March 6, 2009

On OUTLAWISM and the next phase of liberty’s defense

Per Ric Locke’s advice, I’m elevating what was a comment to its own post. Here are the essential bits:

I was serious last night. I want out of the ridiculousness that the conservative blogosphere is becoming. I want to evolve into something more useful. Last night's surreal encounter hammered that point home to me even more forcefully.

I have no desire any longer to debate people like Patterico, who can somehow get away with not having to answer a single point -- and yet still have defenders worried about my tone rather than his inability to muster a cogent rebuttal.


Instead, I want to take these arguments out of the realm of personalities so that they reach a wider audience. If I'm right for part of that job, I'm willing. If not -- if I'm too poison a commodity -- somebody else can do it. The important thing is that the arguments be made and the message delivered. If we don't stop the assault on language, we will necessarily drift toward totalitarianism and liberal fascism. NECESSARILY. Meaning, it's built into the premises we are accepting.

I have a strategy --” a shame strategy, one that plays to the constitutional weaknesses of the entitlement generation, that I think will resonate and could turn the tides. It also has the practical effect of turning the indoctrination strategy of the left against them. And I want to begin getting the word out.

Doing it on a blog that is reviled by the left (when they talk about me, they use an alternate spelling of my name, "Godlstein," and never link my actual posts) and ignored by many high traffic sites on the right for the dual crime of being unconventional and having taken some of them on in a way that hurt their feelings, is no way to get things done.

This site has to change. The OUTLAW thing -- which daleyrocks suggested over at Patterico's is really just my cry for attention -- needs to take on a life of its own, whether I'm around to steward the thing or not.

To get that rolling, we'll need everyone who is interested to use the entirety of his or her networking skills. We'll need to set up some sort of foundation and portal. We'll need to organize events, host debates and speeches, and -- most importantly -- remain honest and true to our principles.

happy is right: people can present me as a whining attention whore, but in truth, I am as I am because, as time has gone on, I've watched the online classical liberal / conservative / libertarian movement head backwards, to the point where the GOP ran John McCain, Roger Simon is now responsible for shaping the "voice" of conservatism, and Patterico and Allah are arguing that Rush Limbaugh's provocateurism places an undue burden on conservatives and politicians hoping to win over the soft middle (who, we're told, don't understand nuance in the first place), making it impossible to win the kinds of elections that would give the GOP power, even if said iteration of the GOP would of necessity be no different, really, than the Democrats they'd be replacing -- and it literally hurts me.

I care, but I do so poorly -- in such a way that I get depressed or angry or bitter, which unfortunately means that I alienate people online on occasion. My wife would much prefer I just quit altogether, and I've come close on several occasions. She knows me for who I am. So it hurts her to see me railing against what it is clear, given the present layout of entrenched power players, I have no hope of changing should I just stay with the status quo.

But the problem is, how can I stay away when I know what's happening, and when I feel that, given the opportunity, some of the arguments I've articulated here over the years really could make a pivotal difference?

The real truth is -- and I said this earlier -- I don't much care how the message gets out, or who gets the credit. I've only complained about being frozen out because it means the arguments are being frozen out.

And it's time to change that.

OUTLAWISM doesn't have its own PJM. It doesn't have a Vanity Fair. Or a Media Matters. Or $8 million in seed money to be squandered turning an Army of Davids into a collection of hoary Goliaths. But that doesn't mean it can't have an impact.

Email me if you have any desire to sign on to the next phase of PW. If you are prepared to work, so am I.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 1:06pm

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  1. Look how well linguistic sufferance has worked out in the UK and the UN. I’m down with your Mau-Mau Rebellion, Jeff.

  2. ok. I’ll help.

  3. *delurks*

    count me in, OUTLAW! it’s the least i can do after enjoying your writing since 2002.

    sending email too.

  4. “Liberty is the ability to say ‘NO!’ and make it stick.”

    Can’t place the quote (too lazy), but I agree with the sentiment. But you knew that.

  5. You should have asked for Churchill’s bust from Obama.

  6. Well, I await my OUTLAW orders. But right now, I’m going to go work on my abs. Because, I’m thinking an OUTLAW chick should be mostly firm everywhere. Except for the various naughty bits that are supposed to be somewhat squishy.

  7. “Liberty is the ability to say ‘NO!’ and make it stick.”

    Heh. The way I heard it, that two-letter word was replaced by a much more pungent two-word combo. Means the same, especially these days.

  8. Go Jeff! Been troubled by years with the mealy mouth responses from our “leaders” to the lies and BS that the left throws out there. Let’s do it!

  9. File it Under is in.

  10. Very nice. But would that be OBEROUTLAW or ULTRA-OUTLAW?

  11. Old reader coming back to the flock. Sign me up!

  12. I’m in. E-mail to follow.

  13. Mr. G? For what it’s worth, I too am in. I’ve been lurking for quite some time. Oh, and I should mention that I’m behind enemy lines in Chicago (city motto: Ubi est meum).

  14. ::kicks open door with jackboots::

    Did somebody say OUTLAW?

  15. Jeff,
    Im in.

  16. I will send an email later just in case you’re building a list but you know I’m in because I hate socialisms and this is good company to be in with the Mr. Locke and the mcgruder and the Dan and the Carin and the Mr. Cabin and the LTC and probably SarahW but I haven’t seen her today, and all the other people too and the new ones especially. Where is psycho though is what I wanna know. He has a lot to offer. I wonder what he’s up to.

  17. oh. Hi SarahW. I should have refreshed before I posted that. This is getting off to a great start I think.

  18. I’m in (in Chicagoland, too.)

    If the best we can do as Republicrats is elect bastards as bad as the bastards we defeat, what’s the fricken point? Intentionalism rules, and besides, you don’t get stuck trying to remember what the meaning of is is. And if the American public is too dumb to hold people accountable for what they say and not listen to others read meaning into the spoken word, we’re effed anyway.

  19. There are two things right now that are screwing up the debate amongst conservatives:

    1) The idea that persuasion of the “soft middle” is dependent upon being “above the fray” language wise to present a non-threatening face to the great unwashed moderates.

    2) That certain issues matter more than foundational principles in the debate.

    Beyond the language wars lies a deeper schism in that very few of our politicians are willing to stand up and express their political principles. McCain, as good a man as he is, simply lacks a coherent set of political principles. To a certain extent, so did George Bush, at least in some areas. Those principles continue to be lost in space while people search for leadership, somewhere. Some Republicans voted for Obama in the forlorn hope that their support would buttress the man’s rhetoric about governing from the middle.

    We now know better.

    Compromises on principles simply doesn’t work. Nor does becoming a one or two issue voter. If we can agree in general terms on the foundational principles that we want to see expressed and promoted, then the individual issues are not the barrier to a cohesive front in the political fight. One or two issue voters aren’t going to be satisfied that their issues aren’t paramount. It’s shortsighted and self-destructive.

    Our foundational principles allow agnostics and believers, pro-choice and pro-life, for or against Gay Marriage, Fed Credit and Gold standard to come together to work for the over arching common causes that have always united conservative to classical liberal to libertarian such as:

    1) Limited Government
    2) A strong, proactive, modern defense
    3) A real commitment to the GWOT and a statement of purpose that clearly reflects the idea that, regardless of circumstance or upbringing, Jihad is NOT AN OPTION IN A MODERN, LIBERAL SOCIETY!
    4) A firm commitment to fair, as low as possible tax burdens on all Americans.
    5) Individual liberty, writ large.
    6) Constitutional Originalism
    7) Second Amendment rights that really mean a right to bear arms, not just at the government’s convenience
    8) Free Market principles buttressed by sensible regulation and aggressive prosecution of those who “gin the system.”
    9) The death of the concept of “Compassionate Conservatism” as it relates to a notion that compassion starts and ends with government programs rather than our fellow citizens.

    The rest of it, either the Social cons’ agenda or the Libertarian point of view on social issues gets worked out at the state/district level. We start with core principles and hold our politicians accountable to those ideals from top to bottom.

    I don’t offer the above as the defining manifesto but as a starting point from which unity may be found. That is what needs to be proclaimed, not some squishy ideal that worries about unrecognized nuance or middle of the road sensibilities.

    Foundational principles, boldly shouted, outlaw style.

  20. Hey-
    LONG time reader, first time poster….I read you every day-I’ll go where you go.


    for certain values of “spartacus” wherein the signifier can be applied to designate any of a group of signifieds having a common purpose of outlawism.

  22. Count me in as well.

  23. I think I have an extra case of snark down the basement that I can contribute.

  24. As a former slave, I agree whole-heartedly. Hey – maybe we can get the Gauls to sign on…

  25. I’m in.

  26. BJTexs–you’ve nailed it. Simple overarching philosophical principles, and let the other shit be handled at the local/state level. You can’t be everything to everyone–but you’ve got to have a basic core set of guidelines that everyone can gather round.

    Jeff–I’m in.

  27. I am a moron first, lurker second and all OUTLAW!

  28. As long as we’re not actually planning on becoming outlaws, I’m in. Otherwise, the UCMJ will have my ass.

  29. BJ in Texas hit it on the head.
    I have been a long time reader Count me in fellow Outlaws.

  30. Well, lesseehere… I’m currently packing a go bag in case everything goes kablooey in the banks so I can escape the ghetto. Which is teh suck.

    So, if it’ll help even a little bit, sure I’ll help.

    Tried to send an email recently and it was bounced back, though. I’m at gmail.

  31. I care, but I do so poorly — in such a way that I get depressed or angry or bitter, which unfortunately means that I alienate people online on occasion. My wife would much prefer I just quit altogether, and I’ve come close on several occasions. She knows me for who am I. So it hurts her to see me railing against what it is clear, given the present layout of entrenched power players, I have no hope of changing.

    But the problem is, how can I stay away when I know what’s happening, and when I feel that, given the opportunity, some of the arguments I’ve articulated here over the years really could make a pivotal difference?

    You sound like you’re in the place I found myself in several years ago when I was a professor. You have a passion for the job, but it gets in the way because your passion does not allow you to let the flaws in the system roll off your back.

    My advice is that you should take a break, a real break, until you either can return to doing this and enjoy it or you find something else to do.

    That’s what I did. I spent the last year of my time as a faculty member reflecting on what I wanted to accomplish and asking myself if I could realistically accomplish those things. I also asked myself what I was risking by continuing beating my head against the wall. In the end, thanks in large part to a supportive husband, I knew I was not going to change academe and that helping individual students master a subject or making a cool scientific discovery were not enough compensation for the loss of being happy at work every day.

    So I turned in my grants, shut down my lab, and started something completely new. I knew I had made the right decision when one month into my new job — which also happened to be my birthday — I got a call from a senior colleague at another institution offering me a position in his department… and I wasn’t tempted. Not one bit.

    There are other ways to contribute that won’t produce the sorts of frustration that you are facing every day. My concern (for you) is that this new venture would not really free you of the things that are dragging you down right now.

    I don’t know you, Jeff, but you seem like a cool dude and you don’t sound happy. You deserve to be happy. America can muddle on without your blog for a while.

    Sit down with a bottle of wine and really talk with your wife about this. Talk about what your aspirations are, not what you might be leaving behind. I think you need a change.

  32. Ok dude,

    If it is as BJ Tex ellicits above and you demonstrate regularly, then I’m in. Although I might have to change my moniker. Cepik is known at a lot of church blogs (think east) and if they see my potty mouth of late . . . .

    But I have pondered alot since Patterico was on last night and it is time for OUTLAWS!

  33. sf bay area…

    don’t have many skills, but i’m pretty focused and capable of heavy lifting.

  34. I think the mission is sound. I would definitely be interested in providing some content and could provide some support to pay for the server space.

  35. I’m you’re huckleberry. Count me in.

  36. From “The Longest Yard” 1974

    Paul Crewe: We’re gettin’ up a football game against the guards. Wondered if maybe you and some of your buddies here would like to join in on the fun.

    Samson: With the guards?

    Paul Crewe: Uh huh.

    Samson: Sure, I’d like that.

  37. Thanks for the positive feedback. I’d really like Jeff and others to take what I’ve thrown together and polish it into a kind of “Statement of Purpose for the Outlaw” or some such.

    Also, maybe a hard rule that anything that makes Brooks, Frump, Spector and Parker, etal, uncomfortable, must be on the right path and should be proclaimed loudly and repeatedly.


  38. Greetings from AoSHQ MoronLand,
    Agree completely. Too many fools in high positions, need new blood.

    I’m thinking of that scene in Blazing Saddles where Clevon Little announces he’s the new Sheriff.

    We don’t need to energize the base, thats just preaching to the choir. We need to grow the base. Give an alternative to the center-libertarian core of our nation that isn’t the Lyndon LaRouche or Pot-N-Porn solution. Once people realize that “conservative” means freedom in its most organic form, they should start to move our way.

    The market econonomy is the only system that can exist in the complete absence of economists. People can understand that in a very human way, if the dump their preconcieved notions. Lets hope it happens before our new neo-marxist overlords destroy everything our fathers worked their lives to build.

  39. Will there be punch & pie at all the OUTLAW club meetings? If so, I am SO signing up.

  40. Count me in Jeff G,
    E-mail to follow…

  41. In. Email sent.

  42. BJ,

    By being OUTLAW!, does that mean we are no longer South Park? I mean, what do I do with all of these tattoos? and I don’t have to clean up my language too much do I?

  43. Gromulin,

    killer points! Really, killer points!

  44. Is Allahpundit still hiding?

  45. Rule #1: Jeff. Humor first. If the OUTLAWs are deadly funny — even to the left, at times — that can be the sugar coating on the rest of the message.

    The Left cannot stand to be mocked. They’ll explode in narcissistic rage and show their true colors.

  46. Count me in, with whatever I can add.

  47. Gromulin: Well said and everything that you wrote fits very nicely with the “foundational principles.”

    Cepik: I have some of the same issues with church blogs. Wear long sleeves and long pants to hide the tattoos. Oh and one more thing …


  48. You can have tattoos and wear denim and leather and shit-kicker boots. The overarching point of this, I think, is to make sure that we do not cede the language ONE IOTA to those who wish to reinterpret what they hear through their own filters, while ignoring the intent of the original author. With a large group of people watching for every incident and pointing it out, this could be quite powerful.

    A few days ago, I had on CNBC in the afternoon and then FOXNEWZ in the early evening and heard two memes that needed stomping. And I was barely listening to it. There is plenty of material out there.

  49. Looooong time lurker, first comment EVAH:

    Goddam right on, Jeff, Goddamn right on.

    After McCain got the nomination, I thought “the hell with it”, and as someone who’s positions eerily parallel yours, I’ve been feeling “disenfranchised”. I think it really started when Bush, whom I respect, suggested I and others who have firm views on illegal immigration were “unpatriotic” for opposing amnesty.

    The hell with all that, they can go on without my vote (an empty threat, I still bear *some* responsibility), the republican establishment will see not one thin red dime from me, only individuals in key races (my $25 is what tipped the scales against Daschle, I’m sure of it!)

    Don’t let the squishy bastards get you down. Then you lose, I lose, classic liberalism/conservatism loses, our country is gone. If this site folds, where the hell do we go? You’ve assumed a mantle of responsibility here. Pw=erhaps not your original intent, but who could have foreseen the state of “conservatism” in its present gutted condition, and the speed at which it arrived?

    I respect that its frustrating, time consuming, depressing and can eat at your personal life, but dammit man, if you cave, then what chance do mere faceless wonks like me have?

    You were once a volunteer. Now that the real war has begun, you’re a 4-star general, you *can’t* refuse the draft. No conscientious objector status, no early furlough.

    The only way home is through DC, or die trying.

  50. Oh crap. Peer pressure. Why does it have to be peer pressure? I hate peer pressure.

    OK, I’m in.

  51. I’ll help. Dunno if you’d want me. But the offer is there…


  52. and I’m trademarking the word “econonomy”. It was’nt a typo. Really. Roger Simon says that I can get $1 per use, with the right financial backing.

  53. BJ,

    Ok, think east (Jeff’s АУТОРІТИ), yes I completely respect his authority and knowledge of the English language (Jeffro, you have no idea how much I have learned the English language from lurking in this blog).

    Long sleeves, nah turtle necks in So. Texas. I am in!

  54. I, for one, am glad that this day has finally come.
    You see, I used to comment here pretty frequently – and not just on politics, but scotch, cigars, and whatever else.
    I left about two years ago – there was a phase of “polite politics”, and a seeming uncertainty, a “lukewarming” if you will – and as such, I spit PW out (borrowed that from a story I read somewhere… /s).

    Ever since then, I’ve had a “home” of sorts @ Ace’s place – but I’ve stayed loyal to reading PW as often as possible. If this manifesto is real, Jeff, then you’ll get this reader/commenter/emailer/whatever back.


    PS – if I can do anything to make the current iteration of the RNC uncomfortable, I’m all for it.

  55. I’m somewhars along the continuum of dimwitted and magnu cum laud, trailer trash and Sunday museum rat.

    Mostly though – I’m a FREEBORN OUTLAW!

    I’m in.

  56. In related news, particle physicists have isolated the immaterial substance that holds progressive arguments together: nuons. Nuons exert an apparent force that is called fecularity.

  57. Naturally, “outlaw” is taken as a domain in every incarnation I tried.

  58. Count me in.

  59. Anybody want to set up a Google group, a Twitter thingie, etc.

    Then teach me how to use them?


  60. Proposed motto:

    After a calm, studied pause: “Go f*ck yourself.”

    Can anyone translate that into Latin?

  61. Much as I like and respect BJ, I must respectfully disagree. Those aren’t “founding principles” except, possibly, no. 1. Those are derived principles, and as such make good points of attack — but the true foundational principles go much deeper and farther back.

    The foundational principle of conservatism is go with what works. Billions of people in millions of polities over thousands of years have tried various different ways of doing things. Some of them work, some don’t work, some work better than others, and some are flat dangerous in the long run. A conservative is a person who respects and studies the past, and favors policies that have been previously shown to be workable, and (beginning to verge on classical liberalism) create wealth, health, and happiness. This does not mean a conservative rejects innovation entirely; it does mean that a conservative expects that if he plants beans in the Spring, his fall harvest is unlikely to be pumpkins.

    The foundational principle of classical liberalism is equality of opportunity. As such, the classical liberal is against systems which are or are likely to become rigid, pigeonholing people according to factors not relevant to ability, drive, and talent.

    In both cases it is necessary to avoid the reductio ad absurdum. People are not “equal” — some will achieve more than others, regardless of which field the attempt occupies. Egalism is not egalitarianism. Similarly, the human race lived for millenia with leaders selected by brute force. This does not mean that that is the optimum way to do it!


  62. Yeah, if you want, I can show you how to set up a Google Group, Jeff. Even I can do that.

  63. Allright, let’s jump the fuck out of the helicopter.

  64. Blue skies…………….

  65. Allright, let’s jump the fuck out of the helicopter.

    *puts on parachute*

    You first!

  66. My son calls me “Burn Notice.” Not sure if it’s the sunglasses, or that I’ve taken to walking around the neighborhood in Armani summer suits, beating the hell out of people who don’t keep up their landscaping.

  67. Where is psycho though is what I wanna know. He has a lot to offer. I wonder what he’s up to.

    Hey, happy. And you other names, too.

    I’m around, though I try not to be. I’m up to the same things I always am, except that I don’t say things here, and I try not to say them anywhere, though I give in to temptation sometimes. I’m doin’ fine.

    Here’s why I have nothing to offer, I think:

    First, I’m really not one of you guys. I’m a nihilist / “cultural Marxist” / Nietzscho-Freudian / anarcho-capitalist / etc.

    That this intersects with OUTLAW!ness is a fluke related more to Jeff and I having overlapping backgrounds and personality types, and (so) to our finding the same things shitty, in similar ways, than to the project here proposed, which, though its success could make the political-rhetorical world a less horrific place, isn’t what I want to see happen.

    I want there to be no political world, and there’s no political means to reach that — no means at all, I know, but a quasi-Buddhistic personal rejection of it, a discacknowledgement, might be…something. For me, at least.

    My mind is in a place similar to where Jeff’s is, for the same and other reasons, and I’m preferring the sound of the voice in there that says that the life that’s furthest from politics is the best life. You know I think this; I’ve said it about a thousand times. I’m half-assedly trying to live it, sort of, maybe, hopefully, someday. Getting there, some. Trying to, a little.

    Plus, I’m an asshole here. There’s already otherwise too many, and I’m a certain kind of asshole that’s especially not helpful. I don’t want to help, admittedly, but I don’t want to not help, in the specific way that I don’t, either. My silence is a kindness to the host, too. But mostly to me.

  68. Oh, yeah? Well, maybe you’ve been missed around here, asshole or not.

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    Or the dream will die

  70. Everybody was fuck chung fighting!

  71. Yeah, ahem, over here!

    I’m still waiting to hear if the OUTLAW meetings will have punch & pie provided.

  72. My strawman can kick your strawman’s ass.

  73. If i can say WTF count me in.

  74. Ric Locke: Point taken.

    I would have been better served by eschewing the “foundational” as a descriptive (as that certainly brings to bear all sorts of “foundings” and “fathers” and such.) My goal was to start the process by putting together a proposed list of, ahem, derivedprinciples that would allow Conservatives/Classical Liberals/Libertarians to fly around, moth like, with a sense of commonality of purpose. Thus I was using the word in terms of a “foundation” for current commonality as opposed to “founding” in the original conceptual sense of the various philisophies.

    Again, all I’m trying to do is start the ball rolling with a set of principles that best reflect the sorts of views that have been widely disseminated on this and other blogs. I fully expect not only challenge but a “foundational” test of originalist thought, both political and constitutional.

    Of course, you were the first, hopefully of many more discussions to come.

  75. Pie, maybe. Lots of punch, for sure.

  76. A long-time reader says “I’m in.” An email’s on its way.

  77. psycho: Wow, you really are … um … a psycho!

    I like that!

    Russ: Enough already, I’ll bring the pie, cake, cookies and Maddog 20/20.

  78. I’m still waiting to hear if the OUTLAW meetings will have punch & pie provided.

    Provided by whom? Outlaws provide for themselves.

    If you pay your outlaw dues then some of that could go towards purchasing punch and pie. However, you don’t get punch an pie just because you go to the meetings.

  79. The foundational principle of conservatism is go with what works.

    Of course, what The Party did in 1984 worked for them. Their goal was absolute power for them and absolute submission from the rest, and their manipulation of language, historical revisionism, and bare-knuckled brutality worked exceptionally well.

    So you have to define the goal before you can define what works.

    Just sayin’

  80. But cranky-d: Will we get to punch a pie?


  81. I’ll bring cupcakes if you guys promise to eat them. none of that “oh, I’m watching my figure”

  82. “Comment by Lost My Cookies on 3/6 @ 2:56 pm #

    Allright, let’s jump the fuck out of the helicopter.”

    Looks like a hot LZ.

  83. Well,

    I like to cook and I have a MESS of Dutch ovens . . . would cobbler work?

  84. I don’t care who chairs the RNC, Jeff’s the de facto leader of the OUTLAWS.

  85. I’m in.

  86. Mr. O’Brain: We need a tri-state chapter of the OUTLAWS! Maybe we can meet at Chickie and Pete’s for crab fries and drafts.


  87. I must not fear.
    Fear is the mind-killer.
    Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
    I will face my fear.
    I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
    And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
    Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
    Only I will remain.

    -Bene Gesserit litany

  88. #Comment by BJTexs on 3/6 @ 3:28 pm #

    I’ll try.

  89. I think the richest 20% of us should provide pie and juice, divide it up evenly and distribute it. Then they should take 39% of their cut and give it to Jeff, so that he can give some smaller portion to the rest of us, but not you.

    Then you have to let all of us piss in your Hawaiian Punch while you smile and remain civil. Otherwise, you know, it would be unproductive.

  90. Dan: I hereby nominate happyfeet for Propaganda Chairman and Cepik as Outlaw caterer. Ric Locke should be senior advisor and you should be chief of enforcement and intimidation.

    JD, of course, would be Head of Denouncements.

  91. I have no idea what I can offer, but I am most definitely in. And I have to agree with Ric. BJ, your list was great, and I think most people agree with most points. However, that may be too rigid.

    Anyhow, as I said above. I’m not sure what “skill set” I could bring, but, I do know what kind of passion I could. I’m pissed, too. More pissed than I thought I ever could, or would be, in regards to this whole mess we find ourselves in. I’m almost feeling nihilistic. Btw, psycho, your comments are missed more than you will ever know. I caught the “aura” in your comments, so I understand your trepidation. I also admire your need to get away from that which pisses you off. But, just know, that your observations, wit and intellect are missed.



  92. Anything that pisses off the RNC, Brooks, and the Left in general is cool with me.

  93. N.O’Brain, none of that Dune crap. Plus the other side has the evil Mentat, Tim Geithner, anyway.

  94. I think you mean Mantwat, Joe.

  95. Consider all of you denounced. Denounced and condemned, you subversive racist xenophobic jingoistic imperialistic homophobes. Oh, and you self-loathing capitalist running dogs, oppressor of the brown people are almost the worst. Chuckie Atkins is the worst. And, timmah.

  96. Jeff,
    Count me in.

  97. There’s no enforcement, just lots of intimidation. Only nobody’s intimidated.

    I think JD should be the OUTLAW Denuncio.

  98. LMC – That was brilliant.

  99. Dan: OUTLAW Denuncio it is! JD: you can also be the bridge to Patterico.

    Hmmmm … sounds like a Spanish Ballad.

    OI: Not meaning to be rigid with the derived principles. I expect them to be shaped, beaten, catch wrestled and submitted. Just trying to find a starting point.

  100. Meanwhile, back in the West Wing, Operation Rushbo continues.

  101. And Dan, yes of course, Mantwat.

  102. JD, you forgot “fascist.” Never forget that appellation.

  103. Nice link, Joe. Money Quote:

    I can think of no pursuit more childish than an Oval Office-initiated food fight with a talk-radio host.

    But aside from diminishing the presidency and exposing a president who promised to elevate the dialogue in Washington to charges of hypocrisy, the strategy has a more serious flaw. It’s incredibly cynical. It assumes that voters are too stupid to know the difference between a talk-radio host and a party’s elected leaders.

    How stupid are the voters? Time will tell …

  104. Thank you, cranky. How could I forget fascist, or authoritarian?

  105. JD: Misogynist. Man, you are slipping!


  106. So I noticed that a lot of bloggers realize it’s not really destitute getting a meal at a homeless shelter taking a picture of the first lady with your homeless cellphone…decent point to blog about (given that the nuttards went on and on for something like a week about a plastic turkey that wasn’t) Anyhow I see that Salon weighed in on right bloggers noting the homeless cellphone thusly:

    Conservatives angry over Michelle Obama’s trip to homeless shelter 25 minutes ago
    Discussion: Lean Left

    Yep, conservatives commenting on a homeless person techno luxury equal angry the first lady dished food at a homeless shelter…

    See Patterico? Doesn’t even matter if you say something with nuance nicey nicey or not – they still lie about what you say or your point with no compunction.

    Salon is now Think Progress meets Media Matters in dishonest brokering for the greater good of the megalo-messiah and his biceps- it’s gone that far. Now, dissent and paper machie’ Kiss Floats are no longer the greatest form or patriotism, but treason punishable by execution…so I say, like Jeff and now Green…let’s be bad and fuck em…

  107. As I said in the other posting Jeff, for what it’s worth, I’ll back your play. My literary and rhetorical skillz are for shit, but if’n you need ’em, they’s yours…

  108. I go out to lunch and there’s psycho. I hate I missed him.

    the life that’s furthest from politics is the best life

    I agree a lot. My favorite thing in my political life ever was after the dotcom thing when I had to go back and look up about how apparently we have fought several wars in some ass-end of Europe. Never really did get that all straightened out. The other thing though is that George Bush never even came close to thinking about fucking with people on a personal level the way Baracky and his woman contemplate. I think psycho you will come closer to realizing a life that’s furthest from politics without dirty socialists in charge. You live. I will work on this part for you. But you are missed.

  109. In, email sent.

    I’m down for the struggle, in prog speak.

  110. Email sent. I’m in.

  111. Lookat PJM jumping on the bandwagon. Next they’ll freeze me out of the OUTLAW movement, too — and all the OUTLAWS will be arguing that we need to bring in moderates.


  112. Propaganda & cupcakes. Yes. These are just a couple of my cravings I think.

  113. Count me in, Jeff, along with the rest of you right wing madmen.

  114. At CPAC in Washington last week, I got to spend a few minutes with PJTV’s Bill Whittle and novelist Andrew Klavan, picking the brains of Michael Barone.

    oh. That’s… that’s so OUTLAW!! I can but sigh wistfully that I will never be that guy never ever. Sort of deflating, really.

  115. TopsecretK9 has it right, and that all circles back to Jeff’s basis: the use of language. The other day there was a short discussion of sophistry — the art of leaving things out so as to win an argument. TSK9 gives us an example. Now, given bubblepacked phones at Wal*Mart it really isn’t all that unusual for a homeless person to have a phone — but it is, at least, a little incongruous that a person who can’t afford a meal can pay $40 to chat with his friends, and that’s what the right-blogosphere was on about. Salon didn’t acknowledge that, preferring to treat it as if conservatives don’t want the poor fellow to eat. Similarly, in all the discussion of immigration you never saw the word “illegal” appended to the noun in the MSM. Conservatives are (or should be) highly in favor of immigration — if nothing else, it’s a heartfelt compliment given by the immigrant to the new society. But by refusing to acknowledge that the objection was to illegality and not to immigration, they managed to paint conservatives as anti-immigrant.

    BE PREPARED. Most especially, be prepared to look ’em straight in the eye and say, “you lying [*]”, with the blank filled according to context and audience. They are. It’s what they do.

    The one ray of hope, here, is the disorder the Media find themselves in. They have to have stories. We need to steal pages from Alinsky, and offer them outrageous stories to attract attention. So far they’ve managed to ignore any such thing, but they’ll either stop or die, and either way we either gain an advantage or lose a disadvantage.


  116. I am in.


  117. PJM will only be pretend OUTLAWS. No worries there. As my dad would say, “They don’t pack the gear.”

  118. I’m in and I have a skill to offer. Email on its way.

  119. Conservatives are (or should be) highly in favor of immigration — if nothing else, it’s a heartfelt compliment given by the immigrant to the new society.

    I feel that. I live that, really. Mostly I just give everybody the benefit of the doubt about the legal/illegal thing. My friends what have journeyed far to come to our little country to you I say welcome.

  120. If I can be the otherwise useless guy in the back of the room who heckles whoever is wasting everybody’s time arguing about minutiae, I guess I’ve got nothing better to do.

  121. We are way past tea parties on this issue, I’m sorry to say.

    This grassroots take down the drywall and replace the rotting studs approach is what I can sign up for.

    Count me in.

  122. I’ll bring cupcakes if you guys promise to eat them. none of that “oh, I’m watching my figure”

    How can I be an OUTLAW if I’m fluffy all over? I need to be hard as STEEL. BadASS. Besides, Happy can have mine.

  123. oh, you won’t be fluffy, you’ll burn it all off ass kickin’. the sugar will help. no really.

  124. oh. Thank you Carin! Cupcakes! But guess what? I haven’t had red velvet cake in 2009 except once! That’s some freaking discipline right there, but also I’m especially good about not eating stuff what isn’t in my house when I’m there. That’s very adult of me I think.

  125. I’ll eat Carin’s cupcakes. Wait, that sounded bad, didn’t it? I’ll eat the cupcakes that Carin doesn’t want. Whew, that sounds better to both my wife and Carin’s husband.

  126. Oh, and maggie. Thanks for the cupcakes.

  127. Long time lurker and pissed off. Keep up the good fight and I am in.

  128. The only cake I’ve had was some carrot cake my MIL made, but the recipe sucked and I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. Carrot cake is supposed to have raisins in it and creme cheese frosting. I swear, it was REALLY heavy and had … candied fruit in it. Abomination, but you can’t really say that to your MIL can you? It was from “Southern Living” with my mil and sil absolutely love. I say FUCK Southern Living if they’re going to posit something as “THE BEST CARROT CAKE RECIPE EVER.”

    Cause I’m an OUTLAW.

  129. What Steve in Dallas (#49) said. Longtime lurker, first post. “In” here on the Gulf Coast.

  130. Carin.

    Sounds like a fruitcake. That’s the recipe equivalent of being Rick rolled.

    Same thing happened to me last Easter. Thought I was making a ham. Why so many eggs? I wondered.

  131. “A man must know his destiny. If he does not recognize it, then he is lost. By this I mean, once, twice, or at the very most, three times, fate will reach out and tap a man on the shoulder. If he has the imagination, he will turn around and fate will point out to him what fork in the road he should take, if he has the guts, he will take it”

    These are the words of George S. Patton. I think he would be called an OUTLAW in an organization that didn’t take to that during his WAR, but the same organization sure did like his style. And his men, well they just knew they could win, and they did.

    For this newbie, sign me up again and let’s roll.

  132. Gosh, it’s nice to see you people de-cloaking.

  133. oh. I’m inheriting all my mom’s Southern Living cookbooks. Like 20+ years worth. I guess the deal is my sister in law and my sister are already a lot Southern Livinged up. That’s ok I guess even though I’m pretty sure I don’t cook, not really.

  134. I got this much invested in the first reel, I my as well stay for the whole movie. I’m in.

    Just bewcause yer an asshole doesn mean you have to BE an asshole. Nice to know you’re still alive.

  135. You’ve changed the world a bit, Jeff. You changed me. You alerted me to the danger, and I can recognize it now. I’m in. Email to follow.

  136. Dude, count me in!

  137. Jeff

    The only thing is you’re going to tone down the erudition.


  138. I don’t think “the Gulf Coast” ever means Texas cause people from Texas say they’re from Texas. Mostly, anyway.

  139. Si,

    Texas or Tejas

  140. “It’s easy to grin, when your ship comes in, and you’ve got the stock market beat. But the man who’s worthwhile, is the man who can smile, when his shorts are too tight in the seat.”

    Judge Smails

    I’m in, but McGehee took my job.

  141. “Most especially, be prepared to look ‘em straight in the eye and say, “you lying [*]“, with the blank filled according to context and audience. They are. It’s what they do.”

    Fuckin’A, man!

  142. oh. I knew you were Texas Mr. Cepik but Leigh I think might be from one of those other states. Like… Louisiana or Mississippi or maybe Alabama but unlikely. Probably not Florida.

  143. Alpuccino, I’ll need a deputy to take over when I need to undertake an important mission I just can’t be bothered.

  144. Deputy smartass?

    I started from nothing you know.

  145. Pingback: Outlawism and Rights : Pursuing Holiness

  146. Count me in, although I’m afraid my skill set involves mostly training weapons handling, marksmanship, and small unit tactics and I suspect you’re thinking more on the lines of Outlaw Lite.. NTTAWWT!

  147. De-Cloaking from my lurking ways, time to really say “I’m mad as hell, and i’m not going to take this anymore.”

    Like the earlier posts, not sure my skill set will be trully useful, but at least it is another finger raised up on high.

    And lets remember “Thus it is that liberty is almost everywhere lost: Her foes are artful, united and diligent: Her defenders are few, disunited, and inactive.”

  148. Uh…can I sit next to Swen?

  149. So, who’s going to register the domain name? or some such.

  150. At the PJM Link:

    92. serr8d:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    If you want OUTLAW!, you better embrace Jeff Goldstein. Because OUTLAW! doesn’t wear no thrice-damned fedora.
    Mar 6, 2009 – 3:46 pm

    Guess that won’t get posted.

    But, it means I’m fucking IN.

  151. yes we can

    Point me at something!

  153. Sorry, not interested. Because you all aren’t talking “outlaw”, you’re talking “Petulant Left transgressive”.

    When any randomly-chosen trio of “outlaws” can confront a pod made up of a Black Panther, an ANSWER thug, and a Chicago machine goon and make them glace at each other with uncertainty, call me. Until then, it’s a waste of my time and your lives.

  154. I’m not turning my clocks back this weekend.

  155. I’m in (sent the e-mail). How about a Facebook Group too? I can set up a Twitter account a Google group and a Yahoo group too, if you like.

    Just give me a little guidance on how you want things named. Branding seems important. We can work on a look later. ANd yes, i can teach whoever needs it, how to use them.

  156. Our opponents would rather have as enemies pragmatist like patterico, frum and brooks then an outlaw. That in itself indicates that Jeff is dead-on-balls accurate.

    If you refuse to call bullshit when bullshit presents itself then you are part of the problem.

  157. Old Dad: Concubitus per vestri, maybe?

  158. sorry, but i gotta pass on the confections and punch. i’mma be candyflipping and chugging bourbon. and no, i’m not bringing enough to share with ‘everyone.’ i ain’t no damn socialist.


    dayum… being delurked feels good. =D

  159. Chop-Chop

    – Beni Hana litany

  160. Thanks for your input, Akatsukami. Tend your garden.

  161. When any randomly-chosen trio of “outlaws” can confront a pod made up of a Black Panther, an ANSWER thug, and a Chicago machine goon and make them glace at each other with uncertainty, call me.

    First things first, duud. We’re taking on the punditry and the MSM first. We’ll send Chuck Norris after the other goons.

  162. Comment by Akatsukami on 3/6 @ 6:12 pm #

    Well, fuck off, I guess.

  163. Awesome. I’ve been wanting to start a war over this shit but wondered what a fat high school dropout with a bad hairpiece who lives alone with 17 kittehs could do to change the world. Now I have my answer!

  164. Hey, Roland. He doesn’t want in. He thinks we’re being petulant.

    Please don’t go proving him right.

  165. I am OUTLAW!

    Don’t think I can get into the whole facebook/twitter thing though.

  166. jeff, this is where i need to be. helping the fight for our country. i don’t have a blog but i can go to rallies and do other things. i might even give money to a proper fight(cause). go Jesus…go rush. you have my e-mail when i signed, feel free to contact me

  167. yeah….. outlaw

  168. Well Dan,
    I was going to explain that, you know, the harsh language is not to be taken seriously, and we all want to get along so don’t, you know, read to much into the rhetoric and all.

    But I guess it came out wrong.

  169. Don’t think I can get into the whole facebook/twitter thing though.

    Can’t see it as a requirement. But they are tools that can help.

    I can imagine Virtual Flash Gangs, a tweet goes out with a URL and every OUTLAW that receives it can jump on the malefactor or support the ally on the other end.

    Or something like that.

  170. You’ve got a point, Roland.

  171. And to the Marine worried about the UCMJ, you’re not the only one here that has that potential concern. I’m an Army NCO, and there’s a Lieutenant Colonel about somewhere too. It’s all gonna be squared away.

  172. I thought the fuck off part was sort of appropriate. Just cause he sounds like a prick and Akatsukami is a douche name and nobody here is Petulant Left transgressivish they’re just sort of aware of what happens when George Soros owns your president what is determined to fuck up your little country. It’s very bad and I don’t think it’s at all petulant to say hey you know what? This is very bad. And also I think you could walk around for a very long time looking for a pod made up of a Black Panther, an ANSWER thug, and a Chicago machine goon. But then I live in what has unfortunately become a kinda nice neighborhood really. We have a vegan takeout restaurant even.

  173. some folks don’t like diversity

  174. Count me in too. I’m sick to death of the Republican and conservative “leaders” who seem to have decided that the way to beat the Obama collective is to adopt their dishonest use of language and their “what day is it” principles.

  175. Ataksami sounds a lot like a sober Nishit.

  176. Anybody want to set up a Google group, a Twitter thingie, etc.

    Then teach me how to use them?

    I’m on board for any and all tech consulting, but you already knew that.

    You’ve got my email.

  177. ANSWER thug==masked pansie, if you ask me.

  178. I’m in Jeff. You have my email.

    Oh, and tomorrow is the first day of my Sring Break. I’ll have an outline for that project we’re working on by the end of the week. Don’t know how that wil fit into the larger OUTLAW!! picture, but it sure as hell couldn’t hurt, right?

  179. Buyers Remorse for $300 please, Alex.

    a pod made up of a Black Panther, an ANSWER thug, and a Chicago machine goon

    Who is Barack Obama?

  180. Outlaw phoenix!
    Rise, oh rise from the ashes of the Right!
    Be right, on the Right!
    Rotten edifice ripe for the kicking…
    …watch it fall, and burn…
    Rise, outlaw phoenix, Rise!

  181. Yeah. As a beat poet I pretty much teh suck.

  182. Ataksami is old school blog world, and he’s no dunce. If he wants to sit it out, that’s his prerogative. But if he read here often, he’d know that I would happily stare down the trio he mentions. I didn’t attach Olympic plates to a hook driven into a baseball so that I can learn to better squeeze melons.

    Somebody take the initiative and start all those groups — Google, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo… Hell, we can even use Protein Wisdom insider on facebook; it already exists.

    The name doesn’t matter much at this point, so long as it’s easily identifiable. Something with Outlaw — I AM OUTLAW, maybe? Dunno. Brainstorm.

  183. I’ll do the Google Groups one.

  184. Hey, Jeff, on the serious tip…right after the election, you mentioned something about examinign the roots of (classical) liberalism and the foundational notions of America, and figguring out a way to bring that back into public view. Or maybe it was the whiskey. Dunno.

    Whatever happened to that? Thought it sounded like a great, fruitful direction and vital in these times. Something like a ‘Commmon Sense’ for a new generation.

    I do believe you’re just the guy to pull it off.

  185. OUTLAW- putting a stop to the left’s moistness

  186. I just went over to Facebook and joined protein wisdom insider. Nice to be able to put a face to some names. Something was wrong with yours, Dan. Can’t quite put my finger on it.

  187. OUTLAW=common sense

    yo CA got a budget problem drill off the coast. yo NY long island’s coast is there too. unless these folks like paying hugo’s tab.

  188. Enemy of the State.


  189. Sounds like a great idea. Y’all need a Statement of Principles. Or no, a Principled Statement. Wait. No. Fuck it just occupy the NYU dining hall.

  190. In the spirit of brainstorming: “When the true meaning of words is outlawed, only Outlaws will speak truth”.

    Or some such. Feel free to riff away and come up with something better.

  191. I’m in. I’ll bring some beer. But not all of it, Outlaws like to drink.

  192. Y’all need a Statement of Principles.

    it is called the us constitution

  193. Can’t we just go with OUTLAW Party or something?

    The Tea Party thing is cute, but let’s put some balls on this one, right?

  194. I meant that as a tickler, not as a group name.

  195. I’m in. email on the way, willing to help any kind of creative type stuff in the south.

  196. Whenever groups are created, make sure the word gets out as to what they are, how to join, etc.

  197. definitely in. Email to follow.

    Could I be so bold as to add another organizing principle?

    An opposition to ALL earmarks and a verbal and physical ass kicking of anyone who tries to sneak them by…regardless of the D or R after their name.

  198. I_AM_OUTLAW Twitter is up.

    I’ll e-mail the password. You’ll want to change the e-mail address it’s set up under.

  199. Repeat 70. Joe

    Count me in with the outlaw thing

    …. this is fun …. but what now?

  200. Brainstorm.

    1. I Am Fugitive From A Hat Gang

    2. Irving.


  201. woopsy David brooks = me. Forgot to change the name from last post.

    -Hangs head in shame-


  202. I’m in! will email…

  203. 197- Thank you, thank you for letting me feel free to go riff away. Ahem.

    191- I told Goldstein years ago to write a movie about J. Locke, like John Adams and HBO. Can you imagine?

    Whittle was onto something similiar, and by God could that man write.

  204. We Need a Twitter hashtag. #pw taken. #OUTLAW! doesn’t work.! Mebbe without the ! ?

    Realtime results for #OUTLAW

    Let’s use it. Save that link. It’s ours now.

  205. I’m in, email to follow. Will have some extra time once I finish w/ current project & especially since work has totally slowed down.

  206. Excellent hash tag.

    If you have a twitter account go here.

    Click the follow button.

    If you don’t have a twitter account you’ll have to create one first for this to work.

  207. “it is called the us constitution”

    Great idea. The name “American Constitution Society” is already taken though.

  208. “Realtime results for #OUTLAW”

    Wenn ich Nigerianer wär, würde ich auch versuchen, so zu Kohle zu kommen

  209. Nobody’s forcing you to sign up, meya, but if you want to piss on it, write it down on a piece of paper and take a squat at your own place.

  210. 210-That’s the brainstorming spirit. Just the thing to make all of those people who have delurked join in.

  211. Wenn ich Nigerianer wär, würde ich auch versuchen, so zu Kohle zu kommen

    If you were a Nigerian you’d also try to come to coal?

  212. L’etwat c’est vous.

  213. On the hash tags in Twitter. If you prepend a hash sign (#) to a word in your post it works like a hook for searches on common subjects. A very popular hashtag is #tcot–Top Conservatives On Twitter. We’ll have to give them a run for their money. Tweets can have multiple hashtags.

  214. longtime reader/lurker. Found you thru V-man, Rob Smith
    and ITM’s blogroll. I’m in. All over that outlaw thing anyway
    bubble bubble cough cough.

  215. I aim to please. You aim to hit the carpet.

  216. Rachel Maddow defines how conservatives and Republicans should speak.

    If you are agreeing with Rachel Maddow, you might be a Democrat.

  217. If you were a Nigerian you’d also try to come to coal?

    Yeah, I didn’t quite get that. Figured it’d roll off the page eventually.

    Still, a Nigerian with a coal fetish? OUTLAW!

  218. #196
    Comment by meya on 3/6 @ 7:43 pm #

    Sounds like a great idea. Y’all need a Statement of Principles. Or no, a Principled Statement. Wait. No. Fuck it just occupy the NYU dining hall.

    Wrong crowd,sweetheart. Run along. There’s a good girl.

  219. “When defending Freedom is Outlawed; only OUTLAWS will be Free. Plus, we’ll hoard all the beer.”

    How’s that? Sent to me via email. Apologies if it’s been mentioned before. I, of course, added the end bit.

  220. I like it. I was thinking “Why be nice to assholes?” would fit on a flag.

  221. I would leave the beer part in there. Maybe make it “beer and whiskey.”

  222. That’s now the One Line Bio on the Twitter profile, Jeff.

  223. Of course, no one said take out the beer part.

    I haven’t been feeling all that well lately. Flu turned to cold I think. Hopefully the microbes aren’t being transmitted by electrons or you’re all doomed.

  224. I don’t know how twitter works. I’m all fucked.

  225. I am, by the way, all in. Email sent.

    I’m multifaceted, and in the Northeast. FWIW.

  226. Quare exsisto voluptarius ut hostes hostium?

    Why be pleasant to the enemy?

    All they want is the beer you are hoarding.

    Totus hostes hostium volo est vinum vos es recondo.

    Used wine instead of beer. Beer is fermentum, right? And totus for all is probably wrong and no, I don’t remember my pronouns.

  227. You can follow people, and you get their feeds. It gives you the option of having your email searched to link up with people in your book. You can add or delete feeds. If you see something that someone else says that you would like to respond to, you can just mouse over the right hand side of their tweet and use the respond option to do so. You can click on someone’s handle and send them a personal message, too.

  228. I hoard, because I am an ant.

    They covet my hoard, because they are grasshoppers.

    Another name for grasshopper is locust, and when they get together they tend to lay the land bare.

  229. I don’t know twitter either. I made a new account, and how I’m a “follower,” but I don’t know what happens next.

    BTW, the link to pw on twitter is frelled right now.

  230. frelled?

  231. OK, get a twitter client, or go to the twitter page and log in.

    I use digsby. For pretty much everything communications-wise.

    Type something in the box, follow with a #OUTLAW. Hit enter.

    You can search for the #OUTLAW tag through the Twitter search page or set up an RSS feed for #OUTLAW tweets. Any tweets to you or by people you follow will show up on your page or in Digsby. If you use Digsby. I do.

  232. You can not hoard beer. Only regulate it’s flow.

  233. hey the O! man thinks the twitter is good. me he’s an idiot. let’s ask a co. with zero cash flow what’s up. where are the white women-blazing mel brooks.

  234. Boss

    I emailed you a bit ago… of course I’m in. This whole “offense is how the offended perceive it” is much more than politics… it is a cancer in the workplace. OUTLAWS have the potential to tap into a lot of pent up resentment out there.

  235. So do all of us outlaws follow each other now on twitter? I R confuzzled.

  236. I think a “twitter for dummies” post is not out of the question. And assume that it’s for people who don’t know jack about this. Like me.

  237. Agree.
    Who’s want to facilitate?

  238. So we can consense.

  239. I’m with cranky… I signed up for it but am really clueless about hash tags, etc.

  240. I have a possibly dumb question. At the page the theme is one with gray letters on a dark gray background, is there any way I can change that in my display? Those letters are close to unreadable for me unless I highlight them.

  241. This record here’s about twelve years old. Parliament buried it and it stayed buried until River here dug it up. This is what they were afraid she knew. And they were right to fear. There’s a universe of folk who’re gonna know it, too. Someone *has to* speak for these people. Y’all got on this boat for different reasons, but y’all come to the same place. So now I’m asking more of you than I have before. Maybe all. Sure as I know anything, I know this – they will try again. Maybe on another world, maybe on this very ground swept clean. A year from now, ten? They’ll swing back to the belief that they can make people… better. And I do not hold to that. So no more runnin’. I aim to misbehave.

  242. I’m in – Can I be the Chaplain? I am a professional webmaster with experience in enterprise-level web projects. BECAUSE OF THE HIPOCRISY! (Wait, is that over?)

  243. Another long-time lurker decloaking here. I’m with you on this one, Jeff.

    OUTLAW all the way!

  244. Facilitate? Fuck that…. just post a damn entry on “how to twitter.” Facilitate is all corporatey and smells like Geithner… oversold, underperforms, and cowers when it gets the hose…

    I’m in..

    email to follow

  245. enterprise-level web projects

    Damn it… can the shit what makes us sound like credentialed morons. We don’t need no steenken credentialed morons around here… **those swinging over from Ace’s aren’t credentialed cause hobo stalkers are outlaw anyways.

  246. I’m embracing my inner OUTLAW, and I’m likin’ it.

  247. Twitter has jumped the McCain.

  248. I’m the one who can’t keep her mouth shut at work, at parties, etc. when someone starts telling lies and everyone else nods. It’s tiring being the only one. I’m so in.

  249. I figured a year or so ago, JG, that this crowd was going to need to take on Dr. Language, His Selfness George Lakoff. Ric is right. Let’s unspin and spin some metaphors! Yin Yang!

  250. This is twitter search: You can use it to see what is being discussed. It’s very powerful and quick.

    While ideas are formulated, one thing any of us what have Twitter accounts can do is use the hash that RTO suggested. A lot. Any link you find to a PW post or an example of someone ceding ground to the sophists, post the link to Twitter with a pithy headline and include #outlaw.

    Here’s a search for #outlaw:

    Let’s fill that result. If #outlaw can become a thing on Twitter, it would be a good way to continue the really rather remarkable momentum in this comments thread.

    Two other bits of advice for would be Twitter outlaws. 1) Use a link shortening service like 2) Better yet, get a desktop client like twhirl which will make using Twitter much easier.

  251. Well, hell, if Tim McNabb is the chaplain, I propose to be the executioner. We need one of them, right? Let me know. I have many ways to “off” people. Of course, I will be discrete.

  252. Does tiny url work?

  253. Stupid me I see that it does.

  254. The Twitter I_AM_OUTLAW web page has an extra HTTP.

    10 out of 10 for OUTLAW! but minus several million for practicality.

  255. the theme is one with gray letters on a dark gray background, is there any way I can change that in my display? Those letters are close to unreadable for me unless I highlight them.

    and that’s what happens when you let a color blind man set up something like that while his wife’s at rehearsal.

  256. As usual, I am late for the party.

    But count me in!

  257. Fuck the Moochers

  258. “See Patterico? Doesn’t even matter if you say something with nuance nicey nicey or not – they still lie about what you say or your point with no compunction.”

    I’ve watched that happen about my points at this blog.

    When Rush explains his position, we must rush to the barricades if anyone tries to distort it. (I actually agree with that.)

    If I explain my position, I must be told that I am wrong about what I’m saying.

    Goldstein needs a foil. So he can start a movement. April 1 is coming fast. Money’s running out. So you take a conservative who has been busting his local paper for six years, falsely caricature him as a wimpy turncoat, mobilize the forces against him, and start a foundation. Donation requests coming soon. Who’s in?

  259. Hey, when you set up your Twitter thingie, remember: it’s on the Internet. Everyone can see it. Jeff has been pushing this little lie that when I wrote stuff on it, it was private. Some of you lap up any lie he tells, so I might need to explain that to you. It’s not private. That’s a lie he tells to make me sound like a backstabber. It’s public. It’s the fucking Internet.

  260. Jeff has been pushing this little lie that when I wrote stuff on it, it was private.

    Have you gone insane? Or this someone who is posting as Patterico but really isn’t?

    I could staple a nasty note about you on a local telephone pole. That’s public, but you probably won’t see it unless you go looking for it.

  261. When Rush explains his position, we must rush to the barricades if anyone tries to distort it. (I actually agree with that.)

    Then what the fuck are you on about?

  262. Wrong thread Pat? No?

    Jeez man, can you stoop any lower?

  263. So you take a conservative who has been busting his local paper for six years, falsely caricature him as a wimpy turncoat, mobilize the forces against him, and start a foundation.

    This is not all about you, Patterico. You were just a nice impetus.

    When you side with the worst of the left against a man who, for over 20 years, has given his heart and soul in support of true conservatism, then you have to expect some negative feedback. How popular is Rush? Here’s the Alexa comparison: Rush Limbaugh dot com vs. Pajamas Media and PJTV dot coms (note that Pajamas Media includes venerable Insty’s site).

    There’s no comparison, really.

    I’d say that eventually you will have second thoughts about having chosen so poorly.

  264. How do you tell a true conservative?

    Never whines. No whining. Does.not.whine.

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  267. “One day you will come to a fork in the road. And you’re going to have to make a decision about what direction you want to go.” [Boyd] raised his hand and pointed. “If you go that way you can be somebody. You will have to make compromises and you will have to turn your back on your friends. But you will be a member of the club and you will get promoted and you will get good assignments.” Then Boyd raised the other hand and pointed another direction. “Or you can go that way and you can do something – something for your country and for your Air Force and for yourself. If you decide to do something, you may not get promoted and you may not get the good assignments and you certainly will not be a favorite of your superiors. But you won’t have to compromise yourself. You will be true to your friends and to yourself. And your work might make a difference.” He paused and stared. “To be somebody or to do something. In life there is often a roll call. That’s when you will have to make a decision. To be or to do? Which way will you go?”

    From the book.

  268. John Boyd was an Outlaw.

    He was also slightly crazy.
    You don’t have to be crazy to outlaw, but it helps.

  269. The essential problem is the system itself has such mass and inertia that talented individuals can do no more than budge it slightly in one direction or the other. If Jeff himself were in the Oval Office for 8 years it would be but a speedbump on the way to socialism. Even Reagan could only slow government growth, he didn’t reverse it. The system was too strong. And as soon as a lesser man was voted in, government resumed its previous rapid growth. To win we must change culture so that no matter who is voted in, the system shrinks because that is the culture and the insentive in place. Without that, any win we have is transitory and will be immediately overturned with the next liberal.

  270. **But Pelosi’s anger is shared by many House Democrats along with the fear that the Senate debate is being dragged out by Republicans as part of a concerted campaign to pummel Obama even as the young president tries to keep the nation focused on his economic agenda and budget going forward. [emphasis mine – sdferr]

    My those Republicans seem mean, don’t they, picking on an innocent young guy like that?

  271. “Outlaw” is an interesting term because one of the original meanings was “outside the protection of the law”, ie you could be killed and the law wouldn’t prosecute the killer.
    I think a lot of us feel we’re outside the protection of the government – not members of “protected” groups.

  272. That’s a lie he tells to make me sound like a backstabber.

    As far as Twitter being private goes, my guess would be that statement constitutes an untruth told in ignorance of what Twitter is, rather than an intentional falsehood to make you appear to be doing what you know you aren’t doing. But that’s just a guess.

  273. I think the real OUTLAW would be to start a mass movement of people to take advantage of the IRS’s payment plans. To starve out this government.

  274. oh. Mr. Patterico I think your tone has become meanspirited. You need this in the worst way and then you come back and you try to be mean. Bet you can’t. Also it’s a beautiful day and if you have turtles you should get them outside.

  275. He feels his honor has been impugned I think, happy, so it’s no surprise that — being a man who values his personal honor — he rises up in full throated defense of himself. This is the sort of stuff I bemoaned yesterday about human psychology being a giant pain in the ass for getting in the way of earnest efforts at understanding. To which Jeff: whatever. Of course on the flip side, this also points back at Plato’s suggestion in the Pheadrus that the problem with books (or writing, as such) is that they’re meek and defenseless. When abused and taken to mean things they never intended, they haven’t the capacity to stand on their own two legs and fight back.

  276. My Twitter profile used to say, “I don’t Twitter.” Then I even change dit to, “I wish there was some way to delete a Twitter account.” But now it’s “I guess I’ve been assimilated to the Twitterverse. Dammit.”

    Damn you, Jeff Goldstein! OUTLAW!

  277. Well. It’s still ironic that Mr. Patterico feels misinterpreted and that he is being used for political purposes cause that’s how Mr. Limbaugh feels I bet. I have to do laundry.

  278. If people try to put you down just walk on by don’t turn around you only have to answer to yourself I think.

  279. Long time semi-lurker.

    I’m in. Not sure what I can do, but email on the way.

  280. Patt (this is assuming that is really you that just commented) Jeff did not distort your point, Jeff disagrees with your point and makes the case of why your point is a mistake.

    The following is how I see this debate:

    Rush (or Bill Bennett or Sarah Palin or Rick Santelli or any non-leftist on the Moveon/White House enemies list) says something openly challenging to/about the current Leftist Administration/ideology. Some particular Leftist group/individual “interprets” the line, many times even rewriting the quote to make it more like their interpretation, and then they react to that interpretation.

    Usual non-leftist response follows a pattern:
    1) astonishment (‘what are you talking about’?)
    2) argument (‘come on, you know it wasn’t meant that way’)
    3) apology (‘please, you know it isn’t about [race/sex/ism]. we reject those isms as much as you do. so sorry that you are so upset about this.)
    4) accomodation (‘we really have to look to ourselves to be very very careful about how we say stuff. when people are upset they won’t like us.’)

    This cycle goes on way too long and it won’t stop because the Left is NOT ACTING IN GOOD FAITH. This needs to be understood — when you listen to Slobberman, Garofalo, Matthews, Markos, Mandy, Barney Frank, Chuckie Schumer, et al, they don’t believe the people they disagree with them are merely mistaken, they believe non-leftists are evil, vile, racist, bigotted people. Howard Dean was serious when he said Republicans want to starve children. Garofalo is serious when she said Republicans are mentally ill. Helen Thomas was serious when she said no real reporter can be anything but liberal.

    More than anything else, the pattern I put forth, and what Jeff is arguing against, is proof of that Left bad faith. A decent human being’s first response to someone upset at them is to try to ameliorate the situation (‘whoops…what did I do?’). The Left is cynically and purposely using our own decency against us AND WE ARE PLAYING RIGHT INTO IT.

    For 8 years the most vile invective has been directed at President Bush. There has been calls for his assassination – in print and on film. And he never once called anyone out. Never singled out one screeching voice and sic’d his admin on. But you have the Obama admin within the first 2 months going after Rush, Santelli and Jim Kramer by name. Rush says “I want Obama to fail” and Stephanie Miller is on tv saying Rush should be executed for treason!

    This is where it stops. This is High Noon. This is where we must break the pattern. Intent and interpretation OF OUR OWN SPEECH can no longer be ceeded to people who have no intention of good faith.

    When we argue amongst ourselves how better to police our speech to please others who want us silenced in the first place, we help THEM not ourselves.

    The only way to win is to not play.

  281. If there can be an Argyll branch of the Outlaws, then I’m in.

  282. Worse yet, to me Darleen, is that in effect, President Bush stood with Tim Russert’s assertions of memory over against Scooter Libby’s. Didn’t seem to even think about it, just, “Oh, Russert got the jury to agree with him? That’s good enough for me.”

  283. This cycle goes on way too long and it won’t stop because the Left is NOT ACTING IN GOOD FAITH.


  284. Sdferr

    IMHO, GW was old-school — ignore those that lie about you because attention to them gives their mendacities authenticity. But that only goes so far, because a lie unchallenged in this age of instant and long lasting media never dies .. it, infact, gains status and crops up like weeds. It is almost a “given” now due to Big Lie that McCain/Palin rallies were hotbeds of hate with constant calls for assassinations and lynchings. The “plastic turkey” Lie comes up all the time.

    The One’s admin has read “Rules for Radicals” and is using it as a bible to deal with anyone that gets even a modicum of publicity challenging the HopeyChanginess.

    This is alarming.

  285. While this is primarily focused on language I really think an important variant to combat is the left’s monopoly on the hypocrisy narrative. It fueled the abuse of Palin, for one, and only in an upside-down world do matters like a pregnant teenage daughter merit more ridicule of a belief system than Democrat officials who cheat on their taxes.

  286. There you go, Abe. This is a symptom of the warpage that we’re talking about.

  287. There are comments here from Patterico that I removed last night and replaced with a note about cooler heads prevailing. How did they get back on here, and where did my replacement comments go?

  288. JeffG

    did something glitch last night and a backup get uploaded? I needed to log in to the site this morning and usually I’m signed in for long periods of time.

  289. Abe

    The left’s sneering at Palin is not due to any hypocrisy on Palin/Christian’s part. It is the same tactic as the deliberate misinterpretations the left does. The Left has created a cartoon caricature based on how THEY INTERPRET Christians and then they argue against or hold Christians to THAT interpretation.

  290. I’m well aware of that Darleen. But obviously we’d make ourselves crazy and undermine our hopes of having an impact if we broadened this effort to tackling the left’s various and sundry pathologies. Palin was just an example, but I could have just as easily have noted, say, the absurdity of dismissing a conservative as a “chicken hawk” versus the the sheer criminality AND hypocrisy of Democrat tax cheats. One needn’t even contemplate, for instance, whether or not a policy advocate served in the military to appreciate how the hypocrisy narrative is an assault on logic.

  291. Hmm. Pixy was moving the site over to a new server. That’s likely what happened. The old comments stayed.

  292. Count me in. I’ll be the last OUTLAW standing. You already have my email, it was required to post this comment.

    Question: are OUTLAWS allowed to smoke, or required to?

  293. Being from a long line of outlaws…………..count me in.

  294. Google Group set up: HERE.

    Send an email to “lostmycookies at gmail dot com” to join up.

  295. I emailed you. Set me up the bomb.

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  297. I just joined the group. I’m sick of conservatives having to jump through hoops to please moderates and the left. No matter how much we try and make nice, the left will always twist everything we say into the worst interpretation possible, while moderates wag their fingers in agreement with them. I’m tired of appeasement.

  298. :D Good! Yer actually getting offa yer duffs and doin’ something.

    Well done!!

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  300. Pablo suggested I post this again:

    Jeff Goldstein’s threat of violence:

    I READILY ADMIT TO THREATENING TO BEAT CERTAIN PEOPLE’S ASSES. And you know what? I’d still do it to most of them if we ever met up. So?

    Jeff Goldstein’s threat of violence:

    Scott Jacobs is one of those guys I mentioned that if I ever met him in person, I’d leave him in a heap, mewling like a baby pussy.

    Jeff Goldstein’s threat of violence:

    Hey, listen: Doc Weasel is a cover band. The guy who runs their site, Kenny, is a 140lb unpaid roadie and all around lackey living at home with mom, posting amateur porn and tugging at his own little doc weasel. If I ever run into him, I’ll break him like a toothpick.

    Jeff Goldstein’s threat of violence:

    Note that I said if I ever ran across some of these people, I’d have no problem — and feel no guilt — about snapping their ACL.

    Jeff Goldstein’s threat of violence:

    As I said earlier, why the fuck should I be embarrassed about telling people who’ve said some vile things to me that I’d be happy to meet up with them in person, where I’d give them the opportunity to say those same vile things directly to my face. Just before I broke their fucking ankles?

    Jeff Goldstein’s threat of violence:

    I’ve probably gotten into it with about a half dozen people over the years, some of whom if I ran into them in the street I would beat their ass without hesitation.

    From: Jeff Goldstein: Arguing “On Point” — With Threats of Violence.

    Thanks to Pablo for the suggestion. It’s a good one. Sorta makes it clear who wrote this post.

  301. Reply to Patterico re: “violence” charges here.

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  303. He’s Spartacus!” (points at BumperStickerist)

    Mammy dint raise no fools.

  304. I’m in. I used to think I was an outlaw back in the early 1970’s but it was just too much dope and stupid music. Now I look around.Obama is Nixon with a hammer and sickle on his forehead, Holder is John Mitchell, except he”s a real fascist not just because Abbie Hoffman called him one.
    Roger Simon deleted me for calling Hillary Clinton a fag hag like Tammy Faye Baaker was. That and Jazz Shaw.
    Besides I had to put my dog down today and I’m kind of pissed off.

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