just not very good at all rather than unbelievably god awful.

  197. Yes, N. O’Brain, it is my favourite biography of the Duke and a classic work. Andrew Roberts comparative biographies Napoleon and Wellington: The Long Duel is also a very good read. I found Richard Holmes’ Wellington – The Iron Duke a good general account. My favourite book about the Peninsular War though is The Recollections of Rifleman Harris – a real life grunt’s eye view.

  198. I have been rooting for whoever plays the Pengiuns since they beat the Caps. Go Redwings.

  199. Yeah, I got interested reading Bernard Cornwell.

    Even got the Sharpe’s TV series.

  200. How about “Wellington’s Rifles” by Mark Urban?

    I picked it up in Glasgow, ironically enough.

    Your recommendations are going on my wish list, btw.

  201. Urban’s book and Paget’s Wellington’s Peninsular War: Battles and Battlefields are next on my list. If anyone is wondering what to get me for my birthday…..

  202. Paget?

    The guy who stole Wellington’s sister in law?

  203. Cornwell and O’Brian both utilise my favourite literary motif – piles of dead crapauds. Hard to work into noir or sci-fi but I am a man of simple tastes.

  204. No, Julian of that ilk.

  205. What Todd Palin being on Letterman might be like.

  206. It’s telling that the two greatest French military heroes are a foreigner and a teenage girl.

  207. I have been rooting for whoever plays the Pengiuns since they beat the Caps.

    Fair enough, but which time?

    1991: Lost to Penguins, 4-1 (Patrick Div finals)
    1992: Lost to Penguins, 4-3 (Patrick Div semis)
    1994: Defeated Penguins, 4-2 (Eastern Con quarters)
    1995: Lost to Penguins, 4-3 (Eastern Con quarters)
    1996: Lost to Penguins, 4-2 (Eastern Con quarters)
    2000: Lost to Penguins, 4-1 (Eastern Con quarters)
    2001: Lost to Penguins, 4-2 (Eastern Con quarters)
    2009: Lost to Penguins, 4-3 (Eastern Con semis)

  208. I hate you.

  209. Fans in the D.C. area have been screwed for almost 2 decades there is no need to rub it in. WTF do we have left to look forward to this year? The Nationals losing more games than any baseball team in history and Albert Haynesworth proving the critics right and getting hurt in the first 5 games.

  210. Hey, that’s my line!

  211. It’s telling that the two greatest French military heroes are a foreigner and a teenage girl.

    Contrary to popular belief, it was the Burgundians, fellow French, not the English, who captured her, and the French bishop of Beauvais who tried her for heresy, and a Frenchman Geoffroy Therage who burned her to death. Funny, that.

  212. Assrape Dave with a baseball bat? What did the bat ever do to you?

  213. Sorry, MP. Don’t hate us ’cause we’re lucky.

    1983-84: 16-58-6…..38…..254-390 = 1984 1st Pick: Mario Lemieux

    2001-04: 3 Balls* = 2005 1st Pick: Sidney Crosby

    * As a lockout cancelled the 2004-05 NHL season, the draft order was determined by lottery on July 22, 2005.
    Teams were assigned 1 to 3 balls based on their playoff appearances and first overall draft picks from the past three years.

  214. And, since we’re relishing famous French ass-kickings, don’t forget Mers el Kébir. The Wiki entry is a little off; I’m sure the French Navy had all but agreed to sign over all ships and personnel to the Royal Navy, but when they found out they would be paid in sterling, and not francs, they defaulted. Sacré bleu!

  215. One of the finest victories in the annals of the Royal Navy was won in Quiberon Bay on France’s Biscay coast near St Nazaire on a stormy November day in 1759, the ‘wonderful year’ of victories, immortalised in the song ‘Hearts of Oak’ composed to commemorate the battle.

    The Battle of Quiberon Bay – 1759

  216. Is it tat for tit, that since Dave thinks rape is “OK”, he should not disapprove of the rape of his sisters, Gretchen and Janice, his ex-wife Michelle Cook, and/or his GF Merrill Markoe?

  217. I hope someone kills David Letterman and Howard Stern.

  218. Can I get in on some of that rape?

  219. Okay, Doak. You’re disinvited from this website.

  220. Hey, Preston! Dicentra’s going to be in your neck of the woods and wants to get together with other blog types.

  221. Fuck that ape Obama, Nancy Pelosi is a cunt

  222. that’s ‘doak’ leaving comments under my name. ‘doak’ is commenting that crap allover tucson craigslist rants & raves currently. she would never ever say that stuff out loud face to face to a real person.

    very sincerely,

    the real aaron panther (using my real name, not hiding because i’m not ashamed of what i say or write)

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