January 30, 2009

Who Was That Masked Man? [Dan Collins]

I’d like to . . . bwahahahaha!

Via Gateway Pundit.


Posted by Dan Collins @ 1:32pm

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  1. I hope the flags are OK.

  2. Why am I thinking of The Doors right now?

  3. And he walked on down the . . . holy shit!

  4. You know, I speculated a few weeks ago after re-finding a childhood friend that said friend would be one of those liberal-I’m-Jewish-but-not-practicing types who wants Israel to stop bombing Gaza. Found out on Facebook I was right; she signed some Oxfam petition.

  5. Why do you hate the Jooooos, Carin?

  6. I don’t hate all jews. Just the ones who voted for Obama.

  7. See Hitchens, there is a God!

  8. If you lay down with dogs, you get fleas…

    If you stand too close to malcontented, hate filled, nit-wits trying to make a statement by burning others flags…well, I think you know the rest…

  9. What a flaming asshole.

  10. I’m not sure why, but when I saw that picture I thought of Chris Matthews.

  11. I told you if you hung around with those asshats you’d get burned…

    But, nooooooooooooo, you wouldn’t listen!

  12. You know his photos are untrue.
    You know Al-Khatib is a liar.
    He shouted out “Let’s kill the Jews!”
    He is a holocaust denier.

    He set his stupid ass on fire.
    He set his stupid ass on fire.
    He wants to join Allah’s…choir.

  13. Well, we know that guy’s a liar.

  14. Good one SBP!

  15. SBP wins the thread!

  16. Now, can we stand Bill Ayers on the next flag these cretins light up?

  17. ot
    “Friday, January 30, 2009

    Blackwell out; endorses steele!

    Blackwell announces he’s withdrawing; he endorses… Steele!

    Says the GOP “Must be the party of Lincoln.””


  18. Comment by Jeffersonian on 1/30 @ 2:07 pm #

    Now, can we stand Bill Ayers on the next flag these cretins light up

    Maybe they could dress you up in some red Naughty Monkey slut pumps, wrap you up in a American flag and then apply a blowtorch to your flag-pin until it turns red hot and melts into your heart!



  19. I prefer flats…pumps hurt my feet.

  20. Ding ding ding we have a WINNAH!

    Comment by Spies, Brigands, and Pirates on 1/30 @ 2:00 pm #

  21. the motion is seconded.

  22. I’d like to get the moral calculus right here. Are America-hating asshats who burn the flag good, bad or does it depend on their closeness to certain objects of one’s mancrush?

  23. Jeffersonian, thor’s manlust for Ayers is only exceeded by his manlust for President Obama. Bad Jeffersonian!

  24. .

    ► Israel is a pain in the äss.


  25. Israel kicks hamas ass.

  26. Most cameras have lens settings that allow you to film the action without actually getting right into the center of the scrum.

    This huy ought to look into that.

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