November 17, 2008

Former teen idol Leif Garrett comments on the likelihood of Barack Obama appointing justices whose first instinct is to appeal to the Constitution as written, as opposed to the Constitution-as-flawed-document in need of some reanimation by way of appeals to social justice

Garrett: “Well, I’m really not much of political prognosticator — the last candidate I really got into was Jerry Brown, and that’s only because Linda Ronstadt kept chirping about what a principled guy he was. And even then, we were both, like, seriously coked up, and she was in the middle of going down on me in the booth of Hakata’s in Santa Monica at the time — so it’s possible she was really talking about Gerry Ford.

“– Not that I’ve answered your question, I understand, but c’mon, man — a story about eating sashimi while having your crank treated like a delicately wrought Eagles ballad sure as hell beats talking about some stupid fucking judge who is going to toss your ass in jail for a little personal-use heroin no matter what asshole appoints her.”*

Posted by Jeff G. @ 1:12pm

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  1. President Clinton named the only two Democrats to the court since the 1960s, and he steered away from strong liberals.

    You are right Jeff, liberal must not mean what it used to mean.

  2. He was made for dancing!

  3. I believe that it’s clear what the ideology of any judges would be that O! nominates for the supreme court…He has told us as much during the long campaign. And, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for this position to evolve, or develop any nuance

    The real crime, and one that’s not discussed to much-understandably-by the MSM, is the number of vacancies at the lower level of the federal bench. These seats have been held open by the obstructionism of the Senate Democrats; indeed Harry Reid has simply refused to allow simple votes on these Bush appointees for the last two senate terms where he has controlled the debate. But I predict that they will be quickly filled by fast tracked Obama appointees; and will influence the federal bench for years to come…

  4. Clinton steered away from stronge liberals on the court?!?!

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Board member and General Council of the ACLU?


  5. Sorry, I’m still on the Linda Ronstadt/crank treatment picture. Was there something else?

  6. Leif who?

  7. Re-animator: The Constitution Years.

  8. It doesn’t matter who they pick for the court anymore. Once they get in you never know whose going to vote what. Unless they have a known far left or right ideology you’ll have to wait for the opinion. Hell, just wait until you see how obama pulls back on his promises just like the democrat held congress. Their all screwing with Americans.
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  9. I had completely forgotten about Hakata. And I was just in SM yesterday. Maybe we’ll stop next weekend, unless we got to DiVita’s for pizza instead.

  10. “having your crank treated like a delicately wrought Eagles ballad ”

    Well that sure brings new meaning to the term “protein wisdom.” It’s full of protein but not much wisdom!

  11. I say we dig up Leo Buscaglia and sit his ass on the bench.

  12. From the link:

    I think it’s a virtual certainty Obama would appoint a woman. It’s absurd that the Supreme Court has only one woman, and everyone recognizes it,” said Thomas Goldstein

    …’cause women have, er, ’cause women are….

    Oh, f**k it.


  13. It’s full of protein but not much wisdom!

    Wow, TCT, that’s the very first time anyone has ever come up with that line!!! EXCELSIOR!!!


  14. Likely, TTT burped up a transient’s jiz bubble while chortling there at his own cleverness. Then he thought, “oh, now there’s some irony!” Before licking his lips.

  15. That would be more funnier I think if I wasn’t eating yogurt just now.

  16. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww NTTAWWT

  17. Man, who I wouldn’t kill to be able to say
    that Linda Ronstadt went down on me.

  18. eating sashimi sounds so good right now! And i could tell you a story about that but what would that have to do with ANYTHING! the answer, which this guys obviously doesn’t like giving is, nothing. This guy took a page out of the illuminati handbook and just avoided the question. If your into that kinda think he did a great job!

  19. Creep. She what? Is that a silver thread or a golden needle.

  20. Wouldn’t it be cool if Obama picked a far-lefty who “grew in office”?

    I know, I know, it could never happen. But wouldn’t it be cool? Obama picks someone who has always said “Social outcomes are more important than the law”, but by the end of their third term they vote to reverse Roe v Wade and re-institute school prayer?

    I would laugh and laugh and laugh …

  21. Speaking of former Governor and present AG Jerry Brown, he’s in the news. He’s declined to block the enactment of Proposition 8, although he did make some friendly noises towards the thronging plaintiffs bringing suit to overturn it.

  22. like=lick/lick my orange stained…

    btw- u like my orange prison guantanomo jump suit?
    i’ll be selling it on e-bay soon!
    for the children…

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  24. One of these days Lief Garrett is gonna find you and kick your ass. Maybe him and Tom Laughlin together.

  25. So that is why Goldstein took up rasslin!

  26. Comment by B Moe on 11/17 @ 9:31 pm #

    So that is why Goldstein took up rasslin!

    I always thought it was for the tights and the lace-up boots.

  27. One of these days Lief Garrett is gonna find you and kick your ass. Maybe him and Tom Laughlin together.

    I don’t know about that. He’s one of the “B-List Celebrities” critiquing A-List Dumbasses for “World’s Dumbest Criminals” on Court TV (or Tru TV I guess it’s called now), and he always seems pretty wasted. He’s amusing though, in a Cheech and Chong sort of way…

  28. Look, people keep referring to the illuminati as some kind of shady all powerful liberal force. Please, do some research people. The illuminanti are the secretive, shady, all powerful merovignian blood line created from Christ and Mary Magdeline, that has spawned each and every powerful person and world leader since that time. That includes Republicans. Ask David Icke. He knows.

  29. I don’t know what that makes the rest of us.

  30. Obama is just another monkey eared asshole starting with the letter N.

  31. In November an unknown person with the computer IP address, from Minneapolis, Mn. wrote a derogatory, racist statement about President Obama using my name and address. This to me is a act of domestic terroism so the Secret Service is now involved and I will persue a court case against this perpetraitor as it was very nasty, libelous and slanderous. I am humiliated and hurt by the use of my name and address used in this way as I am proud and happy that Barack Obama is our president. The statement will cause great harm to my family as my nephews and nieces are half black and it’s a shameful thing this person did to hurt me in this way. Please help me find the perpetrator and at the very least remove this forged statement from your site as has Jim Buie from the Buie Knife already has done. Please let me know when you do. Thank you, Lonni Munson