September 20, 2008

“Sarah’s Surprise: Palin to meet world leaders at U.N. next week”

From LAT Top of the Ticket:

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will meet in New York next week with Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai, among other world leaders scheduled to visit the United Nations annual autumn General Assembly Session.

A spokesman for the McCain campaign confirmed the surprise visit tonight as well as hinted at as yet unannounced sessions between the Republican Party’s surprise vice presidential pick and other leaders.

[insert: photo of Palin in Kuwait last year, evidently taken with a midget soldier — or else conveniently cropped to hide the fact that Palin is standing on an apple crate and being pulled on a dogsled – ed]

The pick of Palin, a 44-year-old mother of five and popular head of the nation’s largest state, and her well-received speech to a St. Paul audience and another 37+ million Americans watching on TV gave the GOP campaign a much-needed autumn boost.

The past week, however, much media attention shifted from the Palin hockey mom phenomenon to focus on the nation’s troubled financial institutions.

Introductions by the well-traveled McCain of his running mate to numerous world leaders, they hope, is clearly designed to help draw voter’s attention back to her, as well as establish some photographic foreign policy creds, much the way their Democratic opponent Barack Obama traveled all the way to Paris to be photographed patting the French president on the back.

Well now. If nothing else, this surprise penetration into diplomat central will give the Western Europeans a chance to critique her shoes over wine and fine chocolates.

Prediction: Gov Palin does NOT try to negotiate with Iraqi leaders a delayed withdrawal schedule for US soldiers in order to be able to take credit for a troop draw down that, in reality, would be a prolongation of troop presence.

Because, like, that would be totally uncool.

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  1. In other news, Democratic senators called the UN threatening to remove their tax free status if they let Palin in.


  2. Friday should be fun with O! debating without a teleprompter. Maybe he’ll have a Rovian earpiece. Check his suit.

  3. From the article:

    “Today, Senator Obama is the leader of a loyal opposition in the United States, not the chief of an insurrection or a revolutionary uprising.

    Just my opinion – but I respectfully disagree with Mr. Taheri’s conclusion there. I guess he must have missed the “get in their faces” exhortation, nor the attempt to enrage the Latinos by misrepresenting Mr. Limbaugh.

    Withdaw or no? We don’t know. Tax cuts or Tax increases? We don’t know. Race? We don’t know; the only people throwing the entire deck of race cards are Obama’s folks, starting with himself. What to do about the economy? Obama and his entire party don’t know and don’t intend to hang around to find out, thankyouverymuch. Public service volunteerism, or coercive indoctrination.

    I think I know how that last one falls.

  4. Maybe he’ll have a Rovian earpiece.


  5. Ah yes, the Useless Nations. Such a clean and ethical organization. Just like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

    Oh wait…….

  6. Maybe Sister Sarah will meet one of those Russian people she’s been waving at.

  7. W@tch Der Obama pressure the UN to dis-invite her, because he’s the politics of change and all.

  8. and because he’s such a pussy.

  9. “#Comment by thor on 9/20 @ 9:26 pm #

    Maybe Sister Sarah will meet one of those Russian people she’s been waving at.”

    Only thing Sister Sarah is waving is ICBM at Putin’s head.

  10. Nah, thor, the mathematical odds against that are way too high.

  11. “I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views.”

    -Barry O!

  12. That’s great except the UN is gay.

  13. Also I would like to be the first to congratulate Amy on her weight loss. Looking good, Amy!

  14. not the chief of an insurrection or a revolutionary uprising.

    Except for the time when he was an Active Alinsky Acolyte, out Organizing The Community to blackmail banks into giving them loans they couldn’t afford to pay back.


  15. Speaking of foreign relations, has O! learned a second language yet, given how ashamed he is of us yahoos when we can’t speaka da lingo when we travel abroad?

  16. I am sure the world body will be clamoring for the doors when she show’s up, since all there money is already on the guy that’s promised everything and will not raise a stink when Amedemajad gets his Uranium Latte. In fact I am sure they will figure out how to sell Iran Billions of dollars worth of assesories for it.

  17. ‘Cuda to UN commies and US “Haters”:

    “If I was 5 years younger I’d take a flamethrower to you…”

    “But, seein’ as I only have this M-16…”

  18. hope shes bringin a soapbox to stand on.

  19. Sometimes she likes to whistle through her nose,

    While picking off a peanut with her toes.

  20. If Jeffrey Goldstein had her on his show,

    We’d hear the nishizono say, “Hello.”

    [parrot squawkings]

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  22. Did you know that she’s no taller than a three year old child? It’s true! No bigger than a wood sprite, really.

    “Short people got,
    short people got,
    short people got no reason to live!”

  23. Well now. If nothing else, this surprise penetration into diplomat central will give the Western Europeans a chance to critique her shoes over wine and fine chocolates.

    Beware, Euros! If Palin ever slips them some Moose, they’ll never eat Horse again.

  24. hope shes bringin a soapbox to stand on.

    I think Han Qing-jao would be a much more accurate science fiction handle for you.

  25. Maybe she’ll bang a pump on the lectern?
    Neh, too classy for that.

  26. Y’know, I hear that Palin is not very tall.

    Of course, for those of us who don’t obsess over such trivia, that kind of thing doesn’t matter at all.

    NB: my 12-year-old will probably wind up substantially less than five feet tall. She’s only about four foot four inches right now. Anyone who want’s to dismiss her because she’s short is…well, not even worth contempt.

  27. …but she’s not eligible to be President, so probably no big deal.

  28. Also Palin is kinda tall, slightly taller than average. So who knows the purposes of such an argument, except to reveal a deficiency in the proponent.

  29. We already knew the proponent was deficient, though.

  30. Maybe she should see if she can wear a pistol, like Yasser Arafat…