March 12, 2009

Compare and Contrast [Dan Collins]

Drives me crazy when my students opt for this kind of essay, because I usually end up wanting to shake them around saying, “What made you decide to compare a trebuchet with a pomegranate? Why, why, WHY did you make me read this? Have I been cruel to you?” Nevertheless, Dan Riehl makes a good point here.

It appears that there’s been a ginned up report of David Vitter pitching a fit at an airline gate, duly reported by Roll Call, on the very same day that news broke of Nancy Pelosi’s practice of using air force flights as her own personal airline, and lying about it. One of these things ought to be a much bigger story than the other. Can you figure out which one?

Okay, then let’s move on and consider the Bristol Palin story, that she and Levi whatsisface have called off their engagement. That breaks on the same day that it’s reported that John Edwards has reared his silky little head to lecture the nation on poverty at Brown University. One of these babies has a father and was born to a teen out of wedlock. The other one doesn’t, and was born to a crazy lady hired to film the candidate (rather than boink him) as he jetted from campaign event to campaign event while his wife’s cancer was in remission. I don’t want to belabor the point, but one of these pairs of biological parents screwed the pooch more bigtime than the other.

I’ve already flogged the fact that in the Hughley broadcast where Steele condescended to call Limbaugh’s show ugly and incendiary, the host stated that the Republican National Convention looked like a Nazi Party event. Ugly? I’ll show you ugly.

Carville said he hoped Bush would fail? What is he, some kind of talk show host?

Do you discern a pattern here? Are you feeling me, yet?

Posted by Dan Collins @ 7:11am

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  1. You know, I am so shocked by Bristol Palin behavior. I just don’t think anymore that I’m going to look towards her as a leader among men. I’m disappointed that, yet again, we’ve been hoodwinked by a political leader who advocates morality, yet fails to live up to it.

    SHAME ON YOU BRISTOL. I hope you never again get elected to serve the public.

  2. Linking the RNC with the Nazis takes a hell of a lot of nerve, considering that the final night of the Democrat National Convention at the stadium in Denver was practically indistinguishable from “Triumph of the Will.”
    Seig “Change!”


    (insert “eleventy” as desired)

  4. I want Terrell Owens to fail.

  5. You may not consider them your enemies, but their actions speak volumes. Acting passively only encourages them.

  6. I’ll take “Having the magical totem “-D” behind your name is a great cure-all for public ills” for $400, Alex.

  7. Wait. Dan, are you suggesting there MAY, and I stress the word may, be a slight democratic bias in the main stream press? I think I’ll need more info to sort this all out. Off to MSNBC and the New York Times, I go. They’ll set the record straight on this.

  8. If you were famous* Dan the headline would be: “Crybaby Conservatives.”

    I want to see someone slap the shit out of Chris Matthews. Is that too much to wish for?

    * one day Dan, one day.

  9. Karl Rove demonstrates the foolishness in letting your opposition control the argument, and does so without even trying. Why wouldn’t you call them out? Why not make it our strategy to destroy their tactics — and in so doing, reaffirm the very principles at the heart of classical liberalism?

    I stole that last bit from some guy.

  10. Perky tits, Dan. (The compare and contrast: sagging bags) Oh, and you get nothing.

  11. I want to see someone slap the shit out of Chris Matthews.

    I’ll pay extra if Baracky does it.

  12. O/T but an Here’s an interesting article about Charles Murray and Progressive Education. Kinda long- it’s in three parts.

  13. Steele is showing that the RNC can elect it’s own “magic negro” just like the “party of the people” did.

    1. skin color black – check
    2. big friendly smile – check
    3. says whatever the audience wants to hear – check
    4. claims to be for opposite positions – check
    5. makes statements, then has to issue “clarifications” – check
    6. disavows those who have supported him – check
    7. raises huge amounts of money from …. oh, wait.

    Okkayy then, now we’re all set for 20 yrs of dems in the white house.

    Isn’t it obvious that michael steele was not elected chairman because of his leadership skills, staunch republican ideals and his ability to articulate them but because of the color of his skin?

    I suppose I’ll be accused of racism; so be it. I’d say the same things (except for the “magic negro” part) about any “conservative” democrat masquerading as a moderate republican.

    If you look up RINO in the dictionary, michael steele’s picture is there along with a lot of misbegotten liberals that didn’t want to run as democrats for one reason or another.

    I think that this is an unexpected benefit of the O hole being elected; now we find out who the real conservatives are and who has just been paying lip-service for the power or money.

  14. There are the progressive elite, and then there are the hoi polloi. There is no compare there. The contrast is so great that all detail is simply lost in the glare of their perfection.

    Please make your obeisances accordingly, otherwise some penance will be required.

  15. I’m feeling you, Dan.

    But when I say that, I mean In understand you. So don’t misinterpret what I’ve said here, intentionally or unintentionally.

  16. Mugabe does not own a Portuguese water dog. Obama does.

  17. I, not In

    When, oh when, will the painkillers finally kick in?

  18. I am sure that Pelosi is about to catch a lot of heat over this …

  19. Isn’t it obvious that michael steele was not elected chairman because of his leadership skills, staunch republican ideals and his ability to articulate them but because of the color of his skin?

    No. If that were the case, he’d be forgiven his inconsistencies. As it is, he’ll be lucky to keep the job. I count myself among those disillusioned with Steele.

  20. I was watching CNN yesterday (at the gym, you folks know I don’t even know where to find CNN on my home tv)- and the teaser for the Pelosi story was (I’m paraphrasing) Why some are looking at Pelosi’s plane trips with a critical eye.

    See, CNN wasn’t questioning her use of jets at the taxpayer’s expense. Just some people. Prolly those evil, obstructionist Republicans. And RUSH.

  21. Carin, that Canadian rock band doesn’t give a shit about Pelosi and her planes.

    Well, maybe Neil Peart. But Geddy Lee definitely doesn’t.

  22. Olbergasm had a segment about Vitter, but was remarkably silent on Pelosi – but I have to admit that I did not get to watch the whole show, due to the violent wretching and dry heaves that he induced.

  23. JD, the way to make it through such segments is to get on a treadmill (or, in my case, and elliptical) and to use that negative energy to burn off that Angry Whopper (or Swiss Cake roll) you had at lunch.

    I have to say, it doesn’t always work. At times, I have to leave and go run the track.

  24. “The Other McCain” keeps moving up my blog bookmark list. That link brought him into the top ten. Good stuff, thanks Dan.

  25. jcw46: You got it. On the bright side, at least it wasn’t the typical futile Hispandering. And in fairness, Ken Blackwell would have been a much better RNC chief than Mr. Steele, and he’s African American too, for those who care.

    Whatever happened to standing on real principle?

  26. I want the “Fairness Doctrine” to fail!

    “Bring it on!”

  27. Carin – That is a great idea, thanks. I can use them as negative motivation.

  28. All our wishes in the world can’t stop the train wreck.

    Breaking News: FBI raids offices of Obama’s Chief Information Officer, Vivek Kundra.

    It just keeps getting better.

  29. Breaking News: FBI is part of an organized campaign against Teh One!

  30. In a war of robots vs. zombies, nobody wins.

  31. Carin – How do you manage to run on the treadmill while watching Olbergasm, and not hurl all over the place.

  32. Truth be told … I never watch Olberdouche. CNN is hard enough.

  33. I never thought I’d buy an IPod, but the teevees at the gym, tuned to a constant stream of stupidity, did not provide enough of the right kind of distraction to make the bike ride go quicker. CNN infuriates me, and the rest of it makes me feel even less for my fellow human beings.

  34. Techie – Isn’t his HUD nominee, Carrion, under FBI investigation as well?

  35. iPods are proof that God loves us. Actually, what drives me away from the cardio machines toward the track more often is when some idiot has tuned in VH1 or MTV. OMG – I shudder for our youth.

  36. The problem with Olbermann is he’s blissfully unaware of actual bad things happening in the world. Anyone who’s so obsessed with politics that they can even jokingly call people like Coulter or Limbaugh The worst person in the world needs to get out more, and possibly get on the list for a perspective transplant.

    But probably any “The worst person in the world” segment that consistently pointed to the actual worst people in the world would start to repeat fairly quickly, and it probably wouldn’t be quite so amusing to the easily amused.

  37. I dunno – perhaps they should change it to the “Worst Person of the Day.” It would be nice to see Monica Conyers and those of lesser evil get their day in the spotlight.

  38. To quote a line from Woody Allen’s films, back when he was amusing; Olbermann’s a ‘travesty of two mockeries of a sham’, the real life version of the O’Reilly
    parody in Colbert. John Edwards knocked up his documentary maker, had lobbyists come up with the tab for her and her family; while his wife’s cancer was in remission, a point a level Ithought Newt had plumbed showing his wife divorce papers in the hospital. Yes, that Newt, who said Rush was crazy for wanting Obama’s policy’s to fail; or something like this.

  39. OK, Dan, whatever I did to piss you off, I apologize now, and will ask questions later. Mucho linky-love is on its way, I promise!

  40. Bristol Stomp [oldies song]

  41. whatever I did to piss you off

    Better pissed off than pissed on, I always say.

  42. OMG, we’re ruined. Headline at Huffpo -Former GOP Official Found With Two Prostitutes In Playroom, Beaten By Wife: Police

    The former chairman of the Cook County Republican Party denies he was with two prostitutes when his wife allegedly attacked him over the weekend.

    With moral turpitude going all the way up to the former chairmen of the Cook Country Republican Party ….

  43. You didn’t do anything to piss me off, Stacy! Unless you were being that weirdo troll last night.

  44. RSM, I’m still liking shrew better, I mean, hell’s bells, I can infer shrewd but would’ve missed shrew altogether once the d’s on there. Or maybe “shrew (d – wv) opportunist would work?

  45. Cook County Republican Party

    It’s Cook County, there be no Republicans there. Only Democrats running undercover ops.

  46. Carin,

    Headline at Huffpo -Former GOP Official Found With Two Prostitutes In Playroom, Beaten By Wife: Police

    A former GOP County Chairman? Is that the best the Paint Huffers can come up with?

    Meanwhile, they dutifully ignore the inconvenient news that Obie can’t seem to nominate anyone to his Cabinet who isn’t a crook, a liar, or a tax cheat.


    I am RIGHT now trying to formulate my rebuttal to all the libs who are, I’m sure, going to ask me how I can be in the same party as the former Cook County GOP official who hired a hooker.

  48. Of course, adding to the confusion is that I’m a “former Republican, now an OUTLAW”, but I doubt they’ll understand the nuance.

  49. Just ask them how they feel about sharing a party with former Democratic precinct captain John Wayne Gacy.

    Also from the Chicago area, FWIW.

  50. Mr. Veit pointed me to this which is a lot interesting.

    “Li can’t be blamed,” says Gilkes of CreditSights. After all, he just invented the model. Instead, we should blame the bankers who misinterpreted it. And even then, the real danger was created not because any given trader adopted it but because every trader did. In financial markets, everybody doing the same thing is the classic recipe for a bubble and inevitable bust.

    my favoirite part was this…


    A dangerously precise concept, since it leaves no room for error.

  51. *favorite* … but I didn’t actually read the whole thing cause of the attention-span problem I have today.

  52. “The documents cover the period from January 2007 to November 2008 and show that Pelosi made the equivalent of 20 round-trips between Washington (Andrews Air Force Base) and San Francisco. That’s an average of less than one round-trip per month. In contrast, former Speaker Hastert traveled home to his Illinois district virtually every weekend and, his former aides tell ABC News, he would almost always travel on military aircraft.”

  53. Debbie Stabenow’s husband. NTTARWT.

  54. Depends on the aircraft, Pabs. Military != plush.

  55. Pingback: Jon Swift

  56. Military != plush.

    Not strictly true for Gulfstreams. Or Lears, for that matter. They may not have Saudi-equivalent gold taps in the hot tub, but no G leaves the factory with Naugahyde™ upholstery.


  57. Jon Swift doesn’t seem to understand that a) I’m arguing moral inequivalence, and b) we’re none of the extremists that he finds, somehow, best illustrative of what we express here. So, don’t bother.

  58. pablo @ #52 is not me. Is it anyone we know, Dan?

  59. THANK GOD, Pablo. I mean, I never doubted you, but #52 left me cold, confused, and alone. How could you quote something unattributed like that.

    I am so relieved. I’ll see ya tonight. Leave the curtain open a crack, k?

  60. Used to go by the name of “nate.”

  61. Is it anyone we know

    That’s little pablo.

  62. But, Jon Swift really convinced me. THROW BRISTOL PALIN OUT OF OFFICE. I just can’t stand the hypocrisy anymore.

    But, I have an idea on how to get Bristol into the good graces of the media.

    1) Create a blog.
    2) Announce that she’s now a liberal.
    3) VIOLA. She’ll be on Olberdouche’s show by the end of the week. Or maybe “The View.”

  63. Tortilla salesman.

  64. I try to keep little pablo away from the keyboard, alp.

  65. ******awkward silence******

  66. TMI about little pablo from Pablo.

  67. Juan Swift is nothing, if not consistent.

  68. Juan is nothing. Consistency is his hobgoblin or something.

  69. lasy time, I checked Bristol Palin wasn’t in office, unless this is a dispatch from 2021; or something, Oh wait, I get it now.

  70. sorry/rhyming dictoid here
    if i could weigh in
    about the loony bin
    i must
    must play my mandolin
    [hee haw-i’m a grinnin]

    ’tis no win
    tryin/ to spin
    the recent run in
    of bristols chagrin
    but if we [u]
    can hang in
    or write in[stop the bathtub gin]

  71. rhyming dictoid here


  72. My turtle ate my essay, Mr. Collins.

  73. That’s all right. Send me a copy of your turtle and I’ll see whether I can’t recover it.

  74. Seriously, sir, it was spectacular.

    Why, I was “workin’ on words, phrases…”

  75. И правда креатив…супер!

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